The SCRIV team is happy to present you the Demo Version of Universal Miner!

Explore it now at http://demo.universalminer.app 🎉🎉🎉
Login: demo
Pass: demodemodemo

👉 👉 👉 Learn more about this release: https://scriv.network/blog/12-02-2019-universal-miner-demo-version-release/ 👈 👈 👈
⛏ ⛏ ⛏ Learn more about universal miner: https://scriv.network/universal-miner/ ⛏ ⛏ ⛏

12-02-2019 — Universal Miner DEMO VERSION Release | The SCRIV Ne...


Our team would like to hear the community ideas about SCRIV advertisement. That's why we are launching "The marketing involvement" event. Make your suggestion for our success!

Your suggestions and contributions are highly appreciated!

Learn more:

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13-02-2019 — Marketing Community Involvement | The SCRIV Network
Marketing Campaign Voting
1. Contribute into The SCRIV Network marketing campaign: SCRIV seKkB9LzfnedYR4aAt2gzeM3VW217W6vXS BTC 1Q4qfWtGX7ifn82CpgXoYmGhVJdS5bG6UQ DASH XmxtsNfWqMWtAvBaPUNiv1LJSPfqxHfeY3 ETH 0x2e1336BF87DBD423542C3A85Fd129F43B0d65158 LTC LYHfZn8eY7VcuXZn9j5BsbBhDDyXBSenEd Any amount ...


SCRIV was featured as Top 3 Low Cap Masternode Cryptocurrency Coins for 2019 by BitcoinExchangeGuide!


Previously, they have already featured StackOfStake in the list of best masternode services:


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$SCRIV was featured as Top 3 Low Cap Masternode Cryptocurrency Coins for 2019 by BitcoinExchangeGuide! https://t.co/PEbz4lVAHZ 💪💪💪 Let's keep hard working to be the best @scriv_network @apollonxap @MANOCoinTeam


We are excited to present you a reworked Official SCRIV website!


An updated roadmap is located at


If you will find any mistakes or errors browsing it - please leave your report at <#543816923352399874>

The domain name will be updated from demo.scriv.network to scriv.network during the next 24 hours.


SCRIV has been listed at CoinExplorer block explorer!

List of cool unique info it is providing:
PoW difficulty, transactions, coin supply charts
Masternode statistics
Nodes geolocation
Markets explorer
Community governance explorer

Check it out at https://www.coinexplorer.net/SCRIV/


You are probably know that SCRIV is super-active at Twitter
I want to share some events happen today.

SCRIV has become "The best masternode to invest" by version of Coinvasity:

SCRIV has become "Top Performing coin of January 2019" by the version of Bitven:

CoinExplorer will probably announce contest results tomorrow. It's very likely that SCRIV will keep top 1 position.
So we will probably have an amazing block explorer - https://www.coinexplorer.net/

Please, 👉 Like + Retweet 👈 to increase our chances for success:
👉 https://twitter.com/MyCoinExplorer/status/1090190924100108288 👈

Great thanks to everyone who is active and cheering for SCRIV NETWORK at Twitter!

To get $SCRIV @scriv_network listed on https://t.co/kpcFN92hWt like and retweet this. The two coins with more likes+retweets get listed for free!


Our official website https://scriv.network/ will get a much better look very soon.
More information, better structure, clean connections between services (SCRIV, SOS, UM, ...), more fun

Also, an updated version of 📰 roadmap will be released in the same time.


New video at DOMSCRYPTO Youtube channel is about.... SCRIV and StackOfStake!
Give it your love and warm comment!

DOMSCRYPTO Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMh5foSNXWg1hl1vr5FUBw
DOMSCRYPTO Twitter: https://twitter.com/domscrypto


DOMSCRYPTO ₿ (@domscrypto)
Running a #Crypto YouTube Channel (DOMSCRYPTO) & Trading For Fun 📥 Business email: kinimotv@gmail.com
SCRIV.NETWORK (SCRIV) Data Verification Revolution? 🧐
In this video we talk about a project called Scriv Network to see what their mission is and also their very first product to host masternodes! Support The Ch...


Our marketing team has already done a great job, and an even greater job is planned. February will be the month of SCRIV Marketing!


Learn a portion of information from Adigun Enoch - head of marketing team!


New Project Status Update is here again!

Learn about:
upcoming marketing campaign
global expansion
development updates
team news


Enjoy and be bullish


Congratz everyone with MNO Banner Contest winning.

SCRIV project banner will have 100 000 pageviews at https://masternodes.online/
It will greatly increase coin awareness and bring more community members

Thanks to you guys, for your participation and input!


Great thanks to @_mn_o_ for this fair contest and prize, and also to all $SCRIV community members and ambassadors participated in it! 😍 #2019 year 🎇 will be started with a powerful advertisement powered by #MNO 🚀🚀🚀 https://t.co/SAa28jxdh5


Get #excited - we have a brand-spanking-new Project Status Update headed your way:


In this article, we are covering <#411250577268408331> software - Universal Miner (UM) ☂️
It will be a great accompaniment for@StackOfStake, isn't it? 😁