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Hello@everyone !


1.) New Logo

The SATC team is happy to reveal our new logo. Big thanks to Mytrixx for his submission, which we incorporated into the design. We are very happy with this selection, and are excited to move forward with the rebrand under the name SWYFT. While we understand that not everyone will be happy with the change, we believe that this best prepares the project for the coming platforms.

2.) Authenticate Partnerships

I am happy to announce that SATC has partnered with two more organizations! The first is called Watchdog. Watchdog is a state-of-the-art coin directory that will incorporate many new and awesome features. Watchdog will feature an authenticate stamp on every coin that has been verified by us, and has already been promoting our service and pushing business our way.

The second partnership is with Crypto Masters - a well known Crypto Marketing firm. Many projects have partnered with Crypto Masters, and as a result, CM will be promoting our service to all of its coins, offering discounts. SATC will also be listed as a Crypto Masters partnered coin, and will receive many benefits.

3.) Crypto Hunter Beta Test

Development has been going very well and the team has been testing the game internally . Barring any unforeseen changes, we believe that the game will be ready to begin Beta testing with community members toward the end of the week.

4.) Webinar THIS WEDNESDAY 3/27 at 7PM GMT

There are many exciting things happening in the project, both mentioned here in this announcement and also behind the scenes. The @&427089193454534658> is going to host another webinar this week to discuss these developments, and answer any questions from the community!

Get excited guys, and buy more coins. This project is just getting started. 😉


Alpha test and updates are progressing really well. Just to explain some of the features we are tailoring which is the reason for a slight delay. Unlike others builds we are adopting a real ARkit. This allows obstacles to block the view to coins within an reality environment, alongside being able to walk round a coin and view it from all sides rather then being more like a sticker on the screen. We want to replicate a real AR game and as such features we add in the future will be focused on user experience within this platform thus offering something above any current platform. We are also looking to add other users who are currently playing to show up on the map of other game players. This should make it interesting if the game were to take off as a race to collect coins in the area.!! We are Days away from Beta but getting this right and then being able to market and show this to other projects will hopefully expand the coin offerings within the game on launch. This should no doubt bring new investors to our community and also other platforms we are looking to build to compliment this service and as such grow the value and awareness of our coin.

Stay Tuned although we are slightly quiet as you can imagine all of the above is a task of some magnitude but done right will deliver hopefully results for ALL!!!

Kind Regards

Satoshi World Ltd


We have secured our first partnership with Authenticate which will be a promotional 2 way referral Service with SPP. This is a great first step to offering a full security diligence check on incumbent and future Projects / Dev that want to enter the scene to protect Investors. At first feedback we have been challenged around the level of detail we are asking for and that the uptake may be slow, but we should not compromise quality and protection over what other services offer. This is a much needed tool and are sure that mass adoption of such services will be needed in the future as we continue to grow our partnership avenues. We would like to thank SPP for there involvement and there openness on accepting our proposal.


Please vote for SATC to be on PolisPay
please take screenshot after vote and paste to #polisvote , if we win that vote, we will do lottery for people who voted , 1  SuperNode and 5 BasicNodes
just go to the link and leave comment:        #BringToPolispay $SATC        
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Let's get a huge uptake in the following from you all. Listing with Polis pay will open many doors which we would have looked to unlock in the future. Need a good community involvement here to see how close we could get to winning the below:

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency


Due to the community response, we have decided to open logo submissions to everyone. Please make your submissions by this Friday in the <#554760719049031690> channel. After Friday, submissions will be closed, and the team will review over the weekend.

Monday we will move forward with the new logo and rebranding. There are many things being worked on in the background, and are ready for launch. Please take this opportunity to contribute to the project and make a good submission!

The SATC team is excited to announce the official rebranding of our project. The below article explains the reasons behind the change, what details as to what it will entail and when it will be complete. Please check out the article and share it all over social media!

Also please note that the below logo is only a PROTOTYPE.

SATC Announces Official Rebranding
Greetings SATC Community!

By way of update, providing our final Alpha release tests are successful, which should conclude by the end of the week hopefully. We will be heading towards Beta test with some select community members before Market Launch. Our product must be market ready... so feedback needs to be constructive and concise.

I have set up a channel <#552401153204289556> as we will only be selecting 5 Members to conduct this for us. There is a criteria for selection including an returned signed NDA to protect any leaks around our functionality. Once selected a role profile will be created thus keeping this channel locked from viewing until completed. Communication during this time will be monitored and selected on keeping you updated through selected user feedback

We may look to expand on this number if we feel we need a more volumetric point of view. Time to get excited and start protecting what we are building. All of this is at the expense of personal funding to grow your investment and protect our project future.

The SATC team is happy and proud to reveal to the community our second platform - Satoshi World Authenticate. This platform aims to bring credibility back into the crypto world through protecting investors from scams, hacking, and fraud. We are excited by the potential that this platform has for massive success, and what it brings to the table for our business.

Please visit the website, and see for yourself.

While the platform is fully built, we are going over one final legal review to the terms and conditions before onboarding more projects. Please be patient with us as there are many laws and regulations surrounding data protection, privacy, and GDPR. We want to be as thorough as possible in this, as it is crucial.

Authenticated Projects

@everyone Please see the written recap of today's webinar below, and don't forget to clap and share it! :)

SATC Webinar Recap – Satoshi Coin Official – Medium
Hello SATC Community!

@everyone Thank you to all who joined us for the webinar. The team is excited about the progress we’ve made and the plans for the year ahead. A written article will follow with recap. As promised at the end of the webinar, here is a video of the Alpha Release of Crypto Hunters.

quick look on Crypto Hunter game

We will be starting at 1:45 GMT

@everyone We are moving the webinar to Zoom. Please join us on the following link :

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting now
Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around th...

Please be assured all questions regarding SATC and the LPC merger and the recent fabrication will be clarified tomorrow with Factual Information. No Invitation has ever been received and if it had been i wouldn't have accepted on the reasons of protecting the Investors of LPC alongside retaining a professional stance to which i have built my integrity around. I wanted to justify our approach on a top level incompatibility issue, but the concern was deeper.

Whilst i believe our webinar should be related to our project and progress, i want to assure the community that we are very transparent, my honesty will be echoed through several community members who i phone daily and solidified for the reasons of @!395781285357944833> and @!447173320060960770> joining our team. So on the webinar tomorrow you will be hearing three points of view

It is 03:55am here and i am up like i am everyday in the interests of this community, our business, our spending and the investment you have intrusted to us to grow and protect.

Kind Regards

Mike Havard
Satoshi World Ltd

SATC Community: Please join the team tomorrow at 1PM GMT for a live webinar where we will discuss the future of the project and take questions!

Satoshi World ltd
Introduction, Information and Update week 1

In line with our growth Agenda and building our team on the Ambition we have I would like to announce the addition of Jon Lees to the team as Head of Operations

Jon brings a background of knowledge into our business through his extensive research of the market place and competitive set comparison. Already through several discussions around our vision, Jon has proved the value he can bring to our business. He offers a very strategic approach in how we deliver with timelines alongside adding sticking points for consideration and Risks.

He will also also support the business in the time zones that we are unable to cover and offer advice and solutions to those that require it.

Jon will join us on our Webinar over the weekend which an invite will be released tonight. Let's give him a warm welcome to the SATC Family!

In relation to the recent Poll and announcement made on the 14th of February. I can confirm that we will be halting any further discussions to merger with LPC/LGS due to incompatibility issues within the Leadership Teams. We wish them the best on there endeavours in the future.

Please stay tuned this week and I look forward to speaking to most of you on Saturday for our first Video conference. This will enlighten you around the business structure, details that have not yet been released and further information around products and ideas we are working on.

An invitation Link will be sent out tonight by announcement.

Kind Regards

Satoshi World Ltd

Tomorrow will be in maintenance from 6:00am GMT to 17:00pm GMT. This is to accommodate the removal of the old Smart Nodes that will be deleted from the non dedicated servers and the addition of further IPS alongside further clean up with this process. We have been waiting for this update for some time given the changes we made within the build process for SMART and waiting to make the transition permanent. From Solutions opening the Smart wallet will only be building against the new one and support the 100k collateral only. We thank you for your continued support

Kind Regards

Satoshi World Ltd

We would like to update you that today the Crypto Hunter Alpha release became available which is currently for us as Dev to review and make updates and changes against our vision. For the Beta Release we will be selecting some of our community to also test once we are happy it is close to completion, for your feedback before market release. We will notify you once we are at the stage and the selection criteria.

The Survey was closed one hour early. Here are the results of the survey against the polled merger.

Option 1: 29 votes - 15.68%
Option 2: 36 votes - 19.46%
Option 3: 120 votes - 64.86%

Keep in mind that this was just a survey and gives the team valuable feedback about what the community wants moving forward. More information will be available in the future about the direction of SATC as the team continues this conversation. Thank you for your participation.