Are you ready for Crypto Hunter? You can get a sneak peek at our partners and coins that are listed in the game
when available on soft release here:

News: #CryptoHunter is coming soon! Are you ready??? Check out our Discord for more project info and details! @gincoin_crypto @MIDAS_NEWS @BifrostCoin @LUX_COIN @PhoreCrypto @scashofficial @SocialSendCoin @dachcoin @syscoin

Another big step accomplished on the path to the release of the Crypto Hunter game. We have
released the initial version of the game website in preparations for the listing of the game on the Apple and
Google Play stores. Please check it out at your leisure here: and our Tweet here:

Play - Crypto Hunter
Love Hunting Crypto.
News: We are pleased to announce the initial release of the #CryptoHunter website in preparations for the listing of the game on the Apple and Google Play stores. Please check it out at your leisure! #SWYFT $SATC

On behalf of Mike, wanted to provide you some updates. The dev team plans to release the initial Crypto Hunter Website later today. I've seen it, and
its pretty cool. As we've worked to expand the initial partners and coins in the game, the soft launch will come once we have the descriptions and information
for all coins prepared and loaded into the game so we don't distract from the end-user experience. We were waiting for coin descriptions from all of the partners
who have paid to be included in the game, but have now decided to use published information for those who have not had time to complete the entries. All coin models have been created and uploaded to the game. If you watched the dev team video with the sneak peek the other day, then you probably saw a number of coin models being prepped for the game to include non-masternode coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC! These actions will be accomplished shortly, and we will advise when the soft release in the Apple and Android stores will be available (soon). If you have any questions, please let us
know. More to follow from Mike and the team later today.

Just a little teaser for you but we are making outstanding progress to get this launch and ready....


We are very happy to announce that SWYFT has been listed on the MIDAS Shared MN Platform

This platform gives us exposure to a community of over 21,000 Crypto investors, and offers top-level services.

Established in January 2018 and offering the largest community in the masternode space, Midas are a highly trusted and reputable investments platform, and through this listing SWYFT endorse their service.

Invest SATC with zero fees on Midas.Investments. Activate the MIDAS Lock-in to invest in SATC and any other coin on Midas without paying any fees forever - even without VPS costs.

Check out the introduction of SWYFT on the blog site for masternode investments, MN.Investments -

Invest through the Midas Investment Platform -
1⃣ Earn rewards instantly using the SATC instant share held at the Midas platform.
2⃣ Invest with zero fees. The only platform to allow the deployment of full or partial nodes without any fees.
3⃣ Manage your investments on the Midas platform, providing regular and consistent payouts.
4⃣ Instant and automated deposits and withdrawals, giving you full control over your investments.
5⃣ Scaled reinvestment. Reinvest 100% for compound interest, or set a full/partial automated withdrawal to your wallet.

Research - Follow updates from the teams themselves at
Trade - Trade directly on Midex, the exchange operated by Midas -
Invest - Invest your coins on the Midas platform, the intuitive and easy-to-manage platform offered by Midas.

We hope to integrate SATC to other Midas platforms very soon!

Midas Lists Swyft (SATC) - Ambassador to the Masternode Market; Re...
Midas announces the listing of Swyft (SATC) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.

@everyone As the week draws to a close a quick update.

  1. Android First release in Review
  2. Snag list for Apple Release being worked on
  3. All coins updated in game awaiting model return for AR game play eta 2 Days
  4. Website for currently being developed.
  5. New White Paper and Roadmap in progress
  6. Awaiting coin Descriptions to be provided by coin Developers
  7. CMC Application will be updated Shortly
  8. New marketting contacts currently under discussion.

Almost there after a long time of development. Crypto Hunter when launched will pitnus on the map. As we aggressively look for further listings and tool / exchnage advertising

Thank you all for your continued support the journey is almost at a close and exciting times ahead!!

@everyone We are pleased to announce the transition and rebranding from #SatoshiSolutions to #SWYFTNetwork at If you have any issues with your existing nodes please reach out to the dev team as appropriate.

On behalf of Mike and the SWYFT team, please enjoy the following preview of the coin models uploaded to Crypto Hunter in preparations for the upcoming release. Enjoy!

It is a very exciting time given that some of you have been here from the very beginning but if we can achieve only half of our ambition, we will be in a lot better space with a tied up market share ready to reap rewards for the work we have provided and be valued upon. Not all nodes are moving given size and complexity so if you are not informed you are unaffected.

As you know we are optimizing what we have currently with the official release of Crypto Hunter. Solutions now is undergoing a cost saving exercise and clean up ready for all the Partners we have brought on board ready to be part of our own Eco system. 3 have been announced but there are 10 that you are unaware of. We are aggressively getting prepared for the volume of traffic to discord and our servers and making modifications necessary to allow us to focus our continued attention on growth and marketing.

You may receive an email asking you to replace lines in your masternode.conf of any coin listed to help with this process this is a necessary step, it is a simple copy and paste exercise and start. There will also be some removal of coins that are currently taking space but with no builds against that cost our business money without even an asset return of SATC. We need to get clean and smart and continually optimize what we have.

You continued support is highly appreciated and we will work with you if this effects you greatly. I would like to think by now that you know i am very accessible by phone or on here with the hours i cover and the business has a great thirst to become one of the most prominent coins within the masternode space and this wont change. Sometimes we just need to review what we have and make sure it is future proof for further volume organizing our cost base against the server deployment we have.

Please feel free to Dm me any Questions, we are very close to achieving our goals with the app launch and now i am in receipt of the Android App which i will be looking through tonight. Coin models are currently being built and last minutes snags are being addressed. We also have some personal placements that will be happening in the short term which will allow us to appoint marketing leads in driving traffic to us and raising our exposure. Who are experts in there Field.

We are pleased to announce that Satoshi Solutions has officially migrated to: Please update any bookmarks that you may
have on your mobiles or computers. Existing logins, passwords, and masternodes are not affected by the shift. Rock on!

First of a number announcements today. The SWYFT block explorer has completed migration to: Please update your links as required. We will update MasterNodes Online in due course.


The Swyft team has been hard at work this week. Here is a recap of some of what's been done:

-Tonight I have worked on the Swyft roadmap for the remainder of 2019 and it's looking good.
-Our Discord has grown nearly 40% over the last week from 1550 to 2150 members
-We have announced 3 additional coins on CH, and have several more ready to announce.
-Engaged in talks about partnerships for Authenticate
-Solutions is being optimized to reduce cost and become market-leading MN host
-Plan to stabilize price and encourage market growth of Swyft
-Marketing partnerships currently being pursued
-Agreements reached for promotion to over 250k potential investors
-Swyft will be listed on Gin and Midas platforms this coming week

I am happy to Announce the addition of GINcoin to Crypto Hunter - Gin were the original developers of masternode deployment regardless of technical ability to the market to help new investors enter the scene and deploy a VPS.

There project has gone from strength to strength, With there marketing strategy and gaining the trust of thousands of investors even today, they command the market regardless of competition. They are a project of a progressive nature and deserve to be put into the touch point to new customers through our new Launch!

We have also agreed a listing with them with this new Partnership to align our platforms.

Lets Welcome them to the game! And Feel free to check out there Discord for future Developments and News!

GIN Partnership
Gin Partnership to Crypto Hunter!! Gin was the first platform aiming to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own...

On behalf of Mike (and in his words):
We are happy to announce another great Partnership Bifrost Coin. I have spoken to the Lead Dev there by Phone and i must say his vision and strategy on where he is taking his current project and future use cases for his business is really exciting.

I also believe that in the future i would love to work with him collaboratively to develop some joint projects as i believe his passion for the blockchain and alt coin markets are aligned to ours and it is fantastic to talk to like minded Business Developers to shape the future of Crypto in the everyday world and raise the awareness of this technology. BiFrost will be included in Crypto Hunter, and you can check out some more info here:

Please feel free to head over to his discord to familiarize yourself why we have chosen to work together.

BiFrost Partners With The Swyft Network | BiFrost Coin
Announcing a new partnershipe between BiFrost Coin and SWYFT Network. This will be a significant benefit to the Alt Coin Community.

Announcement as promised yesterday will be released at 10am EST - 3pm (UK Time) tomorrow in next partnership gained with Crypto Hunter. I have had contact through the Dev there a few moments ago... and we will align these for both community's alongside Discord links to view there Project. Unfortunately the Time Zones have resulted in a slight delay in this due to communication responses, but has all been approved... Excited to share soon!!!

Please find updated Github for version of the new Swyft Wallet. The need for bootstrap has now been removed. Instructions are as simple as:

Install Wallet - Let sync from the beginning
Close Wallet
Drop Wallet.dat and Masternode conf in new Data Folder windows.. (for Mac advice please ask @476132466839650314>)
Start Wallet

Link Below:

Stay tuned for Further Updates....


Welcome to all of our new members from LUX and Cryptohero! We are glad you have all joined us and hope that you will stick around to see what we have been working on for the last several months. I want to remind everyone that we have an Invite Contest currently running, which allows you to be paid in BTC for bringing new people to the server!


Invite people to the newly rebranded SWYFT channel and get paid in BTC!
This contest will take place for three weeks, and will close on April 30.

1st place - $150
2nd place - $100
3rd place - $50
Additional rewards of $15 will be made for every 100 people invited!

  1. Fake invites do not count, and will be monitored by our bot.
  2. Invites should include information about our coin, the invite bounty and our use cases.
  3. The results are calculated by the Invite manager bot. You can see how many invites you by using his commands in the #satoshicoin-bot channel.

Good luck!

We are Happy to announce LUXCore (LUX) as our First Partnership into Crypto Hunter. The work ethic and continued drive of this project and Dev Team is outstanding, and only solidifies their place in the crypto world as a very established project and a trusted Investment. A Special Thanks to @346304883533807616> for his continued discussion with us to make this possible.

Crypto Hunter hopes to turn Hunters into Investors by way of fun AR gameplay coin collection and educational cue cards that will help any new Interest enter the scene with the support and knowledge to do so. Each Listing benefits from Two Banners adds one within the Coin Screen and a Full page add enabling them to showcase the project and why a player should either convert all coins collected to them or go on top up to a full masternode alongside withdrawing. This will all be an easy service once the OTC trading platform is released mid may, taking away the need for continued use of exchanges.

All Links and Tools are displayed within the game and we will be adding a Crypto Hunter Discord username to track conversion of community uptake to the Lux Community so we can track our performance in this area.

Please welcome LUX Coin to our portfolio and feel free to head over with the below link to see what they are achieving.

Please see Video to Re-tweet and Share for this fantastic collaboration.

LUXCORE (LUX) Partnership
Swyft.Network Welcomes LUX Coin to Crypto Hunter as its first Partnership. We believe in the work Lux are doing and welcome there community to the AR game in...

If you are running a Smart node that currently requires a new Start please do this and DM me the ID of the node on solutions so i can make sure they are all running. I have checked this 3 times today and all is running ok. But there are a number of nodes to be restarted. This was a fault with our service provider which they did a HARD Reboot. We needed to rebuild this and start the run command to get everything resynced and ready. All Works are complete

Kind Regards