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Hello@everyone XDNA Community!

🔥 Today we want to announce that our XDNA LVL UP SPRING GIVEAWAY has ended !

Not much participants has entered, so we will provide 1000 XDNA per entry

📋 List of winners:

  1. Eugenio85 - 1000 XDNA
  2. nata63reg - 1000 XDNA
  3. atkopatko - 2000 XDNA
  4. pit55 - 1000 XDNA
  5. ra0an - 1000 XDNA
  6. MikeRiley - 1000 XDNA

Please contact me to claim your rewards!

Be rewarded with XDNA

Hello, Dear XDNA community@everyone !

It's been a while since our last announcement.

1⃣ XDNA team happy to announce that we are listed our project at new promising project -

📌 My Host Wallet is multi-currencies wallet platform,
which basically provides the security you need to protect your cryptocurrency

In technical terms, My Host Wallet is a multisignature wallet,
meaning that all outgoing transactions have to be approved using multiple signatures.

MHW future plans:

  • Mobile version (Android & IOS)
  • Versatile API
  • Payment Gateway
  • Built-in Exchange

Try it out with your XDNA coins -

2⃣ We want to remind you about our 🔥 LVL UP SPRING GIVEAWAY🔥

Info -

You can update as many masternodes as you want!

Event will be ended at 16.03.19 21 UTC time

3⃣ New challenge for our community and new bounty for whose who want to participate in!



  1. Follow their 2 twitter accounts - AND
  2. Like and Reply to THIS tweet -

You must reply this: #BringToPolispay $XDNA

  1. Make a screenshot of your reply and send it to me (Gunbit#4996) via PM !

Each vote granted as 5 XDNA!

Be online with XDNA

Secure Multi-currency Wallet
Secure Multi-currency Wallet
XDNA LvL UP Spring Giveaway!
PolisPay (@polispayapp)
Accept cryptocurrencies, store and spend them securely, or turn them into fiat currency with the PolisPay card. Powered by: @PolisBlockchain
Polis Blockchain (@PolisBlockchain)
$Polis is a community driven cryptocurrency. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people.
Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency

Hello@everyone !

We are excited to announce the listing of XDNA to the Midas ecosystem as our Official Shared Masternode Service!

Established in January 18 and offering the largest community in the masternode space, Midas are a highly trusted and reputable investments platform, and through this listing XDNA endorse their service.

Check out the introduction of XDNA on the media platform for masternode investments, MN.Investments -

Invest through the Midas Investment Platform -
1⃣ Earn rewards instantly using the XDNA instant share held at the Midas platform.
2⃣ Manage your investments on the Midas platform, providing regular and consistent payouts.
3⃣ Instant and automated deposits and withdrawals, giving you full control over your investments.
4⃣ Industry low fees, offering a three tiered fee structure to ensure fees stay low. Pay in MIDAS for the lowest fees.
5⃣ Scaled reinvestment. Reinvest 100% for compound interest, or set a full/partial automated withdrawal to your wallet.

Midas become the first to offer a complete investment ecosystem
Investors with Midas gain the unique ability to utilize a combination of platforms to research, trade and invest your favourite projects.

Research - Follow the latest updates from your favourite projects with content published directly on from the teams themselves.
Trade - Have you found the investment you want to make. Trade directly on Midex, the exchange operated by Midas -
Invest - Invest your coins on the Midas platform, the intuitive and easy-to-manage platform offered by Midas.

We hope to integrate XDNA to other Midas platforms very soon!

@everyone Good day guys!

Important ANN from Cryptopia:

Cryptopia Exchange

The read-only site is now live. The holding balance from the 14th Jan is pre hack and we will be using these holdings as a baseline for calculating rebates moving forwards.

Stay tuned with XDNA !

Dear friends!@everyone
Since spring is just around the corner we decided to run a new giveaway-company for those who have already set themselves an XDNA master node, as well as for those who want to do it.
The new campaign is called "XDNA LvlUp Spring giveaway"

We encourage you to participate in your masternode leveling up by 1 level, except full mn owners, they can participate by buying Light then level it up to Medium
📣 To participate in it, you need to make a screenshot of your XDNA-Core, which will have an IP-address , level status, active and last seen time till March 7th
A screenshot must be placed in our thread on the site. marked XDNA LvlUp! and retweet last message in our Twitter:
10 lucky random participants who upgrade their Masternode with proof will be awarded with 1 Light masternode each!

[ANN]XDNA-Revolution in mining|GPU ONLY HEX algo|Charity Support|N...
[ANN]XDNA-Revolution in mining|GPU ONLY HEX algo|Charity Support|NoICO|Cryptopia
XDNA (@XDNA_Official)
Dynamic. New. Adaptable

Hello, Dear XDNA community@everyone !

It's been a while since our last announcement.

Today we want to point out a few minor releases which came out in Feb and make some sneak peaks of upcoming updates to broke the silence in media zone.

1⃣ In last week we made an wallet update - version
-Disabled forced reindexing on init that allow to use simple-to-make bootstrap
-Mac wallet works now on older versions of MacOSx (minimal required version is 10.9)

Download link -

2⃣ 🙌🏻 We want to welcome our new team member - @112740797333385216> !
He will be a part of @&459756905800269844> 's crew and try to attract people to general discussions, don't ignore him please 😃

3⃣ Our website was on pause for about a month with updates but a few days ago we continue development and almost finish it.
Sneak peak link -
Short sneak peak of new RoadMap which will be implemented to new website -
Beside Half-year list there will be SkyMap - our main goals and project domains which we try to achieve while XDNA is existed.

P.S. In negotiations with 3 new exchanges, but main problems is fee ratio and our budget.

P.S.S. Still no news from Cryptopia about getting back online. We will notify you guys ASAP

Be alive with XDNA

Dynamic. New. Adaptable. Contribute to XDNA-Core/XDNA development by creating an account on GitHub.
NEW Roadmap
Лист1 by Vak w Timeline/Subject,General ,Foundation,Creation,Research,Marketing & Promotion H1 2019,- Find a sponsorship for XDNA project - Registrate XDNA Foundation - Registrate XDNA Creation - Listing on CoinBase - Listing on Wirex - Release IOS Wallet - Optimize A...

@everyone Before official weekly ANN we will repost important thing for all cryptoholders

For those who running denarius wallet please shutdown ur Internet and reset all passwords and. Dat files ur pc is compromised
This wallet check about your .dat on everycoin and send it to one ftp adress for people who remember socialtrader wallet doing same

1 delete denarius wallet
2 change your wallet.dat by sending your coin on a new wallet
3 put a strong password on it
4 start the new wallet

proof here :

like you can see he acces to every folder conporting coin

This problem isnt related to XDNA and if you havent denarius wallet on your pc you dont need to do this

Hola, Dear XDNA community@everyone !

🎉 We're happy to announce a new big exchange for XDNA - Crex24 ! ! !

🧂’’’The hack on Cryptopia was a big blow on our project, but it didn't kill us! And as the saying goes - "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"!’’’

  • 💰For the first time you'll be able to trade between XDNA and 5 fiat currencies (USD, EUR, RUB, CNY, JPY), for now though Bitcoin (XDNA>BTC>Fiat and Fiat>BTC>XDNA).

7 days after we started the poll to hear our community's thoughts, our listing went live!

👉🏻 You can start trading here:

🙏 We hope to see Cryptopia opening again soon and have XDNA trading in at least 4 exchanges:
1⃣ Crex24
2⃣ Cryptopia
3⃣ Crypto-Bridge
4⃣ Altilly

Be available with XDNA

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

1⃣ XDNA team glad to announce new Exchange Listing -

It is a new exchange which was listed on this January

2⃣ Last community poll about more exchanges for XDNA is closed.

🏆 Winner - Crex24 🎉

We already get in touch with them.

Be decentralized with XDNA!

**Take some very cheap XDNA

altilly - Crypto Trading Market XDNA/BTC
altilly - Crypto Trading Market XDNA/BTC

P.S. Right now we have some project funds to organize a listing on a 2nd small exchange before we get listed on bigger ones and we want to hear your opinion, which exchange you want to see:

1⃣ Crex24
2⃣ Escodex
3⃣ Graviex
4⃣ TradeOgre

Choose right Reaction below to vote for ex.

🙌🏻 Thank you for reading

Be strong with XDNA!

Secondary, with a deep disappointment I have to cancel  the "1  BTC Giveaway" for XDNA holders and also the more then 50 different prizes also because the main source for buying masternodes  is currently closed.  Russian part of community could hear notification about that event in the interview above. 1st we transfered it from Dec to Jan, now I cannot even setup a date then it could happened. Because it is not only a question of effective tool to buying XDNA asset - our last piece of BTC budget were also on Cryptopia. 

Unfortunately,  chain of dramatic occasions lead us from successful start to current situation and even  after new releases of new tools/partnerships or development features market cap was almost always going lower and lower. While we can try to blame red market and hard situation for crypto in general, would be also a mistake to not admit that in some cases&situations we also failed. I personally feel full range of responsibility between early investors and can give you my word, what even crypto-bridge will fall down I will not give up with XDNA.```

🔕  __**Without advertising & mottos,  XDNA is really have: **__

- real innovations for  market ,  such bitgun/tnt/hex & gui design

- bright&clear purpose, we want to make world a better place for one in need 

- optimized economic model with self decreasing emission by 7% monthly 

- all possible listing at more than 100 different crypto charts

Hello XDNA community!@everyone

📋 Short progress report of previous week:

1⃣ As we said in 2018th, we setup an interview with one big crypto-channel !!


Right now it is on the 🇷🇺 Russian, but we are 2 days from releasing an 🇬🇧 english version. It will be on our youtube channel.

2⃣ Next things which are ready to be released untill the end of January:

  • 🇮🇳 Indian Whitepaper version
  • New website landing
  • 🤖 Automatic api trading system via website (crypto-crypto)
  • New emergency Exchange (not the one from list we working for months) from cmc

3⃣ As all of you know, our main Exchange , listing on which cost us more then 12 btc in july 2018 , was hacked previous week and closed for an investigation process. If I could say that it hurts us a bit - it will be nothing compare to real damage it provided in our case

Зачем в сфере благотворительности и...
Рост Биткоина: дождались! Сколько прибыли можно получить в 2019 году? Узнай на мастер-классе 17 января. Регистрируйся здесь ➤ В сегодняш...

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

XDNA team development 🆙 update: 

Android wallet
Changed required Android version to 5.0+
Changed decimals in BTC amount from 2 to 8
Some visual enhancements

Download here:

🔥 For the next week we have some very cool news&announcements!

Be mobile with XDNA!

Get some XDNA to your portfolio while it is cheap 😉

XDNA Mobile Wallet - Apps on Google Play
Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

XDNA team excited to announce that our 1st mobile wallet is released in google app store -

This is only a first release and there will be some patches and improvements in near future. Don't hesitate to send us your suggestion and leave any feedback, we will appreciate that

_Unfortunately, today we met another panic sell at our market by random XDNA holder.

We cannot judge people for their actions and maybe they was desperately needed fiat money, it's already done.
But we ask you to stay calm and be smarter. We made a very huge work volume in Q4 2018, which will be shown as a results only in current quarter.
There is also lots of negotiations on the background of XDNA project and we will announce all this stuff then it will be 100% ready or make some sneak-peaks. _

All we need from you, our precious community is a bit faith in our team and some hope. We didn't gave up in previous periods and will not do it today too.

Stay strong with XDNA!

Get some XDNA to your portfolio while it is cheap 😉

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

XDNA team excited to join Blockfolio Signal to keep you updated on our latest project news&updates ! 

📎 Remind you, that our 1st development release in 2019 is WEB-WALLET !

🔥 Soon we will announce new mobile wallet!

Stay tuned with XDNA!

Get some XDNA to your portfolio while it is cheap 😉

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

🎺 We want to announce 3⃣ : NEW languages for whitepaper translation!!!




🆙 Updated for existed Whitepapers on other languages are coming soon as well as LIGHTPAPER !!

Stay informed with XDNA!

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

🎺 We want to announce 2⃣ nd of 3⃣ upcoming wallets for Q4 2018 - web-wallet!

It has all basic functions and google authentication for security!

With our web wallet you don't need to download a special GUI program to keep your coins safe, download blockchain e t.c.

In close period of Q1&Q2 2019 we will expand the capabilities of Web-wallet:

Implement Cryptowolf Automatic XDNA-buy tool to get coins without exchanges.

Private key redeem to digitalize your funds from Paper wallet without any downloading

1-click masternode setup for easy investment management and comfortable tracking

Stay comfort with XDNA!

@everyone One more very important announcement for today :

XDNA FOUNDATION Platform goes live!

📎 It is open for new applications and free for XDNA donations

However, there is still lot's of work needs to be done.

📄 There is a short list, which will be added to XDNA Foundation Road map for next year:

  1. Add feature to donate straight from Desktop wallet
  2. Add feature to donate from web/mobile wallets
  3. Gain shareable media notice that you help someone at XDNA Platform straight after sending funds
  4. How to guides
  5. Voting system (right now it's possible to tap a "vote" but leads to nothing beside simple like system)
  6. Web wallet and platform Integration

👓 There is 1 question, which I want to describe you before complete F.A.Q. and Manuals:

**How funds system works:

Foundation platform had own wallet daemon.
It generates automatic XDNA address for each approved application and
Until application is closed or filled this address in XDNA management team control.
Upon closing, collected funds go to recipient address or XDNA team convert it to fiat/crypto and send to recipient **

🔥 We already have a 2 open projects -


BOTH of them needs help. Explore them and try to help with some XDNA. Even 1 XDNA will be useful for one in need !!!

Be kind&Helpful with XDNA!

XDNA Foundation
XDNA Foundation – the cryptocurrency charity fund aimed at providing targeted assistance to organizations and funds with insufficient or no funding.
A small family needs help and support
Lives a small family - mother Larisa and daughter Louise. Mom - disabled with a pension of less than $ 80 per month. They live in a small makeshift, which went to Larisa after dividing the living area between brothers and sisters. In a large family discord, help waiting for n...
Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dog) was established in 2003 in Phuket, Thailand, to help the street dogs and cats who had no-one else to care for them.  Funding then, as it is now, came entirely from individuals who shared, and continue to share, the vision of our founders. Our w...

Hello@everyone XDNA community !

🎺 We want to announce 1⃣ st of 3⃣ upcoming wallets for Q4 2018 - 📧 Paper wallet!

It is not common wallet, but has a special winter theme !!!

We think that this is a good idea for a 🎁 present gift to New Year and Winter Holidays!

📓 We prepare a manual how to setup your paper wallet and even how to fold it after printing!

🛠 Check it out -

Stay modern with XDNA!

Hey guys!

We want to announce 2 new Translations of our Whitepaper! At this time, Vietnamese and Japanese! 🙂
Updates for existing whitepapers on other languages are coming soon as well as LIGHTPAPER !

Also, if you are interested, we have posted some photos from our latest exhibition, Blockchain 2018 <#462332564372455425>

Blockchain Life 2018 Europe
Blockchain Life 2018 in Europe 7-8 November (Russia, Saint-Petersburg) is the biggest event in cryptocurrency and blockchain world in Russia and Eastern Euro...