@everyone - don't forget there is still time to swap your RSP for RLD.

@everyone, the swap is now active. This swap is voluntary and if you don’t want to participate that is fine. Please join the Reload Discord if you have any questions. I will be leaving this discord server as this project is not progressing any longer.

@everyone It is finally time to swap! Starting now you can swap your RSP for RLD. Please read the attached swap guide thoroughly and make sure to read it in its entirety before submitting any coins. If you do not understand something, we will be here to assist you. When I set out to write the guide I sent a small amount of coins to be swapped, by the time I was done writing the guide I had received my RLD. you are not limited to one transaction, so you can send a small test transaction to make sure all is well.

Swap Details:
Duration: 03/08 through 03/15 (1 week)
Ratio: 1:4

Please thank PaulH and Indy for all their hard work, they are both outstanding gentlemen and a wizard at what they do!

@everyone, Crypto Bridge has announced that Respawn will be delisted due to Developer in activity. Reload will conduct a swap. We are offering 4 RLD for each of the RSP trades in. Please join us in the Reload discord. We will announce the swap information there.

@everyone , We are in the process of testing the Reload wallet. Please come join us in the reload discord to test the new wallet and for the optional swap to Reload coin.

@everyone,please come to the Reload discord for the information update and proposed swap plans.

@everyone - As you are aware, the explorer went offline, since I did not have access to anything that was done by the original dev I had to build a new one, sorry for the delay but it is finally completed.

@everyone - We are aware that the explorer has gone down. I am in the process of building a new one. I am planning on having it done by the end of the week.

@everyone, I have had a few people ask. So here it is. Going forward I will not be part of the Reload project or the proposed swap.


It has been a long month for us all, we are happy that we can finally give you an update. Thank you all for being as patient as you have been. It has been heartwarming to see the community come together throughout this tough time.

As stated in our previous update it is clear that Killswitch (the lead developer of Respawn) has no intention of continuing with the project. To continue the project properly we have looked into options to continue with the current $RSP chain. There are several reasons we have chosen not to take this route;

We have opted for a swap, a disconnection from Respawn  $RSP

One reason to swap are the amount of coins still held by the Respawn founders. Out of the current 3.9 million coins, around 25% still remains in their possession. We believe these coins should be directed to the actual development of the project moving forward.

Currently the rewards for masternodes are 90%, discouraging staking and encouraging masternode holders to sell their $RSP, lowering the price as a result. Another issue we foresee is with the maximum supply of Respawn being 15 million, microtransactions will be fractures of a coin which would confuse those new to cryptocurrency.

To realize this the best option moving forward would be a 1000:1 swap, the same vision, the same ambition, the same community a different name and team. Investors believed in a gateway to cryptocurrencies through gaming. The patient, positive and proactive RSP community members that remain form a great foundation for the revival of the community.

In closing, the great ideas Respawn brought us will be utilized, such as the tournament sponsoring, the creation of the marketplace, the streaming platform, and of course the community

This will be our last update as team members from $RSP, we hope to see you on the other side! The remainder of the announcement is in the Reload discord announcements channel located here:


Dear investors/Respawn family.

As time of writing the current project we know as Respawn, has been up and running for 77 days without any problems. It has become obvious that the original founder of the project is no longer amongst us, and the current roadmap will not be executed.

We have not heard from him since the 24th of September. Several crucial deadlines have been missed, and the faith of investors in Respawn was heavily tested. On the 24th September we voted as a community to give Killswitch, as the founder of Respawn, the benefit of the doubt and gave him 1 month to show up, update the community, and take responsibility for the current state of the project. This deadline ends today, moving forward we feel like the community cannot accept him as the one responsible for the progress of the project.

During this grace period however, we have not been sitting on our hands. A small group of investors have been planning a continuation of the project. In an update to come on Oct 31st we will reveal more about the future direction.

Our Core team as of now consists of:
@412657919407030294> - Project Operations Manager
@402585274758070273> - Community Manager
@474055075560554498> - Technical Support
@414809354169221120> - Technical Support@console#0001 - Lead Developer

If you would like to apply to be a part of the team please contact @402585274758070273>

The gaming industry is bigger than the music industry and the entertainment industry combined, and a gaming related currency is yet to be dominant in this space.

Respawn was set up as a tool to connect the gaming world to the cryptocurrency world. A great name with great potential, unfortunately not executed properly. Trust in the idea, and join us on our journey to deliver the community what was promised in the first place.

This is the new home of our future project, where we will have a clear announcement on October 31st with more details!

@everyone - We are now listed on! Please join, comment and vote for Respawn.

Respawn -
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@everyone We are pleased to announce that we are now listed on Coingecko! Thank you @412657919407030294>

RespawnCoin (RSP) Price, Chart, Info | CoinGecko
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To all members of the Respawn family, as you may or may not be aware<span id="every">@killswitch</span> has not been online since the 24th of September.  While we all sincerely hope that all is well with him and his family, this is becoming a concern for the Respawn family. 

This is a project and a damn good one, so we must continue on and progress the project. A few of the Respawn family have come together and we have decided that we would like to give<span id="every">@killswitch</span> until the 24th of October, which will be 30 days from his last post.  If by then he has not returned we will continue on without him.  

There will be further announcements on how we will continue as we draw closer to the aforementioned
 deadline (if necessary). 

In the meantime, I have added a new role called<span id="every">@RSP-Advisors.</span>  Please feel free to ask them any questions in the chat but please refrain form DM's (we get enough of that).  I have also seen others that have wanted to step up, for now please remain helpful and productive as you have been.  


RSP Community Manager