Make sure to join the new ALQO telegram channel: - the current one will be deleted on May 1st.

Official ALQO [XLQ] Chat
Welcome to ALQO's official chat group.

@everyone repost - please be sure to join the new ALQO telegram channel: - the current one will be deleted on May 1st. Unfortunately we're unable to transfer supergroup ownership on Telegram and Kaan (former CEO) would like to remove himself from the current group's ownership.

Official ALQO [XLQ] Chat
Welcome to ALQO's official chat group.

@everyone If you haven't done so yet, please go to the new ALQO telegram channel: - the current one will be deleted on May 1st. Unfortunately we're unable to transfer supergroup ownership on Telegram and Kaan (former CEO) would like to remove himself from the current group's ownership.

@everyone ALQOnauts, please go to the new ALQO telegram channel: - the current one will be deleted on May 1st. Unfortunately we're unable to transfer supergroup ownership on Telegram and Kaan (former CEO) would like to remove himself from this group's ownership.

Need a quick reference for sharing information about ALQO with friends & family or on social media? Check out the new ALQO WIKI page:

ALQO (XLQ) is an open-source cryptocurrency launched in November 2017. Development for ALQO is handled by Bitfineon GmbH, a private company which seeks to create an "all-in-one financial and cloud services ecosystem with ALQO at the center." Transactions on the ALQO network a...


we just wanted to let you know that we've decided to remove the Enthusiasts role on our Discord server.

Because of latest activities we've decided to change some fundamental things and be more transparent about who's part of the team and how's not.
Therefore we've removed the blue-rank because there were some misleading information about blue-rank's being part of the team or having more information than others which is not the case.

Please make sure that only the Founders, Developers and Core Team is actually part of the team while the members of the Community Team-group were or are only contributing and/or helping the project with 3rd party services, insights into marketing-techniques etc.


Hey@everyone ,

as worst as this market cycle can get there are even worse things. People trying to bruteforce personal accounts and details, hanging around on external discord servers to insult Bitfineon teammembers and share personal information like logindetails for bank-accounts.

After investigating this case and reporting it to the FBI, Interpol and german police we‘ve decided to share the list of participants in that chat.

All participants that took place in chat that was straight against Jared by sharing logindetails to his bank account were also reported to the dedicated legal enforcement.

We were able to resolve 3 of the participants real names and addresses. All others should be easily traceable in cooperation with local enforcements.

Because one of CryptoBridges teammembers (Myco) was part of that chat, we are currently awaiting CryptoBridge’s official statement.

Yannick Binay

Hello@everyone ,

due to the latest governance vote about the premine ( we've come up with the following information:

4586821 XLQ voted to keep 100% of the premine.
10584 XLQ voted to keep 75% of the premine.
172471 XLQ voted to keep 50% of the premine.
27558 XLQ voted to keep 25% of the premine.
1139214 XLQ voted to keep 0% of the premine.

The total amount of XLQ voted was 5936648 out of possible 62318604.
9.53% of the XLQ used their chance to vote.

As stated before, this vote is going to be using a weighted average.
This ends up with the following amount of ALQO being burned: 21035 XLQ

We've burned the amount of ALQO in the following transaction as transaction-fees: 47ec9844e0c991cf44b8ef65d8b6043a40af96b240198acafb4d19f96bbe92de
To make this transaction easier to find we've actually "burned" 21035.1 XLQ while 21035.9 XLQ were set as transaction-fee and the 0.01 XLQ were sent to the following address: AXhPzUKgmTkuWcmYKh3BRieApCDsYYDffW

Thank you for your attention.
Wish everyone a great week!

Please be aware, we are receiving reports people are impersonating Kevin and myself to try and steal personal information from users in the ALQO Discord server. No one from the ALQO/Bitfineon team will ever contact you and ask for personal or sensitive information. Please be safe.

New Codebase Info

We're happy to release further information regarding the new ALQO codebase, Polaris. This document showcases an overview of features which illustrates how ALQO will differentiate itself further and provide a growing set of use-cases to the ecosystem and crypto at-large. Please take a moment to read the document and ask questions you may have in <#372413418399072258>.

Bitfineon Launch

Where does the new chain development leave the release of Bitfineon? It's a valid question, since it seems that many projects are launching exchanges & claiming it to be the next best thing - we are focused on building out tech that will validate this claim. Bitfineon CANNOT simply be another exchange, there are too many. It needs to have significant product identifiers & differentiators, & we have several, one of which is NEUTRINO (our proprietary GPU based matching engine, capable 60mn-plus tx/ps). And, POLARIS will enable a whole slew of features that competitors will be unable to copy. In addition, unique products such as ARENA - a social trading HUB based on competitive gamification elements found in many eSport competition formats but applied to trading - we believe will increase user adoption & bring significant value to the Bitfineon platform. Lastly, the BETA UI is completed, & backend testing is ongoing, however we need to complete the codebase before a launch is made. It is a possibility we may open registrations for Bitfineon before the codebase is completed, but currently we're not providing a timeline for this possibility. We hope you understand, & we sincerely share in your anticipation for the release of Bitfineon.

We hope you will continue with us in this journey & are able to see the value we're determined to build with ALQO. My goal since accepting the role of CEO in July of last year was to help Kevin build a strong product-line, powered by innovation, which would make for a resilient brand in ALQO for years to come.

  • Jared

POLARIS will enable:

1) POLARIS will empower the Easy-ICO, STO platforms being built on Bitfineon. It will allow us to issue prebuilt smart contract-like templates (via GAVEL to allow projects to launch fully compliant & error-free smart contracts for the purpose of accepting payments for their capital raise purpose. These can then be launch directly on Bitfineon.
2) POLARIS will allow us to create feature rich connectivity between Bitfineon & Liberio, such as in-wallet trading directly from Liberio on Bitfineon via our AUCTIONS platform. Settlement of auction payments will be handled via a discreet pre-built escrow smart contract developed for POLARIS.
3) POLARIS will enable a unique feature called Minimal Viable Chain (MVC). This feature will allow us to run Liberio on platform-agnostic devices where resources are limited, eliminating the need for complete copies of the chain to be present to process transactions.
4) POLARIS' highlighted feature is the GALE protocol, which is a fundamental departure from Bitcoin's codebase & its original input-output Nakamoto record-keeping structure (UTXO). On-chain operations will no longer consist of a string of simple inputs & outputs, but of fungible, cohesive & fluid-like account balance credits.
All POLARIS' features will be detailed in the upcoming release of the POLARIS lite-paper, which will be released in the next several days.

Update: ALQO & Bitfineon Q1 2019

I begin this announcement by thanking the ALQO community for their patience while we build out our roadmap during this bear market, a time when anxiety can run high & sentiment can seem overly negative. Many projects will not make it out of this market intact & it that is simply a sad reality in an industry such as crypto. Having said that, my trip to Germany has been very productive - I've been here almost 3 weeks. If you've been active in the <#372413418399072258> chat channel, you may have noticed several discussions which Kevin & I took part in that gave details as to the work we were focused on during my time in Germany. I believe it is easier to work intensely while being physically present with your team & that an increased sense of focus & determination is fostered by close daily interaction. That has been the case with this trip. We have focused on Bitfineon development, ALQO 2.0 codebase (named: POLARIS), business operations maintenance, & partnerships.

Many speculated the purpose of my trip was to launch Bitfineon, & while that is a plausible assumption, you can see the scope is much larger. ALQO's ecosystem is complex, & to foster long-term viability, we need a wholistic approach predicated on a unique set of features which can only be found in building a new codebase in POLARIS. Many of the unique features & services that Bitfineon will offer will make use of POLARIS, and it's simply impossible to ignore its requirement for a successful launch provided the increased scope. Originally, we believed the Bitcoin Core code, which ALQO currently is built-on, would be sufficient; it simply is not - this realization was made several months ago, and the codebase planning began in earnest. We understand the complexity of the undertaking may bring scrutiny, but I can assure you Polaris will bring much needed innovation to ALQO & further delineate our project from the myriad of alt-coins presently available.

@everyone We have removed the latest iteration of the QT wallet. If you upgraded, please revert to v4.1. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

@everyone We've completed a fix for the "Fake Stake" issue present in some PoS coins that was highlighted in the Decentralized Systems Lab report issued on Jan 22nd. ALQO was not affected by this bug due to certain functionality within Liberio which prevents the attack. Kevin will provide more detail within his Medium article which he is preparing for release within 48 hours.

DSL Report:

We've pushed a fix for the "Fake Stake" issue discovered by Decentralized Systems Lab. It is a non-issue for #ALQO since the launch of Liberio, the fix is to make a public patch available for other PoS devs. Detailed info coming within 48 hours. Github:
Fix "Spent Stake" vulnerability · ALQOCRYPTO/ALQO@e032125
“Fake Stake” attacks on chain-based Proof-of-Stake cryptocurre...
This article is the public disclosure of a series of resource exhaustion vulnerabilities investigated by a team of students consisting of…

@everyone We've fixed and update the following items with the ALQO explorer:

  1. Richlist is now showing correct values.
  2. Masternodes are syncing and correct values will report within several hours.
  3. Masternode statistics have been updated and fixed.
  4. Hashrate graph changed to Difficulty graph.
  5. Hashrate boxed value changed to UTC time.

P.S. Additionally, ALQO Discord Bot has been fixed.

@everyone We'd like to take a moment to officially thank the ALQO community for voting in the first Liberio-based governance vote regarding the pre-mine, and as well for your trust in providing us the opportunity to retain 79,000 XLQ for the ongoing development of the ALQO ecosystem. Please stay-tuned for the announcement regarding a burn-date for the 21,000 XLQ to be burned from the original 100,000 balance.

@here Please like, share, and retweet the official announcement of ALQO's inclusion into the Blockfolio Signal platform. URL:

#ALQO is happy to announce our acceptance into the @blockfolio Signal program. Be sure to follow $XLQ in your Blockfolio #app to receive the latest updates from us. #Blockfolio #BlockfolioSignal

@everyone The premine governance vote is now active within Liberio. Apologies for the delay, we experienced a timestamp issue with the automatic launch yesterday, but everything is now operating correctly. Thank you for your understanding while we were troubleshooting the issue. The vote will now end on Dec 16 2018 20:00 UTC to compensate for the additional time since yesterday that the vote was not active.

Note: Check out the Liberio FAQ to learn how to vote using Liberio, including a step-by-step guide for adding addresses to your watch only list. You‘ll be able to vote with any address and its respective balance for which you're the owner: - Happy Voting!

Liberio - FAQ
Liberio - FAQ What is Liberio? Liberio is ALQOs high performance, user friendly, cross-platform thin client for storing, managing and tracking your ALQO on any device. It utilizes ALQOs distributed cloud network to provide seamless, one-click access to every service offered a...

The premine vote will automatically activate at approximately 7 pm EST this evening and will run until December 14th to grant everyone enough time to evaluate and reach a final decision. Feel free to debate the merits of retaining vs. burning the premine as a community during the voting period. The vote will be available in the voting section of Liberio, so please log in to your Liberio account at the aforementioned time and use your XLQ balance to cast your vote. Happy voting!

FREE LISTING PROMO As a bonus and to attract more attention to Bitfineon in the coming weeks, we will be launching the "Bitfineon Christmas Listing" promotion, where qualifying projects will be vetted and added to a community vote, and the winner will be granted a free Bitfineon listing against all base pairs (BTC/ETH/XLQ) at launch. More details to follow soon!