@everyone please check the <#619906086085853184> and the current impact of our Telos Kiva Group . You can help us already with just becoming a member to strengthen our positive image. <#621772650284318740> project will be connected to it. The idea is to provide a place to buy / burn / trade CO2 in order to compensate it but also to offer technical devices to reduce / compensate / prevent CO2 for companies and individuals. Parts of the income will be used also on Kiva for social aspects.

Check out the impact we've made on Kiva!
Our team has already lent $425 to entrepreneurs around the world. Check out what we've done and join us to expand our impact!

Dhl answered via email .. movement .. yay

-> else it was send via FEDEX and now with the worlds shittiest drecksladen ever.. DHL

@everyone waiting for the last batch of Blueboxes... ... .... ..... zzzZZZZZZzzz zzzZZZZZzzz ... I will call them again in order to get it speed up

DHL Privatkunden - Einfach, günstig, zuverlässig: Ihr Paketversa...
Günstig, schnell und zuverlässig: Ihr Paketversand mit DHL Paket. Versenden Sie Päckchen und Pakete in über 220 Länder mit dem führenden Paketdienstleister. Sparen Sie mit der Online Frankierung und nutzen Sie deutschlandweit über 28.000 Postfilialen, Paketshops, Packs...

-> and no... you can't steal my coins.. it's just a trash wallet ; )

@everyone got answer from Apple.. the creation of passphrase /backup wouldn't work on iPad with iOS 12.4 .. hmm .. it does .. Curios how they react now.

ipad works 12 4
just a proof for Apple that it works on iPAD too : D

@everyone .. finally we are now embedding into Blueboxing Portal (for 2FA reasons) and finally we will add to TELOS Pay.. than you can do one-time AML /KYC and use TELOS Pay to accept payments on your website or shops (shopify bla bla and so on as well) . Stay tuned.. we inform you asap. (hmm one drawback... TELOS Pay will only be available for EUROPEAN citicens for now / at first.. but feel free to request an exemption and we will check your local regulatons and decide if your country will be added or not - we are interested to add as many as possible but can't do a blind flight and lack time to check every country without any sort of interest.. just ask , if you don't ask, we don't add it likely )

@everyone remember our ongoing votings on and that you can start own proposals including getting paid for creating stuff like apps / games or other things around TELOS
-> Adding treasury Voting :
-> release Android and iOS Wallet for free
-> MNO should add the last TIERS still missing during this week or early next week at latest.

What happened today... Boring tasks like:
PCI compliance regarding NFC Terminals completed (used in the vending Machines)
Registering Terminals of Type Payter 68 Black (yay.. )
-> Hired a salesman for Vending Machines - fired someone else (no i don't feel dirty)
-> Apple called me to verify our Account -> 99€ payed -> Activation takes up to 48 hours.. (interesting because it allows uploading the iOS Wallet)
-> I've got an offer about a Game around TELOS (interesting)
-> Call with DachXchange
and all the daily meh and wow

@everyone regarding the peertoro 90% deal. as 10K and 30K nodes need some time to pay, we will send a first reward out of our pool before the NODES pay by themselves exactly 7 days after your payment. As soon they pay, you get the reward instant. In the background we do nothing more than running Blueboxes with your target wallet. Just to explain a little ; )

@everyone BAM! Habemus Papam.. TELOS and XBTX will become physical . Tangem is currently checking the development requirements. What ? Yeah... You will be able to buy a Hardwarewallet based on Tangems Technology.this year.. and it is the Card-Deck to keep your game Assest from CrypoMages stored in your pocket. Again.. it stores your coins AND your ASSETS ... 2 in 1 . The Wallet will be made availabl in a limited batch of 1000 Cards. Can you store also other coins? Ehm.. yep you can use Tangems iOS/Android App to store whatever they support.

Secure crypto storage, good for selling and distribution when preloaded. (SPECIAL CARD-DECKS for CryptoMages)

Selling crypto currencies in retail
Selling and airdropping ICO/ STO/ IEO tokens
Selling tokenized assets
Low-cost secure hardware wallet
Gifts, events, community, promotions

The chip inside the card contains a Private key which can’t be extracted or copied. Ever.

@everyone I have been frequently asked if we switch to X16R V2 for BitcoinSubsiudium. No. One result of the visitation of Gamescome was that i have eaten some Curywurst (Sausage fragments swimming in a spicy tomato sauce with curry) + French fries with some guys.. The guys have created an imaginary Motorolla 68000 chip in FPGA with new Graphic core and what not ever... Former and one is still IBM guys.. You know what? We will provide FPGA modules to maximise Hashrate while having minimum Powerconsumption. These Moduls are planned as update for the Blueboxes and theoretically I see no benefit of the additional TIGER layer in X16R v2 which could protect it against a CPU/GPU/FPGA Combo.. Thats the current way to go.. So currently there is no ASIC.. just CPU , than CPU/GPU and THAN CPU/GPU/FPGA.. and in case we decide as community we can do adaptions to beat ASICs but not the FPGA.. as we won't to provide those i see no problem only a benefit as we can keep down power consumption. ... After release of XBTX we will allow XBTX votings on ..

@everyone after some tests on real HW the iOS Telos wallet will be made available via Apple's Appstore

@everyone please check the <#619906086085853184> . The idea is to get the TELOS group rolling at Kiva and in second step to show Kiva some solutions based around TELOS to help them and the people using their platform. (fighting hyperinflation and other things). And if you like to help others (remember in best case you get your money back) we like to gift you some TELOS.

Store / stake / mine and trade any coin with on the go. More info will follow soon.

Start | BluePhone

i think escodex dumped telos.. Scam.. so no exchange anymore without legal and verified contact : )

@everyone sneak peak

Because we can


We drop the price , we provide a whole UI hosted on top of AEROS for every released coin on earth and those not released yet : )