@everyone Ok people this is the Website is not finished yet, coming days we will deal everything as we have planned

Website will be updated with Whitepaper coin structure Fundraise etc

I think I managed to -eventualy work something off- Ultra holders will Claim as first phase userV coins -new - and later depends on many things in phases new Ultra coins which is far better than to just let it die right ;)

After All of this will be over, the New team will take 100% over, then I can return to my Role as BLockchain dev, will open a services on BTT and each coin that i support a small channel for . And Later on if people will order chain from me, I'll just give a chain and all the guides But thats it. No more Drama It reached my limit 😃 and i think it will b better this way. I was -kinda- not so good with words at least in English, because people get offended, So its better I stay behind the scenes.

@everyone Lets welcome our new Team members

@551688433303683073> @552569157120557097>

1 is missing will be here

@everyone CB will apply KYC policy for US citizen (Or the one who Tick that they are US CItizen)

Be informed

Development Update — February 25, 2019 - CryptoBridge
The weekly development update series will inform users about progress made on user-facing aspects of CryptoBridge.   Support This week’s rate of completion of support tickets has remained steady at 86%. With all of the supports in place, we look forward to keeping the amou...

@everyone Dach-Exchange, this is very good Platform fast no anoying bots or high Fees

Also Dach Team is our Official Partner Join their Discord if you have not and Support Real projects < Dach EX ATHR/BTC paair


Dach has Multiple products and Services already and its a Long Term project

Hopefully users will appreciate real projects over the Hideous ones (printing human organs etc)

@everyone collateral will go to 4k 5k 6k in coming days

@everyone Dear Ultra TESTERS

Update your nodes to this one pls we will Test Step Up masternode style

For test only. Contribute to ultranatum/ultrachaint development by creating an account on GitHub.


what else you need to know

Swap will have 2 stages

  1. you swap tonew userV network with ratio
  2. You will get additional coins of new Ultra network, so youw ill have both coins
    Because we will have a new team and I made a deal to give aidrop to all the previous Ultra holders on additional to userV network, this will be done in stages and gradualy, I can't give out details because the protocol that we use to give out additional coins to previous ultra holders is complex and speculative, because if with the new Team and what will they do and pay and get funding the average price lets say it will be 10k per coin sure we can't send 250k coins to a group of people because you understand that the price will be 10 sat again

The new userV network that you also will be part of it wil have a Step up node system

Both projects will work individualy, I'll only be the link as an additional usecase on both of them and support both of the markets from my services

Now the reason why this is complicated is because new teams always want to start fresh but in the end we agreed and you guys will get both of coins eventgualy but hte first and main stage is the new userV network where you will be part of it

SO what you need to "know" if you dont care about all of this and have better stuff to do with your life :D

  1. keep your coins safe, and wait for Swap Forms

@everyone I'll Write Basic points on What is for you to know Regarding Ultra and what is going to happen, I won't get into details because its complicated it involves 5 people, payments and 2 communities/

  1. Ultra will take A new usecase with A new team
  2. Ultra community and UserV community will join forces But both will run individually
  3. My role Will continue as Blockchain Dev, I'll open 2-3 catalogs for BLockchain Creation that will use Coins such as Ultra userV and depends on the main team/deal that we make Along with that I'll open a "Pilot" services for Masternodes Cold Host and we will use payments with Ultra and userV and prpobably ATHR
    3b. Both of the projects will officialy have an Additional usecase BLockchain Creation and Support and after expenses % of the profits will go to Market support for Both coins

Why new Usecase? A: Because if we keep as main Usecase Blockchain Creation we won't go far because sadly its not summer of 2018 where you had many teams/people and even scammers who wanted a chain and would pay for it and we could make real use of our coins. So the best way is to have a supplementary usecase

@everyone WIthdraw your ultra coins from exchange and keep your wallet.dat save till further info


PS, there is not a Single good node/ VPS hosting platform based on my taste

So after some time, I will show you how you can Build Nodes for as low as 0.18$ Per month per node

Also Will open a "Cold Host service"

Where you pay 2.5$ for 1 month per node

@everyone Soon people soon 😉

@everyone do you actually like Number 12? or you voted because you like Tigers more?

@everyone The Ugly face people of LPC/LGS created Another Coin called Liuquid Regenerative Medicine Coin

and they are selling 1 node for ONLY 2 btc

Remember LPC is a SOLID project they solved the ATM/VISA problem
REmember LGS is a SOLID project they Solved the Logistic problem

Now the Liuquid Regenerative Medicine Coin LRMN should be SOLID project because it will solve major problem as Sickness and disease

Be sure to be part of OBVIOUS solid projects that are "Stable coins for Stable investors"

@everyone Vote the Best logo that you like
@everyone Opinion on CE as exchange for MN coins

they reduced their fee to 2 btc so its cheaper than of CB


Cryptobridge has raised the Listing Fees again now its 3 btc Standart listing and 7 btc Fast track

So the question is this

Do you think That a Another exchange can replace Cryptobridge as "First/standart" exchange for A new project?

Currenlty the alternatives are


Note there is a project AEG
It is Listed on
And Graviex <--- for some reason it holds most of the volume in graviex

Aegeus (AEG) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMa...
Get Aegeus price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

For test only. Contribute to ultranatum/ultrachaint development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Check this out update it -only local- MN is not needed

@everyone If you want coins ask @386590799460040725>

Script for MN setup will be done later