The WhiteBit exchange has updated their KYC process@everyone . It is now much easier to understand what info users need to provide, documents they should attach and the requirements for their photos.

Updated KYC

Unnamed.Exchange is having another
Most Active Community contest!@everyone
VITAE is again in the finals!
Please help by voting on their main page Pinned Tweet.
If we win, the uTip prize will be rained in the exchange Trollbox. Times to be announced.
Also we plan to Advertise our 💥 VITAE/uTip 💥 pairing,
Rain Vitae tokens as well as inviting users to the Vitae Discord.

Selecting 12 Communities for Final Round !! 1337 VITAE CLMP BAN PENG NTBC CIR AVN SEND NKA LCNT BYND Teams to be made in next few hours along with Final competition for 75k uTip !!

Join us from 1200pm UTC Thursday thru 600am UTC Friday.

In celebration, our @&542914520138383380> s will be playing their favorite music and raining HUNDREDS OF VITAE to our <#558276884669136906> channel members. See you at the party@everyone !

Twitter RETWEET Bounty! @everyone , if we can get this tweet up to 100 RT, I will use the KABLOOM STONE 💎 to Rain VITAE!
Please add #lovevitae if you like.

$VITAE is celebrated industry-wide for it's exceptional attributes as a #cryptocurrency. Featuring fast, reliable & secure blockchain technology w/ advanced characteristics that make a cryptocurrency great. We're proud of our strong token & our universal impact. Vitae is g...

Halloween Contest EXTENDED! ends October 31 0000 UTC/GMT. Prizes to be awarded at the Halloween Party October 31st.

RETWEET BOUNTY! Good Day@everyone . For every 50 re-tweets this tweet gets, I will use the kabloom stone 💎 to RAIN VITAE!
PLEASE ADD #lovevitae to your tweet!

$VITAE is #blockchainforsocialgood. Founded on the belief that you can create your own life and control your destiny, we are a #cryptocurrency that gives generous rewards. Find out how on 💚 @CCNMarkets @ExchangeUnnamed @TradeSatoshi #crypto #vit...

VITAE Pumpkin Carving Contest
Unleash your creativity and artistic ingenuity!
Contest rules and details can be found in <#632947335961509888>
Please take care not to cut yourself!@everyone

🎃 First Prize: 100 Vitae
🎃 Second Prize: 50 Vitae
🎃 Third Prize : 25 Vitae

Contest ends October 29 1200 UTC/GMT. Prizes to be awarded at the Halloween Party October 31st.

Congratulations VITAE Community!
The YouTube video has passed 10,000 views. In appreciation I will be raining 500 Vitae in small batches of 50 randomly until 2400 UTC Today! 21 October.
Thank you@everyone for helping us promote our video

Until the end of October, receive an extra 10% funding when you deposit VITAE tokens into your account for masternode hosting!@everyone - Masternode hosting, simplified
Easiest masternode hosting platform, starting from $0.13 daily.

Rythm 'n' Blooms! 🤘
Join us 31 October 1000 UTC - 1 November 1000 UTC
If you do not yet have the Rythm & Blooms role,
you must apply if you wish to attend the Event.
<#558303104316080132> @everyone

VITAE has a faucet on TradeSatoshi!
- Type VITAE into the search bar...

VITAE has been listed on TradeSatoshi!
Thank you@everyone for helping us build volume there
and at our other listed exchanges in <#465514162441814017>

This link will get the first 50 that KYC fee free trading for 1 month on our new Exchange: WhiteBit

Cryptocurrency Licensed Exchange ₿ WhiteBit
WhiteBit Cryptocurrency Exchange ⇒ Leading Secure Trading Platform | Cryptocurrency trading ✓ LTC, EOS, XRP, ETC BTC, ETH, LTC and other coins.

Vitae is Growing Global Prosperity!
Please help raise the views on this video to spread the word@everyone .
A bloom party will happen in discord when the video reaches 10,000 views!

Links: SOCIAL Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: https://www.fa...

Novaexchange and Coinexchange are closing. Tradesatoshi will be listing two coins from each exchange for free.@everyone Please follow the directions in this post and
Vote for Vitae in your comment. - Thank You!,34.0.html

Vitae has been listed on WhiteBit Exchange. New pairs BTC, ETH, USD. KYC is mandatory. Sorry USA residents are not yet permitted.@everyone


The uTip Rains in the will begin Tuesday (1400 UTC/GMT) (0700 PST - 1000 EST/VENEZUELA) Please do not spam their TrollBox and follow the Moderator's Rules. Have fun and see you there!@everyone

Unnamed - Home
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

Unnamed.Exchange has had a Most Active Community contest and VITAE has been awarded 1st Prize!
🎉 🎊 💥 💯
Thank you@everyone for your participation in the contest. After the uTip prize is awarded we will be raining it in the exchange trollbox over a 12 hour period on Tuesday. Times will be announced. Also we plan to Advertise about our 💥 VITAE/uTip 💥 pairing, rain Vitae tokens as well as inviting users to our Discord.

@everyone The VitaeC bot is now accepting Deposits and Withdraws! Any missing transactions? Please post your tx number in <#411145521504190464> . All Vitae Shared Masternodes will need to be started again. The //mna collateral has been returned to your account balance.

@everyone who is missing a Deposit into Discord, please post your transaction number in <#411145521504190464> .