@everyone Finally I had a call with Sebastien today and I have some infos for the community. Sebastien told me that they are waiting that the Monaco gouvernement adopt rules about blockchain/crypto currencies, because launching something now could be risky with the current situation. They don’t want to have trouble with the gouvernement. Also they have prepared a new website that’s why the current one is offline, but every Monoeci servers are working. They will launch the new website, blockchain, swap and development things ounce Monaco has decided what they will do with crypto currencies.

@everyone I am trying to reach Sebastien nearly everyday, no news from him since 1 month. I will continue to try to reach him, but unfortunately the lack of communication will continue till I have news from him.

@everyone Had an email from Sebastien today, he told me that he has some personal problem these last week and that’s why he has some trouble to communicate.
He told me that he want to continue for sure the project and he will now take the things in hand and accelerate. That’s his words. Even if the communication is not good the team is still here.

@everyone Hello Monoeci community, we just want to give you some little update. Development is going well, Sébastien and Francois have nearly finished the developement. At the moment we put a lot of effort to try to list the new version on the coin on new exchanges, and also we are discussing with current exchange in order to support the new coins swapped.
We don’t want to swap XMCC before be supported by at least one exchange with a decent volume. We want to allow people to trade XMCC whenever they want, even with the brand new version of the coin.
Thanks to all the community member for your patience and your support.

@everyone The situation with Crex24 is now fixed. You can now deposit/withdraw and trade !


A short message to tell I decided to leave the Monoeci project for personal reasons, I have talked about this with the team since a long time now, even before the beginning of the V2 development. Sebastien and François are still working on the new code, nothing change concerning Monoeci except that I will not be there anymore.

It was a really great experience for me, helping Sebastien to create this project, I learned and discovered a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and I feel confident about the future for this technology.

@everyone Hello Monoeci community

We are pleased to share with you our testnet for the new monoeci blockchain !
We know that you are all waiting for news and time start be long. We want to reward your patience and to show you the work already achieved.
Feel free to test everything and to give us as much feedbacks as you can.

Unique connection point with the chain :

Token creation and all Ledger option :

Ledger explorer :

We hope that you will enjoy it. It's just a first step !

You can already see our work on the new github:  

Some repositories are still private because we will work on the code. In addition, you can already test the code with the testnet version.  
And as always, thanks for your support !

Monoeci V2 - Evolution - Official (MonacoCoin Project)
Monoeci V2 - Evolution - Official (MonacoCoin Project) has 10 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

@everyone Hello monoeci community, we want to share with you some updates and news!

About the bug we had on the blockchain, the problem is that on the monoeci network we still have version 70006 and 70008 protocol (which is the latest version).  

Despite the update that dates more than 1 year still 50% network works on the old version.
In addition, exchanges like Cryptopia always use the old version despite our requests for updates.  
In the coming months we will no longer support the actual version of monoeci, however do not worry about your XMCC, you will be able to convert your Monoeci to the new version of the coin for more than 12 months after the snapshoot (dates will be defined in future information).
In addition, in order to thank the community and reestablish the problems linking to the version conflict your Monoeci balance will DOUBLE on the new blockchain.  

In order to guarantee during this period of time the good functioning of the code, we invite you to keep the function of the previous version, in protocol 70006 (which is the same as exchanges). This solution is of course in view of a rapid deployment of the new version (in the coming months)  

We will communicate in some time the date of the snapshoot and the operational version of the mainnet monoeci version 2.    

Here is the link to find our updates :

Also we want to share with you some new functionalities of the new blockchain :

  • Token creation on the chain
  • Full POS (no more mining)
  • One block every 5 seconds with more than 5000 transactions per block possible
  • A partnership with Amazon AWS for data historization.
  • The masternodes will be replaced by an inflation system (similar to staking)
  • A decentralized exchange with FIAT connectors (integrate into the chain)
  • European FIAT license with banking agreement.
  • Centralized KYC processor management
New version (MonacoCoin Projet ) XMCC. Contribute to monacocoin-net/monoeci-core-OLD development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Hello monoeci community

We know that you are all waiting for news since a while, especially about the development of our new blockchain.
We want to share with you that everything is going well and development is nearly finished.

First of all, here is the new github :

It’s a first step for us to announce it, and be sure that a lot of news are coming soon.

In the following days, we will give you more information about new features of our new blockchain.

So stay tuned, and again, thanks for your support and your patience!

Monoeci V2 - Evolution - Official (MonacoCoin Project)
Monoeci V2 - Evolution - Official (MonacoCoin Project) has 10 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.

Hello@everyone ,

About the MIB :

We organized the 2nd edition of the MIB and it was a success. There were fewer people present than the first edition, consequence of this prolongated bear market, but the participants were happy and thought that the quality increased thanks to the market situation. It convinced me about the bright future of cryptocurrencies. The euphory phase was strong in December 2017, and people are now way more serious about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, ready to build the future.

The MIB was the occasion to speak with companies interested by blockchain, and even if the number of ICOs decreased drastically, the interest is still very high about the Blockchain technology. We also noticed that the public understood more and more what the blockchain was and how it could be integrated in our society.

A detailed report will be made later, similar to the one we had for the first MIB.

It was the occasion for Monoeci to present its new blockchain and we had the occasion to meet companies interested by using it to host their project. This blockchain will integrate : POS, Smart-contracts, DEX. It will allow us to be in compliance with the AML law and will increase our TPS capacity. Next week, we will give you more details about our new blockchain, the testnet will be accessible to the public.

Maybe you already saw it, we decided to make a 3rd edition of the MIB :

After this, the MIB will be an annual event.

M.I.B : Monaco International Blockchain
The M.I.B. is the first international trade show in the Principality of Monaco dedicated to Blockchain and their applications. Meet all the key players of the Blockchain at the Grimaldi Forum during this unique event.

Hello@everyone, It has been a while since I personally wrote a message here.

Our devs are looking into the chain split, I don't have the technical knowledge to understand what is happening right now and I will keep you updated on the situation. Like you already know, our devs are working on our new blockchain and we did not see what was happening immediately.

For the old members of the community, I'll be back to take care of the communication about the project like we were doing one year ago. I know there was a lack of communication from our side and we sincerely apologize.

I'll make a resumé about the MIB in the days to come. After this, I will begin to give you the information and technical details about our new blockchain.

Some of you were asking if the project is dead, no it is not. I know that the lack of communication and the state of the market could have made you think so, but we are working on two things right now :

  • Finishing the development of the new blockchain
  • Meeting with companies that want to make projects related to blockchain and are looking for a technical support. These projects would be directly created on our new blockchain

If you have any question, I will be more and more present in the days to come on the Discord and I will try to answer them all.

@everyone We are delighted to finally release our new website :
Thanks to our community for your support and your patience. We hope that you will enjoy this new site. Feel free to share your feedback with us on telegram or discord !

MONOECI - The blockchain ecosystem
The blockchain ecosystem

@everyone we are delighted to announce that our monitoring tool for masternode is now working properly. You can check your masternode status without problem now !

@everyone The devs team have recently made a fix to solve a synchronization issue on the monoeci blockchain. Monitor tools are now synchronized with the good blockchain, check your wallet and masternodes to see if they too. If not, you have just to reindex them.

@everyone We are glad to annonce that apollon NodeBuilder now support Monoeci. You can try it here :

Download NodeBuilder

Our Wallet is now available on AppStore ! – Monoeci – Medium
Hi Monoeci community ! We are glad to announce that our wallet is now available on AppStore !!!

@everyone we are glad to announce that our wallet is now available on AppStore !!! 🚨

‎Wallet Monoeci
‎Monoeci Wallet users can hold funds individually or share finances securely with other users with multisignature wallets, which prevent unauthorized payments by requiring multiple approvals. Here are some ways Monoeci Wallet can be used with others: - To save for vacation...

@everyone The bug on the web wallet is now fixed, everything should work now. Thanks for your patience !