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I think 2019 will be even harder than 2018 from the investors perspective. Almost every day we have a development team dropping out of their projects.


Myce is far from dead, we are reorganizing the @&395619581093347329> with a group of old and new investors.

Despite a year of development and products, MYCE couldn't deploy a concise roadmap. We need one to order ourselves and make us accountable.

Pop your ideas up for this coming year since we are@here to work, we always come from the underground.

Myce server has never been a target of Discord scams.

@243129010949718018> has just pointed me the fact that scammers are buying Discord Nitro (payed version) to impersonate admins by changing their name + #number.

I have bought the name and # for Myce Server to avoid such problems on my name. As a consequence I'm now able to also add cool emojis, which ones should we use @everyone ?

Myce had been added on StakingReturns. This is just the beginning guys of what team Myce can do. We will add more projects every week! https://stakingreturns.com/coins/myce

MYCE (YCE) Staking Stats - StakingReturns
MYCE (YCE) staking investment comparison tools features the most accurate and detailed stats and a staking calculator

Governance is coming, we will do a recheck on people owning and running a masternode. Decisions will be taken on the @&453702118583304214> channel. Those willing to take part on this will need to have a running YCE masternode to be part of the channel

Forrest Gump phrase: Mama says, "Stupid is as stupid does."

Almost a year ago i recklessly invested on a coin that promised "to enable masternodes". That coin was Mycellium, it was a big announcement. Passive income...

My buy order got filled in 15min, instant success!

Let me put how i behave in crypto less than a year ago:

> My coins `where always on the exchange`. 
> I thought the 1 minute graph was not detailed enough.
> I had no idea what Discord was. 
> I checked the twitter and if an exchange announcement was coming, I bought. 

I checked the mycellium website: it looked bad, not ugly, clearly abandoned. I downloaded and entered "Discord".

[8:00] qjusam:<span id="every">@everyone</span> In order to be more trusted amoung coin holder, I have obtained the premine wallet from Dev.

What!?!? I had invested on a coin with no developer. In that exact moment I realized that no one would give me free money.

I Took over and decided to recover my investment. I would kick the system myself.

I'm stubborn, my name is Pedro meaning "stone, rock", via Greek "petra". I have built several startups before, it is simple, there is one single rule = Money in has to be more than the money that goes out.

What I am trying to create here is not easy, I'm giving time and money (a lot of both) because i want a self-sustainable and autonomous business for life. Where I sit on my computer and vote on what needs to be done with intelligent people.

A closed membership group where every single partner wants to make this a money making machine. Governance is coming and this business has a model.

We develop products in blockchain, I am just in charge of the first MYCE team.

In light of what you will see more and more this year, projects abandoned, just check the business model, are they capable? is there a business model where they don't just eat ico money?

No one will give you free money people, wake up@everyone

The model MYCE promotes is sustainable, work around a decentralized structure towards simple blockchain products. We create, develop and behave as a DAO.

Most projects will die in 2019 when ico funds dissapear. Budgets where done with 1k eth/usd price and 20k btc/usd. Has anyone changed the rules of business? You can't keep running like the "Energizer Bunny" if there is no income.

Let's address the elephant >

MYCE Price: When development survival is at risk Marketing get's the last piece of cake/time. We haven't been able to create a Marketing tunnel. Funding has been priority number one since day 1 and I have constantly managed to make it happen.

This is an open request for 3 things

  1. Marketing Manager: Coordinate MYCE brand management. Payed position.
  2. Project Managers: Coordinate MYCE ecosystem. Payed position.
  3. Partners & Workers: We have in our investors people working on blockchain already either as fund investors or on development. Business oportunities appear and I can't grasp them all due to the amount of work coming in. I would like to know if there are between our investors people willing to make money by working or if I should outsource.

I had plenty of previous experience running teams before, none like this one. So many movable parts: support, development, investors, partners, employees, clients everyone in search of the perfect answer in 5 minutes. Pushing like horses for a week and disappearing the next one.

I used to think email was hell, discord has made email look like a child's game.

MYCE is stronger than ever, we learn everyday and fast.


2017 ico party / Bull price (?)
2018 scam party / Bear price (?)
2019 (?)

January 2019

  • Website upgrade, visual redesign and coin integrations

    product descriptions
    2019 roadmap (done)

  • MYCE blockchain upgrade

    atomic swap (done)
    pos attack (done)
    lightning network (done)
    governance (testing)

  • New product launch

You can now buy $ YCE on Finexbox Exchange@everyone


A young exchange for a currency, $ YCE, that never stopped being available to trade

Welcome the new year

A bubbling 2017. Encouraging for any new project. With that force came 2018, leaving thousands of projects abandoned.

Crypto is a beautiful and difficult place, expectations are huge, as well as disinformation. In this space we have a name, a BIG ONE, they recognize us by our virtues and not by our shits.

The technology in MYCE is state-of-the-art, communication is still weak. I recognize flaws, serious ones.

As a sailor who arrives at the port, with many battles in his back and experience that is only gained in the high seas, I remain firmer than ever.

I invite you to think and discuss how, as investors, we can create a long-term business and a power $YCE

I invite you to #exploremyceworld

MYCE|YCE-bitcoin invest worldwide digital assets Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin/DogeCoin Exchange

A new exchange is coming for MYCE, We are placing a bet on an exchange that checks a HUGE amount of good points to our next years plans.

  • Multilanguage
  • BTC, LTC, ETH, DOGE pairs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Incorporated

We can't risk anymore having only one spot for trading $YCE.

This is a move into the future since this exchange is still not on coinmarketcap.com but we know it will get there on the short term.

Reanalyze your #crypto holdings@everyone. This is the moment to push harder than ever. Success for those with a plan, for those moving ahead, this is YOUR year.


Reanalyze your #crypto holdings. This is the moment to push harder than ever. Success for those with a plan, for those moving ahead, this is YOUR year. https://t.co/aSEu0or7h7 $YCE

MYCE's #Masternode Explorer by MNO is LIVE! https://explorer.masternodes.online/currencies/YCE/

To celebrate this we are launching a short Christmas marketing Tweet for@everyone who wants to participate and win a Ledger Nano S.


MYCE (YCE) - Masternode explorer - MasterNodes.online
Detailed masternode payout statistics for MYCE. Track your YCE masternodes and track rewards, wallet version and all other statistics.
Would you like to win a Ledger Nano S? Simply a cutting-edge hardware crypto wallet. 1) Follow @myceworld 2) RT or comment this tweet > https://t.co/iRgVdP9rBp 3) RT this tweet! $YCE #xmas

A formal public announcement for@everyone our next upgrade: Governance, Atomic Swaps, and Oracles.

We work continuously in the blockchain to deliver complete autonomy in decisions to @&453702118583304214> .


Myce(YCE) has been added on MNRoi Platform

MNRoi enables Monitoring and Statistic Services, Price Markets, Estimated Revenue and Notifications on Email & Android App for@everyone

Mycec on MNROI.info:

MNRoi has an Android app for you to check masternodes status from your pocket.

Myce coin (YCE) ROI, Stat and Analytics || MNROI.info
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We welcome MNCoinNews to MYCE World.

This masternode monitoring platform will promote MYCE on their huge fan base of more than 2k followers on Twitter and Facebook.


The MYCE Hosting Bot with it's full features will also be placed on a prominent place on their website for@everyone to install their masternodes free of charge.

If you want to see a coin on MYCE Hosting Bot you just need to fill this form > https://www.myce.world/list-a-coin

If you want other coins to understand how it can be used tell them to enter here as an example > https://admin.myce.world/widget/?namefilter=myce

When you set a namefilter the Bot filters out other coins and leaves ONLY the project you desire.

So basically as an example:
BeetleCoin is now integrating this little piece of code into their web. As a result they will give BeetleCoin investors the possibility to install on BeetleCoin Masternode on BeetleCoin Website.

<iframe src="https://admin.myce.world/widget/?namefilter=beetlecoin" class="mycewidget" scrolling="auto" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" style="margin:0;padding:0;" width="100%" height="500"></iframe>``` #exploremyceworld  <span id="every">@everyone</span>

On this end of the year, we have with us a new Blockchain upgrade.

There are 4 main features available for this upgrade. Atomic swap support, lightning network, off chain oracle endpoints and Governance.

We are going to add organizational characteristics. To have a currency that is also a digital asset capable of achieving complete autonomy.

In summary: MYCE adds to his blockchain the best of BTC, BCH ABC, BCH SV and Elements. I have not found a blockchain that has all these functions + GOVERNANCE

And on this last point, I open a discussion for@everyone. Final decision is on <#482663854594326537> channel.

Governance is not a feature, it is a complex system. Voting is an optional but incentivized part of that system.

The funds on which you vote in your distribution always come from the blockchain. It is the model that everyone pursues.

With Governance every masternode owner, our @&453702118583304214>, will finally decide and propose. There will be a website to organize the information but the voting done ON-CHAIN. A Truly Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

What do @&453702118583304214> want to do?

Today 100% of the block rewards distribute like this:
80% masternodes
20% staking
0% governance

  • Options
  1. We reduce the percentage for masternodes
  2. We reduce the percentage for staking
  3. We increase the block reward to include governance and maintain the others
  4. Other options?

This is a full detail of the upgrade:

  • Atomic swap support (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY - From Bitcoin )

  • Lightning network support (OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY - From Bitcoin)

  • Allow verification of transactions on the network depending on the output of an off chain oracle or our BOTS (OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY - From BCH ABC )

Preview of a real dashboard for a solution that is only getting better for@everyone

Double update@everyone. We are closing this year at a strong pace. This our current list of supported projects on MYCE Hosting Bot:

The Hempcoin
Smart Cash
Beetle Coin
Graph Coin
Profit Hunters

Integrations as per request: https://myce.world/list-a-coin/

MYCE challenge is ON at > https://gleam.io/97OxM/myce-contest

Hello World ! Myce Citizens are glad to offer you the opportunity to win up to 5,000 $YCE (represting MORE than 1 month of masternode rewards which are able to stake). Earn huge $YCE rewards by creating video guides about MYCE solutions. MYCE VIDEO BOUNTY AWARDS = WALLET INTE...

Projects often invest a lot of time in developing a fully-fledged product, we always take a MYCE approach. This allows us to scale up quickly by keeping everything simple.

MYCE Bot installs multiple masternodes on a single VPS


We took an open source solution and made it simpler. Building on top of this is our goal.

It is time for MYCE to break the pattern.



Breathtaking news on Monday


A problem is not understood until you install the first solution

One with clear move towards decentralization and simplicity for the final user.

On monday a finger in the middle of the face on those acting as middle-man will be available. Hosting platforms are starting to react to MYCE Hosting solution. They don't expect what is happening on Monday.

Until Monday we are not accepting new clients.


  • There is a second community masternode initiative. The first masternode funds the first ever MYCE Bounty with it's rewards

Don't sit there with your arms crossed @&453702118583304214> , get onboard. Wouldn't you like to see your investment compound? Fund those willing to increase the value of MYCE with clear marketing ideas.
@everyone this is the address, send some YCE coins >

Enable your @get_delta notifications to receive free $YCE updates directly on #DeltaDirect. #MYCE is going to hit breathtaking news this week🎙️