I please you all to enable 2fa for security reasons.

@everyone we can proudly announce that we have now created a perfect basis for "our" exemplary market overlapping projects. or rather, the greatest praise goes to @399639276767150101>
Web - Online - Wallet:

--> all Users (incl 2FA) with "own" Deposit of min 1 VNX get End of next week 10 VNX as Welcome Bountie 😉

@everyone NEXT step Forwar ;-)

special thanks @353625672817573888> 😉

@VENOX_VNX is now listed on @blockfolio Signal. get ever "News" direct on Smartphone 😉 @get_delta @cryptotrader85 #Blockfolio #BlockfolioSignal #VNX $VNX @cryptoants18 #DeltaDirect

! NEW partnership VENOX <--> MDC-Hash shared masternode platform.
MDC-Hash offers various services such as staking pool, shared masternode, price updates on coins and lot's more to come.
They offer security, efficiency, dedication & some of the lowest fees on the market.

  1. Fee for shared MN - 2%
  2. Instant MN for each coin listed
  3. Soon dedicated MN

In order to have their services,@everyone
Website : https://mdchash.com
Discord : https://discord.gg/xQp4bJP

There will be "Never" an VENOX member who PM you about any kind of needed money or BTC donations 😉

@everyone From now on, you can check all our team discord ids if you get message from one of us!
checkout <#543764590337720330> !!
if you want join the list: DM @399639276767150101>

PS: we will NEVER beg for BTC in private!

special Thanks @406517789990584322> 😉

@everyone VNX are live on coin explorer 🚀
This explorer has some interesting features, besides it supports other currencies, so other investors will find VNX easier

Now you can easily check which wallet has received more stakes and which less. Same with masternode.

Venox | CoinExplorer Blockchain Explorer & Monetary Statistics
Venox | CoinExplorer Blockchain Explorer & Monetary Statistics. View detailed information about Venox blocks, transactions, addresses and much more
Venox | Extraction pos
Venox | All about the Venox extracted blocks pos
Venox | Extraction mn
Venox | All about the Venox extracted blocks mn

Status update:
Our developments in the background have suffered a setback that we should have overcome in the coming week. We announced a Raspberry PI Venox and found some flaws in our sources. Combining the current "global PIVX" source problem with "fake staking" we had to find a decision on how to proceed.
Also a lot of applications around Venox were affected by the fake staking. Z b Venox venderring payment requires an IOT adapted operating system, mobile app solutions access API etc usv.
Only the casino would not have had any problems with it, but here the partner is responsible.

Good news: The current possibility to extend the sphere of influence of Crypto works well in the alpha phase, those who are familiar with the gamer scene and Crypto are enthusiastic.
People who only want to trade don't realize the possibilities and don't understand the potential.

We will publish more information and present the ranking in the coming days also in Webpage.
Previous numbers:. The VNX Bot is connected to 4 servers and is available for 3500 users. This is only the top of the mountain when you consider how many millions of users are gamers.

We invite everyone to play together in CS: GO. Register at @540104834750218240> in #vnx-cs-go by playing you can earn vnx coins, and by the way you can shoot Venox admins;)
--> Just Type ".help" in <#540118575197716480> Channel and you get an direct message from Bot 😉

In case anyone wants to support the project of the @540104834750218240>, you can donate to VZv2MVAbRskv4mVpZ2wumvqqjtQPFxdfxG. Its the address corresponding to the bot, every payment received will be paid out to registered users at the end of a week. (Actually at every wednesday)

Official Plan:

  • run 2 Masternode only for the Gamer-Bot.
  • add step by step other Games on it

@everyone we need some CS:GO gamers for an Alpha Test of a "New Highscore Venox Claiming" Action 🚀

please contact @341822729567076362> direct


or Donate some BTC, that we could buy sutch Coins


would be "very" Nice if there is anyone who could donate some here:

i bought 200 KYD Coins but we need some more

$VNX has been listed at https://t.co/pTaN10zDVx. Let's welcome this cool and well-established project at our service! Great thanks to all @VENOX_VNX community for activity. You are true fans! 😍😍😍 And as always, we are supporting #OnlyDecentProjects