Solaris Platform Update 01 — Core wallet, new block explorer, website and release date

We are glad to share an update regarding the next evolutionary step for Solaris. See all the details in the article!

Read Here:

Solaris Platform Update 01 — Core wallet, new block explorer, we...
Dear Solarians,


Dear Solaris users,

Please do not forget to withdraw your funds from KuCoin by August 31st. After this date Solaris withdrawals will not be possible.


Solaris 3.0 Vote Update! 98.5% are in favour to move to a@stratisplatform based codebase!

Haven't voted yet? If you run an XLR Masternode, read here:

Solaris 3.0 — Masternode Owners, VOTE NOW!
Dear Solarians,


Our full statement regarding the Solaris delisting from KuCoin and all the malpractices we encountered with them:

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KuCoin delisting Solaris XLR after a long history of shady exchang...
Dear Solarians,
Read our full statement on Solaris delisting from @kucoincom platform, and all the malpractice we have encountered with them over 1 and a half years. $XLR #kucoin $BTC $ETH

@everyone Little sneak peak of the new wallet!

Did someone say sneak peak of the new wallet? Here you go! Still a work in progress, but it's coming together nicely! Do you like the @txbit_io design connection? #xlr #txbit

Attention Masternode Owners!

It is time to vote on the Solaris proposal to move to a newer and far more advanced codebase. Read the medium article here:

The process to vote is simple:

  1. Open your Solaris-Qt wallet from which the Masternodes are running.

  2. Open the console by going to Tools > Debug Console

  3. Copy and Paste the command below based on your YES or NO vote, and press Enter (This will cast a votes for multiple Masternodes if you run them):

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 yes

mnbudget vote-many fb97dba89922b213069bce8b488972e25566b849422135181df54eb1c5ed2968 no

To check the current vote results you can type this command into the Debug Console:

mnbudget getinfo solaris3.0

Solaris 3.0 — Masternode Owners, VOTE NOW!
Dear Solarians,


We have put zXLR into maintenance mode due to a newly reported exploit found by the Pivx team.

We can confirm that Solaris was not exploited during this time. zXLR will be re-enabled when a wallet update is released.

Read more details here:

Report: “Wrapped Serials” Attack
- by PIVX Core Developers Furszy & Random.Zebra


Solaris is now listed on XCOM Pay payment gateway!

A service that provides a simple way to accept XLR payments, donations and invoices!

Check out their website and discord:

XCOMPAY - Accept Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies | Payment Proces...
Payment gateway providing buy now buttons, donate buttons, shopping carts, and more to accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies/altcoins on your website/online store.


If you run a masternode on Time4vps, then it may have gone Offline due to a server update.

Check your Masternode soon and perform the neccessary steps to get it back online:

  1. Log into your VPS server using Putty.
  2. Enter these commands to start the VPS wallet:
    cd solaris ./solarisd -daemon
  3. It will take a few minutes for the wallet to load, to check it it loaded, enter:
    ./solaris-cli getinfo
  4. If you see “Loading Block Index” then the wallet is still loading.
    Try the command again in a minute until you see information about the wallet.
  5. Open your local wallet and let it load. Go to Masternodes tab, select the
    MISSING masternode and click “Start alias” button.
  6. Confirm that the Masternode has started by typing this command in VPS:
    ./solaris-cli masternode status

@everyone is going live on 31st of January, 15:00 UTC!

After nearly 13 months of development is finally ready to go live with real trading!

Read the full announcement here:

Share the tweet: is launching 31st of January 15:00 UTC! – – ... was announced on 19th of January, 2018.
We are going live on 31st of January, 15:00 UTC! After nearly 13 months of development is finally ready to go live with real trading! Read the full announcement here: #txbitiscoming #txbit #exchange $BTC $ETH $XLR

Solaris got added to the platform!

You can now bet your XLR in some coin flipping games with other users!

Solaris (XLR) @SolarisCoin is now listed on $GRS #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #ethereum #btc #trading #money #forex #investing #litecoin #cryptocurrencies #investment #entrepreneur #business #investor #bitcoin #cryptonews #pos #po...


Hi guys, hope everyone had a good holiday season so far.

As previously mentioned, we have identified that 1GB RAM is not enough for a Masternode at this stage. Easy solution is to upgrade the RAM to 2GB, but you can also use a workaround of creating a Swap file that will get used instead of the RAM.

I have put together a script and instructions that make this process of adding a swap file really easily on any VPS.


How to Add a Swap File to VPS is here:

I also added the swap file addition to the general Masternode installation script, so new launched masternodes will work fine on 1GB instances going forward.


I forgot to repost this here, but published the latest developer update few days ago :

We have just published a new developer update! Read here: In short: We finished and implemented the public REST API, and made lots of improvements and optimisations. released a pretty damn good explorer for Solaris.

Check it out guys.

Solaris $XLR #Masternode Explorer by MNO is LIVE! ✅The most comprehensive Blockchain Statistics & Wallet resource ✅Accurate Estimates of your next stakes arrival ✅Compare your #masternodes Win Ratio ✅Download Addnodes & verify port + mor...

Check out the new #staking calculator on our website! $xlr #rewards #efficient #crypto #masternode #solariscoin