Our friend @614116215916593152> made this article about Trittium and posted it in his web:

This coins Are closed for maintenance now
As We Are performing texhnical works on the cluster.


All the DEVIANT cold nodes hosted at the trttNodes platform changes their hosting price to 0.99 €/Month.

We are happy to announce we incorporate from now a new member to the trittium team.
With the moderator´s role, @380175797891235841> is now also a member of the trtt project.
we are sure we will increase our support service with his incorporation and will help to take to Trittium to a higher level.

This article explains how to buy Trittium directly at the trttNodes platform

Buy your Trittium directly to us
Available now at the trttNodes platform

We are happy to announce we reached an agreement with
They will promote our platform and services from their articles and news web, and will inform you in their respective channels about the latest news regarding some of the projects listed with us.

Master of Nodes is a well-known news website specialized in masternodes, POS and other passive income projects, with an exponential growth in the last months.
His work and dedication make, increasingly, Master of Nodes is becoming one of the most respected sources in crypto news related to our sector.

They just published also this article explaining our agreement.

We provide you with the latest breaking news, articles, guides and much more straight from the cryptocurrency industry.

As promised time ago, we are working on a payment solution to sell directly Trittium to our customers.
In this way, new customers not used to the exchanges where we are listed will be able to buy directly to us.
Today we launch our beta with a first step in this direction.
Hereinafter you are able to buy Trittium directly in our platform paying with BTC.
Soon you will also be able using ETH
And in some weeks Credit Cards payments will be also allowed.

Selling price: CB cheaper sell price + 2%
Fees: Flat 2$ per operation.
Amount: No minimum.
Maximum amount to buy: System will inform you about balance ready to sell.
This image explains it.

Polis Cold nodes can be deployed now. Please, destroy previous node and create a new one.
Polis Insta nodes are receiving rewards since yesterday.
The trttNodes platform will not charge fees to cold nodes until Tuesday, November 12.

@everyone Back to business

PoCon has been paid to all the Trittium Masternode owners and investors.
We apologize for the delay.

Please, DO NOT press any link related to any wallet update sent by DM
We are not sending a new wallet or similar for now.
Just report the bot name who DMed you and lock it please.

Today we reached 1,000 DAPS masternode running on the trttNodes platform.
THANKS to all of you.

United Korea Project -UKC- is listed now as Premium integration, including staking, mobile wallets and much more!!!!
Henceforth you can stake your UKC coins just holding them at the platform wallet and use your Android or IOS wallet to manage your coins.

⚠ ⚠
Please note that this account is not an official DAPS account. Any and all communications are to be ignored and do not follow any links sent to you by this bot!
Please block this account if it DM's you and report it as a spam account!
⚠ ⚠

This article explains how to deploy a PIVX masternode at the trttNodes platform

PIVX Cold Node setup at trttNodes
How to deploy a PIVX Masternodes in 3 clicks.

@everyone I a@leaving for short family vacation locally and @394949316457922570> with his family come to join us. We will use this time to discuss future development planes as well and I might not be able to provide same level of support us usual 😉 (answer to your questions in 5 min) with that team behind still working , some team members will be able to call me in really urgent cases and I will connect at least twice a day ...

Thank you for understanding

Remember you can also trade the btc/trtt pair at the New Capital Exchange with no fees

Community Exchange | New Capital
Our mission is to promote, fund and manage transformative projects that further the use of digital assets, employing blockchain as an essential component. The New Capital Community Exchange allows the safe, secure and efficient exchange of value between the cryptocurrencies t...

DAPS wallets are updated now on the trttNodes platform.
Please update your wallets to 1.0.3 and start your nodes if they are not enabled.

He is going to other servers using AK5577 avatar, please be aware and don't trust in anyone opening you a private conversation.
Saw at DAPS server with different avatars.
Do not allow anyone to use any program into your PC.

There is someone at this server impersonating team members and trying to hack people.
Please, remember we never open DM to anyone, if you want to speak to any of the team member, you must open the conversation, we NEVER open private conversations, if we do, we announce in public conversations before.
Once you speak with any of us, check these 2 points:

  • Roles we have must be the same than clicking with right mouse button.
  • Our ID (As dev mode) is the same than we have at the list at <#433259252694646784>.

Actually this avatar is trying to hack people in this server. He can change name and photo.