Congratulations @292549573430345729>, @403649989496274965>, @395464054526967820>, @428655097354911755>, @407066464609107971>, @146613143592894464>, @384781427889143809>, @411639957657092107>, @374511756350980106>, @528486518122348575>, @360304424612003843>, @400085448812265483>, @371307850309304320>, @316937068750176256>, @407426679942807552>! You won the 5 SPD!

@everyone Let's celebreate ! 😃


React with 🎉 to enter! Time remaining: **1** day

@everyone Jumping in to send a message to the whole community, first of all sorry for being MIA for such a long period but i had some serious business decisions and actions to take care of.

"The project is still ongoing and will be until it's successful" this is a personal insurance from everyone involved in the development cycle of the project, the IDAX scam was harsh on the team financially but everyone was involved (community and team) and ended up slowing payments for the involved parties in the development mostly Front End (Vue Framework).

On my end we secured a fund from an investment group to help accelerate the last phase of development "Wallet Management / Extra Features Modules". We are at the moment talking about a first injection of 20.000$ but the team is still reviewing the offer and will obliviously value the project independence first and financial gain/risk second.

I would also thank everyone that is still believing in the project and the team even after theses past harsh months on blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Stipend will be present the next 2 - 3 April in the Future Blockchain Summit Exhibition we have a meeting with the same partners we met last year and they are expecting a full release since we are invited in the speaking startup competition :

Let me know if you have any questions about the team or the project !

@everyone Please do not activate the zSPD function in your wallet. It has been deactivated in our new blockchain and will lead to issues if you do. This option will be erased in our upcoming wallet update.

@everyone Uploaded Mac wallet to Github ( Let me know if you experience any errors while using it.

New rewards can be seen here : or / Whitepaper will be updated.

Stipend Core. Contribute to Stipend-Developer/stipend-core development by creating an account on GitHub.
[ANN][SPD][BOUNTY][PoS/MN] Stipend - the Freelancer's Currency
[ANN][SPD][BOUNTY][PoS/MN] Stipend - the Freelancer's Currency

Remember that you have to verify my discord ID... There are some scammers around.. Be careful


Some asked, here's a temporary explorer that will only display blocks content
There's also one build within the new wallet!

@everyone If it's not, then come to <#539848103063453703> . Thanks

Please verify that the request you made is composed of an address that is in your receiving address tab in your wallet!

Use this one:


I'm here to inform, that our website is again accessible. We're continuing the swap process as scheduled.

For all you less tech-savvy, let me explain few issues:

  1. Swap will not end anytime soon. You will have time to make the transition, yet we encourage all SPD holders not to wait indefinitely.
  2. All transfers, POS and MN rewards that will take place after block 406,000 will not be accountable for the swap. You will only swap what you own at that exact block time.
  3. Coins held at Crypto-Bridge are safe and will be converted. No action required.
  4. Do not buy any SPD using old wallet after block 406,000. It will be worthless and you will loose your money.

If you have any questions about swap, please ask in help section on our Discord. Admins will gladly explain everything in detail.

As a safety reason, you may screenshot/save your wallet.dat before going into swap, if there is an issue you have to show the proof of the ownership of the address if you want to proceed.

Current swap-app handdles only one TX per deposits/address. That's why you have to gather all coin under one and only one.

and use this tab to generate your address:

@everyone Do not make any transfer demands by now, wait until 406k! Thanks.