Hi 01coin community, here is one Pre-Release/Release-Candidate now made public for@everyone
Everyone can try it out and give it a chance if willing to, and feedback on stability and sync speed or bugs.
01Coin v0.12.3.6-rc - Protocol 70211 stabilization release, RECOMMENDED MANDATORY Update

Contribute to zocteam/zeroonecoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Attention@everyone - another chainsplit has occurred in the 01coin network. The zocteam is currently investigating. In the meantime, most mining pools have disabled their ZOC wallets, the exchanges will remain in maintenance and the 01VPS payment processor had been temporarily disabled. Please stay tuned for more info in the coming hours/days. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The official 01coin block explorer at is also now back in sync. Thank you for your continued patience!

We have published a quick reference guide entitled What to Do When Your 01coin Node Goes Out of Sync for@everyone who is currently stuck on the "wrong" chain. The "right" chain, as of this writing, is one that agrees with our backup explorers linked to in the previous announcement. You may review the quick reference guide...

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What to Do When Your 01coin Node Goes Out of Sync โ€” Steemit
In order to participate in network consensus, your 01coin node must remain in sync with the rest of the network. Yourโ€ฆ by zeroonecoin

So yeah - 01coin celebrated its 300,000th block today, but most of the network wouldn't know it because they're stuck on block 299,656. Turns out we decided to celebrate the occasion with a chain split. Do we know how to party or what! ๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿ’ƒ

We will be publishing a quick reference guide for resyncing your nodes shortly. In the meantime, please refer to and/or for the current "consensus" block height. If you already know what you're doing, you can grab the latest bootstrap from here to make sure you sync up to the right block height:

edit - Also please note that exchange wallets will be remaining in maintenance for a few days while the network stabilizes.

bootstrap.dat files for 01Coin Core. Contribute to zocteam/zoc-bootstrap development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Hi 01coin (ZOC) community, as seen on social media our most used exchanges expect that the nodes (owners) will decide which chain will win. To help this choice most of the current dev zocteam "bet" on the longest chain, so if your node is not according to (that is currently the one with more work, more blocks) you can help the network by simply stopping the node, or restarting the nodes with zeroone/zerooned -daemon -reindex -assumevalid=00000000bfe74fae120fde03920ab7073da8aebe16dc7ee981091574be21745d or any fresher blockhash taken from the loguest chain, or using latest bootstrap, If your node at 01VPS just re-run 1click ZOC recipe to start a resync with reindex.
The following line can also be added to the zeroone.conf :


A brand new exchange has just opened up called Northern Exchange, and they were gracious enough to provide a free listing for ZOC at Bear in mind this is a brand spankin' new exchange and glitches are to be expected, so caveat emptor. The zocteam will be monitoring it and will conduct some testing of our own before we give it a stamp of approval. But, it is available now and@everyone is more than welcome to use it if you so desire. There is also a handy intro video here that explains how the always-off cold wallet Northern Exchange has implemented works:

Happy trading! ๐Ÿ”€

Northern Exchange

Hi 01coin (ZOC) community, we are investigating a probable bug in "masternode-sync" but still not sure when any correction will be available if ever (or fixes done will only become available in some new planned future sw release probable before the end of the year).
The problem is when zeroone/zeroone-cli mnsync status is stuck in some AssetID for over 5 minutes it should not be so... , please manually force next sync stage zeroone/zeroone-cli mnsync next , then after new 5 min and if still get another suck , then please force next zeroone/zeroone-cli mnsync next untill AssetID reaches 999 . Only after AssetID reaches 999 is that Sentinel can do its magic.
If your Masternode is already ENABLED you do not need to do anything ...

@everyone Hello dear 01Coin Community, the new wallet is ready to for global deployment. This is 01Coin version v0.12.3.5 - ๐ŸŽ† IPv6 support for Masternodes ๐ŸŽ†
Please download new binary files from GitHub , or compile from the latest Master/default branch.

List of main features in this release:

  1. The 01Coin Masternodes are now supported on both IPv4 & IPv6, for the network help onboard the new IPv6 MNs please prefer and use dual stack IPv4+IPv6 VPS's whenever available (your masternode will be better recognizable as a good node by all network and would be voted more likely by both network peers and therefore to be more probable to be rewarded more luckily).
  2. 01Coin wallet now includes lovely "Social Media Buttons" at the GUI wallet statusbar; It is now even easier to join our good community social channels ...
  3. The smallest unit 0.00000001 ZOC is now called '1 zuff'
  4. No more rewards to MN in state Sentinel-expired from 20-July 11am59 onwards
  5. No more rewards to MN not upgraded to this release from 20-July 11am59 onwards
  6. And finally InstantSend can now be used to send more commonly used amounts of ZOC values

A new repository is beeing prepared to support IPv6 also but it is not yet ready, so please use your own means to transfer binaries into your IPv6 environment.
The 'business partner' is already ready to support 1click recipe upgrade and new installs to this new sw version (and own announcements will follow).

With "The future is in your hands!"

In your hands now to update as soon as you can, setup sentinel correctly preferable before 20-July.

Note: sw upgrade requires new 'start-alias' because 'protocol version upgrade version number to 70211' . Always make "wallet.dat" backups before you upgrade.

Contribute to zocteam/zeroonecoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

In honour of the summer solstice, we have released the longest Project Update of the year. ||Just kidding - it's normal-sized. Promise!||
@everyone is invited to read it in its insurmountable-yet-glorious entirety...

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01coin Project Update: June 24,ย 2019 โ€” Steemit
In honour of the summer solstice, this is going to be the longest Project Update of the year. Just kidding! It will beโ€ฆ by zeroonecoin

The 01coin Community is happy to announce that ZOC is now live on Delta Direct! All our latest updates will now be directly available on your Delta app! Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out.

In this instalment of the 01coin Project Update, we talk about @488377416163786753> a lot. But we also talk about some other stuff! So gather 'round,@everyone, and read about the latest and greatest in the 01coin Community...

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01coin Project Update: May 27,ย 2019 โ€” Steemit
It's everyone's favourite time of the month - 01coin Project Update Day! Yaaaayyyy! ๐Ÿ˜ Community Updates Fromโ€ฆ by zeroonecoin

A little later in the week than usual, but the 01coin Project Update has been published. Give it a read@everyone and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thanks! You can find it...

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Here are the Meeting Minutes from Friday's conference call. Many of these items will be featured and expounded upon in our next Project Update, which will be released in the next day or two. In the meantime, if anyone has any questions about the Meeting Minutes and what was discussed, please don't hesitate to ask in the appropriate channel here on Discord, or on any of our other social channels.

As part of our meeting last night, we unanimously agreed to promote @!397068043622154241> to the zocteam executive - the highest rung on the chain-of-trust totem pole. There, she will replace the now-departed @!306508246519382019>, who has been inactive in the team for some time. It is our hope that @!397068043622154241> will help breathe some renewed vigor into the team and help push progress forward as we strive towards implementing the most community-centric governance architecture in all of crypto. Please join us in welcoming her to the zocteam@everyone!

Phew! The zocteam executive just completed a nearly 3-hour planning & coordination meeting. The meeting minutes will be published early next week. In the meantime, it's Easter weekend (as you can tell from our Discord server icon), so from all of us here at 01coin, happy Easter to you and yours! ๐Ÿฅš1โƒฃ

We have published the latest edition of the 01coin Project Update for April 9, wherein we discuss some of the progress made over the past two weeks and a couple of possibilities for new development in the immediate-term. Have a look and let us know what you think!@everyone can find the update...

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At, we've been hard at work upgrading all of our servers to newer, faster, and more reliable hardware for@everyone. We are celebrating the successful completion of our server migrations by offering up to 40% off new VPS rentals with our exclusive one-click masternode setup system featuring rapid-sync technology. For a limited time only...

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Also during the Migration Sale we are reducing our affiliate referral rewards payout threshold to zero. Refer new users to, and earn rewards that you can cash out right away! For more details, visit

Hey@everyone - check out the latest 01coin Project Update for your chance to win 100 ZOC and for some sweet discounts at Read it...

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01coin Project Update: March 26, 2019
The previous 01coin Project Update focused exclusively on updates related to This time around, we will return to theโ€ฆ

Hi everyone, it makes today 1 year this channel was open to the 01coin community ...