XBTS is another brick in the ProFitCycle project as proof of work(out) becomes a new meaning : )

Oh and we are in touch with leAD about ProFitCycle. For this we told them that we need to have both ready: Vending machines and Point of Sale .. in July they will decide if they support us with venture capital and active cooperations.. „while just for the record“ I don’t care about he money influx but stated that we need their connections to the sport world . Money is meh .. connections are everything.

@everyone - Telos coin is behind the scenes already Implemented into vending machines of . As soon our own machine for our office arrives, I will show it : ) ... just for the record: all vending machines they sold already will be able to accept telos .. not only future machines.

Aeguana - Award Winning Automated Retail Technology
Aeguana is an Award Winning Automated Retail and Vending Machine Technology company, specialising in bringing together the best industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and software to deliver seamless retail solutions.

@everyone i need users to test a recent feature i added to our wallet (may get you more connections), whoever can help me test by downloading it and simply leaving it open for a few hours, please do, also note that this is a test, not a final version of the wallet, react with 👍 so i can keep track of how many people are using it

Home of the transcendence blockchain and tools. Contribute to phoenixkonsole/transcendence development by creating an account on GitHub.

It is a voluntary action, anyone who wants to help can join (devotional time about 2-3 minutes a day).
Every $$$ will be useful 😅
More details on the channel <#573535344918659113>
Thank you for your time, dedication, etc. 🤓

@everyone now that we have the volume : ) offers now also PIVIX Masternode sharing. The lowest possible share is 25% and the highest is 80% . Forget the 20%fee .. it is just the difference between your share and our share.

Codename " doomsday for privacy"

Still working on the layout...

@everyone in order to make the transition to the new wallet as soft as possible for the network we will release an intermediate Wallet called v1.1.0.1 which will disable zTELOS but keeps compatibility to the old Wallet. After this we will release v1.2.0.0 which will cut the compatibility to zTELOS but accepts v. wallets... This way we can softly move forward without much drama in the Network. When you have v1.1.0.1 you don't need to hurry on updating to v1.2.0.0 .. Everyone below 1.1.01 will be kept out of the chain..

So.. if people wan't quick changes.. "we need to enforce an update anyway"... let us know your thoughts..

@everyone so we are getting close to some changes (first birthday in front)... due to high requirements (CPU and RAM) as well as that Zerocoin getting abandoned by PIVX we need to push the gas pedal a little more... and we need to decide what to do .. Option 1 : We keep on privacy and need to replace zerocoin or wait for a fix or we use the the situation for bigger conceptional changes.. Or option 2 Many people asked for Tiered nodes .. .I have setup a voting about this: Attention! The Decision deadline is shorter - see details in the voting description. ... In addition to this we will launch tomorrow another voting about the Reward structure. Please if you have minted zerocoins .. change them back as long you can. We will release a new wallet which will disable zerocoin transactions (in our case it is called Transcendence aka zTELOS (check privacy tab). ... So.. we need to decide quick about: Privacy or not... Rewards, Tiered nodes and Reward cuts... in between we temporary disable the zerocoin protocol completely. If you have any other suggestions.. now it is the time ; )

@everyone dropped the price by 20% for 3rd party nodes. These offerings include the required collateral and are equal to the Telos Bronze packages, just for other coins.

@everyone in case you plan to buy an Bluebox using TELOS, please use the TELOS converter to calculate the amount.

@everyone IndieGO! Classic Retro Console and XS - the NEW slim version

IndieGO! Classic Retro Console and XS - the NEW slim version
A true console with access to thousands of games from past, present and future, powered by a spiritual successor to Commodore Amiga OS.

@everyone if you like referral programs where you can earn 5% from sales and get also 5% discount, than check this out
We take order for the next Bluebox batches there, as well as on , and starting by end of this week on the new products page for Peerschweinchen 2.0 users. Deadline for pre-ordering is 31th of May 2019. As we don't need to work and develop from scratch as we did last time, the shipping will happen in June 2019.

ARES Computer Shop
Give 5% off. Get 5% commission.

@everyone the last Blueboxes (incl. those who have not been paid) are reserved now. We are to busy with current delivery so changing the websites/offerings on Kryptobay and will not happened before tomorrow.. To make it short.. All orders which are placed from now will be pre-orders for the next Batch. Details for this as new prices and or max units and Shipping date will be anncoundeld next week.

@everyone .. oh what is this? A plane? A Bird? No it is super-bounty ... <#565794910373150720> we are slowly starting the promotion of the indieGO XS Kickstarter campaign (pre-launch) so if you like to earn easy 250 TELOS, check out the indieGO Bounty 1 channel

As usual as short Disclaimer.. We are not connected to the services but thanks for adding TELOS:

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