@everyone While we begin to prepare for upcoming launch, there will be a need for more moderators,
tech support, marketing/promotion and other team roles that will need to be filled. If you believe you are the person
for the job, Please DM me with your desired role and list of experience and/or qualifications👌

@everyone With the upmost pleasure, the Zoomba Team is excited to announce the upcoming BETA release
of the Zoomba Platform! We will be officially launching to the public Friday, June 7th!! With this,
we still have much to do before then. In these coming weeks we will begin to bring you more details
about our platform. Be sure to stay tuned in!!!😀

@everyone While @360330951555022848> is working hard to finish up our very important update, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on Zoomba's progress regarding usecase.
Again while Zoomba began as a very ambitious project, with this also came with the need for large amounts of funding and unfortunately we were not able to acquire the proper
investors without running an ICO.. Yet while one door closes, another opens.. I have been in contact, and working with a company that will provide us with our new usecase. Needless to say,
we are very excited and cannot wait to unveil everything! For the time being, this is all that I can share due to NDA contracts. I can say, we secured a new domain for when ready!
As well, we will be looking to update to contain all the new details and links when ready. But for now, I am happy to bring everyone some news on progress.
And again, Thank You to those who have been here from the start and never lost hope!!

@everyone, during last weeks we reviewed/worked on Zoomba source code.
Some technical issues were identified last week and we need to fix them before finalising the wallet update, so there will be a delay for the update, couple of days.
Thank you for your support and understanding. Will be back to you with updates. Work is on progress.

Good morning! I hope@everyone had a great weekend.
I wanted to take this time to update everyone on the
progress @360330951555022848> and I have been working on, and when
we expect to release our first update for Zoomba.

Thanks to @360330951555022848> , he has completed the necessary updates
to github and we will now begin internal testing within
the Zoomba Team. After testing is complete, we expect to
release the first update April 29th.

After the first update, we will then begin to discuss and
finalize our next update. This update will address possible
changes to the chain, which may include changes to Emissions
and/or Collateral, as well as creating a Treasury Fund.

Finally, once this update is complete, the Zoomba Team will
update everyone on our work with Zoomba's usecase. Although
it was unfortunate to not gather the proper funding for Zoomba
App as we hoped, This only gives us a new opportunity!! While
we are finishing up the necessary updates, we are in contact
with a few different companies about Zoomba, including possible
partnerships. With that, we are excited as to what waits for us
around the corner, 2019 looks to be an exciting year for the
crypto community and for the Zoomba family as well!

@everyone I know there has been a lot of confusion to where I have been the last number of weeks, and many assumed I had left the project.
I want to take this time to explain, and let you all know that my family had a sudden and tragic death in our family that was out of the country.
We had to leave without much warning or preparation. This has been a difficult time in my families life, and I do apologize to the team and
our members for not being able to communicate properly before leaving. Thank you everyone, and to those who have lost someone important
in their lives for all your support and understanding in this difficult time.

Now that I am just getting back, I will be communicating with the team and we will work to bring you and update and work to answer any questions you
might have asap. Thank you all again for your patience and understanding while we work out the next steps moving forward.

@everyone We now have also Reddit, so please feel free to join and support Zoomba community here:


@everyone In order to avoid security issues and possible loss of coins, do not use any scripts or wallet binaries except the ones provided by Zoomba team.
If you detected some issue, please contact us.

@everyone Fyi, in order to increase communication within the Zoomba community, we created a bridge between Discord and Telegram via Telegoater bot.
For the moment, from Discord only <#453386385316118535> and <#453405601570226188> were synced with Telegram, will include later other channels.

@everyone, Zoomba has been added to the WorxS platform.

Users that register their Zoomba address with WorxS will be rewarded via the platform.

✅ Check them out here:

@everyone , With a great pleasure I would like to welcome @395246708210139156> to Zoomba team!
Job title: Zoomba media promoter and content creator.
Let's give her a warm welcome!

@everyone , Instanbitex resumed deposits/withdraws for Zoomba.
If you want to withdraw/deposit in there, please test first with small amount.
About withdraw, once you did it do not forget to confirm via mail also.
I tested myself and it's working as designed.

Dear Zoombas,
The recent vulnerabilities identified in PIVX code can affect also Zoomba blockchain.
We, therefore, will start working to update the chain and compile new wallets.
We will provide automatic scripts for update.
Also, we are working on tutorials in order to have the update process as smooth as possible.

Untill next ann... Cheers!

For your attention!
Due to an un-patched vulnerability on PIVX proof of stake algorithm which affects all it's forks, including Zoomba, Crypto-Bridge has temporary disabled deposit/withdraws for more coins.
Zoomba trade inside CB is not affected, so you can continue trading.

@everyone It is with the upmost pleasure to congratulate and welcome @360330951555022848> to the Zoomba Development Team!
His dedication and commitment to Zoomba and it's community has been evident since the beginning.
Well deserved and congratulations!!🎉 🎉

@everyone The Zoomba Team is pleased to announce the listing of Zoomba on an up and coming new Decentralized Exchange!! Congrats ZBA Team and Community!!

SubiDEX • Open source, decentralized, crypto-currency and asset ...
Subi Platform is a decentralized, open-source platform and crypto-currency/asset exchange
SubiDEX - Open source, decentralized, crypto-currency and asset ex...
SubiDEX - Open source, decentralized, crypto-currency and asset exchange.

@everyone It is with great pleasure to inform our amazing community that the Zoomba Team has begun the process of completing the Zoomba Whitepaper and is expected to be complete this quarter! This is an exciting step being taken, and we cannot wait to deliver this to our amazing community as we get ready to begin a truly exciting year for Zoomba and it's loyal community!! As a reminder, here is the Roadmap below. Certainly this bear market has been difficult for many new projects and hinders the pace of progress. But with that, we are still moving along as outlined in the Roadmap 2.0 and will be coming out with new partnerships and more amazing news as we progress. Again, Thank you to those who have been here from the beginning as we move through this exciting year!

@everyone It is with great pleasure to inform our amazing community that the Zoomba Team has begun the process of completing the Zoomba Whitepaper!! This is an exciting step being taken, and we cannot wait to deliver this to our amazing community as we get ready to begin a truly exciting upcoming year for Zoomba and it's loyal community!!

@everyone We are very happy to announce that the Zoomba and Dream Team have partnered up to offer our members Zoomba shared masternode service
+ Information when joining the Masternode
1⃣ Your Reward is based on your Collateral contribution % based
2⃣ ONE ZBA MN seat is 25 ZBA You can buy as much as you want till full
3⃣ If we get Stake/Mint reward during collection phrase, all will be distributed at the end of that phrase based on your %
4⃣ Withdrawal from MN takes up to 72 hours ( This is for us to get someone else to replace your seat)
5⃣ Payout are done every Monday to your provided payout wallet/ sent to stake pool -You must specified your payout option
6⃣ Withdrawal from stake pool takes up to 48 hours
7⃣ Fee 3%
+ Useful links and commands
Explorer: Available on MN Launch
Webpage: - Check your daily updates
On Discord Command: Available on MN Launch
Dream Team PS Type !agree to enter


We are very excited to announce our partnership with Gremlins marketing, which will help us to spread the word about our project around the Masternode Community, and around the European continent.
It's one of the best marketing company!

Let's go!