Important notice STEX exchange will be KYC/AML required January 1st 2020. We will be working to list XBI on a non custodial, atomic swap, non-KYC DEX. More details after the XBI 2.0 launch.

XBI wallet is here

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XBI Wallet is here. This is not a mandatory update. -fixed sync error at block 6083 -a few efficiency mods -overall better performance (Thanks Remapper!) Check the simple guide on:

Privacy tech update 🔥

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Privacy tech update We are excited to announce some interesting implementations like Ring CT, Bulletproofs, dual-key stealth addresses. Click the link below to check out the short article: “Monero tech is coming to XBI” by Bitcoin Incognito (XBI)

Check it out FAM , XBI is now listed on Snode platform
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Shared masternodes now available at only 5-6% fee. 👍 @@everyone

We are pleased to announce $XBI has been added to the @snode_co masternode hosting platform. Check them out - very competitive rates and good customer support. Need help setting up your first XBI #masternode? Join our Telegram, we will help you:

IncognitoNet presentation 🔥🔥
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IncognitoNet presentation! The first of its kind, circuit-based low-latency, anonymous communication service! Click the link below to watch the short video about this essential part of XBI's ecosystem:

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BIG NEWS We are very excited to announce our next strategic partnership! We are now Official partners with @KuboCoin project! They Will integrate our Bitcoin Anonymizer on their DEX, where XBI will also be listed! Click the link to read more:

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NEW PARTNERSHIP Here we go XBI Family! We are proud to announce our first strategic partnership. Thank you @ETHERGEMCOIN and Sapphire DEX! We reveal A LOT in this article, check it out: “First major XBI Partnership …the road to adoption!”

We are Happy to Present you the Bitcoin Anonymizer @@everyone

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Bitcoin Anonymizer presentation! Here is a short video of our first product. Click the link below to watch the short video: In 2 days we will announce the first DEX that will integrate it! Stay tuned!

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Warm welcome to Dr. Stealth! Who is he? -8 years in Software Development and distributed systems -3 years in blockchain and cryptography -familiar with both Ethereum and Bitcoin-like blockchains, and privacy techniques like RingCT, Bulletproofs, zkSnarks! Welcome, sir!

We have started the implementation of XBI treasury fund! Click on the link below to read our new article: “XBI's TREASURY... A NEW CHAPTER” by Bitcoin Incognito (XBI) Don't forget to join the discussion on telegram and discord. $energi $piv...

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