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@everyone some people moaned that our explorers used only ips... or .. later we added and finally we are proud to introduce you

Transcendence block explorer | Blockexperts
Transcendence block explorer is an online Transcendence block, transaction and address browser.

@everyone the TELOS Wallet is now available in the google play store. As you see it is not free "yet". Except: You win a promo code or your get one because you are Peertoro user or bought a Bluebox. Also if you sell something at you qualify for a free code. The number of codes per Quarter is limited to 500 users (limitation from Google). In case you buy the Wallet for 9.99€ in the Play store, you can ask for a free node from This node can be used in the mobile wallet as your private synch node. The Wallet connects only to one node and it becomes handy if you have your own one for this. ... Also those who dropped me a coffee at get a code for fee. The codes are not generated yet.. but i expect that they are ready today around 2 pm german time.

TELOS Wallet - Apps on Google Play

@everyone please check bounty <#555277122759950358> and participate .. maybe we get telos spendable with a MasterCard

Oh and visa and mastercard are supported when you apply to KYC process.

@everyone crex24 has added the following markets Telos / BTC / ETH / EUR / RUB / CNY / JPY / USD happy trading !

@everyone Enjoy the sound of liquidity : ) new slogan ... This is the splash screen of our android and iOS wallet. First comes android (working allready but we need to add some painting before we release it) ..

@everyone Please follow us also on LinkedIn if you have an account.

Transcendence Blockchain: The 3-in-1 Blockchain to Rule Them All
According to the project’s whitepaper, Transcendence is the “one chain to rule them all”. Transcendence is the brainchild of Pascal Papara and combines 3 coins into one solution – Telos which is the default payment coin, Bitcoin Subsidium which is an upcoming asset co...

We are now displayed around their website:

@everyone we are now officially premium Buzz Backer for - is the leading real-time news source for the masternode sector of cryptocurrency.

Masternode Buzz is the leading real-time news source for the masternode sector of cryptocurrency.

@everyone The Delion Team has contacted us and asked us to inform you:
Transcendence (TELOS) is now listed on Delion Masternode Monitoring Service.

MN Owner can now Monitor their Masternode and receive notifications and alerts.

With Delion Masternode Monitoring Service we check for your

  • Node's health
  • Status changes
  • Incoming rewards
  • Node's network

Notifications and Alerts sent through email and telegram bot

No need to open your wallet all the time. We monitor your nodes for you freely.

Register at:

Support via Discord::

Delion Coin
Delion Coin | Delion Project provides cryptocurrency masternode solution service in one platform such as Masternode Monitoring, Market data and statistics, Coin Information, Masternode Hosting, Staking Pool, Exchange from fiat to cryptocurrencies and also Digital Cryptocurren...

@everyone just as example how everyone can make use of "single answer votings" on I have created a voting about "Adding TELOS to Trezor Hardware Wallet Firmaware" .

@everyone the Voting on ended with the result that we stay at 1000 collateral but need to vote about possible reward cuts <#487141063681900545>

@everyone invites everyone to buy or sell stuff for@teloscoin - register as customer and get the chance to win 100000 Telos. If you register also as vendor, you get twice the chance. We will choose the winner during our first Telos Today live stream 5th of April 19

Kryptobay Telos powered Blockchain marketplace
Blockchain based online auction and fixed price marketplace #1 . Sell new or used products and earn cryptocurrency.


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