@everyone The new and final ticker for BitcoinSubsidium is XBTX . Birake will need approximate 1 week + as they need to add a new section next to BTC and USDC -

@everyone @316316557871546368> has made a sum up of the tiered nodes system which will be introduced with Telos 2

How does Tiered model of Telos work and affect things
Telos is about to change into Tiered model. But how does that work and how will it affect things?

It will be very helpfull for each of us , if you can sign form listed on Kucoin exchange. We already submitted few aplications,
and with help of everyone we will get listed on a top exchange,
You need to be registered on KuCoin
Thank you all for help
Here you will find the application form.

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Project Name
=> Transcendence blockchain
Token Name => TELOS
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TELOS Coin (TELOS) | TELOS Coin - The green and social coin

@everyone TELOS 2.0 dev diary:

  1. Masternode tier system has been integrated; manual testing has been conducted on the local workstation. Now nodes with 1k, 3k, 10k, 30k or 100k coins can become mastenodes.
  2. A new algorithm of reward distribution between tiers has been implemented as well. We covered new logic with unit tests.
  3. We changed magic bytes for internal messages. The changes have been tested manually on the local machine.

So far we've almost completed with implementation; next step is to verify all our changes.
Now we are setting up the network; it will include several mastenodes on several computers.

@everyone with a bluebox or waiting for one: We have send out all serials (except 1 for Inkubator and Martin's ; ) ) please check emails and especially spam

@everyone 2019-07-11 22:18 - PEG - TELOS Swap Round 2

PEGASUS Swap round 1 was successfully swapped, and TELOS coin was successfully listed on Nova's BTC market.
Users holding PEG before 11/07/2018, can now find TELOS in 45:1 ratio in their account's balance.

Due to demand by users and the developers of both TELOS and PEG, we are going to give another week for users to swap their PEG balances. This means that PEG deposits and withdrawals will be open, but not the markets, and users that want to swap their PEG for TELOS, only need to deposit their funds before 18.07.2019 which is going to be the deadline for this final swap.

The new ratio assigned by the developer of PEGASUS, is 51:1.
Make sure to deposit funds in your Nova PEG wallet, so that we can swap your coins to TELOS. TELOS market for BTC is enabled, and users can now trade it.

News - Nova | The Standard Crypto Exchange
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@everyone Don’t ask me what and why it happened .. But somehow the swap is ongoing ... yeah I would have liked a bit more information and announcement.

@everyone we are preparing the last Bluebox batch. Some people didn't provide an TX-ID yet. Please check your email if you missed the mail asking for it. We will wait one day and than cancel the order. Email will become blacklisted on all current and future services so we prevent running after you the next time. Have a nice day 😃

@everyone - Next week we roll out the 3rd batch of blueboxes and the Piggybank 2.0 (suggested retail price of this is than 149€, can be more, can be less depending on dealer/shop).

I would like to share the latest Development log (diary if you like) regarding the TELOS 2.0 Wallet. Work (active development) has started last Thursday. Today's log entry of captain Jean Luc Picardillo:

Stardate -303490.65965880256 - We've created a simple Python PoC of the tiers model to simulate different amounts of nodes in tiers. The design will look as follows:

model uses weighted algorithm based on the number of nodes in each tier
tier choice is based on block hash instead of block number
the way to choose a concrete node from a tier is left as it is
All these steps help to ensure more honest distribution of rewards per node. So each node has chances to get reward close enough to 1:3:10:30:100, depending on its tier.

After completion of PoC, we have started implementation of production code on C++. Current task is implementation of tiers within masternode.

So far, we haven't launched a private network for testing of changes; instead we've launched a private sync node and verify interim results against it.

@everyone the next Bluebox batch arrived and we start shipping. The new prices and configurations are as follows (different places/shops may offer slightly different prices). This is the suggested price.

More collateral gets more often a reward.. so it should motivate to move the TIER level up.. or from left to right ; )

I hope it helps to understand the system

A reward per day <90 means it won't be paid daily.. in the picture above a Tier 1 would see every 90 / 2,769 = 32,5 days a reward.

@everyone here you can play a bit in excel or open office/libreoffice and simulate how different amount of Nodes of each TIER level will affect the rewards. On the right you will see the % of locked coins. 100 Million coins are taken as 100%. Just change the yellow fields.

@everyone Piggybank 2.0 Coming next. As said you can swap-in the old one in exchange for the new one. Not final but close

@everyone The Votings regarding telos 2.0 are over. On 16th of May 2019 I have announced the votings and wrote that even if the votings day they are open for longer, we will take the results ok 1st of July to have enough time to work and polish the wallet. Telos 2.0 will see a reward cut to 100 coins per minute. The split will be 90 coins for Masternode winner and 10 for staking winner. The collateral for Tier 1 up to 5 are: 1k / 3k / 10k / 30k / 100k . Telos stays affordable for every pocket but it opens also the door for big pockets with a healthy amount of laziness. The stressful times for managing nodes will be soon over. Besides this we will also change the magic bytes aka magic numbers so our nodes will stop to talk to other coins with same numbers. This will reduce the cpu usage and make synching much faster. Also we get a proper DNS seed so the mobile wallet can finally come into action. I am proud and happy about the voting results.