Coming soon...Receiver Address Privacy (RAP) that allows users post a single address out publicly and not reveal financial privacy while remaining compatible with mobile. RAP is an implementation of BIP47 Payment Codes that establishes private tunnels to solve address re...

Michael from @boxmining spent the entire day in Bangkok, Thailand with @sandraszehwui to try live off Zcoin $XZC via @SatangCorp beta app with PromptPay integration. Still some kinks to work out and streamline but they had a blast!

Zcoin is live at CoinGecko's Changelog in Invest:Asia 2019

Reuben Yap, Zcoin's COO will be giving at a talk at CoinDesk's Invest: Asia 2019 in Singapore. He will be speaking about the lastest developments around the Zcoin project. Tadhg Riordan, Zcoin's developer will also be attending!

Zcoin's $XZC Lelantus paper was accepted to be presented by Aram Jivanyan at the prestigious Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC) Read more about Lelantus at

If you're looking for some high quality Zcoin gear (Made in Germany), SatoshiGoods has you covered with free worldwide shipping.

@cryptoHITMAN Looking forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future.



A comprehensive update to Zcoin $XZC mining by @VoskCoin and also a guide on how to use Sigma privacy technology.


Zcoin's Telegram international communities are growing bigger stronger! Check them out here:


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Selamat datang di komunitas ZCOIN INDONESIA 😊

For a quick five minute overview of what Zcoin $XZC has been up to in the past few months, check out Sandra's update video here:

We are proud to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, OVEX, with a South African Rand (ZAR) pairing in line with our strategy to build strong fiat on-ramp partners. Zcoin is currently only 1 of 3 cryptocurrencies to be paired with the ZAR on OVEX.

Starting in a few minutes!

These are some awesome commemorative physical Zcoins!

Have a burning question you want to ask Zcoin? Join our AMA with @messaricrypto at 8PM EST on 28 August 2019! You can submit your questions on their Telegram chat ( or via Slido (

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Zcoin $XZC is now accepted as a donation method on to support efforts in assisting victims of severe flash floods in Iran. Sanctions make it hard to receive outside help as it is cut-off from the international banking system.

You can now use Zcoin to anonymously donate to flood victims in Iran via IranRescueBit. The organisation collects crypto donations for the Iranian Red Crescent Society as the country is heavily sanctioned and cut off from the international banking system