@everyone In preparation for the upcoming SparksPay 0.13.x release, we have released v0.12.3.5 (non-mandatory, recommended). This release blocks all old nodes (pre- from the network, therefore preventing a lot of network noise and resource usage.

This version should generate significantly less CPU and network usage, and also faster syncs.

We highly encourage you to update whenever possible.

Grab the wallets from: https://github.com/sparkspay/sparks/releases/tag/v0.12.3.5

SparksPay Core Wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone as part of our effort to secure the network against 51% attacks, we've started a partnership with Komodo, to integrate their dPoW technology onto the Sparks blockchain. Essentially, dPoW leverages the enormous Bitcoin hashrate to double-check each mined block on another chain (SPK) against a hash already written onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Any SPK block which is not validated on the Bitcoin blockchain will be
invalid as well, therefore the chance of double-spend attacks is close to 0. Partnership with Komodo involves some upfront costs, which include about $5000 , 365 KMD and 365 SPK. We're trying to privately raise the money for this, however any help would be appreciated. I've set up a few donation addresses here: https://discordapp.com/channels/416629646986182657/483650431478661141/545933250129035284

You can read more about Komodo dPoW here:


Thank you all for your support.

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@everyone please update your Masternodes to as soon as you can, to minimize the risk of getting kicked out of payment queue. 62% of the enabled masternodes are already on Thanks.

@everyone Looking at the current reward reduction rate numbers, we'll reach max supply (21 million) within 4 years. Doing the math and changing the reduction rate by 33% (as opposed to the curernt 8.33%) per year would give us 50+ years of mining (or staking - if we're going to go to POS eventually). Financially this would make sense as we'll be able to reduce inflation and possibly make the price more stable over the next. Please vote if this is something we should do once we switch to v0.13. Use and to cast your vote. Thanks.

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@everyone with the excellent work by @415128827233304577> we also have the Electrum thin wallets (with no blockchain download needed) here: https://github.com/sparkspay/electrum-sparks/releases

Sparks Electrum lightweight wallet. Contribute to sparkspay/electrum-sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

! - Those who know my package - !
I've some news for you I will explain in master node section


sparks debian package. Contribute to m0r4k/sparky development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Sparks is published. Grab it from :
I will update the scripts as well, for a smooth transition.
Please note you will need to update both your hot wallet (windows etc.) AND Masternode (VPS) wallets. After they are synced, you will need to restart your masternode with "Start alias", since the protocol has changed.

This is a mandatory update, everyone should do it as soon as possible. After a sufficient number of masternodes are update, the old ones will not receive payments.

SparksPay Core. Contribute to sparkspay/sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.


We're excited to announce a significant new partnership to better serve our investor community. Beam by Graphcoin Labs will be providing Sparks investors with a rewards platform, payment gateway where SPK can be spent on their services, and a marketing campaign to raise awareness for the Sparks project.

Sparks investors should register for a free investor account at


We're planning 4 free SPK airdrops to all registered investors across a 4-week marketing campaign to include traditional banner ads, email marketing campaigns and a podcast guest appearance.

If you hold a lot of SPK, you should also consider spending it in their shop for Beam services for another project you support. Lets make use of our currency!


JD from Graphcoin will be joining our Discord to help promote our new rewards platform and help investors with onboarding, questions and concerns.

@everyone it seems Start-Ex is shutting down their exchange. You should all withdraw your coins from there.

@everyone We've partnered with StartEx, the exchange founded by @!274897867682873344> (https://coinwatch.center) , the excellent shared masternode and hosting service, to give a boost to SPK trading. Their fees are way less than other exchanges - 0.1% / 0.08% (maker / taker) trading fee and 0.00025 BTC withdraw fee (0.1 SPK for SPK). @!274897867682873344> is also present on our server, if you'd like to have a voice chat with him for support / questions. We'll use their direct exchange services in the future for SPK infrastructure, so I recommend it.
Open up an account at https://start-ex.com/trade/SPK_BTC and start trading!

@everyone With the awesome and much appreciated work done by @415128827233304577>, Sparks has a brand new lightweight, thin wallet (no blockchain download needed), based off Electrum (same as Coinomi). It's still in beta and the UI will be much improved over time, so be careful with your coins and make sure you backup your seed phrase when using it.
The builds for Android, Mac, Windows and Linux are here:

Sparks Electrum Wallet. Contribute to SparksReborn/electrum-sparks development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Masternode Gate has added support for Sparks shared masternodes on their platform. You can find out more at https://www.masternodegate.com/

masternodegate - MasternodeGate
Masternodes sharing platform. MasternodeGate.com is the bridge between people and join users to fulfill a masternode

@everyone you can now deploy a Sparks masternode with one-click on 01vps.net, for as little as €1/month. More details here: https://01vps.net/


Welcome to 01VPS.net
Congrats to @Sparkscoin $SPK for winning a one-click auto #masternode setup recipe at https://t.co/JmxdJblkfq for as little as €1/month! To add your project, get your #community activated and vote with $ZOC at https://t.co/6wt7eLw4Ai.

@everyone Another Major update The Sparks mobile wallet has been under development, with majority of the work already done ahead of schedule thanks to the hard work of @415128827233304577> ! We will provide further updates on how things are progressing. The mobile wallet will really enable us to take the eCommerce solution to the next level and also allow for convenient, secure Sparks transactions on the go!