@everyone I am doing this because when we all signed up for stable nodes, it was on the agreement that payouts would be sent every 2 weeks, and now we are at 5 weeks for SN4 and 3 weeks for SN1-3. This is unacceptable in my opinion.

@everyone due to the stable node payouts lacking as of late I would like to propose a petition to all stable node holders, would you rather your coins be sent back to you now or instead hold out and see if Wiz actually puts the sheet up like heโ€™s been saying he would do for over a week.
You can relay your choice in <#474396862762319892> . Or pm me. Without the sheets I donโ€™t know who gets what coins.


Due to a crazy work schedule this week and still reorganizing project resources / prioritizing escrow work, I've decided to push the stable node payout for one more week. The good news is that you will all be paid a bonus for having to wait :)

Hopefully everyone is understanding and patient with this minor inconvenience. Thanks for your continued support.

@everyone Soft-Date of 2/11/19 has been announced for Escrow services to be back online.

@everyone Ever since the upgrade to 0.24.2 the difficulty has been stable and the blocks have been moving at a nice average. You can see the chain stability here.

Xchange stats
Detailed Xchange blockchain statistics

@everyone The wallet is now upgraded. Please feel free to resume trading, withdrawals, and deposits. If you have missing coins from the outage submit a ticket with to have this resolved.

Happy Trading!

@everyone CE deposits and withdrawals seem to be better now. Try a couple coins before anything major!

@everyone CoinExchange has still not updated the wallet, please do not deposit or withdraw from CoinExchange until further notice.

Just to serve as an update, my test deposit, roughly 3 and a half hours ago to CoinExchange still has not arrived. It is safe to assume they have not updated and that no deposits/withdrawals should be made there until after confirmation of the update has been made.


@everyone Do not deposit or withdraw from CoinExchange until we get confirmation of the update.

@everyone With the passing of block 121000 the new wallet is now required to be used. Please be sure to update to 0.24.2.

Will take ~100 blocks for the TSA change to stabilize.

XCG wallet. Contribute to Xcgtech/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone 32-bit wallet is now available

Please update as soon as you can, preferably before block 121000 when TSA should be patched.

XCG wallet. Contribute to Xcgtech/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.

XCG wallet. Contribute to Xcgtech/Wallet development by creating an account on GitHub.


The point of this project has always been to create tech that will help advance and legitimize the crypto space for investors. I started this endeavor out of the desire to help a community that was taken advantage of by a greedy person who had no issue stealing from those who put their faith in him.

There were some disagreements a while back and I was forced to take a step back from the project and walk away until now. I understand that Kal has created a lot of tension here but he will not be a part of this community and things will move forward regardless of his involvement in the project.

My primary focus will be to get the tech where it needs to be and provide the services that people are here for. The escrow backend is done, I just updated the codebase over the past weekend and made sure that it is up and running. There is just one issue left to check off and then we can have that working again for everyone.

The auction house is nearly completed, but there are a few bugs left to work out and now that I am back I will begin working on it again as time allows.

Because the team has lost a few players things may move slower than everyone would like, but I will continue to uphold my responsibility to everyone and develop this project. As I've said in the past, I have a baby on the way in about 2 months and thus need to focus on my day job more since I do this work here for free.

Lastly, I know there are lots of complaints and concerns with the tsa/xbuffer implementation, but I was not part of the design or development of that so I will have to take some time to look into it and come up with a solution. I will be working with my network of devs to come up with something that will get us back on track.

Thank you all for your patience and for sticking by the project thus far. I am just a humble wizard who does not have all the answers, your continued understanding is much appreciated ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

@everyone escrow services are online more coins coming:)

@everyone There is no attack on the chain, There never has been, There is a couple people with solo miners that are attemping to speed the chain up, hints why people are mining blocks and they go to send out fake coins, This happens but have no FEAR. Sunday at 6PM EST. new wallet will be out along with the Auction house, The community is waiting and long behold a Hard DATE has been set, I know that some users might be upset or pissed about TSA, to those I am sorry about that, also I know some users have some fear with using dash version 12 code, Well have no Fear on that also. We always have bug bountys. for those who find flaws and want to help the community. I am in constant contact with Kal, Kal is no longer going to be in discord and soon 0 devs will be in discord I will be the bridge go between from the community to the Dev's there is no reason Devs need to be in discord. This gets them off track and tons of debates going, this is not needed, So I have made the Desision to remove all Coin Devs from discord. If you need to reach anyone you also have the Community Managers that are in constant contact with the Devs, If I am not around there is always someone that is able to get ahold of us. I however will be staying in Discord like I said to act as the bridge from the Dev's to community and vs verse. If anyone has any questions Just ask.

Thank you

@everyone feel free to share this in regards to the listing fees. ๐Ÿ˜‹ thank you to @480267569685725191> for the poster

Project reps are to reach out prior to sending funds. Here are the official addresses and no others are to be considered used for this purpose.

Escrow and Auction House Payments XxY8JdhxB9Kg2YKLhD1yxdThTM9zxC4zy1

Escrow Payment XdAskPi6w1MoopVXAsZhC452Zxpf1KmU4N

@everyone the official listing fee for the xcg P2P escrow will be 10k xcg. If any project also wishes to be a part of the hybrid in wallet Dex, the fee will be 15k xcg (both auction + escrow) . Projects currently listed have been listed free of charge and will not be asked to pay.

With the price where it is, this is an extremely cheap alternative for projects to trade against any other listed pair. Please spread the word to your favorite coins. I'm hoping to have a graphic detailing this asap. We are open to do a trade, listing for listing, depending on their services. It all starts here. Thank you for your cooperation and your patience.

The Explorer is back up at

Minor things are a bit broken on it (like the CMC price), and the updates are no longer real-time (new blocks/transactions will appear at 1 minute intervals), but basic functionality is working fine.