@everyone HempCoin has been listed on Nova Exchange! Trading is currently live!

THC/BTC - https://novaexchange.com/market/BTC_THC/ THC/DOGE -https://novaexchange.com/market/DOGE_THC/

Nova Exchange BTC / THC trading - Your Crypto Currency Exchange Engine
Nova Exchange DOGE / THC trading - Your Crypto Currency Exchange E...

@everyone Masternode holders, please view and vote on the budget proposals submitted by the team. <#501752765719248939> <#501753383829635082>

@everyone We have a superblock approaching at block 172,800. Budget proposals will be submitted and voting needs to be completed prior to the superblock. Over the next couple days I'll be preparing instructions for preparing/submitting budget proposals and voting procedures. I will post it in <#494289443465723905>. Please note, proposal submission and voting is performed in your wallet's Debug Console. Only masternode operators may submit proposals and vote. This is a feature of every coin with a masternode and is not exclusive to HempCoin. If you would like to participate in voting, please setup a masternode.

@everyone Stashbot is back online!

@everyone We are currently live on CryptoBridge. Trading is live and deposits have been enabled.