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@everyone You have only 3 days to withdraw your coins from nodehost. We cannot help you recover coins after this time and you will lose your coins.

@everyone - Don't forget we have a Live Exchange whilst we are waiting for Cryptopia & Coin Exchange. They have a trading competition on also so snap up some Zest for simply buying & Selling

@everyone - Anyone who participated in any of the bounty's and are missing coins please pm me with the Amount, email used and Zest Address. I will confirm from the Spreadsheet and resend. Without the correct details you will not receive any reimbursement

@everyone - IDAX Trading Competition is now live. Snap up some Zesty Rewards. Read more here:

Celebrating ZEST launch on IDAX, 30,000 ZEST to Give Away!
Event time: 4th Mar 00:00:00 – 3nd Apr 23:59:59 (UTC +8) Event reward: 30,000 ZEST Event rules: 1 The First event: Candy Box Reward During the event, IDAX real-name users complete the first ZEST bu...

@everyone - Zest is now LIVE on IDAX.....


@everyone Hey folks, Ive just spoken to nodehost. They have now completed the rollback and can return your coins.

They will be permanently closing their doors around 15th March, after which you will not be able to claim your zest. We strongly recommend that you contact them ASAP.

@everyone Hey folks. if any users bought coins on CoinExchange and withdrew them after the rollback please send me a DM with your CoinExchange address, the adress you withdrew to and the amount of zest. I will compile a list, liaise with CE, and look to start processing transactions. All refunds will only be returned to your original withdraw addresses.

@everyone Just a reminder that nodehost is closing in just less than a months time. If you have any funds on there we strongly suggest that you withdraw them ASAP

@everyone - We have been added to the Premium section of the Monkey Tracking App. Check it out at:


@everyone - Our listing with Nova Exchange should be live very soon. They are just updating their Ann and Wallet.

Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine

We have 2 explorers now:

All your coins are now where they were on the 11th November. All stakes are invalidated so yes that means you have less coins in your wallet then before if you staked in the meantime to now (That is what we all have to deal with) - If you moved coins around in the meantime: They are where they were. If you have withdrawn from any pools/exchanges in the meantime they are on the pool/exchange again. Please check your addresses in old and new explorer. Find the txids of the now conflicted transactions if you have withdrawn from somewhere.

We hope that topia will get back up this month and work out something with them as soon as they are back. If topia is not cooperative don't worry you will get your coins either from them or us. Same applies to CoinExchange which show them selfes cooperative right now.

Possible Masternodeupdate problems:
If your nodes do not get enabled after the first restart - let them fully timeout or completely reset up and kill the old server (The reset up is the easiest and fastest way probably)

In case you land on the wrong chain on the QT wallet: tools -> wallet repair -> resync

VPS Update guide:
Note due to low amount of updated wallets it may take a while till all wallets get a connection and the masternode activates - could be you have to restart it from gui again in some hours

@everyone - Great News !! New Wallet is now Live:

Contribute to zestfoundation/ZestCoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

Hey everyone, just to let you know we are still working hard in the background. Our dev has added further fixes to the wallet to patch the vulnerabilities detailed in this post. He is currently building wallets as we speak

“Fake Stake” attacks on chain-based Proof-of-Stake cryptocurre...
This article is the public disclosure of a series of resource exhaustion vulnerabilities investigated by a team of students consisting of…

Hey everyone,
Firstly we would like to thank you for your continued patience and support. We are pleased to announce that we are aiming to have the new wallets issued and rollback completed by Friday.

We have decided to roll back 2 days earlier to block 124117. This removes all negative transaction fees from the blockchain and means all exploiters addresses are removed, along with any chance for them to benefit further from this exploit.

We have two new exchanges we will be bringing online shortly after the rollback and they are IDAX and Nova exchange. We have also paid for a marketing campaign with IDAX. We will aim to bring these online ASAP.

When the rollback has been completed, and any exchange discrepancies rectified, we will be carrying out a significant coin burn. This will benefit every holder, because the percentage of your holdings when compared to current circulating supply, will increase.

Once the rollback has been completed we will start work again on developing Zest and finally start to benefit the good causes we set out to in the beginning.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Hey everyone,
We would like to start by wishing you a Happy New Year and to thank you for your patience while we have been dealing with these issues. We have been very busy in the background, and work is ongoing, but we thought it was time to give a brief update.

The new wallets have been compiled and thoroughly tested against these known exploits. Alongside the new wallets we have decided that the most effective way to deal with this, while minimising disruption, is to roll back the chain to block 126818. This is necessary to ensure the exploiter gets away with as little as possible.

When released, the new wallets will initially have a fair start period to allow users to set up their nodes, staking inputs etc.

We have also compiled a list of zest addresses linked to the exploiter and these will be blacklisted after verification from the exchanges, that these are not exchange addresses.

These addresses will be sent to the exchanges later today. Once we hear back from the exchanges we will make another announcement.

Thanks again for your continued support.

As you probably already saw Cryptopia and CoinExchange are in maintanance. Cryptopias first maint was not requested by us and was due to them moving the servers. However as they already were in maint we requested ZEST to stay there for now. The reason is the following:

We have a chain exploit which we caught an already fixed. This exploit lets malicious MNs run in the network and will be removed in the update. This exploit does actually not only affect us but basically everyone who forked from PivX 2.6. There were around 200k Coins generated maliciously some of which were unfortunately sold on CoinExchange. We have tracked down most of those and some are already in the hands of regular investors. We will block all coins we can assign to the exploiter which is an individual who also bought in our presale.

There were huge amounts of dust transactions that were send randomly to everyone to cover up trails and make it impossible to really block all the exploited coins as people put them into their own balances. This incident will probably make a chain rollback necessary which will be to around the date when CE also closed deposits (we cannot go before as this would put a double spend in place).

If we do have to do the rollback we will restart the chain with 0 rewards for a few days to make it fair to everyone to get back on the chain, restart their masternodes and get their wallets right. We are working with the exchanges and see how we can come to a feasible solution.

NO REGULAR INVESTOR WILL LOSE ANY BOUGHT COINS! The rollback will invalidate all stakes and MN rewards back to the rollback date though.

Scanning the chain is a tedious process and we do not want to block coins of our regular investors so please bare with us a little longer. This incident is really unfortunate and we apologise for not putting out this announcement before while we were trying to get a good solution in place.

💎 Announcement: 💎 It’s rather clear and apparent these days that one of the greatest challenges of the crypto world is Global Mass Adoption Acceptance & Real world use-case. Anytime we can integrate with a top tier exchange, it’s a win win for everyone involved; especially when the team behind these exchanges share a common vision like ours.

So with this in mind, it is with Great Pleasure to 🔥 ANNOUNCE 🔥 that ZestCoin will be listed on IDAX Exchange. (Trading will begin later in December)

The Zestcoin community vision is to provide support where it is needed, to nurture and encourage bright minds and healthy living, to assist with disaster relief programs and education scholarships. Truly charitable transparency, this masternode has a real use-case & cause, Therefore, we see the positive potential to assist others, and our aim is to build a better world for future generations. Resources from our masternode pools can be used to sponsor individuals or charities, which are voted for by our masternode holders through our upcoming platform.

Our present reward structure is fixed for the next three years and delivers low inflation, while still offering very attractive rewards for investors. . So with this in mind, welcome to ZestCoin; where we strive to make a difference through our charitable pools while delivering great returns for our holders. We are looking forward to working IDAX supporting our community’s vision as we move forward to be positioned to take advantage of the next bull market.@everyone

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