@here The HempCoin needs your help, if you are interested in working with us, fill out this application or send it to someone who may be interested!

Application with The HempCoin
The HempCoin is revitalizing the Agriculture market with the ability to audit & track inventory cryptographically. Please submit this form if you wish to apply.

POST your THC wallet address in the <#566019860711342111> chat to be part of the game
the drawing is currently set to a random time between 160 and 600 min


lets leave this for announcements only please


social media..which ones?


HempCoin(THC) OGcoin tote | Bonfire
HempCoin(THC) is REVITALIZING the market!!. Main - Twitter - Medium - Steem...

@everyone Check out our NEW HempCoin(THC) Merchandise Shop, just uploaded the FIRST DESIGN there! There are multiple colors size and style availabe for the next 7 DAYS! Lets see of we can MAKE IT GROW!!
Much LOVE!

Hello HempCoin Community!!

My name is Adam, I am working with HempCoin(THC) to manage the community moving forward!

Presently you may see some new faces amongst the crowd, these people are around facilitating our new direction.

Komodo(KMD) as you may of heard will be the new brand we are connecting with
to support the future of our endeavors. They have a outstanding community, cutting edge technology, and the ability to update changes on the network without hardforking. If you haven't yet, please visit Komodo at to check them out!

The migration of HempCoin(THC) to its new code from KMD will not happen until Mid-June. Currently the code is in TEST-NET, being structured for production. The old private keys will need to be transformed into new KMD compatible private keys, a solution (script) can be provided for this that automatically takes care of this process. There will be more updates along the way as more information is available.

The website will be changing along with this announcement in the next day or so to reflect the revitalization
of HempCoin.

Please, do no hesitate to reach out to one of the team members with your questions or concerns!

Adam "Exile13"

HELLO!!!@everyone I will be posting an update for the community as to what to expect moving forward on Monday April 8th, 2019.
I have been logging into our social networks, writing down passwords, doing backflips and handstands, researching HempCoin's history and its strategy moving onward! Thank you for your patience during this time, I know everyone is anticipating the upcoming changes.
Much Love!

@everyone HempCoin has been listed on Nova Exchange! Trading is currently live!


Nova Exchange BTC / THC trading - Your Crypto Currency Exchange Engine
Nova Exchange DOGE / THC trading - Your Crypto Currency Exchange E...

@everyone Masternode holders, please view and vote on the budget proposals submitted by the team. <#501752765719248939> <#501753383829635082>

@everyone We have a superblock approaching at block 172,800. Budget proposals will be submitted and voting needs to be completed prior to the superblock. Over the next couple days I'll be preparing instructions for preparing/submitting budget proposals and voting procedures. I will post it in <#494289443465723905>. Please note, proposal submission and voting is performed in your wallet's Debug Console. Only masternode operators may submit proposals and vote. This is a feature of every coin with a masternode and is not exclusive to HempCoin. If you would like to participate in voting, please setup a masternode.