I have some excellent news to share about our SEO campaign. One month ago, on 11th August, I startted the SEO campaign tageting 20 keywords. Today, just one month later, I'm happy to report that some of our keywords are ranking on....wait for it...1st page of Google.

Being from Australia, I'm checking against the domain. However, using a VPN, I have connected to other regions such as USA and UK and have found our keywords have moved up in ranking too.

For security reasons, I won't reveal our entire SEO keyword list but, instead will share with you the 3 most popular and obvious keywords we should be targeting.

They are:

  1. "masternode hosting platform" - ranking on page 1, position 9.
  2. "masternode hosting provider" - ranking on page 1, position 10.
  3. "masternode hosting" - ranking on page 2, position 17.

This is just the start, but a move in the right direction to get more exposure for the Apollon Network and our XAP coin.

I will continue with our SEO campaign to get our other keywords ranking as high as possible.

That's all for now, wishing you all a lovely day or night.


Following discussion within the team we have taken the decision to extend our summer hosting promotion. As such nodes launched during the month of September will continue to only cost $0.99 per month on our full hosting service until the end of Feb 2020.

Please spread the word so all are aware and can take advantage of the extended promotion.

The Apollon Network Team

Hi@everyone ,
Just a quick update this time, I have created a new training video - How to download and install NodeBuilder, which you can see here:

Another training video is being worked on and I've been busy working on our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign. Until my next announcement, take care.

How to Download and Install NodeBuilder - Apollon Network
Watch and follow along to see how easy it is to download and install our Apollon Network NodeBuilder program to deploy your masternode.


I hope you're doing well. Just a simple announcement today to show that we are still working behind the scene.

Here is what I have been doing in the last week.

    Created a video showing users how to download and install our Apollon wallet. You can see the page here:

Next up, I will create a training video showing users how to download and install NodeBuilder on their computer.

This may seem laughable to those who knows how to do these "simple" tasks but remember that our product is designed for technical people as well as non-technical people. It is my view that this bear market will eventually end and when the bulls come, they will include non-technical people who have plenty of money and they will find these training videos very useful as they buy and deploy their first-of-many masternodes using NodeBuilder.

  1. FAQ
    Added more questions and answers to the FAQ sections. I will continue adding more FAQ here as I identify useful questions.

    I have started doing SEO on the website as well. I have researched 20 keywords which we will target with the top three main keywords being "masternode hosting", "masternode hosting provider" and "masternode hosting platform". Being from Australia, I can see Apollon Network is ranking at the top of page 3 for these main keywords. My aim is get these keywords ranking on the first page of Google.

Who are our target audience?
Our target audience are non-technical people with money. Therefor you'll see with the upcoming updates and improvements I'll be making to the website is the cater to these people. To make it easy for them to find the information they need so they can deploy their masternodes using our service. The ease of use will be the main reason someone chooses Apollon NodeBuilder over other hosting providers.


We’ve just published this blog article on our website explaining why moving to Apollon Network is the right choice for Masternode Hosting.

Please feel free to share with friends, family and acquaintances!

😁👍🏻 💪
The Apollon Team


Please can you all take a few mins to retweet and like the following tweets?

We need to really build some momentum with our summer promo and you can all help a lot with that.

The Apollon Network team

Breaking news! Holiday Special Promotion! New customers and existing launching nodes with Apollon Network using the full hosting service during August will only pay $0.99 per node per month for the next 6 months! Come join us at Apollon Network & simplify your Masternod...
@gincoin_crypto customers looking for an alternative hosting provider take at look @apollonnetwork! Our holiday promo = any node created from now ‘til end Aug costs only $0.99 per month per node for next 6 months! Plus 30 day money back guarantee! $GIN $XAP #Masternod...


Secondly, in order to give us some more exposure to potential customers, we have decided to start a new competition.

The best type of publicity is from satisfied customers by word of mouth and as such we’d like to activate our awesome community to spread the word about Apollon Network!

The rules are simple:

• Post in Discord groups, on Twitter (tagging@apollonnetwork) and in Telegram channels about your Apollon Network experience.
• Make sure you mention the Apollon Network Holiday Special promotion mentioned above.
• Posts from today until the end of August are eligible for inclusion within the competition.
• Well written articles about Apollon Network on Medium, Steemit or other similar platforms which mention our promotion and Apollon Network’s full masternode hosting service will carry extra weight in the competition.
• Once you have made a post, tweet or written an article please post a link to each in the <#605433936969072691> channel.
• At the end of the month the Apollon Network team will review all posts made and select the winner.
• As such we’re looking for quality posts and well as quantity in order to choose a winner.

The winner will receive a $30 credit in their Nodebuilder account and if the competition goes well we are likely to consider making it a regular feature.

If you have any questions about the above please reach out to me in Discord (tag or DM is best) and I’ll do my best to answer any questions.
So, go forth Apollonites and do your best! :-D


The Apollon Network Team

As you can see from recent announcements we are starting to ramp up our marketing efforts firstly with the new Apollon article on Hackernoon and rework of the website.

And we see the opportunities available right now with GIN closing their hosting service.

As such, today we are announcing two more initiatives to boost our exposure and grow the number of customers on our platform and demand for XAP.

Firstly, let’s start with the big one.

During the month of August we’re running a Holiday Special Promotion for all existing and new customers of Apollon Network, including ex GIN customers, on our full masternode hosting service.

Anyone who is a current full hosting customer will, from the start of August, only pay $0.99 per month for the next 6 months for all nodes they host with Apollon using the full hosting service.

In addition, new nodes created during the month of Aug, by existing and new customers, will receive 6 months hosting at $0.99 per node.

To ensure every customer launching a node in Aug receives at least 6 months hosting at this special price all full masternode hosting customers will only pay 99 cents per node until the end of Feb 2020 for any nodes created during Aug.


Finally, in case anyone is concerned due to Gin being forced to shut down their masternode services. The Apollon Network team remains strong. We have kept our operation lean and expenses as low as possible, so we are not planning on shutting down anytime soon 💪


I want to update you regarding our marketing effort. It's pretty clear that we've missed the target but with good reasons. Shortly after announcing the website update, I found myself severely sick a couple of times and then I had move houses. If any of you have move to a new house recently, you would know how disruptive that is. Ade also had some technical issues posting to his preferred website Hackernoon and had to get their tech support to fix an issue he discovered.

We are now past this and Ade got his article published, which you can read above, and I have finished the new Home page, which you can see here:

My aim is to make the website really newbie friendly based on some fantastic feedback from some community members. They are correct that NodeBuilder is designed for non-technical people and so the website should support this aim too. On the home page, you will find how-to videos I have created so far and the FAQ all in a big section so it's easy to find.

Next up, I will be creating more training videos such as "how to download & install an Apollon wallet" and "How to download & install NodeBuilder". As some of you may know, Gin is closing their masternode hosting service so we have a chance to welcome Gin customers who may never have heard of Apollon before, these how-to videos should make it easier to convert them to our service.

For the next couple of day, the team is focusing on implementations that would make it easy for Gin customers to choose Apollon for their MN hosting. We have a chance to get new customers who will need to buy XAP on the exchanges to pay for NodeBuilder services. You can help by popping into the Gin Discord and telling people there of your experience as a NodeBuilder customer or tweet about Apollon and tagging #Gin or@gincoin_crypto in your tweet. The more Gin customers we can convert over, the more demand there will be for XAP. More announcements will be coming shortly.


I've just written the article below as part of kicking off our marketing drive - it's taken a little while longer than expected to get this published but hopefully we will now be able to kick on with our efforts. Please feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback - all constructive criticism is welcome!

Have a great weekend all!

Apollon Network - The Masternode Hosting Service to simplify your ...
It’s been a while since I penned my last article but hopefully this once will be the start of many more to come. As always nothing in this article should be considered as investment advice. Before you undertake any investment, you should always DYOR (do your own research).


Thanks to everyone who has watched, liked, commented and subscribed to our Full Hosting video above 👆 . If you haven't done so, please see my announcement above and join in the effort to raise awareness for XAP!

As promised with our marketing effort to turn XAP around, here is what we are doing this week.

Apollon was originally conceived to make masternode deployment easy for the masses, which include non-technical people. We are sticking to this vision and so, we will be updating our website to make it more newbie friendly. There is no point sending new people to our website if they still don't know how to do certain "simple" things.

Therefore this week focus will be to:

  1. Add our full hosting service information on our website and make it the main feature of our website.
  2. Restructure the website to make it easy to find certain information. This will take more than 1 week but we are starting now.
  3. Write and publish two articles about our full hosting service, ready for some search engine optimisation (SEO) work to come.
  4. Update our FAQ section on our website by adding 5 - 10 questions that a newbie would be asking. For example, "How do I enable coin control in my wallet?".

If you want to help, you can send us some questions and answers to be added to the FAQ section. Or if you have the question but don't know the answer, then send us the question anyway and we will provide the answer.

As you can see from the last few weeks of announcements that the team is focusing on turning the value of XAP around. Our aim is to bring confidence in XAP for our fellow community member (YOU!) and to bring new customers to buy XAP and host their masternodes.

Until my next announcement, I wish you a lovely day.


I hope you're having a fantastic end to your weekend or start of the new week. I now need your help, please send me ETH to this address and I'll send you back double the amount! Just kidding 😂, my request is less risky and cost nothing but some minutes of your time.

Similar to the Affiliate Program YouTube video, I have optimised the video listing and now need your help to watch, like, comment and subscribe if you have not done so. Shout out to @388804049748885504> who took the initiative and left a comment already, thanks mate!

Here is what to do:

  1. Go to this video link:
  2. Watch the entire video. See how great our full hosting service is now!
  3. Like the video by pressing the thumbs up icon
  4. Subscribe to our channel
  5. Leave a comment if you want. Hopefully a positive one but hey, we can handle the truth!

So you understand the value of what you are contributing to here, what we are doing is providing YouTube with social proof and interaction so their algorithm will rank this video higher for relevant keywords.

If you guys and gals can do this, it will help us with our marketing campaign and the benefits will come back to you. I promised!

Like the last time, to make this interesting, after you've done the above, please go to the <#419592770517467156> channel and post about what you have done. Be honest about your deed. Let's see the results here on Discord and on YouTube. I will update you with the analytics in a few days.


Apollon Network Full Hosting Demo - Launch Your Masternode In Less...
Apollon Network Full Hosting Demo - Launch Your Masternode In Less Under 5 Minutes! Our masternode hosting service makes it easy for anyone to deploy their o...

Since we're nearing the end of this week, this next bit is really for next week but I want to share something with you now. Firstly, I have created a demo video of our Full Hosting service. So the marketing focus for next week will be to promote our full hosting video and service. Here is the Full Hosting demo video:

Also, the Apollon Network website will be updated to promote our Full Hosting service. We will also structure it to make it more newbie friendly so that new people coming into the Crypto and masternode market can learn how to do things that the experience users take for granted such as:

  1. How to download and install an Apollon wallet
  2. how to buy XAP from an exchange
  3. how to set up a masternode address,
  4. how to deploy an Apollon MN with NodeBuilder and so on.

This will take time but we will get there.

Until our next announcement, I wish you all well@everyone

Apollon Network Full Hosting Demo - Launch Your Masternode In Less...
Apollon Network Full Hosting Demo - Launch Your Masternode In Less Under 5 Minutes!


Firstly thank you to everyone who have helped us with watching, liking, subscribing and commenting on the the Affilaite video. Shoutout to @483646928362668032>, @428280253123657729>, @374754177940848641>, @448896506557235220>, @489507113760981020>, @581622290203279360>, @229046277206179842>, @402516330881744906> and @506305520488022016> for doing this and replying back to us.

As a result of your effort, you can see a significant bump in the stats and since then has been a steady rise, which is great! See attached screenshot below.

If you haven't participated in watching, liking, subscribing and commenting on the the Affiliate video, please see my announcement just above 👆 and help us out by doing so.

Sorry things have been quite on my end, unfortunately my family and I are all sick so I had to take a few days off to look after myself and my little ones. 🤒 We're still not 100% yet, but I'm good enough to jump back online again.

So, getting back on the marketing train! Here is what you can expect:

  1. For the next three months, we will be holding weekly meetings to set marketing goals each week.
  2. We will be posting a weekly update so you know what's going on and how things are going.

You can help out by following along with what we are doing and retweeting or sharing the articles or videos that we release. Or feel free to write your own article or create your own video to help promote Apollon Network, NodeBuilder or XAP.

Hi@everyone ,
The marketing team have yet to have our first meeting but I am able to move ahead with one of our marketing objectives, which is to bring awareness to XAP and attract new customers. To do this next bit, I need the community's help! In fact, it is impossible for us to do this next bit alone.

First, let me tell you what our campaign target is. Remember the affiliate program video I created recently, which is uploaded to YouTube and is also displayed inside the Referral page in NodeBuilder? We now want the whole world (aka YouTube 😂) to know about it. I have gone and optimised that video page on YouTube including keyword rich title, tags and description.

The next step is to improve the social interactions on the video so YouTube will rank this video higer in its search results and this is where I NEED YOUR HELP! Please do the following:

  1. Go to this video link:
  2. Watch the entire video. It's only 4 minutes long.
  3. Like the video by pressing the thumbs up icon
  4. Subscribe to our channel
  5. Leave a comment if you want. Hopefully a positive one but hey, we can handle the truth!

If you guys and gals can do this, it will help us with our marketing campaign and the benefits will come back to you.

There has been a few people who have asked us to do things recently in the general channel. I am asking those people to be involved with this 5 minutes task. You don't have to spend BTC or money for this, you just need to click, watch and click, click, click...

To make this interesting, after you've done the above, please go to the <#419592770517467156> channel and post about what you have done. Be honest about your deed. Let's see the results here on Discord and on YouTube.

I've been saying this lately, TOGETHER WE CAN ACHIEVE MORE!

Apollon Network (XAP) Masternode Hosting Affiliate Program - Get $...
Apollon Network Masternode Hosting Affiliate Program for NodeBuilder customers. Refer a customer to our NodeBuilder masternode hosting services and get a com...


Further to the big announcement above about our full hosting service and our affiliate program, we are now going to start some aggressive marketing campaigns to bring more awareness to XAP and our superior masternode hosting services. To increase the volume and value of XAP, we need to attract new customers and this is where you, our loyal community members and customers can help.

To start, I've made a video explaining our Affiliate Program to help our community members understand what it is and how to use it. By assisting us in our marketing effort, you will be rewarded for your effort.

If you have any questions or feedback about this program, please contact me or any of the other team members.

Watch this video now and learn how you can earn $10 commission per referral:

"Together We Can Achieve More"

Apollon Network Affiliate Program
Apollon Network Affiliate Program for NodeBuilder customers. Refer a customer to our NodeBuilder masternode hosting services and get a commission for it. Vis...


So let’s recap:

  1.   New Full Node Hosting Service priced at $2.99 per node per month.
  2. 30 day risk-free money back guarantee for new customers.

  3. Welcome credit for newly referred customers.

  4. Reward credits for successful affiliates.

  5. Free responsive technical support.

  6. Responsive and transparent team with HQ in Austria.

We’d like to thank you all once again for sticking with us and we are very excited to see what these new initiatives will do for the project and by extension demand for XAP.

If anyone has any questions about the new service or the affiliate programme please feel free to reach out to any of the team on Discord or drop us a tweet on our Twitter feed@apollonnetwork.

Thanks and best wishes,

The Apollon Network Team




We love our community and customers and all the support you have shown to us over the last 12 months or so even in the face of the bear market conditions seen within the masternode sphere.

And we wanted to give you all the chance to benefit from new customers joining the NodeBuilder platform.

Therefore we are also launching our Apollon Network affiliate programme.

In short, existing NodeBuilder customers who bring new customers to our platform will be rewarded. In addition new customers will also receive a reward if they sign up using an affiliate link.

OK how will this work?

  1.   NodeBuilder customer gives their affiliate URL (available within the latest version of NodeBuilder) to the new customer.
  2. New customer uses the URL to sign-up to the Apollon Network service.

  3. Once the new customer credits their account with $10 worth of XAP they will receive a credit of $5 towards running their nodes by way of a thank you for trying the new service.

  4. Once the new customer credits their account the affiliate will receive a credit of $10 worth of XAP into their own NodeBuilder account.

NB - if a new customer decides to request a refund under the terms of the 30 day money back guarantee the affiliate credit sign-up credit would no longer be valid and as such removed from the affiliates NodeBuilder account balance.

Minh will be putting some 'how to' videos together so please keep an eye out for these!


We are delighted to announce two very exciting developments for Apollon Network.

Firstly – we have extended our service offering to make running a node on NodeBuilder even simpler and more straight-forward.

Secondly – we have decided to implement a reward programme for NodeBuilder customers who pro-actively recommend our service and bring new customers to the platform.

OK so firstly…..


We have taken the decision to launch a full masternode hosting service to complement the RYON service currently available on NodeBuilder.

With this new service you will be able to launch a masternode with NodeBuilder without the need to rent a VPS separately.

This service is available right now at the price of $2.99 per node per month payable in XAP only. This covers all hosting costs, node updates and the same level of support for your nodes you have become accustomed to.

In addition we are offering new customers a guaranteed 30 day money back commitment!

If a new customer is not satisfied with the NodeBuilder service and leaves before the 30 days are up they can request a refund. In this instance we would refund the same amount of XAP they credited onto their account during the 30 day period.

We’ve been very aware there is still a demand for a cost effective node hosting service leveraging the simplicity of NodeBuilder and therefore we have been working in the background to build the necessary code to launch the full hosting product.

If you want to take advantage of the new service and are already a Nodebuilder customer just restart the software to initiate the update.

Alternatively you can download the new NodeBuilder software from the following links: