If you have issues passing block 250000, please try to reboot your wallet. If this doesn't help, use the updated bootstrap here:

Close your wallet, replace the files in your StakeCubeCore root directory and start the wallet again.
Also remember to check your masternodes.

If you have SCC on stakecube or another hosting provider, you don't have to do anything.

For further support, please use <#496504171512594433> or <#496296792472813568> - the Mods/Support will be with you soon.

We are pleased to announce:
StakeCube has entered an official partnership with
You are now able to mine any algo available at Zpool and be paid in SCC

To get started mining, please visit:
Although we are not admins at zpool, we will try to provide support for our SCC users on zpool in our discord channel <#608265297635573770>

Thank you for your attention and happy staking!

zpool - the miners multipool
zpool: the miners multipool paying bitcoin for alt coins

β€Ό We've just been made aware that a fake update for the SCC wallet is being circulated β€Ό

Please be careful about what you download. All updates will always be announced here on Discord and as posted in <#495457613698433024> is the only correct site to download the SCC wallet!

The following repository is FAKE and potentially dangerous:
We're looking into actions we can take to get it removed, in the meantime DO NOT download or run any files from this source.

Thank you for your attention and happy staking

Stakecube [SCC]. Contribute to stakecube/stakecube development by creating an account on GitHub.


Updates on SCC:

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .

  • Oleg

We are gradually implementing the earndrop program for SCC, which will be funded through our service nodes.

More information about the service nodes can be found here:

The first feature is live and rewards you for retweets.
Detailed informations:

Btw, this is the new github repo for our documentation (technical infos, guides, etc) - we will slowly transfer all existing and new docs to it. So everyone can download the files and track changes closely.

Also a big thank you to @185365893499322368> for creating the bot. We are very happy for every contribution from the community. A project like StakeCube (and all other crypto ecosystems) can only grow with your support, not with complaints πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you very much for your attention and enjoy your weekend@everyone .

  • Oleg

As already announced, we are working on SCC listings to diversify the services, achieve more liquidity, attract new investors and, of course, stabilise / grow the price.

So we are happy to share two new hosting options for SCC masternodes:

GIN - Dedicated MN

Trittium - Dedicated MN - current promo: no fees for 15 days

We also won the BIRAKE Network Exchange voting with your help. Many thanks to everyone who voted for us and retweetet diligently.
We make a sparate announcement when trading opens.

Additional 2-3 "smaller" exchange listings are currently in development to provide wider diversification and accessibility. A top 20 exchange is planned (and realistic) for Q4 2019, depending on further progress.

Monitoring & stats providers are currently not in the pipeline.
You are welcome to make suggestions in <#496504043083137024> or contact the providers directly.

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .

  • Oleg


we have registered StakeCubeCoin SCC for the Birake Exchange voting and ask for your support.
This would be the first DEX for SCC plus integration into their network (8 exchanges at once through an innovative shared order book).

The voting will be finished in about 2 days and each vote costs 1 BIR (the accumulated votes will remain intact for the next period).

You can support SCC in two ways:

On both ends you would help SCC a lot.

Thank you very much for your support & attention@everyone .

  • Oleg

I have just updated the website for SCC with two very important information for further development:

  1. Fund allocation
  • Premine usage plan for the next 2 years
  • Service nodes for community fund & ambassador program
  • SCC buy back plan
  1. Roadmap 2019 specially adapted for SCC

You can read everything in detail here:
(Make sure to clear the browser cache if you don't see the sections "Fund allocation" & "Roadmap 2019")

In general, we update and extend the websites regularly, make sure to check back from time to time.

Within the two next hours I will transfer / split the premine coins to the new addresses (explorer linked on the page) and start the service nodes.
FYI please note: At the moment are 97,534 coins left of the premine. The premine plan describes an initial balance of 90,000 SCC. The remaining ~7,500 SCC will be used for the 5 nodes (5,000 SCC) and to reward the winners of the <#588735243297751054>.

We looking forward to read your feedback in the chats.

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .
Happy staking & trading

  • Oleg

We have released a new feature to set the first milestone for SCC integration in our complete ecosystem (pool/shared mn's/exchange/interest/affiliates).

SCC masternode owners (full collateral) will receive various benefits, bonuses and discounts in the future by simply registering the mn on the website (Menu -> "SCC Bonus System"). You already get the first bonus starting from tomorrow for an additional rate on daily interest.
Fixed planned features for the next days are (in this order - during of Q2)

  • Reduced fees for staking and mn rewards
  • Reduced fees for the exchange
  • Increased affiliate reward rates
  • Decision-making power for voting for new coins and functions
  • Random airdrops to mn addresses from buy back's
  • (Q3 2019) Profit share system

If you have further ideas how and where to integrate scc, i am looking forward to read your <#453360209964957707>

A step-by-step guide how to register your MN is available here:

Next stop for SCC is the basemarket trading pair in our exchange, external use-cases (different directions) and a dedicated sub-website for the coin.

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .
Happy staking & trading

  • Oleg

Good morning,

I am very happy to announce that SCC is now listed on CMC and CoinPaprika.

Next we are working on listing the Exchange on known sites.

Let's move on...

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .
Happy staking & trading

  • Oleg

I just published a SCC payment gateway for WooCommerce on our Github.

Looking at the data on, we can see that the current 2019 market share for WooCommerce is 21% of the top 1 million sites using eCommerce technologies.

And with this plugin, any shop operator can integrate SCC as a payment method with just a few clicks.

Our plugin is completely open source (feel free to contribute / fork):

A downloadable ZIP file for your wordpress installation can be found here:

And if you want to see how the end result looks like, you can test the plugin here:

The price rate is pulled from

Shop operators are welcome to contact me for help during installation. I would also be happy to receive feedback where SCC is used as a payment method.

An update for the integration of SCC into the ecosystem will be released tomorrow!

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .
Happy staking & trading

  • Oleg

We have just released a mandatory update for our StakeCubeCoin (SCC).

Please install the update by Tuesday, 11 June 2019 12:00:00 AM (GMT) at the latest.

The wallets are available for all common operating systems.

This update contains many new features:
Beside a new wallet design, more beautiful icons and a current price display directly in the wallet, the latest PIVX patches are included, which fixes the "Fake Stake" issues.
Also an announcement tab is now maintained for all important new features around the platform and SCC.
The wallet and chain is also more stable; hard-coded seed nodes can be found below. In addition to our official partner explorer ( we have also set up a backup explorer.

You can find all important links in the updated <#495457613698433024> list.

Thank you very much for your attention@everyone .

Happy staking & trading


FlitsNode Mobile Masternode Service πŸ“’

βœ… We are glad to announce that FlitsNode has listed StakeCubeCoin (SCC) on flits mobile app.
βœ… NOW you can host your masternodes at FlitsNode mobile app for only $1/Month if paid in FLS.
βœ… Check out their website to try this unique mobile experience
βœ… Directly download the app

What benefits does FlitsNode offer:
πŸ”˜ No coding needed
πŸ”˜ Start a masternode with just a few clicks
πŸ”˜ Super fast and convenient
πŸ”˜ Mobile Staking enabled
πŸ”˜ Deposit and Invest Bitcoin (soon)
πŸ”˜ Buy/Sell coins right from the mobile (soon)
πŸ”˜ 10% monthly discount for 10+ nodes
πŸ”˜ Fees charged daily.

⭐ 30 days free trial ⭐

For further inquiries, please visit FlitsNode discord :

Flits - Masternode and staking app
Flits is a masternode and staking app making investing a lot easier. Android app is released and the presale is open.

A few updates on SCC:

  • StakeCubeCoin is now listed on (Platform and exchange). Via the platform you can send SCC via all kinds of social media networks (phone, email, discord, facebook, etc) - easy to use and amazing technology!

  • We will release an important wallet update for SCC in the next days (probably this week, at the latest at the beginning of next week). We are going to implement the latest PIVX patches, a new wallet design, a proposal tab, a announcments menu directly in the wallet and much more. More infos at release - make sure to checkout our discord regularly.

  • With the launch of our own Exchange and the upcoming SCC base pairs, we thought about how we could further support SCC (in addition to the use-cases). We will change some things internally and recalculate our budget, but what I can already tell you is that we, as stakecube, are now starting to support the market as well. At the moment is the volume very low and the price unstable. We will support the price with targeted orders. The volume has always been organic until now, and it should stay that way. In contrast to many others, I think this is the only way a coin can grow healthy. But more updates soon...

Stay tuned@everyone

@everyone SCC is now available on for Masternode hosting:

@everyone SCC is now listed on altilly and available for trading:

altilly - Asset information for StakeCubeCoin (SCC2)
altilly - Asset information for StakeCubeCoin (SCC2)

Here some Q&A for you to start:

-How does it work?
The platform automatically creates and configures the server for you in the background.
You just need to provide the inputs that link your wallet to the server where asked.

-Where do I send my coins?
Using this service, your collateral coins for this specific mn never touch the pool, that's what a cold wallet setup means. Your coins stay in your wallet.

-When do I pay for the service?
Payment for every day of service is deducted in advance from your available balance on the platform. Every 24 hours or 30 days, depending on the option you choose when installing the masternode.

-What happens if I don't have enough SCC?
If you don’t have enough SCC on your wallet to make the payment, the masternode(s) will be automatically deleted - of course your coins are safe and not touched in your local wallet.

-Where are my rewards sent to?
You will receive the rewards in your local wallet.

-Does my local wallet have to be open to receive rewards?
No. You can close it after startup and open it whenever you need it. Once you open it, the rewards will be there after the wallet finishes syncing.

-What do I do if my masternode does not go online?
Contact us with the details, including masternode id (top right in the corner at "My Nodes") in <#496502985028009984>. Before you do this, please make sure you have started the mn in your local wallet and waited at least 1h.

You want huge news? here we go@everyone ...

as always according to our roadmap, we have released the first version of our private stake cloud! πŸš€

What can you do with this service? Host your own masternode in a very simple way via as cold/hot vps setup. For the start, you will be able to do this with our own SCC coin, and we will be adding more coins during this week. This service is not limited to listed pool coins, we can add any other masternode coin we/you want. The best thing? With enough SCC on stakecube you can pay the fees just with your SCC staking rewards - so to speak: completely free mn hosting for you!

You can pay daily or monthly, the costs will be settled in SCC fully automatically from your balance on Stakecube.

Another huge use case for SCC
...and we continue... πŸ’ͺ

Next for SCC: Top 100 CMC Exchange listing, Initial Whitepaper & start POS Academy (all october 2018)
Coming soon for PSC: Built-in masternode hosting!

Feel free to ask any question, drop us your feedback in the channels & happy staking!

@everyone Some of you already noticed the wallet was there, but now trading has also opened over on Aiodex.
Happy to be part of this new project. Trade, buy it, stake it (preferably on StakeCube πŸ˜› )

Also a quick reminder, you have now 6 hours left to contact me regarding a manual SCC swap for Coins in your old local wallet if you haven't already. After that all your old SCC will be lost!

Blockchain Assets Trading Platform
Refer your friends and earn up to 80% commissions from their exchange transactions. The first 300K users to register will be refunded 100% transaction fees until 2020-01-01.

@everyone StakeCube is now listed on @489970995218612241> exchange with a BTC pair. Go ahead an check it out:

We're also expecting the Aiodex listing later this month, and we've got plans for another big exchange as well, but no spoilers on that yet πŸ˜‰

We've also finalized the procedure for the manual swaps. If you still have old SCC in a local wallet or sent old SCC to a new address previously: Please contact @331923936839335936> via DM for further instructions. You have 7 days to request a manual swap. On Tuesday, 16th October, we'll burn the leftover supply!
Please note that we will check your Request and all Coins generated after the 30th September 18:00 UTC+2 will not be swapped.

Trade StakeCube to Bitcoin SCC/BTC - Injex - Cryptocurrency Exchange
Injex is a next generation crypto-currency exchange where you can trade a wide range of coins fast and securely.