Please note that all Invite links have been suspended.
We will not be allowing new invites until further notice.

We have been very hard at work re-branding TittieCoin - TIT to Limitless - VIP.

The Limitless - VIP logo is a custom job, built from scratch.

The website is in the process of an upgrade (Front and Back end), installing powerful new admin features to better manage our user base., as well as will forward to

We have an Instagram and facebook ad campaign on the way, ready to go live once the website is published.

Instagram ad's will be in the shape of our first 2 Limitless - VIP brand ambassadors on Instagram who will accept VIP as payment for advertising.

Limitless - VIP, Cape Town, South Africa are now dressed exclusively by a company called GD Suits who dress the stars and local celebs.

We have our first UBER driver who now accepts VIP as payment for trips in Cape Town, South Africa.

We will be planning a media launch next week and I will keep you all in the loop as to how things are moving. We will be making a big deal of the partnerships with handshakes and photographers so there's a lot to look forward to in the coming weeks!

Thank you to all for your continued support and die hard loyalty to our project. TittieCoin gave birth to our dreams and we will keep her close by once we get to Limitless island where she will be used in Brewbies as payment.

Best regards,

The Limitless - VIP Team

Limitless VIP now has its first Uber driver who accepts VIP as payment in Cape Town, South Africa. We will post about it next week and take pictures to promote the partnership.


There is a new SCAM connected with Discord bots in various crypto channels
connected with FAKE Mercatox exchange or other exchanges.
It is directing user to website, to collect BTC prize.
BUT first you need to 'activate' your account and send them 0.02 BTC ! Dont do it.

Please not that TittieCoin servers are down for Re-branding.
This includes our BlockExplorer.
Balances on will not show during this downtime, please bare with us.

Please note that CREX24 will update to Limitless VIP once we give them the go ahead

Please be advised that TittieCoin - TIT will be rebranding to Limitless - VIP
In order to take TittieCoin to the next level please note the following changes that will take effect over the coming weeks.

  1. Tittie island will be rebranding to Limitless island
  2. TittieCoin Radio will be rebranding to Limitless Radio
  3. The TIttieCoin logo will be changing to a new Limitless VIP coin logo.

Anyone who wishes to continue using the original TittieCoin logo may do so. TittieCoin will still be used on Limitless island in Brewbies.

Please note that due to our partnership terms with Limitless VIP, TittieCoin and Official TitCoin Twitter accounts will be unfollowing all non partner accounts on the respective Twitter accounts.
We apologies in advance to our community and supporters who we follow, it's nothing personal it's we're becoming better at working to be better.

@everyone here we go!!!!!!!

Please like Limitless VIP on facevook so you all can see their post in a few hours when they officially announce our partnership.



Limitless VIP
‏‎Limitless VIP‎‏, ‏كيب تاون‏. ‏‏١١٤‏ تسجيل إعجاب‏. ‏‎Limitless VIP offers Gold, Platinum, Diamond, TittieCoin & Limitless entertainment packages in and around Cape Town, South Africa.‎‏
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We now have over 212 million TittieCoin TIT locked away in 53 Masternodes.
That's a great place to be for a coin that people do not expect to be going places, I smile everyday when I read or speak to people that question our position within the digital currency space. I can tell you now that there are coin on Binance that raised millions that are not half as serious as TittieCoin TIT. I will not be knocked back by anyone and I am here to make sure that our investors, supporters and community as a whole are proud to have been part of TittieCoin before anyone started to notice that we are a serious contender in the crypto space. Obviously there is no way that I can do this without you, I do this full time and its my only source of income, when TittieCoin is down I'm down. If I only sit in front of my laptop all day then I am also not helping TittieCoin grow so bare in mind that from time to time I need to go out there and build contacts and try to get TittieCoin TIT in front of the right people.

A few months back I got us a deal with a nightclub that was going to accept TittieCoin, since then we have had a few challenges and we did not go ahead with the nightclub. We have now managed to grown the idea bigger and better by partnering with a company that we are extremely excited to be partnered with, Limitless VIP.

We are still working to get more mastermodes online and more coins out of exchanges!
Remember that masternodes ear more than staking so make sure you get yourself a masternode or set one up if you have 4 million TittieCoin TIT

USA Users can DM me for help with buying TittieCoin TIT and setting up a Masternode.

Most were not sure why we were offering 1 million free coins for users to setup a masternode when buying 3 million coins, however since the sale we have now reached 50 Masternodes online and this is a great place for TittieCoin to be.
We now have 200 million TIT locked away in masternodes, almost 13% of the total supply is now locked in Masternodes.
The developers burnt 100 million and we will burn another 100 million next month meaning a further 13% will be taken out of supply.

Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.

We are now out of high alert and everything will be functioning as normal.

I am placing TittieCoin in High Alert as we seem to have a few people out there who are trying to make us look like a scam. We have had a team member reshuffle and server permissions are under review. I am calling on the community to take action against these rumours by debunking them. We have and have had people in our own server who has been working with@Cryptoneversleeps and@aumattycos who are developers of a coins called ShitCoin who are trying to bring down TittieCoin and name us a scam in several locations. This does not bother me much since I have been defending TittieCoin since it's birth in 2014.

Here is the Telegram Group

Here is the Discord

Shit Coin
Download your shit here @shitdownloads Join our discord

By popular demand we have extended our Yobit Masternode offer. Buy 3 million $TTC on@YobitExchange and get 1 million FREE to make up for 1 Masternode worth 4 million #TittieCoin $TIT

Buy and sell TittieCoin (TTC) on YoBit Exchange!

Buy 3 million TTC on Yobit and get 1 million FREE to make up for 1 masternode worth 4 million TittieCoin TIT! Valid for today only!

All USA users who do not wish to trade off exchange can buy TTC on Yobit and swap it for TittieCoin TIT by sending me a Yobicode. Yes Yobit is not the best exchange but it works for now while we wait to get on bigger exchanges. We are at a crucial point in TittieCoin development and we now start to get ready for the big releases.

@everyone please head to <#595904034897133570> and make your vote. would you like that we changed the logo? or should we leave it how it is? come make your voice heard.

Dont forget!! We listen to you

We have started to get feedback from our community and investors alike with regards to updating the TittieCoin logo. To be fair it is 5 years old but in my opinion is still one of the best ever logo’s created in the history of crypto currency.

Please vote accordingly to help us get a broader opinion.