Flits project just launched the voting for listing at Flits App!
It's a great opportunity to add to the non-custodial mobile app.

Click this link and vote for Scriv πŸ‘‡
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We are pleased to announce that SCRIV added to OpenChains block explorer!

▢️ TX and blocks explorer
▢️ Peers list and location
▢️ Masternodes list and statuses
▢️ Mempool data
▢️ API is coming soon

The list of block explorers available for SCRIV:
Official block explorer:


SCRIV listed MonitorNode!

This is a mobile application that allows track your masternodes of 50+ different coins.
Also you can deploy SCRIV masternode at 3 USD/mo there

πŸ”Έ Apple Store:
πŸ”Έ Google Play:

Other links:
πŸ”Έ Website :
πŸ”Έ Discord :


Hello scrivians!

It's time to β˜‘ summarize our project developments for Q1-Q2 2019!

A lot of things was done and even more are coming

SCRIV | Web wallet release
SCRIV | Paper wallet release
SCRIV | Android, iOS wallets release
πŸ—ƒ Data Assurance | Hardfork/swap of SCRIV for full compatibility with new protocol
πŸ—ƒ Data Assurance | Service alpha version release
βœ‹ StackOfStake | Service becomes platform (v.3.0 release)
βœ‹ StackOfStake | Premium plan release (advanced statistics and usability) – to be paid in SCRIV
βœ‹ StackOfStake | Express Trade feature release
⛏ Universal Miner | UI/UX improvement
⛏ Universal Miner | Public release

10-07-2019 – Project Status Update - Q1-Q2 2019 Report - What's ...
Hey, there. Lova with you! Today I want to share things we have achieved during Q1-Q2 2019, and what should you expect from the Scriv Network team during the second two quarters of this year. Marketing campaign The year was started with the marketing campaign which was quite ...


SCRIV was advanced to the 🚩 final round of listing voting at Crypto Tracker!
Download this app ( and vote for #SCRIV πŸ…
Let's get it!

Monkey - Crypto Tracker - Apps on Google Play
$SCRIV was advanced to the πŸ† final round of listing voting at @MONKEYPROJECT_'s Crypto Tracker! Download this app ( and vote for #SCRIV πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ


SCRIV airdrop at SocialSend Platform confirmed!

How to participate:

  1. Top up your balance for 100 SEND at
  2. Wait for the SCRIV airdrop that will be held on July 6.

$SCRIV #smartdrop date is out! #Hodl 100 SENDs on the $SEND Platform account to be eligible for the airdrop. Airdrop amount will be quite higher as compared to earlier airdrops! Platform: $btc $eth $ltc $crypto #socialsend #airdrop #fintech #giv...


Hello SCRIVians 😎 Now we have the new marketing team that will increase the awareness about the SCRIV Network all over the Discord and Twitter. Meet Crypto Masters!

πŸ’Ž Crypto Masters provides value not only for investors but also for coin developers, startups and well known projects. Their years of experience in marketing management, blockchain industry and cryptocurrency field, plays an instrumental role in charting the future path of any crypto projects.
πŸ’Ž Crypto Masters offers variety of valuable digital marketing services, making crypto marketing strategy consolidated, specific and effective, giving straightforward offers with obvious results. Their goal is to provide effective advertising and promotional solutions in crypto industry. Crypto Masters' tools are designed to help to promote crypto projects and the continuously expanding crypto niche.
πŸ’Ž They have built partnerships with 20+ outstanding exchanges, platforms and with 60+ promising crypto projects.

βœ… Website -
βœ… Twitter -
βœ… Discord -

This partnership should πŸ’ͺ straighten the connections between SCRIV and LNO (their native cryptocurrency) ecosystems and open the new possibilities!


SCRIV listed at CombatNerd
Data tracking, profitability calculator and more!


We are happy to announce listing at platform!

Send SCRIV via Twitter and Discord
Exchange to $BTC, $LTC and $SEND
Participate in affiliate program and earn

Do you want to know πŸ„ how to get started? Read our latest blog post:

SCRIV listing at SocialSend Platform | The SCRIV Network
Hello, SCRIViants! Lova here. Our team keeps searching for strong partnerships and good opportunities for the SCRIV Network. Present cryptocurrency space is full of various projects. But only a small part of them are really working to deliver a good and usable product to the ...


The new πŸ—žοΈ publication about SCRIV, StackOfStake, and other ⛓️ infrastructure services at BitcoinExchangeGuide:

Going Beyond Borders: The Scriv Network Expansion Into Chinese Market
Breaking a geographical barrier in the cryptosphere is generally a big deal considering the many regulatory suffocation currently meted on cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovations worldwide. The wide desire of every blockchain invention is to gain acclaimed recognition and...

We are searching for a good front-end developer + designer to join our team. It would improve our development speed a lot. If interested, pls kindly DM me.


SCRIV was listed at

βœ… Masternode hosting at 1.99 EUR/month
βœ… Masternode monitoring

We have launched the giveaways of 1 month of free hosting to 3 users.
Learn how to participate:

#SCRIV was listed at ✌️ Now you can use it for $SCRIV masternode hosting (1.99 $EUR/mo) and monitoring! We are giving away 🌟1 month of free hosting to 3 users πŸ€‘ πŸ€Ύβ€β™‚οΈjoin +πŸ€Ύβ€β™€οΈjoin


SCRIV was listed at

Cloud masternode - 3.9 USD/month
Dedicated masternode - 9.9 USD/month

Info page:

More new listings are coming soon πŸ˜‰ - Everything masternodes
Run your masternodes for $3.90 per month, get notified for status changes, payouts and more.


SCRIV has a good opportunity to get listed at FEX exchange.

It's an Asian exchange with relatively large volumes. Recently, they have started to target the worldwide market too (especially the masternode coins sector).
Potentially, it will help SCRIV to be promoted at the Hong Kong and other Chinese cryptocurrency communities
Everything looks great about this exchange except one fact - ⚠ they are requiring KYC before coin withdraws from the exchange (real name, passport photo, selfie).

Since we are trying to be more community-oriented, our team has decided to learn your opinion about this perspective. This voting will greatly affect the final decision about listing.

Share your opinion with us by answering several simple questions!

Exchange link:
Coingecko stats:
Feixiaohao (Chinese tracker):

FEX representative at our server is @488619534337703946>. You can ask more questions about this exchange at <#409726323230113794>


We are excited to announce that SCRIV became available at MCT+ Platform. This is the OTC trading platform which allows you to exchange SCRIV to BTC and altcoins in any amounts without influence on market price.

Learn more at our blog:

Trade at MCT+ now:
MCT+ Platform FAQ:

Leave your OTC links with description at <#563818444903153676>

SCRIV listing at MCT+ Trading Platform | The SCRIV Network


πŸ“’ The new Project Status Report is already here!

β˜‘οΈ #StackOfStake News
β˜‘οΈ $SCRIV Newsletter
β˜‘οΈ $SCRIV #halving
▢️ and more!

Read it now at πŸ“°

23-03-2019 – Project Status Update | The SCRIV Network


SCRIV and StackOfStake were featured in the latest video by CryptoTube! Don't hesitate to like and comment

STACK OF STAKE Platform Review
SOS is the 3rd Masternode platform reviewed! Check them out! Platform: Discord: Let me kno...


SCRIV was verified at Blockspot! πŸ˜ƒ

SCRIV (SCRIV) Price, Graph, Data and Info | πŸ“Š
Find all information about SCRIV (SCRIV) | Explore our database with 4000+ Coins | The #1 Blockchain Data Platform

@everyone has released an article about SCRIV!
The complete overview of our ecosystem.
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Scriv Network Review: The "Supermarket" Of Blockchain Solutions. ⁦⁦@scriv_network⁩ is very close to achieving 'near perfection' in offering a complete spectrum of services needed in blockchain field in current times. Check out our review.
Scriv Network Review: The "Supermarket" Of Blockchain Solutions
SCRIV Network was established in Q1, 2018 by founders Mr. Lova and Mr. QLee with a vision to leverage blockchain to provide state of the art solutions to retail, business and mining challenges. The current product offerings include Data Assurance (a data storage, assurance an...


SCRIV was listed at masternode tracking website! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Delion Platform - Coin Watch, Masternode Statistic, Masternode Mon...
Delion Coin | Delion Project provides cryptocurrency masternode solution service in one platform such as Masternode Monitoring, Market data and statistics, Coin Information, Masternode Hosting, Staking Pool, Exchange from fiat to cryptocurrencies and also Digital Cryptocurren...