The project - End of stage 1 report
We have now completed stage 1 of the project. In this article, we will share our progress and experiences in the early stages of…

Congratulations to us all,@everyone! We beleive that we have successfully completed Stage 1 of the project, and are happy to share our report with you:

TWINS listing on CoinMarketCap has been completed! (TWINS) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | Coi...
Get price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

As per our commitment to drive this community-driven project, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve, scale and optimise the bounty reward process.

Here are the steps and new requirements for publisher and translate bounty participants. Other bounty process improvements are still in progress.

Please note, the new requirements are applicable to today's bounties as well.

  1. Apply to become a bounty contributor by submitting your details here:

  2. We will review the application and will contact you in Direct Message here on Discord, to update you with our decision. Please note, we may require additional information to verify your identity.

  3. Once approved, you are welcome to contribute and submit your work for review here:

Only high quality content and native language translations will be awarded.
Rewards will be sent only to the wallet address submitted in the bounty contributor form.
Rewards and bounty winners will not be announced publicly, but only in Direct Message.
Any attempt to copy or google translate will cause to removal and ban from the bounty program.

TWINS Bounty Program KYC Form
Anyone who submits any kind of material for bounty program has to fill this form to be eligible to receive bounty rewards
TWINS Publisher Submission Form

Statistics Dashboard | TWINS Coin
TWINS Coin statistics dashboard

TWINS Coin statistics dashboard is now live!

A total of 150M $TWINS have been burned in 2 transactions at blocks 46359 and 46394. We've recorded this moment for@everyone to watch:

142M $TWINS Burning Moment
We have burned all the unneeded funds, to make sure the TWINS network will remain fully decentralised.

The TWINS trades are now open on the p2pb2b exchange! They require 35 confirmations, but we see that some of you are already trading 😃

TWINS will be listed on the exchange tomorrow, Tuesday, 16:00 GMT

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TWINS has been listed as "HOT COIN IN FOCUS"

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TWINS Coin is listed on!

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p2pb2b — The next generation cryptocurrency exchange
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Exciting news@everyone! TWINS will be listed on a new exchange soon! The exchange has friendly UI and is ranked #19 on CMC.

We are extremely excited to announce the first official service provider who now accepts TWINS cryptocurrency as means of payment for their service. Thank you, for your support ❤
Lets show them our support as well,@everyone, lets host our Masternodes with them!

TWINS is listed on the first MN Hosting platform: Masternode Hosting
Masternode hosting, simplified. Your masternode is ready in 90 seconds, on the cloud! Only $0.33 per day.