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@everyone As you saw, we reached block 459,990, with it, as scheduled, rewards halved, now rewards per block are 20 Trtt.

  • 80% masternodes= 16 Trtt.
  • 20% stakers = 4 Trtt.

** PoCon continues with no changes, as it is not related with scheduled rewards system.

@here. Tonight is Purim in Israel, celebrate with us

@everyone Last news we received from Polis are that they will make a Governance proposal among their Masternode holders to vote about Trittium at Polis Card.
We will keep you updated.

Did you enter into the platform lately?
It is faster!!!!
And did you check the new Dashboard layout? Now you will only see the assets where you have balance >0 !!!
More to come!!!!


@everyone Friendly reminder , specially to our new members....
On a screenshot you can see amount available for immediate withdrawal
More info on article below

How to withdraw from trttNodes
And get the coins ASAP.

@everyone just spoke with founder of POLIS and they said they will check it again ....

PARQ dev @545584640036175882> Paid for free hosting for their investors till the end of March.
The total payment was 17,636 coins.
Pocon system will allow us to add it to Masternode shares and the Burning process.
More than 627,000 Trittium have been burn till now, and the system continues, time will pay us!!!!!

As you know i rarely do it , but i would like to ask for your help , Creator and Moderator of telergram group Masternode like a Pro @299469355580653568> need an eye surgery, he already made 2 unsuccessful ones, i have found a Surgeon that has a 100% success in this.
During this time i offered him to stay at my place so additional cost will be 0.
Total cost is about 6K USD
if you can help, please use this btc address
I made a first transaction...
P.S. On a personal note i dont know many people that made that much for russian Masternode community

@here And i would like to thank @278593975474978817> as they started to route their customers to list with us
Skyhub project will be listed this week

Dash (DASH) masternode
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Trittium and Crypto Masters are now official partners!

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@everyone We just paid for listing in hosting section on Masternode Buzz
The listing is paid and we ready to be launched every moment, however we waiting for 50 hot nodes to be installed, we at 20 ATM
Help us to get there..
Special thanks to @389730650619510794> and @293318803717357569>

Masternode Hosting Platforms Compared
Masternode information and statistics by Masternode.Buzz

We would like to introduce you to @245305811507740672>.
He is a known and respected Discord member in several Masternode projects.
And from now he will be moderator here, at Trittium Server.
We are really happy with this addition to the Trittium team, and i am sure you also will be!!!!!

@everyone Ok.. we took some time before we deicide if we want to be part of that .... I believe that any service hack is really bad for the business , First about trittium, we are going through external security audit once in a month, we will never publish the results, but we fix all the founding...our latest development is that cold wallet is completely offline till withdrawal is requested...
About this screenshoted statement from CHT.... our lawyers already on that

@here Thanks to the PARQ community for your help, we appreciate it!!! @545584640036175882>

@here Thanks to the DMME community for your help, we appreciate it!!! @332268106510762004>

@here Thanks to the Beacon community for your help, we appreciate it @395934686200725506>