We have decided to partner with Brave $BAT's working product for several reasons. Their mission is to fix the broken web, which has been broken by multiple ads and trackers which generally slow down user experience and can cause malicious harm. They protect your privcacy which is in alignment with our values and stop unwanted data downloads for ads we dont want to see. And for the ads you DO want to see you get rewarded for in $BAT. This is a positive for us as our website has been Officially Verified by the Brave team and subsequently our project can now be donated to with the $BAT that you earn. Check out their browser@here and start earning today. We get rewarded by them also for creating content as a verified publisher. ALL funds that are dontated to our project will go towards development & Marketing funds.

Exciting times ahead

Support me with Brave
Brave is a browser that allows you to support creators without the fear of demonetization.

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[ANN] [XGS] GenesisX - 1% premine - PoS | Masternodes | Governance...
[ANN] [XGS] GenesisX - 1% premine - PoS | Masternodes | Governance | Raffle



We are proud to announce our listing on StackofStake!

Android app: <>
iOS app: <>

__Check out our ultimate features:__
• 0-click-masternode-launch *(tm)*
• full automation
• instant reward accrual
• instant withdrawal
• no deposit or withdrawal fee
• instant auto-reinvest
• no minimum deposit
• super-clean and intuitive interface
• Android and iOS applications
• referral system

Got questions or suggestions? Join our official Discord server:
Need support? Feel free to report any issues to *suppor<span id="every">*.```</span>

StackOfStake introducing POS coins support - The SCRIV Network - M...
Our development team keeps to improve our service and deliver new features. Recently we have disassembled (beta) tag from the web app…


We are in the process of setting up a new discord server to fully detach from previous owner. This will create more privacy and control for the direction in which we are heading. Stay tuned!


An update on activity with Irchal, I am in the process of dicussing with them the laws and regulations around medical data storage. Once we can define what the rules are around persons owning their medical data we can then design a system that meets these regulations. We are starting in Australia first and once this has been completed and passed then we can focus on other countries in the world to meet each specific countries laws (if possible). We realise some countries wont allow this but we would like to spread this as far as we can!
This goal will be apparent in the new roadmap which will be relased in the next week!

Website is back online!@everyone

Website is down for maintenance!@everyone


We are proud to announce our partnership with a long time running cryptocurrency project with a new vision, Zoomba Coin.

ZoombaClix (Use case) is a blockchain marketing, advertising and promotional platform that allows projects, businesses, advertisers
and members the ability to share and learn about different projects, websites and earning opportunities revolving
around the crypto world. ZoombaClix has a multitude of ways to advertise, promote and earn! The platform is completely
free to join, but has membership options that increase your ability to promote, earn and share in ZoombaClix advertising revenues.

Leading Zoomba is Developer, Spinx23. He has been involved in cryptocurrency and marketing industry for 5+ years. Among these projects include,
DAPS ( Concept Creator ) and Zoomba ( Creator, Lead Developer ) . ZoombaClix looks to take your project to the next level though
targeted, geo-specific marketing, advertising and promotion of your project, business or website.

This will be a long time running partnership with their interest in using our Storage Platform for their business which will be apparent with its release and recommendation to their community to use our services as a recommended cloud storage option.

Go to Zoombaclix website@here to find out more!

Blockchain, Marketing, Advertising, Promotion, Revenue Sharing, Get Paid To


🔑 Starting June 24, 2019

💯Enter yourself in The Biggest Giveaway yet for GenesisX!
Hosted by our very own@CowsGoWuff@here
🚀 Conditions, details and how to submit your entry can be found at:

GenesisX on Twitter
“🚨GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 🔑 Starting June 24, 2019 💯Enter yourself in The Biggest Giveaway yet for GenesisX! Hosted by our very own @CowsGoWuff 🚀 Conditions, details and how to submit your entry can be found at:



  • So every 14 SNODE list a coin for free on their platform. XGS was recently cut from their list due to cost of running their nodes. If you feel like SNODE offer a great service and like their ethic, please vote for XGS on their coin listing web page above.



@423760671348359168> has informed me that his daughter is chronically ill and is out of his home country Russia at the moment sorting treatment for his sick daughter. In this sad news unfortunately production on SPS will slow. In an attempt to allow the continuation of the platform he is going to push it to github and will be able to be pulled by another dev to continue. We have some candidates I am asking to see what we can do to release the bare bones platform for us.
Will provide updates as soon as possible guys. Thank you for understanding.@here


There has been some recent activity in regards to a dispute about BGX (BitcoinGenX) team and our team. Clearing some air and moving forward for both projects in my opinion there wasn't any major falling out between that team and myself. We each have passions we wanted to pursue and went with it. There has been opinions held by their team members about me personally that may shine me in a bad light. Most of the XGS community knows how this all unfolded and there hasn't been any malice particularly between Tom and Eelot and myself.
Please refrain from any slander towards their team in any of our channels as it will not be tolerated.
I am happy to answer any questions that anyone may have about this topic if need be. Outside of that progress is still being made on the SPS which we hope to release by the 15th of June.

Thanks@everyone for your time.

@everyone that was using Snode to host their Masternodes they are refunding the amounts owing as of yesterday. Please allow the next few days for them to process them all before letting us know you havent recieved them. They stopped running our coin on their platform due to expenses. This may not be the case in the future however we are looking into other options for users to run nodes for our network.

📣 T Shirt Giveaway 📣@everyone
We pleased to announce that we have a winner for our T-shirt giveaway. @DenJohn I believe you are the owner of this account on medium. Please message me in medium to claim you free XGS shirt xgs

Over the coming week or so I will be creating a new Discord and Telegram to move everyone over to for a couple of reasons. I would like to remove all the spammers and fake accounts from the servers and also remove any previous team members. This will create better security and privacy for the team and also a large portion of what XGS stands for. We will update all coin stat sites and any partners we have obtained in the last recent months. Please keep an eye out for this ANN as it will be very important information. We wont close the old servers down immediately but will leave it up to help redirect traffic to the new ones for a couple weeks.

The chain issue has been resolved laregly but are still finding some node hosting platforms have not updated their wallets and we are contacting them as time goes on and people raise them as being an issue. The issue was a spork issue and once located was promptltly fixed and wont happen again. With this issue however raised some thoughts around PivX as a codebase and its troubles of late. They will be releaseing a decent update soon which will require us and any other PivX clone to release a new wallet update. Now saying this it will be a good time to consider our options as a project moving forward. I would like to open the floor in <#446773387369512972> chat to see what code bases people like and where we may be able to head from here. The is always an option for a hybrid coin using PoW and PoS algorithms to run. Doing this however would require a fork swap to a new chain which has pros and cons. So please share with us your honest thoughts.

We will also be announcing our T-Shirt winner too on the 24th so stay tuned!

Thanks to you community and look forward to hearing you.@here


 🇵   development is well and truly underway and will be looking to implement its pentesting very soon. <span id="every">@!423760671348359168></span> has been doing a fantastic job of making the SPS a reality. We have decided in this development phase to seperate the Cloud Storage from the Buy/Sell "Marketplace" feature as this became too much of an ask for the deadline we created. So in turn we will link the 2 platforms together as needed to however they will run on different servers. This will then no create any unneeded bottle necking. The new release date of the SPS  is set for the 15th of June, 2019. At this point <span id="every">@!423760671348359168></span> has been our only developer working on the platfrom and rely heavily on his hard work. Sending him appreciation. 

Our team members are still largely active and will see an absense in @!464840045224919041> who has been a part of our team as the web dev for some time now. He has decided to leave and work on other projects that he has personally started. We wish him the best of luck. A this point i am happy to keep open the lines of communication for anyone that would personally like to contribute to the XGS project as this is largely and unofficially a community run project. For those interested please contact me personally! 😃

#genesisx coin creation is about to #change! In under 2 weeks at block 500,000 the block reward changes to 5 $XGS per block instead of 10. It will remain this way for a year before reducing again. #crypto #community #cloudstorage


Explorers are being worked on. Please find current explorer at and will keep you updated as always!


Due to popular support across discord and telegram chats, we have launched 2 more Masternodes to help replenish the teams supply for funding further down the track. These new addresses have been posted in the <#497174698237362178> channel with links to explorer for masternode monitoring! Looking forward to the next few weeks as we gear up to our 1st birthday. We are thinking of doing a giveaway that hasnt been done before in XGS😉