If that wasn't enough on the mobile side, we'd like to introduce you to #SaveX the market maker #trading #bot brought to you by #SaveNode.
SaveX will allow you to automatically place trades on multiple exchanges. We've seen strategies making upwards of 50% a week using this!

While the bot is operational, we're now working to tie it into the rest of the site and web wallet, so that the experience is more aligned.

To use SaveX you'll have to sign up using #SNO. The idea is a monthly subscription of #SNO taken from your web wallet.

Changes to the main SaveNode website will be coming to reflect all our new app work and all the above.

Stay tuned and hold on to that SNO...@everyone

We're on the home stretch on the #SaveNode multi currency app! You'll be able to store your #SNO, #BTC, #BCH and any #ETH or #ERC20 tokens!
On top of this we're kicking off v2, which enables our users to search and watch #MasterNodes as well as track their own SaveNode masternodes!

Get your SNO now, we're about to blow this back up!@everyone

We're excited to be on the Blockfolio signals platform, to share all our upcoming news directly with our holders! @everyone

We've had a journey, that's for sure. I know we've taken a beating in many ways, but I want to thank all 2400 of you in here for still remaining here. I know words are just words, and it's now about action. I am doing everything I can to be as transparent with you about every update, all our plans, thoughts, movements etc. we owe you that!
I couldn't login to the old SaveNode Medium account for some reason, but put down in words some of the journey of the SaveNode.
Here's to smashing milestones and getting that 500 sat price 😉 @everyone

Where it went wrong, & how we're fixing that - savenode - Medium
Pull up a chair, although I'd imagine you're already sitting. It's been a bumpy ride, that's for sure.

Update: I love Monday. Why? Because I get to chase people for stuff! 😄 Yea, I am basically a poker of people.
First and foremost, MNO has been showing an incorrect number for our collateral for ages, and hadn't replied to our requests. Vishal got them today to finally sort themselves out!

Secondly, we're preparing for phase 2, so will be layering up some sell orders in the CB order book from the dev fund between 10-25 sat to help fund the further development. I'm telling you this so you can see exactly what we're doing and why funds are moving.
Dev fund is at:

Lastly, I did more poking, so to speak this morning with the dev guys about the mobile wallet:@everyone

@everyone We have been talking to a lot of developers regarding the development of the Android Wallet for SNO and luckily we have found someone who is willing to help us out here. The work has already been started and the dev should be able to give us timely updates on the same too.
I would personally like to thank everyone around here for being with us and still believing in us throughout these turbulent times.

@everyone I had been working on the app relentlessly but its something that is just out of my reach as of now.
I am a pure backend developer and i am not aware how the frontend of the app works.
I am really sorry for keeping all of you waiting for the app. Since we were out of funds as we have hardly sold any of the premine, we had no other option but to try to do it ourselves.
I have been in contact with a couple of app developers and they are asking for 0.3 BTC to develop the Android wallet for SNO.

@everyone As a reminder, I, nor anyone else in the team will tell you to download anything in DM. Ever. If we point you to anything to use, it'll be from our official GIT or our site. Please always check <#484714822626443274> to make sure you are actually talking to us and not someone impersonating us.

@everyone We have passed block 268000 and the rewards are now corrected. Sorry for the issue caused to everyone who was staking. Please send me the screenshots of your stakes along with your staking address and i will compensate accordingly.

@everyone recently notice that Crex24 put SNO wallet in maintenance ( don't know why but i already have @!352357567990857728> trying to figure it out over there ) so i advice you all to trade only at CriptoBridge till we get further news regarding crex.
I personally tested today the deposits and withdraws at CB and all working fine

There was a bug detected in our code related with rewards structure.

Unfortunately with all the attention focus to Fake stake fix, a mistake was made on the rewards structure, being the result the reward staking giving a number of -0.0000140 per stake.

Apologies for this issue, and to fix that we need to launch a new Mandatory wallet update with a new protocol for masternodes.

  • The new wallet will be the version 3.1.0

  • The new protocol will be the 70009

  • Old Protocol ( 70008 and previous ) will be invalid after Friday 00:00 am GMT

  • New reward structure will be MN 80% / POS 10% / Dev fee 10% and it will take effect after block 268 000

  • To update wallets on your machine just download the v3.1.0 right from our GitHub link

  • To update ( or install a new one ) masternode on your VPS just follow the instruction in this next link
    ( if you get the message that it's already installed just do "./" again so it can force a new installation)

About staking negative values: For those that will send us a proof of those negative stakes in their wallet ( screenshoot of the POS rewards and wallet address ) we will sent you some SNO in compensation.

@everyone Please make sure that you are on the latest Version of Wallet and Protocol on both your local wallet and VPS.

Validate against:
"version" : 3000000,
"protocolversion" : 70008,

To Check in Local Wallet: Go to Debug Console and type getinfo.

For VPS: Go to root directory and type: savenode-cli getinfo.

All the old wallets will be banned in less than five hours. Please switch now if not done already.

Savenode Army

Trades at CriptoBridge will be open soon and Crex24 seems already open again.

Re-check the post above to be on the correct wallet version and masternode protocol valid version

Remember the good old methods after a wallet update, always generate new wallets address at exchanges wallets

Happy trading, and for those that didn't saw it ..... more updates regarding the development will be done till the end of February like Vishal already stated before

@everyone you can use the Zoldur script to install or update your SNO masternode.
Follow the guide inside the link .
Thanks @399521543253655553>

Contribute to zoldur/Savenode development by creating an account on GitHub.

re-check that you are with the latest wallet that will be valid after block 260000 please check if you have

  • on your PC or Mac the version v3.0.0

If you have Masternode runing:

  • On your VPS type savenode-cli getinfo and see if you get
    "version" : 3000000,
    "protocolversion" : 70008,
    "walletversion" : 61000,

  • On your PC or Mac on Masternode tab see if your node have the protocol 70008

@everyone Changes in the new wallet:

  1. Fake Stake Fix.
  2. With the current prices of SNO and our need to increase our team, we have introduced "Dev Fee" into the reward system. The same will be updated from block 260000 onwards. The Dev Fee Address is : SUUUnAkeFp6XXtkNwyPuQQmhBGK1bBCXsW . We are making this public and every transaction made on this address would be shared with everyone here. Dev Fee would take 10% from block rewards.
  3. Little GUI changes in the wallet.

We are also working hard on the app and the same will be updated in Feb end. Anyone who feels can help us in the same, please feel free to contact anyone from the team.

SaveNode. Contribute to savenode/SaveNodeCore development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone New Wallets are out. Please download V3.0 Wallets and update VPS as well.This is a mandatory update and old Wallets would be no good in a couple of days. Download and update to new Wallets at the earliest.

For Updating VPS: Either do a fresh install or run the MN install script twice. On the second attempt, either provide old masternode privkey from wallet or make a new one and update in wallet. Once VPS is in sync, start MN again from local wallet.
For any issues, dm me.