A new exploit has been found on zerocoin from which Myce is SAFE@everyone

Zerocoin is not enabled on Myce Blockchain even though it is part of it's possible functionalities.

Update on Zerocoin Spends
24 April 2019 Update We found the root cause of the irregular Zerocoin spends on the 19 April 2019. An emergency update 13.7.9 is now available to disable

How do we engage in conversations when we do not know with whom we are talking with?

Is it safe to openly speak about the future plans on a joint venture?

How open is to open@everyone ?

Blockchain enables anonymity in the exchange of coins. Can we translate that same feature into a dialog between investors?

This is one of the first steps we always wanted, to be able to talk frankly between investors. Everyone aiming for the same clear goal, success.

One by one Myce makes blockchain interactions frictionless.

Built around the @&453702118583304214>, those who have a masternode enabled. On our Discord this role will be updated automatically daily.

We are building a set of products around the ones who will govern Myce 3.0

Midas announces zero fee platform with Lock-in option

Here are some news from our Official Shared Masternode Service - Midas.Investments!

Midas is offering from today a zero fee, 0% investment opportunity across to their platform.

How to take advantage of the zero fee platform?

1⃣ Go to the Midas platform -
2⃣ On the landing page, press the new ‘Zero fee’ button. On this page, press 'Activate Lock-in', and you will be provided with your MIDAS Lock-in wallet address.
3⃣ Send and hold 150 MIDAS in the MIDAS Lock-in and receive zero fees across all your investments forever!

With to the Lock-in option you will fully enjoy your YCE investment.

No fees taken in YCE or MIDAS.
No fees to invest in the YCE Instant Share node.
No fees to host your node on the Midas platform.

For more information: Join the Midas Discord and check out their <#397472017017995284> channel, or read the article published on MN.Investments -

Midas Discord -

🔔 Also if you did not claimed your YCE & MIDAS Airdrop from @452995779590619137> yet, you know what to do (ends 01JUNE2019) =)@everyone - Get income up to 1000% by investing in shared ... - Invest in masternodes. Achieve your passive income dream with the automated Midas investment platform
Midas launch zero fee platform alongside the revolutionary MIDAS L...
We are excited to become pioneers once again and become the first investment platform to launch zero fee investing alongside the revolutionary new utility for MIDAS - the ‘MIDAS Lock-in’.

Are you new on Myce ?
We started in December 2017, got abandoned on January 2018. Took over on 1st March 2018. Running healthy since then.

Myce did a safe and big upgrade on the blockchain into 2.0 on October 2018, a real one, without coins ever leaving your wallet.

Now a new one is coming 3.0 with atomic swap & lightning network support.

Also, governance is enabled, we want to engage @&453702118583304214> to vote on real key milestones.

We are ready for 2019

Ready on the blockchain upgrade
Ready as a decentralized working @&395619581093347329>
Ready for a bull or a bear

Check our <#420927653680250899> @everyone . We will upgrade them also 😃

☔ MYCE & MIDAS Airdrop for MYCE Investors (ends 01JUNE2019) ☔

Second Round of MYCE integration on Midas Platform is live!
Thanks to @452995779590619137> you have the opportunity to learn about MYCE & MIDAS and invest without stress.

Here are the 5 Steps to enter:

1⃣ Join MIDAS discord (take screenshot of joining discord)

2⃣ Generate MIDAS & MYCE Address on MIDAS platform

3⃣ DM to @452995779590619137> screenshot of joining MIDAS discord, and your MIDAS & MYCE addresses

4⃣ MIDAS & MYCE will be sent to your Midas Platform address:
🏅 Team members 10 MIDAS + 5K MYCE
🏅 MYCE MN Holders 5 MIDAS + 1K MYCE
🏅 Each MYCE Discord member 1 MIDAS + 200 YCE

5⃣ Enjoy free MIDAS & MYCE (let this risk free investment grow but as always, it is your coin/your choice)

🚨 Only pre-existing MYCE discord users are eligible. They have until end of June to claim their free MIDAS and MYCE coins.

  • MYCE Team.@everyone

🔔Midas is now the Official Shared Masternode Platform of MYCE🔔

MYCE team is pleased to announce that YCE is now part of Midas ecosystem and avalaible in Midas Shared Masternode Platform.
It immediately opens to MYCE a consistent audience of +15,000 users. We will use this opportunity to show positive developments and increase confidence in current and new investors.

1⃣ Midas shared masternode service
Through, investors can easily manage and tailor their investment experience to their requirements.
From now you can instantly earn rewards even if you do not have a full YCE masternode collateral.

2⃣ Midas Marketing platforms
The concept of this platform is to provide a large and growing investor base with information relating to Myce on Midas ecosystem.
We will publish some articles there to take advantage of the service.

The first article to present MYCE to Midas investors has been done & published here =>
Any comments will help MYCE to attract new investors so please support and comment =)

3⃣ Midas discounts
Thanks to this listing, MYCE can have discounts from exchange listing fees and many more...

Last but not least @&395619581093347329> would like to give a HUGE "Thank You" to our @&453702118583304214> @452995779590619137> who has paid this listing for the benefit of all MYCE Community!
So please give him a warm 😘 folks!

-MYCE Team.

*Always as we all know be safe with your coins and always DYOR!@everyone

Midas.Investments, masternode, shared service
Midas Lists MYCE Coin (YCE) - The Blockchain - Based DAO
Midas announces the listing of MYCE Coin (YCE) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

There is no better decentralization than freedom of trade, no KYC real blockchain vs blockchain transactions like the big guns BTC, LTC and now:


Barterdex is the decentralized exchange of Komodo platform, enables onchain trades with no intermediary. Our blockchain is now capable of spreading without central intermediary. We are following BTC path closely with this integration.

Atomic swap confirmed for $YCE coin on @KomodoPlatform We will be available on @BarterDex on our #MYCE v3.0 #exploremyceworld

We have a MYCE v3 Testnet running for@everyone interested.

  • Secure Blockchain
  • Atomic swap
  • Lightning support
  • Governance

First items are confirmed. We have already implemented them on other blockchains that have hired us.

But Governance is key for MYCE, WE will setup every single scenario to make it practical, efficient and simple.

For those willing to setup a 5 usd Linux VPS and help <#444273798770982922> channel will be our meeting point

Another exploit found on PIVX related blockchains.

MYCE is safe, as it has always been.

Spread the word on your investments@everyone

Report: “Wrapped Serials” Attack
- by PIVX Core Developers Furszy & Random.Zebra

💳 PolisPay Voting Listing Contest 💳

Yesterday, Community Coin vote on PolisPay has started!
The Campaign will last until 19.03.19 at 12:00 PDT, only the first coin will be integrated in their debit card.

To be simple it will open the gates to $YCE to a HUGE opportunity and become spendable in your everyday life!
That is the ultimate goal of every cryptocurrency and we must take this opportunity for the future of MYCE.

WE NEED YOU and WE WILL REWARD YOU if we win that thanks to our community!
1⃣ Follow &
2⃣ Reply to this Tweet
with #BringToPolisPay $YCE
3⃣ Contact all your friend, family, dogs, cats, and spread the word ;)

🏆 Rewards if we win:

  • 1 winner will receive 100 000 $YCE (1 masternode) & a NANO S Ledger
  • 1 winner will receive 100 000 $YCE (1 masternode)

Take this opportunity to support us , win a Ledger and become a @&453702118583304214> thanks to the $YCE masternode!
@everyone Let's show how strong is MYCE Community.

-MYCE Team

Polis Blockchain (@PolisBlockchain)
$Polis is a community driven cryptocurrency. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people.
PolisPay (@polispayapp)
Accept cryptocurrencies, store and spend them securely, or turn them into fiat currency with the PolisPay card. Powered by: @PolisBlockchain
Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

Like Mycelium , we spread all over the crypto space!
The newest list is on Live Coin Watch.📃
📽@everyone You can monitor your $YCE on :

Live Coin Watch
The best real-time crypto price index with graphs & historical data for 1500+ coins including bitcoin, ethereum, & altcoins from major cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are resource intensive, running a masternode is a technical challenge that investors craft daily.

In 2018 MYCE help thousand of investors with the Myce Hosting Bot.

For this year we are preparing the big guns and nothing like a little help from the Big Brother to make it cost effective for@everyone.

We have been accepted on the Google Cloud Startup Program due to our continuous efforts.

How does it sound?

MYCE sponsored by Google

@&395619581093347329> is testing our NEW blockchain and @&453702118583304214> are being informed about our next steps as a blockchain organization.

Our 1st Mandatory MYCE Blockchain Update October 2018

Working on-chain porting PIVX 3.1 codebase code enabling:
PoS 3.0
Masternode Governance technical implementation
Complete redesign on current wallet visuals

Our 2nd Mandatory MYCE Blockchain Update proposed March 2019
Working on-chain upgrading code to enable:
Atomic swap support ( OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY - From Bitcoin )
Lightning network support ( OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY - From Bitcoin )
Allow verification of transactions on the network depending on the output of an off chain oracle or our BOTS (OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY - BTC Cash )
Other OP Codes from BTC ABC, Elements Blockchain and BTC SPV
Complete redesing on current wallet visuals and bug fixes

This upgrade will be done completely on chain as the one before. No single coin will abandon your wallet

explore myce world@everyone

We are puting Myce all over the crypto sites every week to get more exposure.🌍
🚀 The new listing is on CoinCodex, you can check up Myce there :

MYCE (YCE) Price, Chart, Value & Market Cap | CoinCodex
Get detailed information on MYCE (YCE) including real-time price index, historical charts, market cap, exchanges, wallets, and latest news.

📢 Hello@everyone
New week new announcements, or did u think that we ware gonna stop? 😃
🗓 Starting from today you can monitoring your Myce Masternode on Masternode CAP.
Please check it up and if you like the service don't hesitate to help them by donating on their site.🤝

Myce (YCE) Masternode statistics - Masternode Cap
Myce (YCE) - Monitoring Myce Over time data, charts, ROI, rank

📢 Ladies and gentlemen and dear @&453702118583304214>,

I'd like to introduce you our very first $YCE shared pos/mn pool CoinZone.
Only for 3% fee from rewards you can stake your idle yce on shared pool. No deposit/withdraw fee, withdrawal in 24hours and reinvest option.

For more info please check their server or ask your question to @439433154395111427> .

We have already send some $yce in this pool to kick the rewards 😎
A Citizen initiative from @283175657108799499> , Thank you!

🌶️ CoinPaprika is here 🌶️ 🚀As promised, Myce team is working to get the project to the next level 🆙 .
🍾MYCE is listed on CoinPaprika 🍾 Check it out on 🔦

MYCE (YCE) Price, Charts, Market Cap, Overview | $0.001267
MYCE Price Chart | Market Capitalization | News | Description | Team | Related Events | Community | Similar coins | Comments

I think 2019 will be even harder than 2018 from the investors perspective. Almost every day we have a development team dropping out of their projects.


Myce is far from dead, we are reorganizing the @&395619581093347329> with a group of old and new investors.

Despite a year of development and products, MYCE couldn't deploy a concise roadmap. We need one to order ourselves and make us accountable.

Pop your ideas up for this coming year since we are@here to work, we always come from the underground.

Myce server has never been a target of Discord scams.

@243129010949718018> has just pointed me the fact that scammers are buying Discord Nitro (payed version) to impersonate admins by changing their name + #number.

I have bought the name and # for Myce Server to avoid such problems on my name. As a consequence I'm now able to also add cool emojis, which ones should we use @everyone ?

Myce had been added on StakingReturns. This is just the beginning guys of what team Myce can do. We will add more projects every week!

MYCE (YCE) Staking Stats - StakingReturns
MYCE (YCE) staking investment comparison tools features the most accurate and detailed stats and a staking calculator