✅ Trade Satoshi update IMPORTANT

We have Just recieved email from Trade Satoshi,stating that the wallet is back online.
We advise all XBI holders to withdraw their coins now. XBI Will be delisted from that exchange on the 1st of July

If everything is ok, then all of the budget that was voted for the legal actions Will be returned back to the XBI fund.

Lets show support, Trade Satoshi is locking people's funds and do not respond (as usual) .
Lets comment and retweet. They shouldn't be allowed to do that over and over 🚫 @@everyone

@TradeSatoshi Since you dont respond to our multiple attepmts to contact you, we will proceed with legal actions. Its in your Best interest to contact us immediately, in order to resolve the false claims, delisting of the project and locking the funds of our community @T...

I added a pineapple to go with Pizza!!!

Warm welcome to our newest member of Incognito Task Force @397531769043156997> !
He has always been an amazing support for the community and great XBI bud, and we are Happy to have him onboard!@everyone

@462300294693519360> Great work!!


We have Just connected XBI discord General channel and XBI Telegram channel, so now it's easier to connect and communicate than ever! @@everyone

Here is the XBI whitepaper V2!@@everyone. Let's give some likes , retweets and comments and bring some noise!

Check it out and let us know your favourite part

Today, we are happy to present the XBI whitepaper V2.0! It brings all of the aspects of the entire XBI Ecosystem into one document. Feel free to check it out Starting this week,we are also releasing 3 amazing videos leading to mobile wallet la...

@everyone The whitepaper will be published today at 3pm EST!

I was recently interviewed by @CryptoWendyO, we spoke about @XBIncognito and other stuff. Check it out:

@everyone I will be interviewing by Crypto Wendy tonight as a representative of the XBI Team

XBI is Hiring!

Our team is looking for new talented Blockchain developers
to help us build some of the most exciting and robust ecosystems in all of crypto.

Please email your application with a CV to

@everyone We are excited to announce the long awaited release of the XBI mobile wallet! The XBI mobile wallet is being finalized and will be completed by the end of next month. It took longer than expected because we are testing integrations on the incognito network. We appreciate all the hard work the XBI developers have put into this wallet. 🚀

LEDGER and TREZOR integration is underway@everyone like and retweet for support !

Ledger and Trezor integration is underway! Thanks to the XBI dev team, you will soon be able to keep your funds safe in cold storage, no matter which hardware wallet you prefer. #Trezor #Ledger #SAFU

@everyone A couple of days ago, PIVX developers found a bug in their code. The bug allows for an experienced (it requires advanced coding knowledge) attacker to double-mint zerocoin. Last night the PIVX team published their findings and earlier this morning XBI Core Devs started working on fixing the vulnerability. In order to do so and prevent exploitation we've deactivated the zXBI spork until further notice. The fix for this issue will most likely require a mandatory upgrade of all wallets and masternodes. We're sorry for the inconvenience. We'll keep you posted.

We are going for a 1000 subscribers on our Youtube!
Let's do it this week. 🚀
Subscribe, share and invite 3 crypto friends @everyone Go now !

Bitcoin Incognito Promo XBI
Our new XBI promovideo- check it out! Check out what is upcoming : or Bitcoin Incognito (...