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We at @SUB_1X_ are always working in order to do the best for our community and project. More than a year since we started and planning a really long journey of success making @SUB_1X_ one of the strongest #masternode #network on the #Crypto space.

Twitter update for@everyone 👇 _2: , have a great day..!!!

Good afternoon everyone, if you don't mind and have the precious spare time 2 #Vote for the lowest supply #masternode coin ATM, please do it, will b more than welcome and good for all of us fighting for our right place on #Crypto Land. THANK YOU ..!!

Good Afternoon / Evening everyone. Just a little update/reminder regarding our #github issue # 8 about our #Masternodes Reward Reduction Proposal. Really good #comments , #Opinions and #ideas had been posted there, Please take a look and share yours as you see fit.

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Good Afternoon / Evening for everyone. Just a little update regarding our Governance Super-blocks that have been created for issue # 4, ,

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