I'm representing old team to hand over SAGA project to new team of @401074282165174272> @349961765452382210> and other new members. The main reason we do so because it is not a good idea to SAGA project if we develop it slowly (Lead dev is quite busy, and we admitted that we did not perform well in marketing). We feel the passion from new team especially @401074282165174272>, so it is better to let him and his team to take over SAGA and continue the development. As of the 2.1mil premined SAGA, we will transfer 1.6mil to new team as @401074282165174272> has mentioned, and we will keep 0.5mil to our team (OLD team). But, don't worry, nothing change as all these 2.1mil SAGA will be staked as we did from day one to ensure stable MN rewards. Thank you!@everyone

Coin basis: As you may know we did not had an ICO. The initial blocked 2.1 million coins are still with the team which proves its credibility and that the team is not just interested in making profit but believes in the coin as we do. In the next days 1.6 Million of Sagacoin Coins will be transferred to the new team. 500.000 coins will remain with the old team appreciating their hard work and all what they have done for SagaCoin. The 1.6 million coins will mainly be used for development, marketing and exchange listings.

Next steps: We decided to approach the market mainly in 3 phases:

  1. Improvement phase: additional wallet functionalities, like adding a payment gateway, add a business purpose to Sagacoin, create an android wallet etc.
  2. Investor Phase: Once phase 1 is completed we are approaching (and already did) new bigger investors that give us more visibility within the market and improve the price of the coin. We are approaching investors that follow a long term investment plan - as we believe in stability as one of the core values and successfactors.
  3. Marketing phase: within this phase we are focussing on growing the community.

We hope you are as excited about the changes and the future of the coin as we are. We do believe that these changes are in your interest. We are looking forward to your feedback and we try to be as transparent as possible.@everyone

Teammembers are based in Switzerland, Germany and the US. We want to stay anonymous for now. But we are not just digital bit and bytes and real humans that work hard to make sagacoin successful. We do want to communicate with the community as much and effective as possible, so please interact with us.

The existing sagacoin team will stay onboard and supports the new teammembers as best as they can.

The new SagaCoin team is really thankful to what was archived within the last year of Sagacoins existence. An attractive masternode coin with a stable code basis, a ROI of about 100%, a network of 730 masternodes and exchange listings at cryptopia and 3 other exchanges was archived.@everyone

After almost 1 year of SagaCoins existence the current Sagacoin team decided to make fundamental changes within the coreteam and decisions we wants to inform you about these changes now.

New team members: We put a new team together that is really excited about Sagacoin and believes in unlocking the potential and improve its business performance.

The NEW team members are:

  1. CryptoDachs
  2. four experienced, ambitious and very motivated developers are on board that have lots of experience in developing cryptocoins already.
  3. A Cloud, scripting and infrastructure guru
  4. A blockchain advisor and innovator
  5. A marketing expert and partner manager@everyone

Reward Halving was just happened, PoW rewards reduced from 25 to 12 instead of our proposed 12.5 due to our calculation coding made in "Integer" variable, so it is rounded. But after our meeting, we decided not fix the coding because it is good to reduce PoW rewards in order to avoid coin dump (We notice that most miners did not keep their coins but sell to market immediately to cover their mining cost).@everyone

DNS and website server back online and work great now. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for patient.@everyone

Please be informed that our DNS and website is down because of server node issue, technicians are working on it right now. But all of our blockchain nodes are working good. Our explorers are working good too, but you have to use and to access our explorers for the time being. Thanks!@everyone

While working on mobile wallet, we are required to assign node or dns seed to the coding, and mobile wallet is not like desktop wallet that we can add nodes to it anytime. So, we have created 2 dns seeders - and, source code at We have also upgraded wallet source code to use dns seeders instead of direct nodes, this is not a mandatory update but more stable for new wallet setup, executable files will be available once we have fully tested on it. Don't worry, existing fully synced wallets are not necessary to update.@everyone

We are pleased to announce that we are now listed at Qiex - Qiex is an innovative exchange with base in Hong Kong. We have been working with them last few days on wallet integration, and we know they store SAGA as cold wallet (offline with no internet connection) that is very safe from hacker attack. They have a great English version besides Chinese interface, we would like to recommend all of you to distribute your SAGA trading to Qiex exchange. This is a good start for SAGA to Asian market. BTW, please do remember that we already have whitepaper in Chinese done -, other popular language translation coming soon. BTW, Qiex uses SAGA multi-signature address, so the deposit address might not start with 's', we have tested and it works great without any problem.@everyone