Trittium is now listed at!!!!
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Trittium (TRTT) masternode - $341.72 USD
Trittium (TRTT) coin price: $0.006834 USD | 0.00000059 BTC. Masternode investments: $341.72USD | 0.02935948 BTC. Masternode investments back in: 1741 days

@everyone All the services is back , we took care about the insta nodes.. if your cold nodes require restart please do it..
We will discuss internally what we can do to cover lost maturity time for customers... if any .. most reported that nodes just became enabled and they took no loss... If your case is different please contact me in private or open a ticket

@everyone Just to emphasize no funds affected... Just nodes that might need to mature again.

@everyone We still working, we had a switch failure in one of our racks... Our DRP didnt work,and we will review it tomorrow morning , some nodes were affected and we will are doing our best to bring it back ASAP... we will review customer losses in node maturing and will see what we can do ..
We still in to 99.9% uptime.. its firsttime major hardware failure , everyone is up and working to fix it.

Platform is down now for the next 2-3 hours.
We are working on it.
We apologize.

Masternodes Market is not too happy lately.
We know fees are a big trouble when masternodes don't get enough rewards to pay them.
For such reason, from tomorrow July 11 we reduce base fee from 5€ to 4 € per full insta node per month.
This price applies to all our listed coins (Unless cheaper ones, of course)
You can read how our fees work in this article:

Friendly reminder...
Please, try to pay your fees in trittium.
When you pay your fees in other coins you are forcing us to sell such coins at the market, and we try not to damage, of course, but at the end we will have to sell them.
Pay in trittium please. We want to help all our listed projects, not to harm them.
This article explain why we prefer Trittium coin as payment.

Pay your fees in Trittium - - Medium
That’s the reason for our existence!!!

@everyone ⚠ ⚠
I am in several servers and i have been this new scam some times recently.
Be aware, a bot DM you and say you won 0.1 BTC.
Ignore it, you didn't, scammers just want you to deposit.

The trttNodes platform will be offline for scheduled maintenance for around 30 minutes.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Last reminder: THC is moving to a different Chain.
We have 3 instanodes running, please, withdraw your THC coins from trttNodes investments.
1 THC on Pivx chain = 1 THC on KMD chain
Please, withdraw your coins to your wallet, as trttNodes platform will NOT support this migration, as they will not continue being a Masternode coin.
Do this ASAP, we will not pay if your coins become useless
You will find more info at their Discord:

Did you notice our Blockfolio app update?
Now you can see much more info about Trittium at the BlockFolio app.
Just select Tritium and slide the image, you will see some additional info about our project!!!!
You can also see it at this link:

These coins will be delisted from the trttNodes platform next Tuesday, July, 10. Please, withdraw your coins before such date.

These coins will be delisted tomorrow Wednesday from the platform:

@everyone All services fully operational now

@everyone While cloudflare resolving the issue we decided to stop login services, as they identified possible rout leak

To explain CloudFlare is biggest DDoS service out there (giving services to 50% of the web including a lot of exchanges) if they experience route leak and someone redirected traffic to them and faked the site they are targeting they might get access to customer credentials, this is a very expensive attack and there is no chance that trttNodes was targeted but to play on the safe side we decided to wait till cloudlare enable services
More information here

BTW all our security systems worked well, each on on the team got informed as network issues started

Cloudflare Status
Welcome to Cloudflare's home for real-time and historical data on system performance.

@everyone clouflare under attack again, we monitor it, you might have problems accessing the platform

As we continue adding coins and different chains to the platform, we will continue improving it as "Beta" until we reach at least 1,500 nodes running or August 1, whatever comes first.
As we are on beta, price will keep at the same price: 0.49 €/Month.

Trittium Obtains License to Operate Crypto to Fiat Transactions
Congratulations to the Trittium team and community on obtaining its long-awaited licenses. The masternode platform which allows for fast p2p loans backed by crypto collateral has obtained two licenses. The first allows Trittium to provide virtual wallet services, while the se...

Did you read the last Masternode Buzz?
They speak about Trittium!!!

DailyBuzz Saturday 29 June 2019
In this DailyBuzz segment we bring you the daily Masternode News and recent updates from the Masternode sector. The Masternodes we follow are based on market cap and innovation. Furthermore, you can also read about the news from our Premium Backers.

The Hemp Coin -THC- will be migrating soon, after KMD updates their Notary Nodes.
1 THC on Pivx chain = 1 THC on KMD chain
Please, withdraw your coins to your wallet, as trttNodes platform will NOT support this migration, as they will not continue being a Masternode coin more.
You will find more info at their Discord: