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SWYFT Token Smart Contract is Imminent via @OfficalSwyft

Smart Contracts On The Blockchain via @OfficalSwyft

SWYFT Business LinkedIn Page:

Smart Contracts On The Blockchain
“Study how to write smart contracts, which is the basic unit of programming a blockchain for business purposes. It is the equivalent of…
Smart Contracts On The Blockchain via @OfficalSwyft

Another blog post on the eecuational series I am doing for the website: Let me know your thoughts.@here

Smart Contracts On The Blockchain - SWYFT Network
This artcile examines the use of Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. There are quite a bit of advantages of using Smart Contracts.

Here is the brand new Pinterest page built. More to come, but off to a good start.

Swyft Network (swyftn) on Pinterest
Swyft Network | More than a simple electronic cash, SWYFT builds on the technology of the blockchain to provide products and services for the mobile user.

Looking for volunteers to help out on the Discord and Telegram channels

So far it's on the Medium platform., Twitter page, LinkedIn Page, Pinterest Page and more on the way.

Here is an announcement put together by @380926907124023296> which put together for posting in several places@here

SWYFT: Cold Staking (TPoS) What, Why and How? - SWYFT Network
This article explains the what, why and how of what exactly cold staking means within the SWYFT Network. It provides the details on why this is important.

SWYFT and STQ Merger Update - SWYFT Network
SWYFT and SQT is pleased to announce the merger of two outstanding projects and communities. The long term vision looks etremely bright!


Announcing Telegram Channel Please ReTweet

[ANN] New #TELEGRAM Channel for the #SWYFT Network, incorporating the @storiqa Storiqa (STQ) community merger, building a better future for everyone! Join Us Today for Conversation & News - Just Click on the Link. Stay on Top of our Awesome Progress!

I am happy to announce that all known issues with creating nodes on the hosting platform have now been resolved. You should now be able to create new masternodes at your convenience. I will continue to watch the platform over the next few days, and I plan to add a few new features to give you more control over your masternodes, so please stay tuned for feature announcements here.

As always, please feel free to drop a note in <#454987231099092992> if you have any questions or problems.

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98% organic traffic meaning it came naturally through Google Searches or other manners

32,800 sorry

That is 11,918 unique visitors to our Website in the last 30 days and they checked out 38,803 pages while they were there

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Should you be concerned with the bounce rate of your website?

Yes. Definitely!

It is an important metric that not only tells you about a possible SEO impact of your website in the near-future, but it also explains a lot about your website’s “stickiness”, engagement level, and quality of content. What is a Bounce Rate? The bounce rate of your website shows the percentage of visitors who land on a webpage and then quit your website without clicking any other link. The lower the bounce rate the better. We started at 67% a month ago which is now down to 12%. Awesome progress. Just to note:.... A Bounce Rate of 35-40% is considered to be very good rate according to Google. So out 12% blows it away.

SWYFT Growth Takes a Giant Step Forward via @OfficalSwyft