Hello SENDERs !

Colossus is the winner of last voting round with 1013 votes.

Result of next voting will be announced next Monday depending upon vote counts. Add your best project to voting via <#573803783511867392> and reach the team for promotion.

Just for reminder, you can vote once a day if you have at least 100SENDs on platform.



Those hodling 1000 SENDs got 30 SENDs and those hodling 10K SENDs got 330 SENDs from the rewards.

HODL SEND, incerease your hodlings, trade it on the platform :)

Trading it on SEND platform will help SEND grow @everyone

SEND Coin has now been listed on, a new exchange with new exciting features and trollbox.

SEND Market:

Trade SEND with BTC, LTC and DOGE pair!

Unnamed - CoinInfo
Crypto-Currency Trading platform.


Hello@everyone !

Unigrid is the winner of last voting round with 1006 votae.

Result of next voting will be announced next Monday. Add your best project to voting via <#573803783511867392> and reach the team for promotion.


Those holding 1000 SENDs got 10 SENDs and those holding 10K SENDs got 110 SENDs.

Lets exchange on the SEND platform; lets add value to our exchange.

(More airdrops will be there soon)


From block height 885, 602; SEND block reward has halved to 12 from 25. Masternode holders will get 9 SENDs and stakers will get 3 SENDs on each block reward.

Accumulate as much SENDs as you can

As per the request from developers, COLX, UGD, XGS and NYEX have been added for voting. The coins with the highest vote will win the listing.

Votes will reset on 5th August.

Minimum Votes Required : 1000 VOTES

User must hold 100 SENDs in order to be eligible for voting
One can vote once in 24 hour

Spread the news to the community and devs of concerned projects

We have been giving surprise Airdrops for SENDs on platform to those who are holding more than 1000 and 10000 SENDs.

Check your account, exchange it on the platform :)

Those holding 10K or more SENDs on platform, check your balance now 😃

These will be much frequent on coming days.

ZENZO Airdrop has been sent successfully :)

People holding 100 SENDs got : 0.5 ZNZ
People holding 1000 SENDs got : 1.5 ZNZ
People holding 10000 SENDs got 6.5 SENDs

Also, people holding more than 10000 SENDs will get more SEND/ALTs airdrops on coming days.

ZENZO smartdrop date is out!

Hodl at least of 100 SENDs on the SEND platform account to be eligible for the airdrop. Airdrop amount will vary
based on SEND holdings.

There will be three airdrops for each coin. People holding 100SENDs will get XX amount. People holding 1000 will get XX + YY amount. And people holding more than 10000 will get XX+YY+ZZ amount.

Also, we will be sharing SEND coins to those holding more than 10K SENDs on the platform. Amount will be announced in few days. We will stake all deposits as a pool and share it to those having more than 10K SENDs on the platform on timely basis. (More announcement will be there on this)


@everyone If you want to list coin on SEND platform via voting, suggest your coins on <#573803783511867392> or fill up this form :

Please spread the announcement to dev teams too :)


  1. Include coin name and description
  2. Coin must be BTC/LTC/DASH/PIVX fork (mean to say based on BTC core wallet)
  3. Voting will be there for a week
  4. Paid voting is allowed too (DM me for that)
  5. Minimum votes required 1000 and one can vote once in every 24 hours.
Dev team must fill this form for listing your token in SEND Platform. Please provide all the information correctly. Any wrong information may give issue on listing and may take more time.

Help this guy to grow and thank him for shouting out Social Send on his video (independent review).

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SCRIV smartdrop has been sent!

HODL 100/1000 SENDs for upcomming airdrops.

We are proud to announce that Digibyte Coin has now been integrated on Social SEND platform, along with an in-built #exchange.

Happy Social Sending!

Happy Trading!

GET READY for SCRIV airdrop tomorrow 🚀

Finally, explorer is back :

@everyone Have a look at our budget funds. Also, we will have another budget proposals in few days, please kindly vote it.

Total Budget

Total Accumulation till April : 50000+87299.99
April Budget : 108000
May Budget : 0 (budget approved but not finalized)
June Budget : 0 (budget approved but not finalized)


Team Pay (Apart from Platform) for the month of:
April : 36700
May & June : 77700

Partnership Payments:

Payment to Midas (1MN) : 12500 (for instant share)
Payment to SWYFT (2 MNs + Cross Listing) : 25000 (2 MN reward will power SEND distribution for lifetime on Crypto Hunter game for lifetime)
Payment to StackOfStake (1MN): for instant share

Remaining Accumulation: 80, 900 SENDs (approx)

Accumulation Address : SMxiKPuVGA3XGcqepzv98PENPG8xtmDaLT

NOTE: SEND aridrops on the platform is not from budget proposal. We will use it wisely. 😃

Airdrop SENT! This is just a teaser. We will send more frequently depending upon user holdings, activeness and trading volume.

More to come!

Support us by sharing your experience in your social networks. Pelase #send or $send hashtag.

We are giving surprise smartdrop of SEND coins on SEND Platform in next 1 hour.

Eligibility: Minimum account balance of 1000 SENDs

Deposit SENDs on the platform and you will be surprised with our frequent smartdrops.

Happy Social Sending!

Happy Trading!

@everyone You can join <#595540469027700736> channel if you have more than 100K SENDs.

Jut DM any of our mod with the screenshot of your holdings 🚀 🌕