@everyone A couple of days ago, PIVX developers found a bug in their code. The bug allows for an experienced (it requires advanced coding knowledge) attacker to double-mint zerocoin. Last night the PIVX team published their findings and earlier this morning XBI Core Devs started working on fixing the vulnerability. In order to do so and prevent exploitation we've deactivated the zXBI spork until further notice. The fix for this issue will most likely require a mandatory upgrade of all wallets and masternodes. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll keep you posted.

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Bitcoin Incognito Promo XBI
Our new XBI promovideo- check it out! Check out what is upcoming : https://youtu.be/GO1ZmdEPIzo or https://bitcoinincognito.org/#upcoming Bitcoin Incognito (...

And another one!
BLOCKFOLIO DIRECT integration started.🚀 @everyone , please show MAX support on the tweet



We have applied to be on @Blockfolio Direct ! The Blockfolio team is working to add $XBI and allow us to directly communicate with you there. Like and retweet to show them how large our community is and how inpatient you are to see #BitcoinIncognito on #BlockfolioDirect...

TREZOR Hardware wallet update! XBI ARMY , go check and support our latest tweet@everyone


We are proud to announce that we have began the process of adding #BitcoinIncognito $XBI to @Trezor hardware wallets! Many of you have requested it, and we listened. Our devs are working hard on writing the integration code so stay tuned for further development.

We are now live on Delta Direct!
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We are happy to announce that we are live on Delta Direct! All our latest updates will now be directly available on @get_delta! Make sure to enable notifications for our Direct updates so you never miss out. #DeltaDirect $XBI #BitcoinIncognito

@everyone We would like to announce the newest team member of XBI. @347805195754930196> !

He is a 33 year old software developer from the UK with 12 years of experience with c and c++. He worked 8 years on 8051 & ARM mcu software development on Silicon Labs & NXP microprocessors. He has 4 years of experience working with blockchain, over 20 currency's created and developed to date. He is also a PIVX and BTC code base master. Welcome buddy!

WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE our long waited Q&Â
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We are happy to announce our long waited Q&A! The whole $XBI team had a great time doing it and sharing some behind the scenes information. Enjoy! https://t.co/MIQqC23HMu $ETH $GRIN $XMR $PIVX

@everyone Our Explorer has been fixed by @398392850804375565>. Thank you sir!

Wow thank you all!!! There is no limit and its time to fly! 🚀

@everyone We have brought on a new team member. @420629135581249536> Will be replacing @!451897406758322186> as a Incognito Managing Partner/Admin. He will work closely with me in a leadership role for our project.

Youngtect is an Architect and a Blockchain Consultant. He has 10 years of experience with design, project management and community development which will essential for the growth of XBI. His background is in planning and sustainable design. He received his Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University SLO. Youngtect is currently a Project Manager for a larger design firm in Southern California. Youngtect was introduced to Blockchain as an alternative for conventional banking in 2016. Previous experience with Smartcash as the Co-founder of the California Chapter. Welcome to the team @420629135581249536>. We are glad to have you.

We are happy to present you our Bitcoin Incognito General Update #01
Its a quick read, full of information !
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Our first General Update on our new Medium is live! Go check it out and let us know what you think. We will be tweeting takeaways from the update as well! https://t.co/ET7pp6n6eP

@everyone We have brought on a new team member. @397754018564276224> Will be the new Task Force Manager. He will manage the Incognito Task Force and also oversee all XBI operations.

Savo is a businessman and an investor very well versed in both traditional, old school, “Wall Street” type of finance and crypto. As an early Bitcoin investor, he remains a true believer in Satoshi’s original vision and helps crypto projects that have remained consistent with this ideal of financial freedom and soundness of money. He has worked for many coins and tokens as a key team member, most prominently Bitcoin Private (BTCP) and ANON. He has a track record of hard work and accomplishment, and has been an integral part in everything the projects he worked for have done. His work input can be seen in everything projects such as BTCP and ANON have put out. He is a great strategist, and used to creating and executing strategies and action plans, setting up partnerships and exchange listings, being a leader and remaining calm under pressure, especially when he is expected to make important decisions.Welcome to the team @397754018564276224> . We are glad to have you!

Q&A week is now open !
Ask any question adding #Q&A and our team will answer the best of them on the 6th of February!


January update XBI developers are working on our new web wallet, also looking into updating our code. Join our Q&A week. We will collect community questions and our team will answer the best of them. Ask in telegram adding #Q&A to the question -> https://t.co/y2wQsjJ...

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