@everyone Thank you for the amazing live session yesterday, i hope everyone had most of their questions answered if not all. đź‘Ś

Note that the next session will be accuring the First September from 2PM to 3PM UTC - We will discuss the advancements made but most importantly :

  • The updated RoadMap
  • The new Homepage
  • The Stipend Whitepaper 2.0
  • And more...

You can refer to the discussion in the channel <#549285362275581955> .

Again thank you everyone !
Stipend Core Team

@everyone 5 Minutes left to open the <#549285362275581955> channel please avoid sending a question if one is already being answered, just so we can keep a spam free channel.

@everyone The channel <#549285362275581955> will be used for the hour discussion. Note that you can only send one message every 5 Minutes to prevent people from spaming as we want to use this hour as effeciently as possible to respond to as many questions as possible.

Thank you !

@everyone As suggested from a large number of the community and the time being really tight for most of the active team members we will start a weekly discussion with one of the team members.

This Sunday I will be hosting the first event from 2pm to 3pm as a first "An Hour with Saâd Event".

We have numerous news and advancements most of them are still falling under the NDA's contract, but as most of the community has shown, we the dev team need to show more presence to reassure the community.

Please let us know if the time and the format of the event are convinient for you.

The event will be hosted in a special chanel moderated by me tomorrow.

Hope to see all of you to answer all of your questions.

The Stipend Core Team.

There is a group of coins that got scammed by IDAX, whose raising voices to shut them down and sue them.
You can see our participation in this large whistleblowing, amongst 10+ coins, where Idax abused us.
This can have a repercussion on CMC as well !
If you have time to read: SCAMMED crypto projects for up to 5,000,000 USD! - Medium
As many of you know, Crypto Market Ads (CMA) project had IEO on exchange recently. First time it was canceled by because…

Hi,@everyone! I want to remind you again and again be aware of scammers. Stipend core team are just four persons with following IDs:
Felix#1885 - 406910053765873684
Neal.#4187 - 180025075813187584
NickS#7494 - 336865915268497411
Grave#1785 - 320896300377833473

I also want to warn you about following:

  • Do not accept any teamviewer/other remote desktop invitations from anyone. Even Dev team always trying to help using your hands if you have issues on your side;
  • Do not send any wallet.dat to anyone who proposes to "deal with your swap quickly";
  • Do not send your private keys for the same reason;
  • Do not pay any funds for any insides. There are no insides worth to believe in. Follow official announcements only, everything else is just a gossip.
    If you have any evidence that anyone trying to scam you - just PM to me to deal with it.

Always remember that you are the only person responsible for your funds (excepting coins awaiting to be swapped). Don't forget to encrypt your wallet cause of different hacks trying to stole all wallet.dat from your PC

P.S. Doesn't matter what issues do you have in crypto or real life, don't loose your human face insulting other community members, get some patience to our common tough way to success!

@everyone about the platform dev and such, as from the 20k, legal papers are in their way, but we are doing interviews with some vue.js devs (taking time because of NDA as well), so we'll resume weekly updates soon.

@everyone about swap resuming, seems like old chain is stuck and people are getting troubles, we are investigating, but it seems that the chain is split/getting peers issues; so I'll see today but swap will resume max- by tomorrow.


A quick recap of Dubai, as some of you asked.
It will be quite short, and I won't give that much information.

This summit was animated, as well as it was available for free for any attendee (they had only acces to exhibitors, not conferences)
That means we had a lot of "newcomers" that were asking a lot of questions about blockchain, how it was suitable to business and such.
It was a nice way of seeing if our approach was "crypto educative".

From all meetings we had, we can emphasize on the Dubai Authority, which is quite active in blockchains, as they plan on moving towards a blockchain-state "paper-free" for 2020-2022.
We've got a long talk with their representatives as they cannot, by law, make links & escrow between private entities, workers, and gov. entities.
That can be a way of developing our tool into EMEA, the market is quite non-exploited yet.
We are still in contact with them, but nothing to wait for yet.

We had some other talks with investors, that we are following intensively (with equity/shares) because they could fund an extensive marketing/awareness campaign when we launch.
That's still in line with a 5M-10M valuation. I cannot give details.

Surprisingly enough, we met again some people we met in Malta that were confident on our product, that's something cool !
Attending events is by far the best way of getting in touch with people/crypto enthusiast, and gain some awareness for the brand.

@everyone An amazingly looking stand is ready for tomorrow, wish the best for the team members that will make it there! Go Stipend!

Please vote for Stipend to get listed on Birake exchange. Deadline is 04-Jul-2019 23:59 GMT

  1. Go to Birake discord
  2. Pass captcha in PM from server captcha bot (characters are case sensitive)
  3. Go to #vote-coin and vote for "I" - Stipend SPD

As for marketing and other items everything will be happened once the listed items above are cleared especially the platform.

We wouldn’t be here without you guys and as we always say our community is what’s shaping the project.

tons of pictures will be coming in theses next couple of days let us know if you have any questions regarding the items above feel free to drop a message to any of the team members.

Stipend Core Team

Exchanges : The IDAX experience was really bad for the project both financially (IDAX stole more than 80k$) and emotionally since the team’s momentum was affected with 0% execution on their part we couldn’t even talk to them once they received the transaction. A legal pursuit had been initiated in china and we will do our best to make them pay for what happened.

As for future exchanges, we will follow big brands already known and listing for free but they are waiting for the platform to launch before starting the listing process.

Platform State : The platform has had it’s ups and downs but pushing minor changes and saying it’s almost done is a language everyone is tired of, what is concrete with the platform ?

The backend : The backend had been the craft of Felix for the past year and was under the test and contribution of experts and we can proudly say that the whole cycle is done for couple of months now.
Main Technology : React JS.

Then why the platform is not launched yet ? Well here is where we would ask for the help of the community while we are looking for a competent employee to fill this gap.

The Front End : The front end is mainly done with VUE technology a very recent framework made by Facebook that is pushing the reactivity of any webpage to it’s fullest. this is where we need you guys 35hours of work are still left to finish the cycle completely so if you are familiar with VUE or just really good with Javascript and HTML/CSS, we are in need of your help to wrap up the platform and launch the so anticipated Stipend Platform.

If you consider contributing to the Dev Side of the project and ear your place in the credit page and history of Stipend please leave a message to Felix saying you would like to contribute in the platform so he can see if you are fit for the task.

Partnership : Yes the rumors are true, Stipend is working with a big tech company on a partnership we are still working out the execution as they are really interested in the technology behind Blockchain projects utilized for the Freelance Market. More details will be announced after Dubai.

Investment Raise : Yes, the Stipend team has been talking for a while with an institutional investor, we cleared the investment at a 5M$ valuation at current market trend it's a great deal since it's only seed money, and we are only talking about the platform nothing to do with the coin which is only buyable or tradable.

To understand the mechanics of the deal : The Coin is a community project "Open Source" No one can sell the project even the team will not be able to unless someone buys all the coins in circulation.

The platform is a company based on the technology behind the Coin Stipend to unsure most of it's unique feature. The platform will bring a large number of benefits to the coin like the Real time Buying order push in the cheapest exchange each time a new job is initiated in usd on the platform.

So the investment only regards the platform and a small % that will keep the team at a majority of 92% in control of the company, please keep in mind that we will never consider an exit window at least never without consulting the community.

We are proud to present the start-ups participating in this year’s Future Blockchain Summit. #FBSummit2019 @Bloomytech @accubits @vitro_io @DhonorB @prover_io @vibraniumtech @8lockio @Off_Blocks @StipendOff @neonmobilityae @BankofHodlers @Vinculum_IT @iOWNGroup @chainyard

Another one reminder about SPD voting to be listed on Birake exchange. Third week of voting lasts 31 Mar so let's be a little more active!

  1. Go to Birake discord
  2. Pass captcha in PM from server captcha bot (characters are case sensitive)
  3. Go to #vote-coin and vote for "I" - Stipend SPD
    Just a bit more activity from each community member - big deal for@everyone

Just a small update about swap process. Dev team needs some time to create again explorer for old chain and fully sync it to continue checking swaps but it takes time cause of the weakness of old chain. Also notice that if your coins marked as red it means that either you coins related to any of exploits for last year, related to blacklisted addresses directly or you did some mistakes during swap process (send several amounts on the same address etc). Don’t send any “test” coins cause swap is working correctly for more than two month already and if your 1spd is mined after 406k block you get 0 after swap. The only thing you need to be sure is that:

  • You’re using 5.101 wallet fully synced and “repairwallet” in your console says “true”
  • You have confirmations in your local wallet and old chain explorer (would be live a bit later)
  • You’ve checked twice your receiving address from new wallet and you have it in your address book
  • If your swap ID marked red make sure you posted your ID in <#553215305862610945>, no need to provide any additional info there.
    Also notice that Neal is the only person who making payments after everything is checked and is legit but along with that remember that you are not the only person who might have issues with swap and tons of PMs to him won’t make it faster. It’s opposite and would take more time for everyone who is waiting. If devs received your coins and it’s legit you have nothing to worry and your coins are safe. All swap details are available in <#455890762438148116> and <#409012341422686209> . Thx for your patience. More news to come soon.@everyone