@everyone It seems we have a scammer at bay who has issued the following article. This hasn't been agreed by us nor is valid, but perhaps shows we are making moves into better investor interest. If you are joining this discord on the false promise of the below note: This hasn't been endorsed or negotiated by our Team.

Giveaway from partnership Mercatox and Swyft - Mercatox Team - Medium and Swyft have now entered into a partnership agreement. Because of this, we are announcing a Giveaway.

@everyone Pleased to announce the following. Another step to moving forward against our goals, growing our team as we do for the benefit of existing and new investors.

SWYFT & BiFrost Announce Merger | BiFrost Coin
The founders of SWYFT (SATC) and BiFrost (FROST) are excited to announce plans to merge their projects and communities into an expanded ecosystem under the SWYFT brand.  This expanded community will combine the development and business resources of both teams. We will share ...


Just by way if update. All modifications to Crypto Hunter have been made, but some of these required some code base change within the IOS app. I have already tested the new version and we are pleased with the result. This requires reapproval from the Apple team and will be updated on the Store once it has been verified. We anticipate this to be mid week. Once complete all features and gameplay will be unlocked and our partner roll out scheme activated with our marketing plan.

The Android server will also start being updated from Monday so we can get a progress update here and an estimated timeline.

Alongside this talks have started on the blockchain with our nominated partners on building our technology out with features to match the competitive set we will be challenged with next year to validate our position in this space. This includes merchant services amongst other things.

We will keep you updated and we are excited around the future and building out our community against the backdrop of the investment and time we have all contributed to.

Kind Regards



So great progress... we are not far away.
What we have done so far and working on...

  1. Coin volume pickup now determined by a designated price of our choosing.
    Example: coins is worth live 0.01 we determine that we want each collection 0.05cents on collection you would receive 5 of those coins.
    Once collected price within wallet will change based on market price but collection of coin volume remains the same. - Completed ✅

  2. Distribution of probability work started so we can make the economics of the game on larger collections right. Ie. If btc is 1 dollar there would be less of them in the game but they will be there and adds a element of challenge and luck to collect. - half complete

  3. Banner and educational card loading, Already started and these should be complete tomorrow. This is to make sure all our partners are showcased in the game against there project so customers can understand what there collecting.. - easily updatable and started completion tomorrow

  4. Withdraw function only available on the paid package of 0.99cents and rewards of coins matched on average of probability and luck to close value parity - completion tomorrow

  5. Withdraw function testing of ccp control on 1 in a selected number count for verification check.

From there it is around the feedback we receive and what we can do without another verification through upgrade with apple.. as ideally at this point we would be adding further features.

Hopefully we wont be far away tomorrow night but we will continue to update you.

Happy Hunting

Swyft Team

Also feel free to share pics in the <#585534912896041016> channel of your collections.

So on review we have some fixes to do for the live soft release of the app. Until such time this is complete, which we endeavour to be over the next few days. The game is only for free play for feedback mode. All coin collections and withdrawals during this time will be invalid and will return to the main wallet on several occasions.

We appreciate your patience during this time, as a result the cross promotion and marketing plan hasn't been activated until this is complete.

Please feel free to leave constructive feedback in the <#585369571691724813> channel, some will fall into a 2nd release others if can be added without an update we can look at implementing. Itemize by being descriptive and as to why you feel the change needs making. Good and bad please.. let's share our experience.

Any users who have already upgraded this is safe and will remain activated up until we are live for you to take advantage of and your coin count will be reset.

At this time we would not recommend any further members to upgrade unless you want to test.

I will be adding the coins in again 1 by 1 so you can view them all whilst playing. We will reset the game a few times so you can test all functions and perhaps pick up on anything we have missed.

Happy Hunting Everyone



Due to making the app live last night at 8pm... and the activation taking place at 3am in the morning there were elements of the game that remained untested.

We were hoping to resolve these and test last night as we thought it was instantaneous. There are certain elements we couldn't test in the sandbox version of apple.
As a result all collections and withdraws for the first 48-56 hours will be invalid.

Testing will start this morning this comprises of:

  1. Coin Metrics, collection, value and distribution.
  2. Upgrade payment
  3. Apple account purchase restore
  4. Withdraw understanding (this is currently set to manual release, we can flip to automatic on completion of the above)

As this is a soft release a channel will be created for game feedback to understand 2nd release ideas... alongside first release concerns. Please keep your feedback constructive.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev Team

On behalf of Mike and the project team, we are pleased to announce that #TheHuntIsOn! #CryptoHunter is live now on the App Store for iOS devices.
Android build is not too far behind. Link for the download is here: and we have
a Tweet out regarding here if you can like and share when you have time! Happy Hunting.

‎Crypto Hunter
‎Locate and collect a variety of Digital Coins and Digital Assets with your Smartphone in AR! The Crypto Hunter App is designed to educate Gamers on the masternode space alongside having fun whilst doing so. Tools are advertised in the game alongside links to communities fo...
News: We are pleased to announce that #TheHuntIsOn! #CryptoHunter is live on the @AppStore for #iOS devices. You can check out the download page for the game here: Happy Hunting! #SWYFT @dachcoin

@everyone Please find attached 2 Videos of Crypto Hunter to view. A Teaser and a long Clip Trailer.. we are still working on all press release materials but we endeavour to launch Cryoto Hunter on the Apple Store tomorrow night .....Monday the 3rd of June!!

We will get an Android ETA tomorrow for you all also. Stay Tuned 😃

Crypto Hunter Teaser 2

A special thanks also to @476132466839650314> his engagement and involvement here has also been outstanding throughout.. especially as I was mac illiterate. Also a great composer for the music supplied for the game.

I am please to announce we have the green light from Apple. It is at our disposal now to release the game for live deployment on the store. We are just working through some videos, banners and press releases to go along side the game which I was hoping to complete tonight, but the champions league game got the better of me. Well done Liverpool!! Please see below approvals and I will share more within the next 24hours. Live Game play, some great startup educational material supplied by @399382600675885076> alongside extra feature you would not have seen in the previous teaser.... ETA for soft release Monday 3rd June. STAY TUNED!!!


I am happy to announce that Swyft has partnered with Simple Pos Pool in a combined effort to bring increased credibility back to the masternode space through Swyft Trust. Discounts will be offered to all projects listed on Simple Pos Pool as we lead the way on the path to transparency in the market.

wyft Announces Partnerhship with Simple Pos Pool
Hello community,

We are proud to announce that SWYFT (#SWYFT) is now integrated on the $SEND platform and exchange alongside
the inclusion of #SEND in the #CryptoHunter Augmented reality App! Big day. Rock on.
You can also join the SEND Discord here:

News: We are proud to announce that SWYFT (#SWYFT) is not integrated on the $SEND platform and exchange alongside the inclusion of #SEND in the #CryptoHunter Augmented reality App! Big day. Rock on. $btc $alts $ltc $rdd $eth $satc #updates #socialsend #masternode #pos #sta...

Are you ready for Crypto Hunter? You can get a sneak peek at our partners and coins that are listed in the game
when available on soft release here:

News: #CryptoHunter is coming soon! Are you ready??? Check out our Discord for more project info and details! @gincoin_crypto @MIDAS_NEWS @BifrostCoin @LUX_COIN @PhoreCrypto @scashofficial @SocialSendCoin @dachcoin @syscoin

Another big step accomplished on the path to the release of the Crypto Hunter game. We have
released the initial version of the game website in preparations for the listing of the game on the Apple and
Google Play stores. Please check it out at your leisure here: and our Tweet here:

Play - Crypto Hunter
Love Hunting Crypto.
News: We are pleased to announce the initial release of the #CryptoHunter website in preparations for the listing of the game on the Apple and Google Play stores. Please check it out at your leisure! #SWYFT $SATC

On behalf of Mike, wanted to provide you some updates. The dev team plans to release the initial Crypto Hunter Website later today. I've seen it, and
its pretty cool. As we've worked to expand the initial partners and coins in the game, the soft launch will come once we have the descriptions and information
for all coins prepared and loaded into the game so we don't distract from the end-user experience. We were waiting for coin descriptions from all of the partners
who have paid to be included in the game, but have now decided to use published information for those who have not had time to complete the entries. All coin models have been created and uploaded to the game. If you watched the dev team video with the sneak peek the other day, then you probably saw a number of coin models being prepped for the game to include non-masternode coins like BTC, ETH, and LTC! These actions will be accomplished shortly, and we will advise when the soft release in the Apple and Android stores will be available (soon). If you have any questions, please let us
know. More to follow from Mike and the team later today.

Just a little teaser for you but we are making outstanding progress to get this launch and ready....


We are very happy to announce that SWYFT has been listed on the MIDAS Shared MN Platform

This platform gives us exposure to a community of over 21,000 Crypto investors, and offers top-level services.

Established in January 2018 and offering the largest community in the masternode space, Midas are a highly trusted and reputable investments platform, and through this listing SWYFT endorse their service.

Invest SATC with zero fees on Midas.Investments. Activate the MIDAS Lock-in to invest in SATC and any other coin on Midas without paying any fees forever - even without VPS costs.

Check out the introduction of SWYFT on the blog site for masternode investments, MN.Investments -

Invest through the Midas Investment Platform -
1⃣ Earn rewards instantly using the SATC instant share held at the Midas platform.
2⃣ Invest with zero fees. The only platform to allow the deployment of full or partial nodes without any fees.
3⃣ Manage your investments on the Midas platform, providing regular and consistent payouts.
4⃣ Instant and automated deposits and withdrawals, giving you full control over your investments.
5⃣ Scaled reinvestment. Reinvest 100% for compound interest, or set a full/partial automated withdrawal to your wallet.

Research - Follow updates from the teams themselves at
Trade - Trade directly on Midex, the exchange operated by Midas -
Invest - Invest your coins on the Midas platform, the intuitive and easy-to-manage platform offered by Midas.

We hope to integrate SATC to other Midas platforms very soon!

Midas Lists Swyft (SATC) - Ambassador to the Masternode Market; Re...
Midas announces the listing of Swyft (SATC) to the Midas platform as an Instant Share. Invest today to receive instant rewards.