@everyone CB is now fully operational once again and there will be no chain rollbacks, please feel free to get stuck in as you wish. If anyone is experiencing difficulties or unable to make use of CB due to the recent KYC policy please feel free to get in touch, we are currently looking into other options and will keep you all posted once anything is finalised.

@everyone Could everybody please refrain from making any transactions, including deposits/withdrawals and trade's on CB. Their has been a security breach and it appears that some STIM wallets may of been compromised. Due to the potential scale of the incident we may be required to carry out a chain rollback. If anyone has been actively trading or had any issues with CB today please contact me.

Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year

@everyone We are happy to announce that Stim has been added to the TourCoin exchange you can exchange your stim there for TourCoin with 0% fees the link to the exchange is and you can also fin a link to it in <#452987423337611274> you can also check them out on there discord:

@everyone will be taken offline today

New wallets

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@everyone ```asciidoc
= STM Partnership news =

We are proud to announce that we are officially on the  **MNitra** - masternode  list. We believe that every small step brings us closer to our common goal - the success of STIM. MNitra is a really nice Masternode setup Services. Big thanks to <span id="every">@363031129072074752></span> 

Few useful links:

If you need any support you can contact them directly in there discord or tag <span id="every">@363031129072074752></span>  for any assistance.

Stim Team | A community driven project***
MNitra Tutorial - Stim Coin ($STM) Masternode Setup Guide from Sta...
Another MNitra tutorial showing you how to set up a Stim Coin Masternode from start to finish, all with minimal input and fuss. Compatible with Windows, Mac ...

All we need from you, the community, is a vote. We have over 90 Masternodes alone on our network. If we can get our own community to be involved in the governance aspect of masternode coins, it may be one way to create a valuable use case.  Unfortunately the last time we sent a proposal through the network we had 8 of 75 Masternodes actually vote in a 24 hr period.  In the next couple of days we would like to try to send other proposals through the network. Given more time and understanding that this could be a way to make a use case, we hope for a better turnout.  This could be a reason to get people to buy STM and create a healthy market.

Stim Team | A community driven project