@everyone Great news from Crex24. We are in the final voting list.

👉Let's vote for $SND.

✅ Join Crex24 discord:
✅ Go to #voting channel
✅ Select 1️⃣ to vote for $SND

Thank you very much!
-The Snode Team

#Freelisting We decided to make the third voting poll using our Discord server. Join and vote if you didn't do this yet. #SND (@snode_co) #SEND (@SocialSendCoin) #ECA (@ElectracoinECA) #XWP (@Swap_Community) #BITC (@ChooseBitCash)

📢📢📢Hello everyone. Just a reminder. Due to the current situation with the Crypto Bridge exchange, we are looking for other exchanges for SND. Starting with the voting campaign on Crex24.
Please give us a hand and share with your friends too.
We are really appreciated!

1️⃣ Like and Retweet this tweet
2️⃣ Copy and Paste $SND #Snode in the comment
3️⃣ Share with your friend.

Thank you very much!
Snode Team!

#FreeListing We are going to list one Coin (or Token) per month absolutely free. Twitter community can vote for the best project. More info and Google form link for coins developers/admins:

Good day@everyone New record
Stable ROI 82.14%

Check out another great video from @409048727664328731> showcasing trustless SND MN setup and other features that we have been providing.
Don't forget to show him some love.
Thanks a lot @409048727664328731>.

SNODE: TRUSTLESS MASTERNODES Sign Up to Snode here: In this video we look at the new additions to the Snode website, the exciting partn...

@everyone Be careful with this person@Jое ID: 626705863683342346 who tries to impersonate me. Always check our team members with ID in <#596413953308098572>

CryptoMasters and Snode platform are now officially partners
As we previously mentioned in the last articles, over the last few months, we have concluded many large-scale partnerships, offering the…
CryptoMasters and Snode platform are now officially partners

🎉 🎉 Our SND birthday party is still ongoing. Let's join this event to celebrate our SND coin and become one of the winners 🎉 🎉


💥🎉 Our SND birthday party is still ongoing. 🎁 10000 $SND GIVEAWAY 🎁 ⁉️ HOW TO ENTER: 1⃣ Like & RT this post & Follow @snode_co 2⃣ Tag 3 friends 3⃣ Suggest your favourite MN coins 💯 50 winners will get 200 $SND each 🎁 Winners will be drawn ...

Our SnodeCoin (SND) is 1 year old today. To celebrate, the Snode team has treats for our own community and our masternode partner projects.
More information will be followed up.

🎉 Happy Birthday to $SND🎉

Snode has partnered with Crypto Masters!

Crypto Masters provides value for investors, coin developers, startups and well known projects. Their years of experience in marketing management, blockchain, and the cryptocurrency field plays an instrumental role in charting the path to success.

CM offers a variety of digital marketing services that are consolidated, specific, and effective. They give straightforward offers with obvious results. Their main goal is to provide impactful advertising and promotional solutions in the crypto industry. Crypto Masters' tools are specifically designed to help promote projects and the continuously expanding crypto niche.

They've formed partnerships with many reputable exchanges, platforms, and crypto projects.

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CryptoMasters - Boost Your Crypto To Next Level
Crypto Masters Club (@cryptomasters07)
📢 BOOST YOUR CRYPTO PROJECT TO THE NEXT LEVEL!! Explore all the benefits of becoming Crypto Masters partner!!
You can view and join @cryptomasterss right away.

@everyone Dear Russian Snoders. Tony from ESBC - one of our coin partners has made a very nice video about Snode platform, overview, how to invest in our platform, and especially how our coin (SND) is being used. Check it out and let's give him some loves.

Thanks again Tony.

Are you ready for exciting news about our platform? Stay tuned!!! They are coming very soon 🔥

Snode сервис общих мастернод и хостинг...
Рефералка Вступление 00:00 Обзор сервиса 08:00 Преимущества Snode для вашей монеты 29:40 Snode coin 39:0...

CryptoBridge is currently running a great Trading Competition series on their exchange. Very attractive prizes.
There are Daily Competition, Weekly Competition
Let join, trade SND and win the competition.

👉 More information can be found in

CryptoBridge Trading competition #GetPaidtoTrade #FromJunetotheMoon
CryptoBridge trading competition starts on June 1 at 00:00 UTC and ends on June 14 at 23:59:59 UTC. If you’re among the top 3, then you’re eligible to both daily and weekly prizes!

@everyone Polis has recently launched their Polisnode platform. Now you can deploy SND MN there as well

Would you like to see SND added to Binance DEX?
Please share your words

Happy Easter 🥚
-Snode Team

Which coins would you like to see added to #Binance DEX?

SND has now more than 1500 Masternodes Online (Coins locked: 70%+)

Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.

Do you know what happened yesterday in <#490667075635904522> channel?
Yesterday, 50 SND masternodes were setup within a day on Snode Platform.
It means that 500 000 SND coins have been locked. Count yourself in <#490667075635904522> channel 😎

SND has now more than 1400 Masternodes Online (Coins locked: ~70%)

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

Dash (DASH) masternode
Dash (DASH) masternode investment comparison tool features the most accurate and detailed stats and a free anonymous monitoring tool to track your own masternodes.

@everyone 📢 Polis Team is running a voting contest for a free listing on their PolisPay. Let's vote for Snode Coin (SND)
⁉ How to participate:
👉 Voting Tweet:

1⃣ Follow PolisPay
2⃣ Follow Polis Blockchain
3⃣ Reply #BringToPolisPay $SND to the voting tweet

🗓 Deadline 19/03/2019 at 12:00 PDT

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency
PolisPay (@polispayapp)
Accept cryptocurrencies, store and spend them securely, or turn them into fiat currency with the PolisPay card. Powered by: @PolisBlockchain
Polis Blockchain (@PolisBlockchain)
$Polis is a community driven cryptocurrency. We use advanced decentralized blockchain technology and secure transactions. Polis empowers people.

@everyone WE ARE GLAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT :SNDlogo: SNODE COIN HAS MORE THAN 1111 MASTERNODES ONLINE:Roket2: :Graph: More than 500 new MNs have been added in the last three months. Thanks a lot everyone for your continued support!! :SNDlogo: 💙 💯

@everyone (MNP) is looking for the Best Masternode Coin in Q1 2019! They have a voting on MNP Discord running until 02/25/2019. The voting starts on the 02/11/2019.
🥇 1st Place:
1 year free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 250,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)
🥈 2nd Place:
6 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 100,000 view advertising banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)
🥉 3rd Place:
3 months free listing on MasterNodes.Pro and 50,000 view advertisement banner on MasterNodes.Pro (Small)


Let's join MNP discord and show your support to SND

MasterNodes.Pro's Search for the Best Masternode Coin!
Hello Masternode enthusiasts and friends!MasterNodes.Pro is looking for the best masternode coin for Q1 / 2019. Show your support for your favorite project and join our discord to cast your vote! All coins listed on MasterNodes.Pro are a part of this vote. The voting starts o...
What's the best masternode of Q1 2019? What project has the best community! Let's find out! Voting begins 2/11/2019 with the launch of the new site!

@everyone There are still 224 MNs and many staking wallets that have not been updated to the version 3.1.0 yet. MN holders and stakers, please update them as soon as possible.

@everyone 📢 Mandatory Update!! Snode Core Wallet v3.1.0 is ready
As you might be aware of the recent "fake stake" vulnerability issue that affects all of PIVX-based PoS coins, leading to the close of deposit and withdrawal on CryptoBridge. We have already updated our wallets and informed CB team about the new release. We hope they will reopen the deposit and withdrawal of SND soon.

📆 This is a mandatory update and the update deadline Feb 1st, 2019 12:00:00 AM GMT

⚠ Any wallets and masternodes that have not upgraded to v3.1.0 by the deadline will be incompatible with the network.

📌 How to Update
✅ Download new v3.1.0 wallet from
✅ Shut down the old version and create a wallet.dat backup before the update.
✅ Copy and start new wallet daemon or wallet executable files of your desired OS
✅ For cold wallet masternodes setup, update both your masternode and your control wallet.
✅ To update the MN wallet, run this script again

💯 We have already updated all SND MNs on our platform to the new wallet. They will start getting reward soon.

🛠 For other coins supported on our platform, we are receiving request to update wallet from the coin teams. We have been performing the update on our platform.
All masternodes of affected coin are required to restart, so if you notice any disruption you know the reason now.

⁉ Further read about the "fake stake" attack here:
⁉ Crypto Bridge announcement here:

Contribute to snodeco/snode-coin development by creating an account on GitHub.
Contribute to snodeco/snodecoin-installer development by creating an account on GitHub.
“Fake Stake” attacks on chain-based Proof-of-Stake cryptocurre...
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