@here we have spotted an anomaly within mass address creation within the local wallet. Please make sure when creating addresses that is starts with a lower case s.

If for any reason it comes up with anything different please inform us immediately.

Please do not use this address whilst we investigate. It seems completely random and we are on with resolving the issue but it isnt widespread.

Kind Regards

Swyft Team

@here As we enter the second week of full swap. Please make sure you complete your swaps within this time frame If not contacted us before.

On the 22nd we move to 50% penalty on the swap ratio and to wallet.dat verification. A further announcement about this will come out on the 21st of Septemeber.

Also note MNO and the Cryptobridge listing has been paid we are just awaiting further update.

Really good to see nodes now being loaded onto the network in force and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev

On behalf of the SWYFT team, we're pleased to announce that the CryptoBridge listing payment has been paid with the listing
date awaiting announcement. Stay tuned for more updates!


The SWYFT Hosting Platform Will be moving into Maintenance Mode while we do important work on the system.
Please cease all use of the system until further notice!
Update will be posted here as we get urgently needed work done



To follow up the announcement promise we are pleased to have now the NEW SWYFT active on the platform so you can fire up your nodes.

This hasn't been extensively tested so please bear with us whilst we iron out any kinks in the build or start process.

There are a number of changes coming to the platform (technically and asthetically) also that have not been completed yet, but we felt it necessary to get this up for those that want to build nodes quickly, so others with the technical knowledge don't get an advantage over your position

In Previous posts i mentioned that hosting will remain FREE against a community incentive at keeping at a price point. As we are currently waiting for exchange. This will start from the 1st of October 2019.

After much deliberation we have agreed this price point be at presale price of $0.65cents.

If the Price falls below this for a duration of over 7 Days once we are listed, billing will be switch on to return the Swyft asset back to the business as payment against the direct cash cost to the business to retain this service. The price of this will be communicated at the end of the week.

For now please feel free to build you nodes there are over 450 free IP's for you to test. Technical support will be offered tomorrow on issue, so please post to <#454987231099092992> for a speedy response.

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev


Once you have made sure that all your old coins are in a limited amount of transactions and you have a new wallet - Synced and new address created.

To swap your coins within the first two week with the automatic Swapper please follow the following link:

The Process is Simple:

  1. Select whether you need Frost to Swyft or Satc to Swyft
  2. Generate seed and copy in box below and enter
  3. Send coins to address provided
  4. Paste TXID in box when sent and verify
  5. A message will come up saying verified
  6. Paste withdraw address from new wallet to receive calculated amount
  7. Wait for message to say successful transaction

Don't refresh page during process
Be patient and await the message against verify TXID and Withdraw only press once.
You can swap multiple times you just cannot use the same TXID twice once verified
Always check the sending address before trying again
Remember the penalty starts from Week 3 and swap ratio will change. It is in your interest to swap within the First 2 Weeks.

More Messages will come out soon regarding Week commencing the 23.09.2019. The automatic swapper will be offline from the 22.09.2019.

Announcements to Follow:
Hosting update
Masternode Scripts


In preparation for the swap please see below the wallet links ready to sync and be ready to use the online tool.

All coins must be consolidated into easier transactions (not multiple rewards) otherwise you will get the transaction to large issue. Prepare the old wallet ready to send

Create a receive address by either the debug panel or in the receive option - and pressing the request button. This will add a wallet address to your receiving addresses box in the File menu option

Mac Wallet

Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet

To follow will be:

  1. Swap link instructions
  2. Install Scripts
  3. Hosting Site preparation

Kind Regards

Swyft Team

@here We are currently updating the swapper and instructions alongside local wallets will be released in preparation for Monday 09/09/2019. Stay Tuned.

@everyone All communication has now gone out to services and exchanges to close deposits and withdrawals on the 07/09/2019 at 23:59UTC. I hope in light of the communication in previous weeks you have all now completed protecting your investment as these will be un- retrievable after this point and not counted as part of the Merger.

To Remind you all, the timeline is drawing nearer on Withdrawals and Deposits being blocked on Exchanges and Services. It is essential these are moved at your earliest convenience. This is your responsibility not ours, we have communicated over the last 4 weeks in regards to the merger and what this has meant. I can still see a large amount of coins still within Frost and SATC on exchanges, and whilst we don't want anyone loosing part of there investment. We will be adhering to the communication given and rules of engagement. Unfortunately none of these will be recoverable under the new chain.

Kind Regards

Swyft Team

Due to the postponing of the swap from the 02/09/2019 to the 09/09/2019 Please see the below revised Dates.

All withdrawals from all platforms / exchanges need to be done before or on the 07/09/2019. We will be asking all exchanges / Services to block this function from the 08/09/2019.

Any Coins left after this date will be burnt and not counted, we cannot make any amendment to this as we will be relisting not swapping

All Nodes on the platform will be shut down on the 09/09/2019. The Automatic Swapper will run from the 09.09.2019 to the 22/09/2019.

Any rewards received after the 22nd of September will be invalid and will be discounted from the manual wallet.dat verification

Due to the swap being completed by 06/10/2019, please refer to the swap ratio penalties for being outside of the first two weeks this has already been communicated in blog post:

First 2 Weeks : 100% (No Penalty)
3rd Week: (An 50% Penalty)
4th Week (An additional 50% Penalty) 

We are Currently working with CryptoBridge to be available as soon as possible after the swap Date

Remember if you have not got in touch during the swap period we will not be swapping after the End Date. This is Investor responsibility not about us not communicating effectively. It takes less then 10 mins to check Discord and drop either @414929164651462666> @400874241232207884> @399802708397260800> an message to be considered.

Timeframes above on ratios still apply on communicating you will just be earmarked.

The Countdown Timer can be found here where we will be unveiling our new website on Swap Date.

-- BiFrost Actual (for SWYFT DEV)

[ANN] SWYFT/BiFrost Swap Details | BiFrost Coin
SWAP DETAILS: All as we conclude the source code now and the final build of the wallet. This week, the timeline of the 1st of September is completely on track. We are still awaiting for quotes from the incumbent exchanges which we hope to have this week for discussion to deci...
SWYFT Network
SWYFT Network | Coming Soon

The swyft web site will be down for a few minutes while we switch DNS records and associated SSL certificates.

Moving forward, if you want to see the current SWYFT site, please go to:

Thanks for your continued patience as we upgrade our infrastructure to better serve the community!

--BiFrost Actual

Due to problems with the current link, we have provided a new download source for the Bootstrap referenced in the OLD CHAIN UPDATE FIX
You can now download the bootstrap file from our Amazon server at:
Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the broken link.
--BiFrost Actual

Everyone, please be aware that we're in the process of moving DNS control for the SWYFT.NETWORK domain to more efficient servers, so access to the various platforms may be spotty until the DNS changes propagate out to the network. A lot of DNS servers cache IP address information, so it can take up to 24 hours for everyone to receive updates. If you have trouble getting to any of our platforms, please drop a note to @414929164651462666> or myself, and we will work to get you to the right place.

Thanks for your patience as we make SWYFT's infrastructure better, stronger, and faster!
--BiFrost Actual


All please follow the following instruction to rectify the old chain

Please delete the peers.dat file , Blocks and Chainstate folders within the Data Folder.

Download the following bootstrap and copy and paste these files into the Data folder

Please add the following addnodes to the Swyft.conf and save


Restart Wallet the above fix should also rectify connection issues to the wallet.

If your masternodes have disabled please restart them to start receiving rewards again before the Swap now scheduled for the 9th of Septemeber 

I will communicate shortly once i have had word from all exchanges that they are up to date with the above process to start coin movement again. Please for your safety do nothing until advised

Kind Regards

Swyft Dev

@here Due to an issue on the chain splitting and needing to rectify it alongside the Audit requirement needed for the New chain which is a mandatory exchange requirement. We anticipate the swap now will be delayed one week and be conducted from the 9th of Septemeber.

We felt it important to have this done by another impartial firm who we have selected Certik Connect through the Bitmart contacts. This will add another assurance that we are secure and drives the message we will need against our vision. Please wait for further announcements regarding a fix on our current chain.

Swyft Dev

Welcome to SWYFT Network

What this means for Swyft?

Firstly what a fantastic opportunity to be listed on a high ranking exchange opening us up to huge exposure / investors with a low circulation and hopefully great volume. None of most of our peer set has even come close to achieving this. Which is why we are putting so much effort into marketing and Brand Building.
We will have a marketing plan with them to reach out to a minimum of a millions users across there social media and communication lines.
We have also been asked to appear at two exhibitions, one in Vietnam and one in Hong Kong where Crypto Hunter will be used to give away coins in the game to advance new Crypto enthusiasts in the space and be marketed with multi million Top Projects.

We will also have the ability to use their Fiat gateway to buy and sell crypto which will become a very powerful tool when it is incorporated within our mobile wallet, and future projects we are considering.

This is so much more than a listing but a partnership between the businesses to move into a new road map together as we work to not only enhance Swyft but to promote larger market cap coins and Bitmart in unity as we move into a more mobile centric crypto project plan.

In line with the above please wait for a further ANN to help the business achieve everything on offer, If we are able to land this opportunity we will rise to a valuation far beyond our original indication from other views and talks we have had across the industry.

Stay Tuned!

Update and Exchange Opportunity

The Last few weeks have been quite the juggling act for the Dev team and whilst we may be quiet from time to time, we have had huge progress behind the scenes in striving to meet our original deadlines. Whilst we still have some outstanding tasks (Below) we are excited to share news with you and an opportunity that currently is far larger than any other coin offering out there.
Automatic Swapper config
Hosting Platform Re-engineering
Crypto Hunter Code Base Review for Exhibition Opportunity with Bitmart

We can confirm we have discussed all options of our current incumbent exchanges and other opportunities for a first offering after the Swap. I am pleased to announce, and I am sure the Swyft community will appreciate we will be listing / remain on CryptoBridge. Withdrawing coins before the 30th August still remains as this is classified as a new Listing as Frost will become redundant. Coins after this date will be Burnt as per prior announcement.

The website is currently on its way alongside some other changes we are making and avenues of exposure that could potentially include a hardware listing. (TBC)

On greater news I can also confirm our negotiations with Bitmart have now concluded and after some strong negotiation although higher than originally hoped it really is a great opportunity.
The price of the listing is 4 BTC payable over 9 Months but an initial Drop of 2 BTC
Listing will be 3-4 weeks from payment, we will need a legal opinion and an Audit of our New Chain.

Just a reminder, 7 days until the SWAP and merger occurs on September 1st. During the first two weeks of the swap through September 15th, we will
be using our automatic swapper tool. The ratios will be updated daily based on 100% of the circulating supply divided by allocation.
Starting during the 3rd week there will be a A 50% penalty for time needed to go through wallets (you have to manually swap at this point). For example: if initial swap is 30:1 this will be 45:1.
During the 4th week, An additional 50% penalty from 3rd week. For example: If 45:1 (as above) will go to 63:1
The swap will close and be concluded on the 29th of September. Late comers will not be tolerated as it is imperative that we move on.
If you are unable to do the automatic swap in the timeframe specified, as long as you pass your intent and username to us via the directed means, we will reserve your entitlement percentage. Please shout with any questions.