@everyone xorn network's issue has been successfully fixed and now network is running fine. CB deposits and blockexplorer will be back soon. We found the cause and hoping it was the last time when our network was down


💥 We are pleased to announce that our platform is ready for commercial use! 💥

Our team has spent more than 10 000 hours of work, we have tested our product for a long time and added improvements.
We don’t find any bugs. The platform works perfectly, the speed of switching between accounts, the order placements, the ease of use in comparison with crypto bridge is incredible.
Dear friends, the coin holders and the ones who care about the project, we want to ask you an important favor now.
We want to conduct large-scale testing of the project in the real, harsh conditions.
All you need is to start using our platform and recommend the project to your friends.

💥 For now, the access to the platform is free for everyone!💥


Our platform is becoming a more common
💥 About 100 users have already registered on our platform and are using our platform for trading 💥
Stay tuned!


🔹 Now there’s an indication of your orders in the list of orders with a yellow arrow. The arrow has 50% transparency if the order is not placed by currently active account and fully visible if it placed by active account. When hovering over the arrow you see which of your accounts placed this order
🔹 The efficiency of the platform is increased. Now the platform is much faster than before
🔹 By popular demand notifications moved to the lower left corner and now do not interfere with the creation of orders.

🔹 To research the start of our own full bitshare node. In doing so, we’ll increase the speed of responsiveness of the interface and will be able to see the entire history of trading on coins.
🔹 To move the platform to a more productive server
🔹 To make simple spread bot for trading on the CB
🔹 To implement monetization in the project and include payment for the use of the platform and greatly reduce the free functionality of the platform

💥 We have only just started! 💥 Stay tuned, there will be other announcements soon!

Hello @everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supports and believes in our project.
Thanks to your support we’re getting closer to the release our platform.
In the near future, we will update the platform and add the latest changes and immediately inform you.


Previously, when placing the order there were bugs. Instead of executing a buy order from a sell list, the order was sent to a buy list.
It took a while to reveal the issue and we spent a lot of time, efforts and energy to solve it. But this issue has become the main barrier to our project’s monetization.
There was a great job on creating the right orders in buckets and the latest test has shown that we have remedied the situation.


We have developed a bot that increases trading volume and its interface. We did a lot of work on this for a few months and managed to run it in XORN and TRTT.
The bot is only available to major customers or owners of coins.
The functionality of the bot can be used randomly charging the volume for your coin in order to attract new investors or you can charge the volume before the important event for your coin also to attract old or new investors.
We have made a really fine product where you can set up a large number of parameters and every parameter is adjustable in the range "from" and "to".
Besides, you can run multiple accounts with different parameters and in doing so create a more unique activity in volumes.


🔹 In the near future, we will make multiple announcements about VOLUME BOT
🔹 We improve AI algorithms for the bot.
🔹 We set partner reward for attracting customers
🔹 Anyone who brings a customer receives a share of the payment

Dear XORN Community, while we chose not to include Xorn in the twitter Polispay contest competition (its about a partnership with there mastercard), our partners at Trittium asked us for help, as they try to win it. (And they are currently on place 3 with good chances) If they win, it will help all masternode-coins in general i believe, so please do it 😃

For more infos about trittium see <#469180925943742474> in Xorn Discord

We try to support them on this as we can and also they will help us with this:
Trittium will gift us one week of free hosting for Xorn sharedNodes at the trttnodes platform just for helping them!
And on top of it, they remember us that if they win, they will giveaway 3 whole masternodes of Trittium in a raffle (again, only if they win)

How to help?

Easy, 3 requirements:
1.- Follow@polispayapp (
2.- Follow@PolisBlockchain (
3.- Answer to the tweet they linked with the text:

BringToPolisPay $trtt

This is the tweet link:

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

Many of you said we should try to get more attention.

You know that a lot happens in development, but often things that are needed for a clean, stable work do not really offer much to show and to announce. Still, when you follow us in chat you see little pieces fitting together slowly to something bigger and I am proud of our community for being so patient with us. Thank you!

As a moderator of Xorn, I met the guys from WorX and enjoyed what they are building. Besides to a bot that allows the partners more user interaction, they also developed a platform that enables participants to share the earnings of a masternode on a permanent basis and therefore slowly build a passive income.

In addition, we can hope that many current users on the WorX Platform will get to know us - and since many of them already use coins that are traded on Crypto-Bridge, they will and get recognize the benefit of our platform, which basically is an add-on for that Exchange. :)

So, I talked and convinced the Xorn-team about WorX and I really hope that the partnership will be well received by you as our users and will benefit us all in mid and long-term – if not, it's my failure and maybe a unicorn will be sad :D.

Finally, I still have the official part of this announcement:
We are proud to announce our partnership with WorxS platform. You can join WorxS Discord, register and start earning the free Xorn from the masternode!
visit the channel <#555680622434189312> on their discord and find out more.

WorxS Discord:
Worx Tweet:

WorxS - Announcement

Small improvements at Balances tab. And now you can link more than 10 Cryptobridge accounts with our platform.

Hi All!

We have fixed almost all the bugs over the past month
Hereunder is the list of the work done

✅ [Balance > 1000] The error appears when an order is placed or canceled
✅ Change URL of the BALANCES page and add title for this page
✅ The price of an order for a purchase is calculated wrongly on the Trades page
✅ There are bugs with the selection control mechanism for the payment of a fee
✅ At some moment active pair changes to null and there’s a constant loading which you can’t leave
✅ [Balance > 1000] There’s a bug when you set a few orders amounts higher than 1000
✅ [Balance > 1000] The field with substitution the number of coins in an order doesn’t work
✅ Don’t display the Balances page (or don’t let users enter the page) if an user go to the site through a demo-account or if there are no users in his profile
✅ The TV cahrt doesn’t display time-frame candles for one day
✅ Sometimes the amounts balance of accounts are not being calculated correctly
✅ The balance of all columns are not displayed correctly if you set the active pair
✅ If all the current funds are set in the order, the order isn’t displayed in the balances at all
✅ Don’t display an asset if a value of the asset is lower than 0.0001 BTC
✅ When you add or delete orders you can’t refresh the Open Orders page (in real time)
✅ The main menu isn’t displayed at the first run
✅ Auto refresh of trading history and orders bucket fall down after a while in browser
✅ Need to set 1 hour time-frame by default on the TV chart
✅ Need to fix the toolset of the TV chart
✅ Need to accelerate response on front-end

We are waiting for your feedback and bug reports
Stay tuned



For thos who still have not done the upgrade just over a day's time (February 14th 12:00 PM UTC) old wallet versions will not be accepted by XORN network!

So Friends, i hope you liked this try of a spinning "X" 😄 - its all MS Paint, but don't tell someone 😛 :P,

as promised before, i told you that i will also publish an other article, explaining, how this last update can help our XORN-Trading-Bot at least in theory.

But with this, i want to encourage all of you again, to find use cases that our platform already delivers.

Its quiet easy to spot fake volume, when buyer and seller are the same or pairs of buyer/seller are equal many times
You can look what good XORN Buyers, do also have in portfolio
We are able to see, which users are benefiting a project the most, buying for holding longer than a few weeks, etc...
And i bet, there is much more....

So, without further talking around, here is the 2nd article about the last update, covering another point, that you might did not see yet:

A new update at Xorn has been spotted! – Michael M – Medium
So, there it is, a new update at Officially, it’s there to keep track of multiple own accounts on…

Okey Friends, keep cool,

here comes a little article explaining how to link your Account(s) to your XORN-Platform-Account.

Just a reminder (that you will also find in the article):
In order to use the upcoming features like stop-loss and general trading, you will need to enter your private-API-Key(s), for just showing the balances for all (your) accounts — you don’t need it.

Be sure that this new feature is about more than just showing balances. Only our mind is the limit again. In a few days i will publish an other article, describing, how it can help our XORN-Trading-Bot for example. :)

Letz Rock!

This is just a guide: How to link one or more
To do this, first, go to and log in to your own user account. If you have used the demo account on the site s far…


Dear friends!

Today we introduce you a small update of our platform: a new option which is a summary balance page.
The balances of all your CB accounts linked to your XORN account can be seen on it.
Counts are mathematically rounded to four decimal place.
Assets with values below are not counted on this page.

📡 Stay tuned!


Deposits and withdrawals are again active


We implore you to get upgraded for a week. After a week (February 14th 12:00 UTC) old versions will not be accepted by the network.


Hereunder are the guides how to upgrade daemon on Linux VPS for those who use our scripts


  1. Login to VPS as root

  2. Download new archive
    tar xvf Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar

  3. Stop xorn daemon

su - xorn -c "xorn-cli stop"

  1. Copy new files to overwrite old daemon files
    cp Linux_x64/xorn-cli /usr/local/bin/
    cp Linux_x64/xornd /usr/local/bin/

  2. Start the daemon:
    su - xorn -c xornd

  3. Check:
    su - xorn -c "xorn-cli --version"

You should see:
XORN Core RPC client version v1.1.1.0-73368a4

su - xorn -c "xorn-cli getinfo"

You should see information about current state



  1. Login to VPS as root

  2. Download new archive
    tar xvf Wallet_Linux_x64_1.1.1.tar

  3. Stop daemon service:

systemctl stop xorn.service

  1. Copy new files to overwrite old daemon files
    cp Linux_x64/xorn-cli /usr/local/bin/
    cp Linux_x64/xornd /usr/local/bin/

  2. Start the daemon:
    systemctl start xorn.service

  3. Check:
    xorn-cli --version

You should see:
XORN Core RPC client version v1.1.1.0-73368a4

xorn-cli getinfo

You should see information about current state