@everyone The first cycle of the platform is officially done, the team is now hosting a first iteration for testing purposes as bugs are inevitable.

A version and an official announcement of the release Date of the platform will be carried out soon keep in mind that the project will need you now more than ever as bugs and UI improvements are a never ending cycle making the platform better after each iteration.

We are glad to be at this very point after such a long time overcoming all kind of issues and proud to be the first Blockchain Freelance Platform completed with its own blockchain basis and currency with all the features present on known platforms and more to come.

As we always said the team is here to stay and the project is part of each of us now.
Thank you for all the support everyone.

The Stipend Core Team.

@everyone As a follow up for the platform development, the last storie left is being worked on right now and we took some time also to iron out some bugs and should be able to have a release announcement in the next couple of days.


We are designing couple of T-shirts for a limited period during this launch period if you are interested, the designs are mostly made by the team.

Shop :

More design will be added we thank the community for all the support !

The Stipend Core Team

@everyone thank you for this month's AMA session in the hope that we responded to all your questions.

Next AMA will be announced during next Monthly Update.

Stipend Core Team

@everyone The AMA will take place as planned at 3PM UTC+1 (in about 30 minutes)

Channel : <#632932509310779392>

@everyone As discussed during the last Stipend Update one of the 3 main stories left is done and we are closing in as the date announced is getting closer with only one task left !

We are doing our best to achieve our common vision and push everything needed to make Stipend a pioneer of the industry !


The October Update is finally available and covers most of what was done this past month.

Important items are discussed as :

  • Official Beta Launch Date
  • Platform development State
  • Re-read Whitepaper Version available for read and review
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Stipend Launch
  • Team Focus
  • Market Expansion
  • Exchange Situation

Link :

The team will be available to respond to all your questions next AMA this 13th October at 3PM UTC+1

Again thank you for support the project.

The Stipend Core Team.


Hi, as promised a full project update will be released this 6th October including :

  • Full status of the platform progress and a completion date update
  • Mobile dev wallet update
  • Whitepaper status update
  • Website status update
  • Partnership and institutional investor update
  • Future focus and market development
  • Platform Official Launch Date
  • and many more ...

The team is hard at work on all the different dimensions of the project both legal and structural, we are really glad to share this journey together and thank you all for believing !

PS : The AMA of October will be pushed to the second Sunday 13th October as i am on a business trip right now and will be on the plane during that time frame.

Thank you,
The Stipend dev team

Take care if someone send you a DM asking you to update your wallet because of X or Y.
These people pretend to be us, and they will make you download an .exe that can cause a lot of damages.

Take care, we are not responsible of your coins.

@everyone if you haven't noticed. Stipend is now verified as a KYC Project through CryptoBridge, we are still in talks/waiting for other exchanges to respond as we still have an ongoing listing campaign to complete.

All the other items announced are well advanced expect an announcement soon & a monthly update this month as there is so much to talk about during the AMA.

Thank you
Stipend Core team

@everyone The team is working hard on the new website and it's looking as good as it can get, putting the platform in front of our business model and showing all the needed information related to the Stipend Ecosystem.

Thank you for considering quality work over quantity. 👌

Stipend Core Team

@everyone We are happy to announce that during our last team reinforcement spree, we were able to find new members to complete the team and work on new aspects of the project the team didn't had the ressources or the expertise for. We are on full speed to release very soon the first Stipend Mobile Wallet, both the Android and IOS versions are under work but we expect to deliver the Android wallet prior to the later one.

Expected for this October 2019.

The team is hard at work on all aspects of the project and we are really glad that the project is at this very place right now, this wouldn't be possible without all of you, for that we thank you !

Best regards,
Stipend Core Team

@everyone The AMA will be closed in 7 Minutes <#617704760530829322> !

@everyone The AMA is open <#617704760530829322> !

@everyone The monthly AMA of September will be held in about 1 hour, 2PM UTC+1. Remember to prepare your question if you have any and since the Full Dev Team will be available note that a question can be addressed to any of the dev team :

Blockchain Questions : @336865915268497411>
Platform Questions : @406910053765873684>
Other Questions : @180025075813187584> & @320896300377833473>

Using the format :@DevTeam - Question !

Channel : <#617704760530829322>

Hope to see you all during this AMA
Stipend Core Team

@everyone the team is hard at work at finishing and polishing both the platform and the brand new website, we sadly won't be able to launch the brand new website today as of we had a large number of interactions and meetings with different potential partners and listing operators.

The team is still at work on the main item in the menu as of right now the trello is ready and the task are moving fast and hope we have a state of advancement for this Sunday's AMA.

We will update on the new dates of release of both the whitepaper and website Tomorrow as we it wouldn't take more than couple of days.

As always thank you everyone
Stipend Core Team


Be aware of scammers who even start to immitate me and ask to update stipend wallet to 1.1 ver via PM 🕵 . Be sure that you're talking with real Devs/Admins/Moderators etc.
If we would have any wallet updates you'll see it in official announcements. DO NOT accept any invitations via Teamviewer etc.
You are the only person responsible for your SPD coins.
If you have any proofs that someone is trying to scam you feel free to DM to me and scammer would be banned immediately 🔨
Have a great day! 🚀

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