Get 1000 BXBC Coins Free

@everyone Ok people Swap and everything has been completed, people who have no responded to my PM for over 2 days, im sorry Chain is shut down all is not working from my side at least.

The coins of Cryptobridge will be processed IN 1-2 Days

Now My advice to you, Try to keep the market Stable Check <#554618647709220885> and future Collateral updates

Get involved no idea what skill you posses, if you are investor or whale a group of people with few basic skills, you always can be part of the Team, You can help with additional usecase

Im not aware of any "MN coin" of the new with maybe an exception of 3 coins that have something special, Most of the coins are for services that Anyone could provide:

Shared node or as they fancy call it "Investments" and of course the "Masternode Hosting Platform" i think anyone who has 5 mins, Can get his own node up and it will be 1-5 times Cheaper than all of the current services out there with there Fees.
So that means there is nothing special out there , and you can always make it, and in fact it does not even need to be anything special.

AS with the case with MN hosting platform its not, its just a MN hosted by other person/auto system on a VPS thats it, with nice colors and facts that you should already know (price roi etc)

Market making, you can always be part of volume and market making if 5-10 people get as low as 0.001 they can keep for long period of time a "healthy" market

And Finnaly, get engaged with UserX dev , and Don't forget that he is in Venezuela they have relatively often power outbrake,
Also there is a Risk for him to get killed. So get engage with him if you can.

That's It from me, Thank you everyone. I have Only one task left with Ultragate Then you will see me mostly in ATHR, and of course if anyone pays me to get a chain for him for his project.

@everyone to the all perverts that filled the form in order to trade the CB coins

WHY was it hard to make a simple screen shot like this?

People that have no proper prove of buying I will send with equal to 3 satoshi

Snaggy - easy screenshots

@everyone swap is over thank you everyone

We will process the CB coins now.

@everyone peopple who are been asked to provide wallet.dat so we can manually swap your coins please provide it in next 15 hours,

IN 15 hours from Now out of exchange Swap will be officialy over

After that we willl handle the filled form of the Bad coins that was on CB

We look to be Live hopefully coming Monday

After the swap is concluded I'll leave again same Technical information and some advice, After that any questions are to be done to the userXdev

My part will be officially over

The only part that will have any relation to me will be a MN hosting Service that will be done by "us" Ultra

But it will not be done directly by me.

So in case you want to reserve Nodes you can leave me a message

Costs are 0.75$ for all nodes per month per node and if you want to go over 20 total nodes then its 0.5$ for each month per node

We will host mostly coins that I have supported in the past (DACHX USERX ATHR ULTRAGATE) we will host as for now maximum of 200 nodes

But of course you are welcome to host any coin/ node you wish

@everyone UserX is listed on CB Deposits are disabled, Saturday All people who are eligible will claim their UserX
and swap is officialy over


Be aware the swap of CB coins has come to an end after extending it for 4 weeks (normal is 2 weeks)

All the people who filled the form will get their Equal part of new userX coins after we process them.

@everyone How a discussion will follow

YOu get message

Send userV 2.0.3 coins to
and give userX address

Just respond with new userX address after you done your part

Try to not send extra texts or thank you , ok etc Because people who have swapped i need them not to be on my DM list

@everyone Everyone, the costs for gettining userX has been paid.

Sadly in Venezuela they have Electricity Problems and break outs I hope it will be resolved soon

Because UserV was to take Part/ Do the swap

So we have 2 channels

  1. <#554369576842952735> People who have over 10k UserV coins Post there "Im ready" You will be contacted when we are able to contact you

  2. <#554437312856064010> People who got under 10k post in this channel "im ready" you will be contacted when we are able to contact you

You need To have the UserV 2.0.3 version ready , Fully Sync, and ready to swap
And userX 1.0.0 fully sync ready to swap

Soon I'll Announce the Swap Ratio and the Technical price of the userX

For this swap and not letting this project die it took Great length different people and agreements.

After the swap will be Completed I won't be able to meddle with community anymore

My advise to you is to get together see and analyze how you can work it together, make some market making and engage.

the Specifications for userX I'll make a new channel and post them there Since I dont have Access to website or anything of that. Only userVdev has access to it, When he will be Back he will see to update it, I hope it will be soon, Also to europeans/americans Take Venezuela as an example of Socialism when it is fully applied on how it ends.

@everyone Ok people here is the git

We will contact CB to Confirm this proccess and then will follow with another Announcement

UserX. Contribute to uservapp/userx development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Hello Guys

Sorry for my downtime, I've had some problems that I've talked to ultra. All these changes are part of a plan for a restructuring of the project, we will have a new roadmap adapted to the launch of the app, and more sustainable rewards in the future.

After we finish with all this, we will update the website, roadmap and all this.

I have already solved the problems of my internet connection and will be active again here. We hope this new plan with ultra work to activate our project again as we always wanted.

Any questions you have can ask me.

@everyone Ok people

Phase 2 starts

Peoplewho have userV get wallet.dat out Delete everything

Download wallet

Open wallet. then closed it

Go to the Roaming file,

Got o git hub again and download the SNapshot , Extract and replace the files in Roaming folder of userV

Then open wallet again fully sync Close it

Copy wallet.dat and Replace it in the roaming folder of userV

Open wallet. again and there you should have coins NOTE you will have less because the roll back was at 1 of february so whatever you had by then you will have now

NOTE 2: GUYS HELP EACH OTHER ON THIS Im really busy with this pain because as you know we need 3 CHains live to address the hacked coins and distinguish the good coins Now i'll prepare the 3rd -Final- New chain that we will swap to it
And then my job is done

The UserV (USERV) is a PoS/Masternode cryptocurrenc - uservapp/uservcoin

@everyone Hello

We are starting this messy procedure

First step is to deal with the coins that are on Exchange

We have requested CB to open withdraw

If you own coins on CB Fill out this form

Step1. enter Username of CB
Step2. Screen shot your buy order or how much did you bought up userV
Step 3. Withdraw From CB to the given address and upload the screen shot
Step 4. input the number of coins

For all other that are out of exchange keep your wallet.dat safe
After the step one will be completed we will launch another Chain where you will use the wallet.dat and you will be able to swap to the upcoming Chain

USERV SWAP Information
USERV SWAP Address VXPf3qAg9Qm1RTeZfnApBBvUtDa4iYfUq8

@everyone Soon we will start with the stupid procedure -need to have 3 chains of userV running) stay tuned

@everyone Ok people We have some news

So Fact is 1, that userV got a "death" Blow as you are aware and no deal with the person who got 3m coins or 4 what was it has been made

So Swap option with userV dev to pay again was sadly not an option,

But we got our "funding" for people who have userV coins

THe whole process and the rebrand and what will follow its "Bit" complicated

why? well because it involves 4 different people and thats why news take some time to come

So the good news are that you will get your coins swapped and have a live chain, userV will continue to work and we will combine "usecases"

Now we wil have a "Ratio swap" and probably a "Step up" masternode type so small people can also start with node

Also some people will join for sister project/ and support that will benefit eventaully everyone

And we agreed on what we think are "fair terms" because sharing is not easy specialy who pays what and what he gets
and obviously not many want to pay for "baggage" when they say they could Start "fresh"

But a "fair" verdict have been reached, Now we will do many preparations and when ready the PAINFULL process will begin

people who bought coins on exchange willl also "join" details and conditions have not been calculated yet but it will be fair Example person who got 30k coins for 2 sat the ratio swap will be Bigger than people who got coins out of exchange

So this is what i have for you

For now, but I would like to the people who are still here waiting for miracle to happen and everyone just to follow along, because last 1-2 weeks there was discussions and we reached an agreement so this is important because i want to remind you that the 4m coins hack or so, it was a "Death" blow, so we have actually done something and got other people involved agreement on all the costs and who pays what we reached an agreement

So after we start we would like the support of everyone who stayed and we continue from there

@everyone refrain from buying coins on Cryptobridge till more news will be anounced

@everyone 50% of the "plan" is ready,

News: The current UserV people/crowd will be swapped to new chain (funding is ready and agreed) we will involve other people as well

I will share more details when all members will agree on some rules

@everyone News Regarding the UserV will be delayed because the solution will be A bit complicated just stay tuned, and enjoy your holidays

@everyone People who have sync issues

always be sure to save and back up wallet.dat

Then delete the UserV folder that you can find in the Roaming folder <------ Download Zip, put the folder to the roaming folder

start the latest wallet, if it syncs fine, then close replace the wallet.dat

Start again

The UserV (USERV) is a PoS/Masternode cryptocurrenc - uservapp/uservcoin