STREAM is live on the community exchange

FIX Network Becomes First Open Source Project to Sign a Bitcoin Me...
FIX Network, a core project of New Capital that aims to secure digital assets and identities on mobile devices has taken a giant leap forward in its goal to secure private keys and transactions on SIM cards. The company has become the first project to sign a Bitcoin message over

FIX Network realize a Bitcoin message over the cellular network
The core team of FIX Network is glad to announce the completion of a giant step towards objectives regarding securing transactions and private keys on SIM cards. This achievement serves as validation and proof-of-concept of the FIX core technology of storing and managing priv...

Significant milestone,@everyone! Well done to FIX Team♥

FIX Network achieves significant milestone by the first ever signi...
FIX Network is very pleased to announce that we have completed a giant step towards our goal of securing transactions and private keys on…

New Capital’s Community Exchange to Expand Service to Masternode...
New Capital has announced that its Community Exchange will expand its services to accommodate masternode hosting providers. This is in line with the project’s vision to create a truly decentralized exchange. The move will help the exchange thrive in a highly competitive ind...

FIX deposits/withdrawals are now enabled on the Community Exchange!@everyone

Community Exchange | New Capital
Our mission is to promote, fund and manage transformative projects that further the use of digital assets, employing blockchain as an essential component. The New Capital Community Exchange allows the safe, secure and efficient exchange of value between the cryptocurrencies t...

FIX is scheduled to go live on the Community Exchange tomorrow at 13:00 GMT,@everyone !

We invite you to submit your honest reviews on their website,@everyone

The Community Exchange has been listed on Nomics with Grade A+!

New Capital Crypto Exchange - Volume, Market Prices & Listings, Tr...
An exploration of new coins & listings, trading fees, location, market prices & charts, trading pairs by volume, and popular crypto & fiat quote currencies.

@everyone New FIX Wallet is released with added support for HD Wallets (BIP39/BIP44)

! Please read release notes carefully !

This is optional update - no need to upgrade masternodes

FIX Coin. Contribute to NewCapital/FIX-Core development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone New TWINS Wallet is released with added support for HD Wallets (BIP39/BIP44)

! Please read release notes carefully !

This is optional update - no need to upgrade masternodes

Contribute to NewCapital/TWINS-Core development by creating an account on GitHub.

FIX Network: News and Updates June 25, 2019 - New Capital - Medium
The official FIX Network launch was held in Tel-Aviv on June 6, 2019. This event was both exciting and productive, with over 100…

NEM Catapult is just one release away from mainnet. The latest release includes support for inflation which is crucial for both FIX Network and

To see what NEM Catapult is capable of, check out the NEM developer center:

Both and FIX Network will utilize NEM Catapult in innovative ways. Stay tuned for further updates!

Catapult server. Contribute to nemtech/catapult-server development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Hello. Guys, we are currently under attack (fake-stake or similar), which is causing network split(s) and flapping masternodes.
Please avoid making any transactions for now, as there is a chance that the transaction will be reversed after split's will be taken care of.
Please stay tuned for future updates!

TWINS is the first cryptocurrency supported by the Bitsane Shared Masternode service, enabled directly on the exchange!@everyone

The project - End of stage 1 report
We have now completed stage 1 of the project. In this article, we will share our progress and experiences in the early stages of…

Congratulations to us all,@everyone! We beleive that we have successfully completed Stage 1 of the project, and are happy to share our report with you:

TWINS listing on CoinMarketCap has been completed! (TWINS) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | Coi...
Get price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info

As per our commitment to drive this community-driven project, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve, scale and optimise the bounty reward process.

Here are the steps and new requirements for publisher and translate bounty participants. Other bounty process improvements are still in progress.

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  1. Apply to become a bounty contributor by submitting your details here:

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  3. Once approved, you are welcome to contribute and submit your work for review here:

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Rewards will be sent only to the wallet address submitted in the bounty contributor form.
Rewards and bounty winners will not be announced publicly, but only in Direct Message.
Any attempt to copy or google translate will cause to removal and ban from the bounty program.

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