This guide explains how to withdraw from your investments at the trttNodes platform and check if you will receive the coins in minutes.
Feel free to ask any doubt please.

How to withdraw from the trttNodes platform, and get the coins ASAP.
It is expected that you already have an investment made, so, you know how to login and reach your platform account.

Please, be aware with the Discord bots.
Some bots are sending DM to get your Crypto-Bridge funds. Just lock and delete such user.

⚠️ A new phishing attempt is being directed to our users using Discord bots, where it is suggested that you download a malicious Github repository. DO NOT download from any repository other than the official CryptoBridge account: ⚠️

@everyone I know it took longer then we expected.. with that we expect to open investments tomorrow
POLIS funded by us, we will fund more project for insta nodes in the future

We must reindex trtt blockchain. Trtt wallet will be offline for 3 hours approx.

You didn't get the prize at previous raffle?
Don't worry, new chance to get another 10,000 $trtt.
@332268106510762004> Thanks for helping us!!!!
This is the link to the new raffle:

trttNodes (@Nodestrtt)
Focus on your Masternodes portfolio, leave the rest on us. Getting into Masternodes has never been so easy.
The #trttnodes platform launched a new UI and their new twitter account. They host more than 2,100 insta-shared nodes. To celebrate it, 1 raffle winner will get 10,000 $trtt next Monday, May 6. To win: - Retweet. - Follow @Nodestrtt - Open an account at

On April 23 we started a new twitter account.
Our first tweet was a 10,000 trtt raffle for one account who rt+ follow us.
We will continue making new contest and raffles.
Your help is needed, as we must grow in twitter (again).

We have a winner, the twitter account:@Andrei74752327

The Raffle winner is @Andrei74752327 Congrats!!! You won the 10,000 $trtt prize!!!! Please, contact us here or at our Discord.

Some community member asked, we made our own research, and we think it is a great idea.
Also, we love to support other Crypto Projects with real use case, like Trittium.
That's the reason we are now Brave Verified Publisher.
All the funds collected will be destined to project development.
If you want to download the Brave browser, please, use this link:

Support me with Brave
Brave is a browser that allows you to support creators without the fear of demonetization.

Now you can choose your hosting at trttNodes directly from masternode buzz directory

Wagerr $WGR Masternode Stats
Masternode information and statistics by Masternode.Buzz

Masternode Buzz speaks about our new trttNodes platform new UI in this article.

trttNodes Rolls Out New Interface
trttNodes has unveiled its new user interface. The masternode hosting service which is working towards becoming market leaders in the niche of masternode investment made the announcement on Medium.The improved platform is mobile friendly and now redirects new users to the Das...

Watch our new video about the new UI!!!!

Trittium Platform Upgrade: Lets take a look at the New UI and its Improved Features! *Links* Trittium: Discord:

This article explains some new features included in the new #trttNodes platform.
We will include more new features soon.

New trttNodes platform UI
Discover it!!!!

@everyone Many asked.. why i don't see all the coins when i click invest button , or why my invest button is light blue and i can't invest..
Or why my setup node button is unavailable.
You will have the button turned on if you have 10 eur in this coin.. or 5 eur in trittium to setup a node

@everyone Pay attention to Addressbook feature
Once you fill address in addressbook it will appear on withdrawal screen and you will be able to fill it with one click

As some of you could check, we have launched the new platform UI.
The address is the same:
We will launch an article soon explaining some features.
Please test it, check it and of course host your investments on it, as you know, all your comments are welcome.
Thanks for trusting us!!!!

If you remember, we started recently the 3rd vote on the <#490061820036382730> folder, and YOU decided what coin could get 15 days free hosting at the trttNodes platform.
Community decided, and Bettex Coin - BTXC won, with 43 votes.
So, starting tomorrow, BTXC shared nodes investments have no fees for the next 15 days, until the next Wednesday May 8, at the trttNodes platform !!!!

I am one of those who believes that coincidences do not exist.
Recently we have suffered various impediments that are beyond the control of what a project should generally do.
First was the closure of our twitter account, which we still do not know the reason.
Now it seems that some of the members of this discord are receiving a message that makes you doubt about all the work we have done in this project and its survival in the medium and long term and the viability of it.
We are not going to discuss anything or fight anything. Our work is here, and you see it every day.
Take your decision.
We will continue working and trying to convert one of the few REAL masternode projects into a stable source of incomes in the short, medium and long term.
At the moment, Trittium project:

  • Is the leader into insta-shared nodes, generating incomes everyday.
  • We are able to pay to our developers and lawyers with REAL incomes, and we do not have to sell our fees on the market.
  • We continue growing and sharing those incomes with trittium masternode investors.
  • We burn Trittium coins everyday.
    How many more projects do you know capable of doing something like this without even having launched their main product?
    Sooner or later we will launch our loan platform, probably sooner than you think.

With this, we want to transmit again something that you should know; we are still working, and our project is healthy.
About the trtt price, it is decided by you, the market.

Help us to make big again our twitter account and perhaps you win 10,000 Trtt with this twitter raffle.😎

We reached 2,000 nodes running!!! To celebrate it we will make a raffle!!! 1 winner will get 10,000 trtt next Monday, April 29. To win: - Retweet. - Follow us. - Open account at

We created a new Twitter account for the trttNodes platform.
We will be happy for every new follower we get.
You will be able to follow our promotions, new listing, articles and all the info related to trttNodes from such account.

trttNodes (@Nodestrtt)
Focus on your Masternodes portfolio, leave the rest on us. Getting into Masternodes has never been so easy.

To all of you, investors and trttnodes platform users.

@everyone all rewards for last 24 hours were distirbuted