The next Rythm'N'Blooms festival is April 13-21 and will require@everyone to obtain the @Rythm'N'Blooms` role. Vitae DJs will be playing various genres and raining tokens all week.

Head over to the <#558303104316080132> channel and request the role. Your application will then be processed. We will reject garden gnomes, zombies or anything that goes beep-boop-beep. 🤖

Hello Vitae family. To continue to provide transparency and communication to our community, Michael Weber is sending out this update. Exciting times are ahead@everyone . Stay positive and the time will come!

Good Day Rockers! The next Rock'N'Rainz festival in April will require users to obtain the @Rock'N'Rainz` role.
@everyone Head over to the <#558303104316080132> channel and request the role. Your application will then be processed. We will reject garden gnomes, zombies or anything that goes beep-boop-beep or did-dat-did-dat.

@everyone Greetings crypto fans! We are excited to announce that Vitae trading on Cryptopia has re-opened!

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

@everyone Its time to Party! Join us for our St. Patrick's Day celebration in the #Vitae-Music Channel there will be celebratory rains in the <#449440318723588096> channel. All day Saturday and Sunday (EST) March 16th & 17th.

Greetings Vitae community!

We would like to update you on Cryptopia Exchange. We are in contact with Cryptopia and can confirm that there is no exit scam and that no staff have been arrested.

The silence has been difficult but it was not Cryptopia's choice. The authorities, including cyber crime units, told them to keep silent. We know work is still ongoing to study retrieved data and secure the site for everyone’s benefit.

There has been a lot of mis-information flying around. Please look for official updates on their twitter feed and ignore any FUD you may hear. We believe Cryptopia will open again!

Please remain patient. Many Thanks@everyone !
Vitae Staff

Cryptopia Exchange (@Cryptopia_NZ)
Start trading the world's largest range of cryptocurrencies.

It’s time to party!@everyone Our fine friends from Rock N Rains will be hosting a DJ music party in the <#545438291869040661> channel and the corresponding voice channel. Try to be active all day Saturday and Sunday to catch the most rains. The party will go until the DJs say it is over. If this is a success, we will have more parties with different genres of music. Enjoy!

News about Cryptopia! Patience@everyone , no reopen date announced yet.

Hacked NZ Exchange Cryptopia Allowed to Reopen - Bitcoin News
Digital asset exchange Cryptopia has been given the green light to open again after New Zealand police announced they have almost completed their Digital asset exchange Cryptopia has been given the green light to open again after New Zealand police announced they have almost ...

Hello Vitae Community!

Introducing wallet update 4.4.0.

Improvements include increased security for masternodes, critical bug fixes, speed and more. Link below.

@everyone Withdraws/deposits to Discord are now open. Each one of you is the one that makes the difference. Thank you for you patience and continued interest in Vitae.

@everyone Our two biggest exchanges are down. Cryptopia is investigating and will return when finished. IDAX is in maintenance and will also return when finished:

Announcement of IDAX Transaction Engine Upgrade Maintenance Delay
Dear users , As early as thousands of years ago, in the places where people gathered, the heroes who joined the WTO warned us to pursue the good and some better things. Yes, IDAX wants to build a b...

Announcing our first inside look at the Social Rewards Website (SRW) and the Back Office!!! Enjoy the eye candy@everyone ! Social Rewards Website demonstration
Michael discusses the new platform and gives a tour of the back office! At approximately 9:07 we blurred out some email addresses. http...

@everyone Hello Vitae fam, we are in LA! The DOPE event was changed and we spent the day with the Vitae Team to strategize, collaborate, and discuss our goals and vision for the future. Also, the presentation has been recorded and we will be sharing that with you soon.  Head to our facebook page to view a message from Michael: ✨💚✨

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@everyone YODA's SHARED MASTERNODE has been upgraded! Thanks to the efforts of Squidicuz and, all users may now add more Vitae to their Shared Masternodes!! 🚀 🌛

@everyone Social Rewards Website Beta testing is still ongoing. We want to provide the best user experience possible. Ironing out all the kinks and testing the matrixes. We hope to announce an official release date soon! Myself and the Vitae staff would like to thank you very much for your hodl and patience. 💚

@everyone Vitae team members will be in LA on Jan. 17 for an innovation and technology showcase! RSVP and share with your west coast network. 💚 We look forward to seeing you there!

D.O.P.E. - Distruption.Objects.People.Experiences.
DOPE is an expertly curated event bringing together technology, innovation, pop culture, music, politics, activism, art, food, swag, sports, activism, and education. Consider DOPE a tech du solei. The brainchild behind DOPE, Mike Johns, has created this event to inspire the ...

SRW Social Rewards Website Update is currently in the private beta stage of it's development. Please be patient as we work through the remaining bugs and improve user friendliness. Next week, we should begin to see more pictures, videos and information of the SRW posted by the beta-testers.

Be aware of scammers/spammers/ who send “invite links” to you for the SRW. Invite links will not be available until final platform is released. The release date will be in a future announcement.

We appreciate your patience on this issue@everyone and will continue to update you as information becomes available.

@everyone Deposit of Vitae at IDAX is now available. Trading Begins at 9:00 PM EST today! Withdrawal of Vitae starts at 9:00 PM EST Dec. 28th.


@everyone 50 years ago, Apollo 8 captured this picture of Earth as it made its first journey around the moon. Today, we are at the forefront of groundbreaking technology again; blockchain and cryptocurrency are humanity’s next evolution. We are entering a new universe with Vitae Token, providing hope and opportunity for our global community. Here’s to a prosperous tomorrow. We welcome our social rewards network beta,