MN SIMPLE is simple and affordable Masternode hosting service.

  • Our service provides you with worry free opportunity to host your Masternodes with us.
  • All Masternodes are hosted at high end servers, we do not use cheap VPS (virtual servers).
  • We hosting "HOT" wallets on our servers for you, so you don't need to worry about sometimes complicated Linux installs, maintenance, or updates.
  • To host your Masternode we need your minimum interaction as such like sending us your Masternode transaction ID, and we send you back the configuration file.
  • We are hosting and supporting Tokugawa (TOK)
  • Our price for hosting your Masternode is $1 per month. (You do not have any hidden costs, and we do not change the price, $1/month per MN)
  • you can pay thru Crypto or PayPal payment service.

Please check out our web portal or/and join us at discord:

- MN SIMPLE Masternode Hosting Service is created in first place to support Masternode holders with affordable prices, and worry free opportunity to host your masternodes. - We are hosting "hot" wallets on our servers for you, so you don't need to worry about sometimes compli...

TOK is listed on finally

We have sent some TOK coins to Crex24 exchange for testing deposits and withdrawals. We expect to be listed today.

TOK is tradeable now on the deposit and withdrawals will be enabled but it can take an entire week or a bit more, as they are going to enable most of the PoS coins together

Cryptopia - Exchange
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.

We expect to get listed on TOKOK or Crex24 soon

Most coins were enabled for trading on cryptopia, but TOK is not yet enabled. We are in contact with Cryptopia devs, they are busy applying the new updates to wallet. Just give them some more time

@everyone in 4 hours from now, the old wallet version and version will be of now use. You should use the 12 March update of wallet version We are activating spork in 4 hours.

@everyone Wallet version will be discontinued on 5 April, Your masternode rewards or staking rewards will not be of any use if you do not update wallet. Please update your wallet, just delete old exe and use new exe in your windows computer. For Ubuntu daemons, you should use new daemons. You can use old masternode keys or make new masternodes. Please check <#437291151049883648> for guide (if you need)

@everyone Please update your Windows and ubuntu masternode wallets to the latest compulsory release of 12 March of version This patch is to prevent PoS hack. We become safe from PoS-hack only if majority of wallets use this latest wallet. You can check all steps ABOVE in Discord <#437291151049883648>

@everyone the above update was released a week ago on 12 March, please update your wallets to this update. We cannot list the coin on new exchanges until majority of people use the new wallet. Windows as well as the cold ubuntu daemon should be updated

Please update the ubuntu daemons too along with your Windows wallets

TOK has been patched of the PoS-hack in version 2.0.1 and so it cannot be hacked by this bug now. Everyone please download the latest wallet now and just delete the previous exe, you can use the new downloaded exe

Contribute to TokugawaCoin/TokugawaCore_New development by creating an account on GitHub.

ZIOCasino official
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We will be doing one more update to the wallet to prevent the popular staking hack. Just like PivX. People will just have to use the updated wallet. After this update, we will be listing on exchanges, as exchanges need pre notifications, fees etc.

As per developments with few exchanges, we are to be listed on 2 exchanges soon

We will soon be listed on Altilly exchange

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We are going to be listed on a few exchanges soon.
Have patience, these are the bad times of TOK as we had just came up from the second hack and came to know that all PoS coins can get hacked by a new staking hack. We will provide a new patch for this hack too. Once we patch the PoS hack, we will list on new exchanges as Cryptopia also got hacked.

TOK is listed on the masternode pool and hosting platform
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