For thos who still have not done the upgrade just over a day's time (February 14th 12:00 PM UTC) old wallet versions will not be accepted by XORN network!

So Friends, i hope you liked this try of a spinning "X" 😄 - its all MS Paint, but don't tell someone 😛 :P,

as promised before, i told you that i will also publish an other article, explaining, how this last update can help our XORN-Trading-Bot at least in theory.

But with this, i want to encourage all of you again, to find use cases that our platform already delivers.

Its quiet easy to spot fake volume, when buyer and seller are the same or pairs of buyer/seller are equal many times
You can look what good XORN Buyers, do also have in portfolio
We are able to see, which users are benefiting a project the most, buying for holding longer than a few weeks, etc...
And i bet, there is much more....

So, without further talking around, here is the 2nd article about the last update, covering another point, that you might did not see yet:

A new update at Xorn has been spotted! – Michael M – Medium
So, there it is, a new update at https://platform.xorn.cc. Officially, it’s there to keep track of multiple own accounts on…

Okey Friends, keep cool,

here comes a little article explaining how to link your Crypto-Bridge.org Account(s) to your XORN-Platform-Account.

Just a reminder (that you will also find in the article):
In order to use the upcoming features like stop-loss and general trading, you will need to enter your private-API-Key(s), for just showing the balances for all (your) accounts — you don’t need it.


Be sure that this new feature is about more than just showing balances. Only our mind is the limit again. In a few days i will publish an other article, describing, how it can help our XORN-Trading-Bot for example. :)

Letz Rock!

This is just a guide: How to link one or more Crypto-bridge.org
To do this, first, go to www.plattform.xorn.cc and log in to your own user account. If you have used the demo account on the site s far…


Dear friends!

Today we introduce you a small update of our platform: a new option which is a summary balance page.
The balances of all your CB accounts linked to your XORN account can be seen on it.
Counts are mathematically rounded to four decimal place.
Assets with values below are not counted on this page.

📡 Stay tuned!


Deposits and withdrawals are again active


We implore you to get upgraded for a week. After a week (February 14th 12:00 UTC) old versions will not be accepted by the network.


Hereunder are the guides how to upgrade daemon on Linux VPS for those who use our scripts


  1. Login to VPS as root

  2. Download new archive
    wget https://github.com/XORNcore/XORN/releases/download/1.1.1/Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar
    tar xvf Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar

  3. Stop xorn daemon

su - xorn -c "xorn-cli stop"

  1. Copy new files to overwrite old daemon files
    cp Linux_x64/xorn-cli /usr/local/bin/
    cp Linux_x64/xornd /usr/local/bin/

  2. Start the daemon:
    su - xorn -c xornd

  3. Check:
    su - xorn -c "xorn-cli --version"

You should see:
XORN Core RPC client version v1.1.1.0-73368a4

su - xorn -c "xorn-cli getinfo"

You should see information about current state



  1. Login to VPS as root

  2. Download new archive
    wget https://github.com/XORNcore/XORN/releases/download/1.1.1/Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar
    tar xvf Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar

  3. Stop daemon service:

systemctl stop xorn.service

  1. Copy new files to overwrite old daemon files
    cp Linux_x64/xorn-cli /usr/local/bin/
    cp Linux_x64/xornd /usr/local/bin/

  2. Start the daemon:
    systemctl start xorn.service

  3. Check:
    xorn-cli --version

You should see:
XORN Core RPC client version v1.1.1.0-73368a4

xorn-cli getinfo

You should see information about current state



Dear community!

Today we are beginning the long-awaited update required in the view of situation with fake POS attack.


For Windows users:

  1. backup your wallet.dat
  2. stop your wallet
  3. download the new version and start it

For Linux users:

  1. backup your wallet.dat
  2. stop daemon
  3. delete xorn-cli and xornd
  4. download the new version and start it

MacOS version will be updated very shortly, sorry for that


⛔ Deposit and withdrawal of XORN coin is temporary blocked. We are working on it, please just wait for mending.


Deposit and Withdrawal Precautions: "Fake Stake" Vulnerability - C...
Today, on January 24th, 2019 at 21:30 UTC deposit and withdrawal functionality for several assets was disabled for precautionary reasons due to vulnerabilities reported in an article published earlier in the week by Decentralized Systems Lab. These vulnerabilities, referred ...


Dear friends,
🇭 🇦 🇵 🇵 🇾 🇭 🇴 🇱 🇮 🇩 🇦 🇾 🇸 again, we wish you the best of luck and successful New year!

Our team had a month to vacate and now, refreshed and with restored forces, is leaping into action.

These are our plans for upcoming few months:

✅ monetization of the platform, development of payment gateway for processing the cash assets
✅ development of private functionalities for corporate customers
✅ integration of the spread bot into the platform
✅ remastering and expanding the functionality of multiaccounts
✅ finalization of advertising strategy for the product’s promotion
✅ launching of marketing campaign and chargeable version of the product

Stay tuned!

Also, as usually, we are looking forward to your feedback on the bugs detected.

  1. The basic use for analysis and better overview is now possible without any login and therefore reduced by one barrier for new users.

  2. We have added a new page to the platform to analyse individual users and their behaviour on the Exchange. In my eyes, a really mighty tool, to be able to limit future behaviour of a specific user better.

  3. We now have added a "Stop-Limit-Orders" feature built into the platform, which we will most likely write again a separate statement.
    However, it is important, that this feature does extend Crypto-Bridge by an essential function that the site Crypto-Bridge does not offer to other users who do not use our platform.

I bet some traders here already know how powerful such a function is.
Make sure to take a look at it!

Furthermore, many minor issues have been resolved and server performance has been increased.

What we are working on:
-The next big thing: Thanks to the fulfilment of items 2) and 3), we have taken a significant further step towards integrating the “XORN trading bot” for the platform.
-Adding more exchanges with more volume and later the interaction between them.
-Even deeper and more advanced analysis functions that create us as users of the XORN-platform a even deeper knowledge advantage.

Please give us your feedback in #general, spread the word and hold your XORN tight. 😃

Okey, admittedly, the updates here are relatively sporadic in time. We have to work on that. I know it.
Nevertheless, I have the honor once again today to announce an announcement from the development team’s leader @406960811706155009> .

Today the next big update for http://platform.xorn.cc will be presented. If you do not know the site yet, it is time to play around with it now, because it is the backbone of our future service to enhance and extend the experience on Exchanges. We started, as you know for sure with Crypto-brigde.org

In the update today, the work of our developers extends the platform by the following points.


A new option is coming.
CryptoBridge user's account page.


Captured with Lightshot


Our partners Trittium have launched an investment platform trttNodes which lists our coin. It’s a very convenient platform with illustrative statistic.
For further details go https://medium.com/@Trittium_cc/how-to-invest-in-trttnodes-59ffcb66d85c

How to invest in trttNodes – Trittium.cc – Medium
We are opening trttNodes to the public, this manual will explain how to use trttNodes to invest in other coins. All our investments are…