They now want an additional payment of 1 BTC to create a "Trade Account" so we can generate daily fake volume on their Exchange !!!

@everyone - I would suggest that anyone using IDAX removes Zest / BTC from their Service. After signing a contract that didnt contain a stipulation of Trade Volume they have now put in place a minimum daily trade amount of 5 BTC. IT looks like the listing with them will be cancelled. We also paid them a total amount of 4 BTC for Marketing which they also failed to fulfill.

@everyone - There was only 1 Winner on the IDAX trading competition due to lack of Traders. All Zest has been returned to us.

Got a new Hoster for Masternodes!

Hello@everyone 👋

You can now deploy your ZEST (ZEST) masternodes for only $3.90 per month through platform, charged at a daily rate of $0.13!

☑ Get notified for your masternode status changes, wallet updates and payouts via email
☑ Cold wallet setup - your coins stay in your local wallet (computer)
☑ Pay your hosting fees with more than 25 cryptocurrencies such as BTC, LTC, ETH.
☑ Only $0.13 per day
☑ Your masternode is monitored 24/7
☑ Includes tools to review your masternode in the network

Feel free to check out the platform at

Should you have any questions, hop on to their Discord; 😉

Cheers! - Everything masternodes
Run your masternodes for $3.90 per month, get notified for status changes, payouts and more.

We won the voting to get a free listing which is a positive for us. We still have many people interested who think that Zest is a great project.

@everyone - We are now listed on The Blocknet Exchange.

@everyone - We have been working on fixing the Seed Nodes. These have now been upgraded and should resolve any issues with lack of active connections and sync issues

@everyone - Cryptopia have emailed me to confirm they will be getting Zest online. However they are unable to give a time frame for this. They are still putting a lot of resources into their own internal systems and security.

@everyone We Are Pleased To Announce that ZEST market is now Live on CoinExchange:

0.00001722 ZEST / BTC Market | ZEST Coin Exchange |
Market: ZEST / BTC | Last Price: 0.00001722 BTC | Currency: ZEST Coin | Base Currency: Bitcoin | Join and start trading today!

@everyone You have only 3 days to withdraw your coins from nodehost. We cannot help you recover coins after this time and you will lose your coins.

@everyone - Don't forget we have a Live Exchange whilst we are waiting for Cryptopia & Coin Exchange. They have a trading competition on also so snap up some Zest for simply buying & Selling

@everyone - Anyone who participated in any of the bounty's and are missing coins please pm me with the Amount, email used and Zest Address. I will confirm from the Spreadsheet and resend. Without the correct details you will not receive any reimbursement

@everyone - IDAX Trading Competition is now live. Snap up some Zesty Rewards. Read more here:

Celebrating ZEST launch on IDAX, 30,000 ZEST to Give Away!
Event time: 4th Mar 00:00:00 – 3nd Apr 23:59:59 (UTC +8) Event reward: 30,000 ZEST Event rules: 1 The First event: Candy Box Reward During the event, IDAX real-name users complete the first ZEST bu...

@everyone - Zest is now LIVE on IDAX.....


@everyone Hey folks, Ive just spoken to nodehost. They have now completed the rollback and can return your coins.

They will be permanently closing their doors around 15th March, after which you will not be able to claim your zest. We strongly recommend that you contact them ASAP.

@everyone Hey folks. if any users bought coins on CoinExchange and withdrew them after the rollback please send me a DM with your CoinExchange address, the adress you withdrew to and the amount of zest. I will compile a list, liaise with CE, and look to start processing transactions. All refunds will only be returned to your original withdraw addresses.

@everyone Just a reminder that nodehost is closing in just less than a months time. If you have any funds on there we strongly suggest that you withdraw them ASAP

@everyone - We have been added to the Premium section of the Monkey Tracking App. Check it out at:


@everyone - Our listing with Nova Exchange should be live very soon. They are just updating their Ann and Wallet.

Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange Engine