As I'm sure you've noticed, the coin has been pretty dead for the last 6 months. Since losing cryptopia and the rest of the team I have been trying to find some way to keep the coin going, but unfortunately nothing has planned out. It has got to the stage now where, for personal reasons, I no longer have the time to continue working on the coin at all.

If anyone, or any group of people would like to take on a leadership role in the coin, please get in touch, and I'll do everything I can to get everything that I have access to changed over to the new team. First order of business would have to be a new wallet to remove the dev tax.

I'm absolutely crushed that it had to end this way, I gave it my best shot, and I'm very sorry to have let you guys down.@everyone

A new bootstrap file is now available to help speed up your zixx setup. It is already included in @326534145322909699>'s excellent install script which you can get from :

wget -q -O && chmod +x && ./

Or if you have multiple masternodes that need to be updated, you can use his 'Bulk updater' Script

wget -q -O && chmod +x && ./

Our wallet is now in maintenance mode on cryptopia, once the network upgrade is complete, we will arrange a time to have deposits and withdrawals reenabled.

The deadline for the update is this Saturday the 22nd at 12 noon UTC@everyone


A new mandatory wallet update has been released (16.5), so you will need to update your wallet/masternode as soon as possible. Older versions of the wallet will not work once we activate the "I told you you should have updated" spork, and your masternode will stop paying out unless you updated.

This new version will Eventually allow you to run multiple masternodes on the same IP, as long as they have a different port. Since most people use one of 3 or 4 big vps providers anyway, we think the effect on the network will be minimal. We do ask that you try and limit it to 10-20 masternodes per IP, if you can. This will reduce costs massively for anyone who want to run a Zixx node.

Once all of the exchanges and enough of the network has updated to the new version we will activate the spork which removes old wallets/nodes from the network. Expect deposits and withdrawls to be frozen when we get to this stage.

Once we are happy that everything is running fine, then we will activate the "Any port MN" spork, which will allow you to host multiple masternodes on the same IP. MN's set up on the non default port will earn rewards before this stage, so wait until then to set them up.

We're still working away on the MVP, unfortunately its taking a lot longer than we had originally planned, but we'll get there, eventually. Massive thanks to everyone who has stuck with us this far, we really appreciate your continued support!

Remember, if you run a mining pool, its especially important that you update as soon as possible.

All our love,
The Zixx Team.

ZIXX Project. Contribute to zixxcrypto/zixxcore development by creating an account on GitHub.

Be sure to enable Delta notifications for Zixx@everyone

😎 Delighted to announce that Zixx is live on Delta Direct! All the latest $XZX updates will now be directly available on πŸ”ΊπŸ’ͺ⭐ #DeltaDirect @get_delta @ZixxCrypto

Happy Halloween

If you want to have early access to the upcoming Zixx Platform, today's the final day to register!@everyone

Cryptopia are having an issue with one of their servers, which has put our wallet there into maintenance. so deposits and withdrawals are not possible. Cryptopia staff are working to resolve the issue, so hopefully it will be back up soon@everyone

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DailyBuzz Friday 21 September 2018
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There is now an official bootstrap, if you want an even faster way to get your masternode up and running πŸ˜ƒ