@everyone Those who submit to <#621848432788635659> from the beginning of our <#621605410469707796> until this friday (Sept 20th) will have a chance to receive a paid month of Discord Nitro.
1 Participant will be selected this round.
The selected participant will receive Nitro shortly after selection this Friday. Please check out our Anniversary <#620129236551991296> for some great physical prizes and information.
Our success means your success and will allow us to provide additional events. Many coin options to choose from to enter and remember this is to support Alt-Coins, no BTC will be accepted. Thank You.

Online staking/wallet with XCZM available on

@here To the Community, The Xavander team has been assisting the GoCash Dev get back on track.,
the coin was never abandoned but became overwhelming as the dev needed assistance.
The BlockChain has been repaired and moving.
Wallets have been updated.
A new Explorer is nearly done indexing & will assist to reopen trading.
A new Domain has been purchased and website will be back up soon.
A new server has been established and the team consists of many familiar faces.
When complete, Xavander will add GoCash back to our Rewards Platform.
If anyone would like to assist in the progress of either Xavander or GoCash please
contact a team member. Thank You
There is no swap, all of your old coins are still good!
Coin Name:: Go Cash
Ticker:: GCASH
Algo:: Quark + POS + Masternode
Block Time:: 60 Seconds
MN Collateral:: 10.000 GCASH
Max Supply:: 5.000.000 GCASH
Premine:: 200.000 GCASH
Block Confirmation:: 30

Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more.

Do not be tricked by any random DM's. 
If you are contacted and are suspicious please come directly to Xavander discord and contact one of us directly.
1. LordSoylent👽#7520 - ID 236247994024853504
2. AU Mattycoz AU#8788 - ID 360279208049508353
3. blackstone1-[NO_DM_SUPPORT]#9578 - ID 449329137367253002
4. 🇦🇺 millsy 🦘💨💸#2432 - ID 386870598359318529
5. Multi21#4939 - ID 340041113190793216
6. 🌺Roxy🦋🌷#6818 - ID 533836075068555294
7. 🔥ColdFire🔥enit_poM#5633 - ID 486473376370786325
8. Dokkman#2770 - ID 518519222364799006
9. DarthCryptoVader#7033 - ID 473502300636315671
10. Merllyha#5936 - ID 402806196794425344

@everyone, Xavanders Platform is still working in full force.
Two additional coins added to the Rewards Platform paid out to registered MN Owners.
MN Owners please apply your reward addresses for GOSSIP Coin and APR Coin.
Details provided in appropriate channels.
We are continuing to maintain and pay out 20+ coins as rewards to our MN Owners/Supporters. The XCZM Platform is about diversification and expanding your portfolio, XCZM is a low emission coin by design in order to provide a steady supply and avoid market flooding of coins.
ROI for XCZM is based on your MN rewards plus your bi-monthly dividends paid out by the XCZM platform allowing for a greater return on your investment in a quicker fashion. Participation on the platform, not limited at this time, is first come first serve and may be limited until additional asset MN's are constructed to compensate. With this in mind it would be wise to register your MN and participate sooner rather then later in order to reserve your seat and remember, you only need to maintain XCZM MN's to participate, you send us nothing as form of payment of any sort and we maintain the reward coins so all the risk is on us if a situation were to arise. You can not be scammed like other services have done when you send a website your coins and they "lose" them or get "hacked", you send us nothing and only provide payment addresses to receive your profits!!!
We are currently distributing and operating many aspects of the system manually. There are many safety reasons why we are doing so as well as testing and ensuring we are building a reliable platform that our team can maintain easily. As we progress we are planning/working on more automation via web interface.
We appreciate all of our supporters and hope we have brought something to the crypto world that our growing community can stand behind.
Thank you,
The Xavander Team

Please see <#568484919848992778> for new bounty !!

@everyone we are now listed on SubiDex

Xavander Masternode - Profit Sharing

Xavander Masternode Holders enjoy the benefits of weekly profit-sharing payouts.

Super easy – Just register your Xavander Masternode with one of the Founders and you are on your way to weekly dividends.

The more Xavander Masternodes you register, the greater your payouts.

Some of the current dividends are from:

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Come and join us@here for some great perks to owning a Xavander Masternode!

As it is the season of giving and sharing, we will be doing random giveaways, rains, games, tips and other activities to all active Community members. There is no set time of day, so remember to be active so you don’t miss out. @here

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Now tracking on @coingecko its all coming together now #progress #Xavander #autism #dualprofit.