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SKYHUB is listed on - Everything masternodes
Run your masternodes for $3.90 per month, get notified for status changes, payouts and more.

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@everyone Flits iOS app is now released! and now live on app store πŸ˜‰
Run your SHB nodes on your mobile and deploy them in a flash!
Also, don't forget that if you are a pre-sale investor, you will be subjected to a Life time 50% discount!! Therefore, you will only be paying:
⭐ If Paid in FLS
βœ… Price per node : $1.75
βœ… Staking : 1.75% of the rewards

β€ŽFlits - The first masternode and staking app released! MASTERNODES Invest very easy in a masternode with our app. You can also buy a share in a masternode if you don't want a full one. STAKING For every coin with Proof of Stake enabled, we have a staking pool in which yo...

@everyone Please be advised, EvoNodes has implemented a new fee structure that greatly benefits our community! Rather than charging a 7% fee, they now charge a flat rate of $2 per month per full node. This is one of the cheapest in the industry! For SHB that means instead of charging 7% of the masternode rewards, they now only charge 4.75% of the rewards!🎊

And dont forget to participate in the special Promotion offered for EvoNodes users.

Good day@everyone! We wanted to share with you a very special Promotion that we are sponsoring over at πŸŽ‰

Anyone who deposits one full SkyHub-SHB Masternode onto the EvoNnodes platform will get a bonus of 10% SHB! That's over $50 in free coins! In order to participate one must adhere to the following rules…

-Original deposit of 1 Masternode must remain in the pool for a minimum of 4 weeks (to prevent cheating)
-This google form must be filled in completely (txid/email/discord name) -
-Qualifying deposits must be made before 05/02/2019, 1 week from today
-10% Bonus will be awarded after the 4 week period has ended

Happy Staking!

EvoNodes + SHB Promo
Fill out this form in it's entirety in order to qualify for the 10% bonus!

@everyone We have great news! SkyHub has been added to - The Next Evolution in Shared Masternodes!

Sister Company to, features the the highest ranked customer service in the industry. EvoNodes provides a top tier, easy to use, trustworthy service for investors of all sizes to compound their Proof of Stake and Masternode coins, as fast and efficiently as possible, and with maximum transparency.

Reinvestments are done every 8 hours automatically
Personal deposit addresses! You can even mine right to a masternode pool
Invest through Discord Bot or the website
No "seats" & No minimums
No collateral locks
No deposit/withdraw fees
Low fee of $2 per month per full masternode

Using the @484453228025741313> in the designated channel, <#567453298311954453> SHB investors can easily interact with the EvoNodes platform. Users can register with the platform, join the SHB Instant Shared Masternode Pool, receive a deposit address, request withdraws, and check balances, all without ever leaving the SkyHub server!
Website -
Twitter - - The Best Shared Masternode Service - The Next Evolution in Shared Masternodes! Video Made By Features: Auto-Reinvest Reinvestments are done every 8 hours autom...

@everyone Nice twitter bounty supported by Crypto Masters team!!

πŸ”₯SKYHUB TWITTER BOUNTYπŸ”₯ ❀️🎁 Win 100 $Shb 🎁❀️ - RULES - βœ… Like Retweet this post βœ… Mention 3 friends in comments βœ…FOLLOW @skyhubcoin @mastersofnodes @cryptomasters07 10 random winners will get 10 $SHB each πŸ‘ Winners will be drawn on Ap...

FlitsNode Mobile Masternode Service πŸ“’

βœ… We are glad to announce that FlitsNode has listed us on their mobile app.
βœ… NOW you can host your masternodes at FlitsNode mobile app for only $3.49/Month if paid in FLS or $5.99/Month if paid in another currency!
βœ… Check out their website to try this unique mobile experience

What benefits does FlitsNode offer:
πŸ”˜ No coding needed
πŸ”˜ Start a masternode with just a few clicks
πŸ”˜ Super fast and convenient
πŸ”˜ Mobile Staking enabled
πŸ”˜ Deposit and Invest Bitcoin
πŸ”˜ Buy/Sell coins right from the mobile
πŸ”˜ 10% monthly discount for 10+ nodes
πŸ”˜ Fees charged daily.

⭐ 30 days free trial ⭐

For further inquiries, please visit FlitsNode discord :

Flits - Masternode and staking app
Flits is a masternode and staking app making investing a lot easier. Android app is released and the presale is open.

Incredible SHB promotion!!!
Place your investment at the trttNodes platform for at least 2 weeks (Coins must be hosted for 15 days at least among March 25 and April 25) Send your investment ID once you hold your SHB for 15 days and we will send you this bonus: 200+ coins 5% 500+ coins 10 % bonus

@everyone πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯

πŸ’₯ Our special gratitude goes to all of you !!

πŸ’₯ A big thank you to community for every VOTE !!

πŸ’₯ We congratulate us and you for winning StakingLab and ClickNode voting competition !!

πŸ’₯ This was the first step to unite our community to achieve our goal!!

πŸ“Œ We should not dream for success, we should work for it TOGETHER !!

πŸ’₯ The success of SHB depends both on us and on YOU , SkyHub Community !!

πŸ™ Thank you , new interesting updates and listings will follow !!

Congratulations to @Skyhubcoin for winning Stakinglab's 3rd weekly coin voting. #SkyHub has now been listed on and join a shared SkyHub #masternode at or host one yourself with Clicknode. Happy mastern...

@everyone SKYHUB Whitepaper 1.1 release

@everyone SkyHub listed on

We are proud to inform that SkyHub is now listed in one of the largest crypto/blockchain databases

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Again we need your help!!

SkyHub coin is available on's pool this week for voting round.

We need your votes to win the weekly voting round!!

The winner of the round will be listed on and for FREE.

We have no doubt that winner shall be SHB coin!!

Show your strength !! Vote now !!

Follow this link

It will take 1 minute from your precious time! We are grateful for your support!!
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@everyone Hello SHB Community!!

πŸ’₯ We have just partnered with trttnodes, trttNodes is a masternode hosting platform πŸ’₯ -

What does the service offer:


  • Investments with no limitations or barriers - starting from 10 EUR minimum value and no cap on maximum investment.
  • Investment pools - no shares, seats or dedicated masternodes, your investment will be treated as one position and always get it's fair rewards.
  • Instant rewards - no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling, get paid 4 times a day, on every 6 hours
  • Instant withdrawals - no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
  • Compound interest by Reinvesting - enable "Re-invest" feature and get the accumulated rewards automatically added to your investment.
  • Flexible management - you can add more coins to running investment or withdraw from it any amount, whenever you wish.
  • Low fees - 5 EUR/month flat fee per masternode and 4% on rewards for the amounts less that full MN.
  • Fees paid in TRTT - your coins won't be sold on the market and drive the price down.
  • Team dedicated to investors - no need to worry about wallet updates, chain forks or swaps, airdrops, support and monitoring.


  • No tech Knowledge needed
  • 3-clicks setup
  • Special launch offer - only 0.49€/Month
  • Fees charged daily in TRTT
  • 24/7 service
  • Special offer offer is valid for one month, starting from 10th of March

πŸ“– Guides to help you with the platform
How to invest -
How to withdraw -
How to get higher ROI -
Fees explained -
Deploy node -

*** If you have any concerns and questions, feel free to contact Trittium team on their Discord server -