This organization is about small lends (min 25$). You receive money back and you could give the returned money to other people or withdrow your returned money.


Kiva - Join MikeTheGreat on Kiva
Support women, entrepreneurs, students and refugees around the world with as little as $25 on Kiva. 100% of your loans go to support borrowers.

I created StrongHands team on Kiva organization. People that want to help other people all around the world please do it in the name of StrongHands!

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Stronghands Masternode $SHMN @shmnofficial is now listed on MNBIZ Platform $SHMN is also accepted as payment currency to pay MN HOSTING for ANY coin you want to host on MN Stats and hosting: MNBIZ hosting only $0.5 / 30 da...

@378059228046163979> @!394241321021210635> @387652833488404481> Please distribute this amazing news on Twitter and all our other media.

Also, you can use SHMN to list a new coin on . You can pay with SHMN for other masternodes using the same service.

Dear community. We have a new use case for SHMN. You can host your SHMN nodes on and pay your hosting price of only 0.5 USD per masternode/month using SHND coins. The price is the BUY price of market. @everyone | MNBIZ | Masternode Statistic and Market Data
Masternodes.Biz provides cryptocurrency masternode solution service in one platform such as Masternode Monitoring, Masternodes Market data and statistics, Technical Coin Information

After watching the moves of the two exchanges where StrongHands Masternode is listed we could inform you that today our great masternode coin is exposed to a 2 Billion USD/day market according to CoinMarketCap rankings, which is amazing! With a maximum supply of only 15 milli...

@everyone CoinExchange stopped the business, please start withdrawing your coins!

@everyone website will go into maintenance to place SHND swap instructions. Thank you very much!


    With us starting from a fresh start after the swap, there is a different platform i will be using to do live videos on to relay some important SHND/SHMN messages to the community! I will now be using the TWITCH platform!  If you are not signed up for TWITCH please do so here--> Please give a follow, turn on notifications, and subscribe to stay up to date. For everyone that wants to subscribe for free all you need is an amazon prime account which you can get here--> Once you have an amazon prime account you will get to subscribe to my page on TWITCH for free!!! ONLY subscribers will get access to the subscriber only discord channel where I will hold numerous giveaways!!! Let's rally the community together and make this channel the biggest!! See you all there!!<span id="every">@everyone</span>

Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

@everyone SHMN/TRX pairs enabled:

@everyone next monday Catex Exchange will start the SHMN/TRX markets. It was an old request we are now accomplished with them. TRX markets there have 0% trading fees! Just Happy trading!

Dear community! We are very close to start the swap and would like you to inform the situation of major developments of StrongHands Project.   Swap: last week our developers Bumba, Sic_Null and Fedda decided to go under on our new algo and coding to give a long term... #cryp...

@everyone StrongHands Project never stops! 😎

Now we are launching our own classifieds where you can buy and sell stuff using $SHND or $SHMN!

Be aware of more news! Swap is coming!

Hello Community! In consideration of the strong community of strong hands, SHND and SHMN. We have created a space for members to make use of our coins. This is StrongHands classifieds. It is with great excitement that our community can now participate in...

According to developers our fork is a success!

However, many users have not upgraded their wallets which will give problems paying rewards. Please migrate to V.24000 version now

@everyone we have just opened our Youtube Channel where a lot of content about project will be brought to you from StrongHands Team:

StrongHands Project