What about 4,000 cold nodes running?

@everyone I would like to congratulate @394949316457922570> , my partner , a person that this project would be impossible without , the guy behind the scenes that manage all the developers, devops and second tier support with his BD

@everyone I apologize due to family issues i couldnt make Q&A session today , i will reschedule

@here we are looking for credit card processing company , European based ... if you have any experience please send your comments in <#475720642642313216>

CRCA casino coin will be delisted on Monday, September 16
If you have some coins with us, please withdraw them before such date.

@everyone we temporarily stopped staking on platform, we will announce when it back.

Trittium nodes works properly now.
Insta Nodes are receiving their rewards.
Cold nodes owner: Please, start your Trittium nodes again.
We apologize for this.


We received multiple requests for buying Trittium OTC today.

We will not sell any Trittium OTC meanwhile we do not launch direct trittium buying at the platform.

We raised the prices as announced six months ago, with that, we are still the cheapest service on the market.

We are happy to see how the financial model is starting to work, as people are looking for trittium, and not only for investment but for real use.

That's the primary PoCon purpose.

We received about 50k trittium in fees today and burned 25% of them.

We still host trittium and 3DC coin for free. Once free hosting time finish, we will increase the daily fee to 75K trittium at current prices, and new customers will need trittium and will pay for them.

Also, don't forget we are talking about hosting use case right now, remember that more utilizations are coming.

@everyone Live Q&A session will take place on THU SEP 12 8PM GMT + 3 i will be connected to English-Voice Channel
You can ask your questions at <#620694429975707649> starting now and i will make sure to answer them at the begining of session, you also will be able to ask questions during the session by voice or by text in the same text channel channel
A little table to help you
8PM GMT+3 equal :
10:30 PM IST
6:00 PM London
20:00 PM Moscow
Thank you

6) We are looking on Delegated Staking coins and checking possible incomes from such area
7) We in talks with exchange to completely integrate our hosting services in their code base using trttAuth, meaning all coins on exchange will be part of master nodes unless withdrawn

P.S. We work in a changing daily market, I think that any coin not able to adapt to current market conditions and use case will not survive in the long run.
We are here to make sure this coin will.

P.S.S I will announce Voice Q&A time tomorrow.... need to free some time to meet both Worlds.

Now lets switch to the positive part, so what we are doing now?

  1. We significantly increased our customer base.
    We are hosting now around 5K Nodes. Even we expect about 20% to be taken off due to price increase, a 100% growth in a month it's a huge achievement
  2. We are currently employing 8 people on a full-time job and another 10 as contractors and using 76 servers in different parts of the word.
    With this, you can estimate our expenses )). Sadly, while we burn/not sell our part of the fees, our incomes are near to 0.

So we are adding additional services we are about to offer:

  1. trttExplorer / All in one explorer.
    Some of you already saw the link
    It is about 10 days to send to full production.
    It's not just another explorer.
    All the coins are stored in the same database.
    We can run a balance on 1000 different addresses that belong to different coins in less than 0.2 second, you can check the speed by yourself now.
    In case of split this explorer knows to rebuild itself taking our maintenance to almost 0, we probably will monetize it through traffic and through API for other coins. Take a look on that page for example.

  2. Mobile Wallet: About 3 weeks to full production. It will include staking for some coins listed with us. Will be monetized as S.A.S. (Software as Service).

  3. Ability to purchase trittium via PayPal, credit cards and major crypto, many customers asked for that, we plan to be ready in 45 days, liquidity will be provided from our fees.

  4. We are about to launch 2 coins as trttSelect. They will announce trittium as their preferred hosting option.

  5. We are integrating ETH and ETH based wallets to our platform to be able to provide the same service to ETH based nodes.

@everyone As announced above, tomorrow we will update our fees for Cold nodes hosting. With that we over our beta testing and start full production phase.
I would like to raise a few points that will happen with this step:

  1. We will start selling our portion of the fee on the market, throughout last 5 months we were hosting at a loss, something even we can afford financially, we can't do as a business model for a long run.

  2. PoCoN model for cold hosting will be changed.
    It will be now 25% burn 75% for the team.
    Our hosting costs are around 0.8 cents, so we can't apply the same model as we did for insta share, this step was discussed with BOD and was approved by them.
    This market is hugely competitive, and we can't allow ourself to increase prices to support 25/25/50, but even just burning will make it work in the long run.

  3. We will delay the launch of the loans platform again. We don't stop the development, but our current team size does not allow us to put more people on loans.
    Again, we are in a continuously changing market, our target, of course, is still to deliver it ASAP. But we need to think about incomes and tritium utilization, at the moment there are a lot of low hanging fruits in hosting area, so I can invest for example 1000 EUR and increase tritium revenue by 500 our a month, for loans this ratio is much much lower for now.

With that, we always will be looking for additional opportunities for tritium utilization.

the bad part... ))))

Tomorrow, September 9, new prices will arrive to the trttNodes platform, as beta testing phase finishes for cold nodes.
Insta nodes prices will keep their actual rates.
About cold nodes, these will be the prices, all of them with the same conditions:

  • Dedicated servers.
  • Daily payments (No monthly or quarter compromises or payment needed), just pay as you go.
    The standard price per node per month will be 1,79 €/Month.
    This price will also apply to the Trittium cold nodes hosting.
    Some exceptions will apply to this price:
  • Pivx: 2.49 €/Month.
  • Crown: 2,49 €/Month. (New listing soon)
  • ZEL Tiered nodes, prices after October 1, in Euros per month:
    Basic: 7.99
    Super: 16.99
    BAMF: 32.99

We will offer different volume based discounts in the next 15 days

All 3DC issues on trittium are solved now. 1129 nodes running without issue for last 5 days and we block all the DDOS attacks.
As said before, we extend our free hosting time for 3DC nodes until September 18.

Be aware, i have just banned the Cryptobridge scammer from this server 👆
Do not open any link form him please.

Looks like Crypto-Bridge is up for now.

Also, please, be aware of this new SCAM: There is a fake „crypto“ sending links to a fake cryptobridge app that will attempt to steal your private links. A CryptoBridge staff member will NEVER dm you asking you to download software.

Looks like Crypto-Bridge continues having some issue.

@everyone everything resolved...

@everyone we having some issue with coin withdrawals from platform , team is on that.. we will resolve ASAP

From Crypto - Bridge exchange
Bitshares blockchain main net has halted unexpectedly. BTS Core team is investigating. Please be patient while services are being restored. All user funds are safe.