@everyone as additional info to the Debitcard the 2 stages of KYC and what you can do with the card or not : )

@everyone don't forget the christmas sale of blueboxes on eBay.. as of today you pay less than buying an 100K node on exchanges. Offer is limited and ends on friday.

@everyone last call for the limited edition <#637617660758065182> (limited transcendence RFID skimmer) ... oh and starting from 23rd of december you can fill them with TELOS..

@everyone XBTX hashrate prices going down based on increasing TELOS value.

XBTX Mining Bluepool Mining

@everyone just as information how to deal with me or when at best NOT at all: 10th of each month we need to push out VAT reports for multiple companies.. this is the moment of maximum "grumpiness" : ) Better skip asking something. Ohhh and when you pay anything with crypto it would be ultra-awesome if you don't report tx-id in direct messages in discord or any messenger. Just answer to the invoice you got via email and everyone is happy. : ) Thank you

@everyone if you work at contabo please do a roundhouse kick against the server with the IP -> I hope you are aware that your money is on a graveyard if the node is stuck (?)

@everyone the following nodes are garbage and the owner may burn them down: / / / -> these need an reindexing ... thank you

@everyone @446651652619894794> finished the visually appealing 2020 roadmap for XBTX and TELOS. As we couldn't judge is light or dark is better, we keep both : )

@everyone we have new votings on . One is about a advertising fund in accordance to the campaign. The second one is a quick one as we need to end it on Thursday. (High noon) this one is about soso‘s suggestion to list telos on . I would match your donations for this one .. so when you donate 100k let me know and I add 100k as well. (Or any other sum)

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Home Page

just around the corner...

@everyone with a peertoro gold, bronze or silvernode .. please don’t sell any telos in the next week. You are free to do so .. but you can do us all a favour if you don’t. You will understand after that week why. You get also 100extra imaginary gold bars ! We need one stable week.

@everyone the make TELOS sexy voting is still open.. if you like to drop a hot chocolate as donation we will hug you ; )
Something different: As we dicussed earlier we will need to update the POS consensus to prevent stake grinding. Theoretically the update would be applied in July 2020 but if the community wishes, we can update earlier. As easy one-click workaround we can also just disable Staking completely so we become a pure masternode coin. If the comunity puts pressure on the ASAP side of things, we may cut off the bounty before the deadline set currently. if you want to discuss the voting please jump to <#487141063681900545>

@everyone .. ouch.. forgot to say that the iOS Wallet has become freely available!

‎Telos Wallet
‎Store, send and receive TELOS on the GO

Typo in prevenion ; ) my fault

@everyone black or white ? I like dark chocolate : ) - Many thanks to @446651652619894794> for this! Last year people moaned we had no Roadmap.. here is the one for 2020. Hope the roadmap fanatics are happy now.

Currently it offers only bitcoin/euro

Hihi.. the dex from Börse Stuttgart is gone live.. they told me one year ago that listing would be an option ; )