CryptoDezireCash ( CDZC ) will be integrated on SEND Platform.

CDZC Discord :

VIP Coin will be integrated on Social SEND Platform

Stay tuned for further announcements!

VIP Discord :

Electra deposit/withdraw on SEND platform will be disabled till the fork is complete. (~till Feb 21)

You can use it for social sending/trading it on the platform.

Deposit/withdraw on Crypto-bridge and Graviex have been enabled.

Happy Trading @everyone

If you are on wrong block height or if you have too many rewards/conflicted rewards, please do as below:

  1. Update your wallet to the latest version (
  2. Resync your wallet or use the bootstrap to recync it. (Bootstrap link :
  3. Go to <#353957908326776836> or <#389098666612359178> and type DB and send it to get instructions on how to use bootstrap.

NOTE : Please keep yourself updated about your investment, so that you wont loosing any rewards

Social Send Coin - An Innovative Crypto Currency for Social Sending
Sending cryptocurrency via Social Media, Email, Phone number

❤ ❤ ❤ This is the announcement of the VALENTINE BOUNTY MEME competition! ❤ ❤ ❤

  • The SEND team has chosen 3 winners according to their; originality, work and message and believe us it wasn’t an easy task! *
  • We are proud to announce the 3 winners; *

first_place 1000 go to @mz43n_41a ❤ ❤ ❤
second_place 500 go to @Soul ❤ ❤
third_place 300 go to @Merllyha

❤ ❤ ❤ Here are the winning Bounties! ❤ ❤ ❤

First place;

Second place;

Third place;

  • We thank@everyone to have entered the competition and make sure that you participate next time too to win those fantastic SEND prices! *

Please use the latest bootstrap, delete peers.dat and use following nodes

Bootstrap Link :
Explorer with correct Chain :

Share your nodes once you are on the right chain.
Shared with Dropbox

@everyone Please do not do any transactions on SEND network right now. We are getting some issues on our network right now. There are few chains and we will be giving the correct bootstrap and peers.

Every exchanges will be contacted for the same shortly.

Let's make this Valentine's Day a special one with SEND

Valentine's Day Meme Contest

Make SEND meme for this valentine's day and upload it to <#436511456163266570>. Three best memes will be rewarded as below:
1st Reward: 1000 SENDs
2nd Reward: 500 SENDs
3rd Reward: 300 SENDs

We have successfully released our website update, which is live at

Share it over the social networks and give us feedbacks...

Social Send Coin - An Innovative Crypto Currency for Social Sending
Sending cryptocurrency via Social Media, Email, Phone number

@everyone All Wallets need to be updated until 15. february ---> link to the new wallet this is a mandatory update.

@everyone We have successfully released a newer version of wallet with following updates:

  1. Budget tab and GUI

  2. Protocol version update

  3. Security update

link to the new wallet

----@everyone We are proud to announce that has now been listed on Altilly, a CMC crypto-currency exchange.

A new bounty from the Social Send team going on right now!
Be sure to follow these 2 easy steps to be eligible for the prize!

  1. Make an account on our Social Platform at

  2. Make an account on discord and join our server!

Good luck to@everyone from the Send Team!

Please kindly vote for the monthly budget

For windows/mac/linux (GUI)
mnbudgetvote many "5cf85e14870a1ce3b2de886e5f3510f574d76a12fab83e0e384596a41c56ebf1" yes

For windows/mac/linux (CLI)
send-cli mnbudgetvote many "5cf85e14870a1ce3b2de886e5f3510f574d76a12fab83e0e384596a41c56ebf1" yes

You can replace yes with no if you want to vote against the budget.

Do you know?

You can set up your own SEND masternode on satoshisolution with just a few clicks. The best part is you can pay the hosting cost with SEND coins and there is no any risk of losing coins.

Set up your masternode today 😃

We are growing every day and SEND demand too :)

Its almost a week that we released our Social Exchange. One can exchange/swap our partner's coin with SEND pair.

It seems like we need a bit more community effort on it. It will be great if you guys can give orders, buy/sell or exchange there:

Benefits of using SEND Exchange:
`- You can swap a small number of airdropped coins into SEND and withdraw it at once. (Saving on withdrawal fees)

  • If you swap your coins into SEND, you can transfer to others within the platform at 0.5% fees. It is 1% for all other coins but 0.5% for SEND
  • It will help us to improve the platform on the basis of user experience
  • The rise in user involvement on the platform will give high credibility on our platform and SEO ranking`

We are waiting for user feedback and suggestions.

More announcements are on the way...

I am around 6-8 hours far away from New Year. I want to celebrate this time with the community members.

Lets make a nice active community. Lets gather around on <#353957908326776836>. I will be there to answer your queries....

**Happy New Year 2019 !

-- SEND Team**

Social SEND has completed another year together. There have been lots of ups and downs along the way.

Throughout it all, we have have built an amazing community and are in this position because of your support. Thanks for supporting SEND and the team. Thanks for giving your valuable time to building our community.

We have been working hard on upgrades to the platform to make it easy for everyone to use. The main purpose of SEND is to make crypto easy and we are making good progress on achieving it.

Regarding price; it's not a pleasant topic from a team's perspective. However, from an investor point of view, we could easily 5x if we continue to get enough support from community members. 1BTC volume could take us to around 1000sat. So, price is not a big issue!

**Get ready to send one of the top ten Cryptos (based on market capital). ***

Also, we want to hear more and more from you about SEND exchange.

The Winners of the CHRISTMAS MEME bounty are

🎄 1st Price goes to @233713416144027648> : 1000
🎄 🎄 2nd Price goes to @438127633079861248> : 800
🎄 🎄🎄 3rd price goes to @452403682730967042> : 500

🎅 ⏳ 🎄 It was a hard decision, keeping in mind that we were actually facing 2 categories... So we decided to have surprise Prizes to reward the best GIFs! 🎉
🥇 500 go to @453940795205091343>
🥈 300 go to @283342258319917057>
🥉 200 go to @517321150586552321>
the Rest of attendants will recieve a tiny reward too ❤ thanks for your beautifull memes!