@everyone we've published the SparksPay May 2019 Update - read it here:

Thanks @220093399032659968> and SunGod for writing and editing.

SparksPay Development Update May 2019
Network update 0.13.0, Guardian nodes 2.0, Mobile wallet, Shipping extensions, Sparks Trading Bot

@everyone we have released a mandatory SparksPay HOTFIX release - v0.12.4.1. Please update all your nodes - vps and hot wallets to this version as soon as you can. You can read the release notes on the official github repo here:

To update, you can simply use the masternode update guide here:

SparksPay Core Wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.
SparksPay masternode install guide. Contribute to sparkspay/SparksMasternodeInstall development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone as you might know, we've released SparksPay with Guardian Node v1.0. Exchanges, pools and our infrastructure is completely updated and everything is stable. Please update as soon as you can, as we need to achieve >80% MN updated and for Guardians to become active on the network. After update, you will need to restart your MN from the hot wallet (start alias). You can read more about this release on our official GitHub:

NOTE: in light of recent AltBet events, DO NOT download wallets from other sources than official ones. Double check the GitHub address to make sure.

SparksPay Core Wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone After working with experienced c++ devs from other coins (Polis, Gin, DogeCash etc.) we've come to the conclusion the official AltBet wallet does NOT contain the exact source code which was published on their official GitHub. The binary contains additional code (which was actually sent to us for review by one of the AltBet devs) which can upload a file to the AltBet servers (the code sends a conf file along with OS variant - linux, mac, windows, hard drive serial number and AltBet balances). The official explanation for this is these data is needed to display the in-wallet ABET price chart.
We don't find this explanation satisfactory. All of the above can be proven upon request.
Therefore, we advise all users who currently have or had AltBet wallets on their machines to remove them and transfer (send, not copy wallet.dat) all their other coins from other wallets to fresh machines with fresh wallet addresses.
As an open source community, we strongly believe all wallet sources should be public and complete - and open to 3rd party audits.
Stay safe!

You risk of losing all coins you have.

@everyone SparksPay has been added to Apollon Network masternode hosting platform. You can now run your SPK masternode or guardian node there. Visit for 1 click deployment.


@everyone the hard fork was a success, all exchanges are on and enabled. Thank you everyone for updating on such short notice and thank you all pools which supported us. We're now at 80% of all masternodes updated in less than a week, which makes us confident the upcoming Guardian Node 1.0 wallet will be adopted fast as well.

Meanwhile, tune in tomorrow for a video interview with Emanuele Melchionda, founder of Melchionda Network and and myself. You can watch it here:

Melchionda Network interviews Founder of SparksPay l Masternode li...
Hi Melchionda Network Community! On the 26th of March 2019 we will start a live interview with one of the CEO's of SparksPay. It will be a huge event because...

SparksPay Core Wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone about 6 hours ago, a member of our community contacted me to point out there was a wallet address taking all block reward. This started at 19th Mar 2019 02:21:11, so NO major damage has been done. Since then I investigated what is the cause for that. I found the issue 2 hours ago, and building wallets since then. I just finished so I notified the exchanges to stop deposits / withdrawals.

This issue has been with us since the beginning of the coin it seems, even after we took it over. It's really amazing nobody found it until now (>1 year). It is also partly my fault I didn't verify the original chain parameters, which was configured wrong by the original dev.

In order to fix it, a hard fork will happen at block 299000. all wallets need to be updated, or they will stop syncing and will be on a wrong fork. There's no really another way at this point, I know some will not have time to update their MNs, so they will lose some rewards, but they also lose while this miner is taking the complete reward.

I'm really sorry for the trouble - I take full responsibility. And I really thank the members of our great community for the support - with special thanks to those who alert us on any potential issues. πŸ˜‰

@everyone Melchionda Network now offers Sparks masternode hosting. Following is an announcement from them for Sparks:

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(*Disclosure: this is my personal referral link. You don't have to use it if you don't want to. Please contact @383289322893344791> for support. SparksPay is not linked to CryptoSelfMade, and they host a variety of other coins as well.)

LP CSM EN zaWasp - WOB

@everyone what an awesome day! Within less than a day our community raised 25k SPK which will be sold over the counter, along with another 25k SPK from our postmine to cover the costs for dPoW integration. If you know anyone interested in getting the equivalent of 2 Guardian nodes, please DM me. Thank you all!

@everyone we're raising funds for Komodo dPoW final integration. In order to fill this goal, we kindly ask our awesome community to donate SPK to our funding address -


The goal is to raise 25.000 SPK (we have about 11800 so far) - and we'll DOUBLE this amount from our post-mine funds. The 2 resulting Guardian nodes will be sold over the counter to any interested investor.

As a reminder, dPoW protects our blockchain from 51% attacks, making it more secure for eCommerce transactions, and it also marks an important partnership with a top 50 market cap coin.

  • All donation addresses are public, and we're transparent about all spending. Check <#483650431478661141> if you'd like to contribute with other coins.

@everyone Great volume on the exchanges this week guys!

There's been a ton of little teasers in the general chat, so catch up if you want a little idea of where Sparkspay is heading! Official Announcements will be made as these come to fruition.

Please, if you know anyone who is currently running a masternode, or if you have one yourself, make sure to update! Non-updated wallet/nodes will no longer receive rewards.

Once 80% of current running nodes are up to date, we can proceed to have Guardian nodes start to go live!

Stay strong πŸ’ͺ

@everyone SparksPay has now been added to Delta Direct

@everyone GIN has just added SparksPay to their hosting platform. They will enable Guardians as well, as soon as we have them ready. Thanks again everyone for donating!

@everyone SPK has now completed the GIN Platform listing. Kudos to the community for their donation efforts and fast action! πŸš€

@everyone In preparation for the upcoming SparksPay 0.13.x release, we have released v0.12.3.5 (non-mandatory, recommended). This release blocks all old nodes (pre- from the network, therefore preventing a lot of network noise and resource usage.

This version should generate significantly less CPU and network usage, and also faster syncs.

We highly encourage you to update whenever possible.

Grab the wallets from:

SparksPay Core Wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone as part of our effort to secure the network against 51% attacks, we've started a partnership with Komodo, to integrate their dPoW technology onto the Sparks blockchain. Essentially, dPoW leverages the enormous Bitcoin hashrate to double-check each mined block on another chain (SPK) against a hash already written onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Any SPK block which is not validated on the Bitcoin blockchain will be
invalid as well, therefore the chance of double-spend attacks is close to 0. Partnership with Komodo involves some upfront costs, which include about $5000 , 365 KMD and 365 SPK. We're trying to privately raise the money for this, however any help would be appreciated. I've set up a few donation addresses here:

You can read more about Komodo dPoW here:

Thank you all for your support.

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@everyone please update your Masternodes to as soon as you can, to minimize the risk of getting kicked out of payment queue. 62% of the enabled masternodes are already on Thanks.

@everyone Looking at the current reward reduction rate numbers, we'll reach max supply (21 million) within 4 years. Doing the math and changing the reduction rate by 33% (as opposed to the curernt 8.33%) per year would give us 50+ years of mining (or staking - if we're going to go to POS eventually). Financially this would make sense as we'll be able to reduce inflation and possibly make the price more stable over the next. Please vote if this is something we should do once we switch to v0.13. Use and to cast your vote. Thanks.