@everyone SCC is now listed on altilly and available for trading: https://www.altilly.com/asset/SCC2 https://i.imgur.com/59R7psB.png

altilly - Asset information for StakeCubeCoin (SCC2)
altilly - Asset information for StakeCubeCoin (SCC2)

Here some Q&A for you to start:

-How does it work? The platform automatically creates and configures the server for you in the background. You just need to provide the inputs that link your wallet to the server where asked.

-Where do I send my coins? Using this service, your collateral coins for this specific mn never touch the pool, that's what a cold wallet setup means. Your coins stay in your wallet.

-When do I pay for the service? Payment for every day of service is deducted in advance from your available balance on the platform. Every 24 hours or 30 days, depending on the option you choose when installing the masternode.

-What happens if I don't have enough SCC? If you don’t have enough SCC on your stakecube.net wallet to make the payment, the masternode(s) will be automatically deleted - of course your coins are safe and not touched in your local wallet.

-Where are my rewards sent to? You will receive the rewards in your local wallet.

-Does my local wallet have to be open to receive rewards? No. You can close it after startup and open it whenever you need it. Once you open it, the rewards will be there after the wallet finishes syncing.

-What do I do if my masternode does not go online? Contact us with the details, including masternode id (top right in the corner at "My Nodes") in <#496502985028009984>. Before you do this, please make sure you have started the mn in your local wallet and waited at least 1h.

You want huge news? here we go@everyone ...

as always according to our roadmap, we have released the first version of our private stake cloud! πŸš€

What can you do with this service? Host your own masternode in a very simple way via stakecube.net as cold/hot vps setup. For the start, you will be able to do this with our own SCC coin, and we will be adding more coins during this week. This service is not limited to listed pool coins, we can add any other masternode coin we/you want. The best thing? With enough SCC on stakecube you can pay the fees just with your SCC staking rewards - so to speak: completely free mn hosting for you!

You can pay daily or monthly, the costs will be settled in SCC fully automatically from your balance on Stakecube.

Another huge use case for SCC ...and we continue... πŸ’ͺ

Next for SCC: Top 100 CMC Exchange listing, Initial Whitepaper & start POS Academy (all october 2018) Coming soon for PSC: Built-in masternode hosting!

Feel free to ask any question, drop us your feedback in the channels & happy staking!

@everyone Some of you already noticed the wallet was there, but now trading has also opened over on Aiodex. Happy to be part of this new project. Trade, buy it, stake it (preferably on StakeCube πŸ˜› ) https://aiodex.com/exchange/SCC_BTC

Also a quick reminder, you have now 6 hours left to contact me regarding a manual SCC swap for Coins in your old local wallet if you haven't already. After that all your old SCC will be lost!

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@everyone StakeCube is now listed on @489970995218612241> exchange with a BTC pair. Go ahead an check it out: https://ex.injex.io/trade/SCC/BTC

We're also expecting the Aiodex listing later this month, and we've got plans for another big exchange as well, but no spoilers on that yet πŸ˜‰

We've also finalized the procedure for the manual swaps. If you still have old SCC in a local wallet or sent old SCC to a new address previously: Please contact @331923936839335936> via DM for further instructions. You have 7 days to request a manual swap. On Tuesday, 16th October, we'll burn the leftover supply! Please note that we will check your Request and all Coins generated after the 30th September 18:00 UTC+2 will not be swapped.

Trade StakeCube to Bitcoin SCC/BTC - Injex - Cryptocurrency Exchange
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Today Crex24 has finished the swap to new SCC! https://twitter.com/Crex_24/status/1048197122074562560

Trading is open again and now it's up to you to decide whether the price should be $0.1 or $5 πŸ˜‰ With this everywhere the swap was officially supported has been moved successfully to the new chain.

We'll now finalize the process for the manual swap, and get back to you soon with more details, so that everyone who still has SCC in an old local wallet can also be moved over. Until then please have a bit more patience, and as per usual: Don't move old Coins if you have any, they will be lost!

Happy staking@everyone

SCC coin was swapped into new SCC coin. SCC holders were credited with new SCC coins. 1:1 ratio. Note, if you send old SCC to your new SCC address - you'll lose these coins. #SCC #swap @stakecube https://t.co/5XUeFSisbA https://t.co/esenHzVUHI https://t.co/K6vTuuEXBc