AirWire Releases Major Platform Update
The AirWire platform is now a powerhouse of tools and functionality for our partners and our community. Today, AirWire has released the…


Enhanced platform design
Faster, easier, more features and more...

EARN Portal
With the Earn portal, AirWire community members will enjoy multiple opportunities to acquire a variety of coins and tokens from cryptocurrency projects we’ve partnered with.

Community Coin Vote
What better way to bring in more projects and more communities than a coin listing?

Android app
With these mobile applications, we can combine wallet functionality with future functionality  such as social media, merchant services, and a host of other consumer services.

Next Wednesday April 17th, 2019

@everyone Our new and enhanced AirWire platform will be launched on the 17th of April! 🎉🥂

💠Earn Portal
💠Community Coin Vote
💠Android App

 Stay tuned!  and don’t miss the launch!

Check this@everyone next week new releases and android app.....

📣Big Announcement@everyone

We are nearing the anniversary of AirWire’s release and the time has come to usher in the high-impact platform we’ve all been waiting for!🎉🎉


Wire warriors

Below will be a link to polispay free coin listing. (Chance for wire to be integrated onto a debit card)

Please if you have twitter participate and get wire out and about.

  1. Follow 2x polispay twitter profiles (until after finished date.)
    2.Use tag below (word for word)

    BringToPolisPay $wire

  2. Get as many warriors involved and share you link in <#494339273621766144> for a reward.

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency


**Hey everyone I know I said 24 hours and it’s a bit past that but a lot is happening right now and I wanted to make sure that I had all information before posting.
So firstly again apologies the bot is down but to clarify some points.
THE BOT IS NOT BROKEN IT IS WORKING PERFECTLY. Unfortunately a glitch in the wallet has caused a technical issue and to prevent any loss of funds the BOT goes into protect mode and shuts down until it is fixed.

The good news is we have fixed the glitch and we are currently just checking everything works correctly. Once that is done an update will be released and the BOT will be up and running again and you will be free to withdraw your funds if you so wish.

I thank you for your patience and understanding but without these little glitches in life we wouldn’t improve and move forward!@everyone **

@everyone We are aware the Discord bot is down. Our devs are working on a solution and we will notify the community once it’s back up and running. Thank you for understanding.