We have started a referral program for RESQ services, you can earn 10% of the total amount spent on RESQ services for anyone you refer. please check the <#570508883852918794> channel for how to participate

RESQ now offers a Swap Guarantee for new and existing projects to boost investor confidence.

Coin teams can buy a guarantee that should their coin ever be abandoned, or the team is unable to proceed with their goals, RESQ will guarantee a swap to RESQ for that coin based on the package they have taken.

More info can be found on

Welcome to RESQ - RESQ Chain
RESQ chain was born from seeing a multitude of Dev abandoned projects where communities were trying to take over to regain some value to their investments. Dev abandoned projects are common occurrence in the blockchain space and can happen for multiple reasons (lack of fundin...

@everyone I've put out our first test proposal, it's a prposal to pay 10k RESQ for 1 month... Masternode holders can cast their vote on the proposal by going to the Governance Tab in their wallet and clicking on test-proposal

@everyone RESS Swap is open and working again... If you had previously sent coins for the swap you should have already received your swap now

@everyone I have released a 32bit Arm version of the new wallet... This version should allow staking and masternode hosting on a Raspberry Pi

@everyone We are more than happy to announce, RESQ is listed on MDCHASH.

They offer shared pool for both stakes and masternodes with no minimum deposit and low fees.


@everyone to go along with the new RESQ chain we are also busy with a rebranding exercise. So moving forward this will be the new RESQ Logo.

The updated website has been opened, and we have released a new wallet with the new branding and some additional features like monitoring of the proposal budgets and the ability to add masternodes to your masternode.conf file directly from the masternodes tab in the wallet.

The wallet update isn't mandatory, so masternodes don't need to be updated, the changes are mainly visual.

@everyone Crex24 deposits and withdraws have been disabled in preparation for the swap

@everyone Crex swap fee has been paid

@everyone the new RESQ chain is now trading on Escodex

@everyone please withdraw all RESQ coins from Crex24, I am requesting the wallet update and don't want anyone losing any coins.

@everyone we will be doing a 15k RESQ giveaway each day that we are in the lead on the txbit votes

We'll check our position at 19:00 GMT each day until the 1st April and if we are top there will be a giveaway in the <#459479408424779777> channel

Let's win this vote 💪

@everyone Don't be alarmed if your MN on the old chain just reported as going down on Nodecheck, they just moved monitoring to the new chain... If you have a MN on the new chain I highly advise using them to monitor the status of your Node

NodeCheck – Pro-active masternode monitoring and stats service
Monitor your masternode automagically, obtain email, Telegram and Discord alerts for status changes and payments, observe stats, track your masternode activity, save time - no need to login and synchronise QT wallet for masternode status checking. Email and anonymous token lo...

@everyone We have an opportunity to get onto CoinMarketCap, please cast your vote in <#480768289354809345>

@everyone RESQ POS trading is now open on Hotdex
Please make sure your deposit address starts with a lowercase q, if it's still uppercase please generate a new address

@everyone RESQ swap to the new chain is now active on the swap platform

Register or Login to the platform, go to supported coins and choose RESQ
At the bottom of the page you will see the option to add resqold, click on the green + on the right hand side
Enter the address of your NEW RESQ wallet when asked (This starts with a lowwercase q)
The platform will give you an address with an uppercase Q to send your OLD RESQ coins to

The platform will swap coins automatically every 15 min, you will need a min of 6 confirmations on the old chain before the swap will happen

Stake your new RESQ for mining rewards

@everyone Our new POS wallet is now available for download, swap platform will be opened soon

Contribute to RESQ-Chain/RESQ development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone RESQ hss been listed in Round 2 of the Bitven top Masternode coins 9ver the past 3 months, let's try make it through to the next round by upvoting us on Twitter

Vote now for the #BitVen Round 2 top #masternode in the past 3 months award 🏆 @ALQOCOIN @dogecashcoin @beetlecoin @RESQChain Leave a comment on which MN you would like to see in round 3 #XLQ #Dogec #BEET #RESQ #ALQO #DogeCash #Crypto #Vote #Voting #Masternodes 👇...