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Congratulations to @ThaGoldenHebrew for winning our 10,000 $VIVID new-website giveaway! Visit Our winner says: "@VividPlatform is bringing #AugmentedReality and #Crypto together " We definitely agree! #spatialcomputing #ARVR

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Apple's AR glasses might be an iPhone accessory instead of a stand...
And they might come out in 2020.

Last few days for the first batch of Bounty prizes! Hurry up and claim your spot! Awards will be determined on the 15th.

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Vivid AR Portfolio — Visual Update Now Available – vividco...
Exciting way to start 2019! We have officially released V1.4 to the iOS & Android app stores, available here:

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We are happy to announce the release of Vivid AR Portfolio Beta, available NOW for iOS & Android!



‎Vivid AR Portfolio
‎Vivid Portfolio let's users: - Input and track their cryptocurrency portfolio holdings - See candlestick, volume, and chart data on coins in different time frames - Expand their workspace in Augmented Reality - Capture & share photos and videos of Augmented Reality coin c...
Vivid AR Portfolio - Apps on Google Play

Hello Vivid Community! We have published more details on the Vivid Blockchain attack and Hard Fork on Medium. Let us know if you have any questions or issues regarding the Fork.

Vivid Coin Attack and Hard Fork – Vivid – Medium
Hello Vivid Community and Happy New Year! Crypto Bridge Deposits & Withdrawals are back online!

Check out Part I of our journey to build Vivid AR Portfolio for iOS & Android.

Vivid AR Portfolio Part I: Spatial Computing – Vivid – Medium
Our team wanted to give a under the hood peak at the past year of development of the iOS and Android application, Vivid AR Portfolio…

Hi, we just wanted to let you know that Vivid is now supported on for pro-active masternode monitoring. Receive email/telegram/discord alerts when the status of your node changes, and also when it receives payouts. This helps you ensure stability not only of your masternode, but also of the masternode network too for transaction confirmations. We hope you'll like our platform, and welcome you to monitor your nodes with us!

NodeCheck – proactive masternode monitoring service
Monitor your masternode, obtain email, Telegram and Discord alerts for status changes and payments, track your masternode activity, save time - no need to login and synchronise QT wallet for masternode status checking. Email and anonymous token login available.

Hello Vivid Community! We are excited to unveil our first public hands on with the Vivid Trading Application, soon available for iOS & Android!

Spatial Computing & Vivid Trading Alpha Hands On
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