@everyone website will go into maintenance to place SHND swap instructions. Thank you very much!


    With us starting from a fresh start after the swap, there is a different platform i will be using to do live videos on to relay some important SHND/SHMN messages to the community! I will now be using the TWITCH platform!  If you are not signed up for TWITCH please do so here--> Please give a follow, turn on notifications, and subscribe to stay up to date. For everyone that wants to subscribe for free all you need is an amazon prime account which you can get here--> Once you have an amazon prime account you will get to subscribe to my page on TWITCH for free!!! ONLY subscribers will get access to the subscriber only discord channel where I will hold numerous giveaways!!! Let's rally the community together and make this channel the biggest!! See you all there!!<span id="every">@everyone</span>

Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

@everyone SHMN/TRX pairs enabled:

@everyone next monday Catex Exchange will start the SHMN/TRX markets. It was an old request we are now accomplished with them. TRX markets there have 0% trading fees! Just Happy trading!

Dear community! We are very close to start the swap and would like you to inform the situation of major developments of StrongHands Project.   Swap: last week our developers Bumba, Sic_Null and Fedda decided to go under on our new algo and coding to give a long term... #cryp...

@everyone StrongHands Project never stops! 😎

Now we are launching our own classifieds where you can buy and sell stuff using $SHND or $SHMN!

Be aware of more news! Swap is coming!

Hello Community! In consideration of the strong community of strong hands, SHND and SHMN. We have created a space for members to make use of our coins. This is StrongHands classifieds. It is with great excitement that our community can now participate in...

According to developers our fork is a success!

However, many users have not upgraded their wallets which will give problems paying rewards. Please migrate to V.24000 version now

@everyone we have just opened our Youtube Channel where a lot of content about project will be brought to you from StrongHands Team:

StrongHands Project


By May 27th SHMN will be forked as planned.

We are upgrading to a faster chain, main changes are:

  • Generation of development fee for project where block configurations will be 840/week for first year, 504/week second and 168/week in perpetuity;
  • Multisignature system to control this fund where only three core members will have access;
  • Checkpoint.

Due to this change this release is a mandatory update and will begin rejecting older clients upon the fork block of 152500.

This will bring project to a second stage where coin will be prepared to have its own project, more community driven and be a trading pair at StrongHands Exchange.

Windows and Linux wallets are already on our GitHub Repository for download:

Contribute to bitcoinbabys/StrongHandsMasterNode development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone we are very happy to announce SHMN/BTC pair at Catex Exchange! We thank all who supported oting. Catex is growing great and will be for sure huge market for SHMN. Happy trading:

@everyone We are very happy to release the first version of SHMN whitepaper.

The document contains the vision of this early baby project for 2019 and during the year more will be coming. Thank you very much for supporting the project!

Copy for download can be found on <#556300477508222976> channel

Great News!

SHMN is now listed at Cryptrade! … … … …

Thanks to community who got engaged on voting!

Happy trading and more news are yet to come!

@everyone, we are very happy to announce SHMN listed on Masternodes China Online Website! Let's now explore more great markets!

Great News! #SHMN is now listed on @mncn_online, great #masternodes tracking website! Check the stats of your nodes there! #StrongHands #Masternodes #SHMN

@everyone I am pleased to inform you that SHMN chain is upgraded. We are to release a list of changes made also new wallets to be downloaded, we are on final tests.

@everyone I like to be here only to give good news, but this one is bad!
Seems like Lionbit Exchange closed down. An exchange that I personally was trying to help raising since it is Brazilian.

I do not know exactly what happened but the main dev decided to leave out even with our help, bringing our community to backup. I really regret this badly the day we listed SHND/SHMN/Gives and other coins there and I am here to apologize for all this disturbance.

This is the third case we help small projects using our credibility since we have only good intentions to raise our work cooperating with those who are too small, but looks like this is a big mistake and I promise you I no more will involve our community in votes for these startup projects. We deserve a lot more! All other projects suddenly got kicked too and we developers are going to take measures putting those scam devs in a list. We are cooperating to put some light over them.

You guys may think why we as admins got scammed. It is too hard to explain this, people come, ask for an opportunity because once, we were at the same position, but people are not equal, we do research, talk and see the good will to make great stuff in crypto and lend credibility, but some people are weak and never show the real intention. I am proud of being honest and from where I came, I can die in starvation, but will never scam people, you guys can bu sure about this.

Never trust again:

1 - Lionbit - Pablo Henrique
2 - Nibyx - Marcio Chaves
3 - Monex - Tiago Tig

I am ashamed by these three guys, but will never regret of being great with them!

Have a good day!

Hello@everyone, hope all is great for you.

Here we are reporting the project situation and upgrades:

  1. SHND swap 100:1 - Our developers are working on new code and we are still talking to exchanges to do swap automatically, but are assuming the process through website is 100% considered for now, so if you aren’t trading coins please take them back to your wallets. 31st of March is still the working date but if anything different from planned happens we will report to you;
  2. SHND Webwallet: I personally apologize for that but the developer delivered a very bad service and we are never ever working again with him due to his unprofessional behavior with us and other projects we are aware, now Fedda is working on a new code and soon we will have an in-house project;
  3. SHND Website: we are moving servers and are doing backups since website has a lot of data, we hope to get it online by next Monday;
  4. SHMN Fork: Our developers are finishing new code and in 3-4 weeks we will be releasing new version wallets (masternodes won’t be affected or collateral won’t be changed), chain will be faster and will generate dev fees to support new SHMN website and it is own use case project;
  5. StrongPay Project: we are still developing the app and is to be released only after SHND 100:1 swap;
  6. SHNDX: Main developer Informed me yesterday he has struggled with some health situation and is back into coding, we assure in 4-5 weeks we will have it up and running, project looks great so far, guy is working 14 hours/day to guarantee great platform to us;
  7. We have scheduled next Thursday a meeting with Blockfolio to set up Signals Project which involves a lot of marketing and spreading around the crypto world for our project. It is a huge step for StrongHands. We are part of a group of coins they are willing to work with.

Come to join this great global community! We are StrongHands Masternodes! #StrongHands #Masternodes #Cryptocurrency

@everyone our whitepaper will be released on 15th of March officially.

@everyone here we have a great moment for SHMN! We are listed at Bitibu Exchange!

GREAT NEWS! 🚀🚀🚀 As we promised #SHMN is now being traded in a great 1.2 million dollars market/day! We are listed at @BitibuOfficial Exchange with BTC and BTB pairs! Happy trading! #SHMN #StrongHands #Masternode...