The time has come for our community with Twitter accounts or those with no Twitter accounts to make one to show Litebit, Binance and Bittrex how much support we have to offer.

Dear @&480753621768863744>, (Promotors)

We have given all Discord promoters who work with TittieCoin advanced warning that we will be calling on our Discord promotion Team to make a push with us and that time is now! This Weekend, 28th Sunday April 2019
Please be advised that we paid promoters a total of 1 masternode, 4 million coins to be fulltime promoters of TittieCoin.
Our next steps are as follows :
We need to send direct messages to all Discord Channel owners who took a TIttieCoin masternode as payment from us as a lifetime membership to their server as well as to promote TittieCoin marketing material on Twitter and to their community, if we get no response from promoters who fit this criteria within 24 hours we will then ask then to provide us with the Mastenrode address as proof the node is running and all promoters who fail to adhere to our agreement will result in those channels ending up on our Scam list.

@242239000314642432> can you please create a channel named #Discord_ Scammers with the following user permissions .
User can't write ⛔
User can read ✅

Thank everyone for your attention and thank you for your support,


TittieCoin - Dev

We are now in the process of investigating a link between our social attacks and infrastructure server hack attempt and a possible tie between these and the Amsterdex exchanges bug report.

Yesterday 22nd April 2019 we successfully defended a hack attempt on our web wallet balance. Successfully securing our sever and our full wallet balance.

The attackers started by posting spam on our Discord server in order to distract us from the planned attack on our infrastructure server.’s wallet balance is insured up to the total balance of all users TittieCoin TIT held on the sever at any time.

Thank you for choosing TittieCoin TIT, we are here to shine and will continue to push our limits to achieve the success everyone is expecting or not expecting from TittieCoin.

Best Regards,

TittieCoin Team

We are no longer under direct attack on social or infrastructure servers and have resumed development.
We will remain on high alert until further notice. Our high alert status is now blue

This means you should double check all Direct messages and do not share personal info with anyone.
We are in the process of a full team review and currently working to ramp up our Community support staff across all channel, should you wish to earn TittieCoin TIT as reward for your help, please do get in touch.


Ricky - TittieCoin Dev

Tomorrow we will start a new Charity support for poverty @!407481235913310208> can you make us a design update please?
We will donate another Masternode for Poverty Charity Support.
What we will need here is food shops that will be willing to accept TittieCoin to feed the hungry.

Cancel Poverty

Trade TittieCoin

We are days away from launching phase 2 of our wallet upgrade.
This will give everyone the chance to have full ownership of their own online TittieCoin TIT wallet.

If you have 4 million coins in your TittieCoin online wallet you can setup a MasterNodes with one click and watch your rewards roll in up to 450 coins per day from a single MasterNode. users will benefit form ColdStakers, MasterStakers and MasterNodes.

Phase 3 of our wallet update will give users the ability to buy or sell MasterNodes and MasterStaker between users via the online wallet.

We have so much in store this month, there has never been a better time to be part of TittieCoin TIT.


Ricky - TittieCoin Dev

Once we get going you know we cant be stopped!
We have just published a Linked in article that will move TittieCoin forward in a very big way, placing our project in front of the correct audience is a very important step.

The future of TittieCoin is helping to make Breast Cancer a thing ...
What good is success when not shared with those in need? The TittieCoin TIT dev team and our valued community are getting together to fight Breast Cancer via the blockchain. The team behind TittieCoin are donating a Masternode that will pay out +- 500 TittieCoin TIT per day t...

3 companies that are in partnership with the creation of cannabis oil for treating cancer are moving to accept TittieCoin on the back of our Breast Cancer Charity Support post on Linked in.
Here's a list of the companies and how they are partnered!

The main company that will be accepting TittieCon and will be integrating our API into their stores and online payment systems.
Irie CBD

Partner companies working with Irie CBD have also agreed to accept TittieCoin TIT.

We are now working to move things forward and will be adding them to our partners page on within the next few days.

Look out guys and girls... It's time for your trust and faith in TittieCoin to bare fruit,

Ricky - TittieCoin Dev

Please be advised that we will need to make room for new Team members and as a result we will be removing inactive team members from as well as banning them from the Discord and Telegram.

@458161951617318925> 458161951617318925
Did great design work but has been unresponsive since 10th December 2018 - To be removed from team Team and Banned from all social Channels
@TheCryptoCandy#6829 468184599663476748
Did not pay all the bounty that was meant to be paid to her Twitter followers
Did not deliver the Twitter promo we paid for her for
Did not send in the pics with her wearing the TittieCoin T-Shirt we paid as agreed.

We will soon start posting about all @&480753621768863744> who are ignoring our contact despite the fact that we paid them for long term partnerships.

Thank you and have a great week ahead,

Anyone with low sell order on Crex24, remember we gave advanced warning that the market is going to start moving.
If you find yourself out of the market and unable to buy back enough to fill the bag you once had please do not complain to the developers or the our support teams.
We can't offer any discounts or any kind of perks to anyone anymore as we no longer have any disposable TIT to supplement such activity.

As always we want to say a big thank you to our valued community for their dedication and unbreakable support, without you our amazing team and @405332601067405322> none of the work I do would be possible!

Best regards,

Ricky - TIttieCoin Dev

I just submitted our NDA to Binance.
We do not know how long it will take for them to get back to us and we do not know when we will be listed..
Thank you

I have decided that each person that comes up with an idea that can be used in our BreastCancer Campaign will win 100K TittieCoin. TIT
So far this is what we have, I myself am not included in the winners but the team are and all users and community can win 100k TittieCoin TIT
Me: Fighting Breast Cancer Via the TittieCoin BlockChain
@159330085151703041>: Trade TittieCoin TIT to Cancel Cancer
@483943645016489994> I like what you did with the logo, can you send me that logo without the text? I can add the correct font to it?
@401963284741357568> Cancer touched my Titties so I kicked it's butt

Thus far we have 300K in prises split between @159330085151703041>, @401963284741357568> , @483943645016489994> and 300k Going to Breast Cancer Charity Support!!!

If you are not chosen this is not meant to demotivate you, do better and post again, if you want to know what you can do to make your idea more usable then ask ;)

Submit your idea to <#423080154479460362> NOW!

@everyone i would like to remind you the competition to win 100,000 coins ends in 24 hours 14/04/2019 12pm GMT, you can enter in <#423080154479460362>

@everyone we need your help! on this site we need to be in the green, to do this we need as much help from our community as we can get. We need any people with github accounts to fork, star and watch some of our projects to help get us in the green. Making a github account is free and easy.

our github is

Is TittieCoin a scam?
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tittiecoin - Overview
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@everyone as you all know we are running a campaign to raise funds for breast cancer. They have a masternode and will passively earn funds, but for our campaign we need a good slogan to accompany it.

So what we are proposing is a small competition to run for a few days.

Think up your best slogan and let us know in <#423080154479460362> the one we like the most will win 100,000 TIT, And that's not all!! We will also donate another 100,000 coins ti the charity fund!!

Comp ends Sunday 7pm GMT

Good luck, LETS GOO

What good is success without sharing with those in need?
The TittieCoin TIT dev team and our valued community are getting together to fight breast cancer via the blockchain.
We are donating a Masternode to a breast cancer charity chosen by you!

We have just BURNED 100 Million TittieCoin TIT

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 6 nodes
Date: 18/02/2019 04:00
To: Burn Address TThanksForThatButGoodByeXXXXYaoR59
Debit: -100 000 000.00000000 TIT
Transaction fee: -0.04703220 TIT
Net amount: -100 000 000.04703220 TIT
Transaction ID: f3b22a122d6b4d43112b9d0e8338caf143184ea780a23121e8c53bd6011a9b50
Output index: 0

The explorer is now back online and we are re-indexing the blockchain, please note that this can take a bit of time so please bare with us.
Once blocks have updated we will commence the BURN of the 100 million TittieCoin TIT

Our explorer is currently down for maintenance.
Please note that user balances on will not show, however, rewards are still being paid and balances are still there.
In order to provide a secure environment for our valued users we have these measures in place to avoid being vulnerable to hackers.

I thank you for you continued trust and support.
We value your commitment and dedication to TittieCoin TIT.