@everyone RESQ hss been listed in Round 2 of the Bitven top Masternode coins 9ver the past 3 months, let's try make it through to the next round by upvoting us on Twitter


Vote now for the #BitVen Round 2 top #masternode in the past 3 months award 🏆 @ALQOCOIN @dogecashcoin @beetlecoin @RESQChain Leave a comment on which MN you would like to see in round 3 #XLQ #Dogec #BEET #RESQ #ALQO #DogeCash #Crypto #Vote #Voting #Masternodes 👇...

@everyone CHT Shared Masternodes have delisted RESQ and have returned the coins to MN holders. Evonodes still has some space open and will continue to support RESQ nodes in the future. If you are looking for a home for your coins in a shared MN service go pay them a visit https://evonodes.com/pool/RESQ

@everyone Thank you for the effort you put into voting to get RESQ listed on Hotdex, because of you guys we ended up in first place and have now been listed


@everyone we had another bad block last night which was rejected by a large amount of MNs causing them to go offline... Please check you MNs and if you haven't already register them on nodecheck.io

If your masternode is stuck at block 100804 then please stop it, remove the blocks and chaindata folders and banlist.dat file from your VPS and restart it.

We have a script to do this for you if you aren't sure how, the link will be pinned in <#458322155206082571>

@everyone we now have another option for shared masternode services...

@everyone it appears that the Subi Discord has dissapeared but the Exchange is still running... If you have coins on Subi please withdraw them until we've had a chance to try and find out what the situation is

@everyone RESQ has been listed on Wiki Exchange


@everyone Please go vote for RESQ on Hotdex


You get 1 free vote per day, there is still 12 days left in this voting round... Let's do this

@everyone RECO swap is now open, visit https://swap.resqchain.org and add the RESQ/RECO swap pair to swap your coins.

@everyone RESQ is now listsed on SubiDEX, we have DEX trading back

SubiDEX - Open source, decentralized, crypto-currency and asset ex...
SubiDEX - Open source, decentralized, crypto-currency and asset exchange.

@everyone https://vote.resqchain.org is currently down for maintenance. I will announce when the site is back up again.

@everyone Happy New Year

We haven't had an announcement for a little while, so to start the New Year with some positive news:

We have successfully finished the first run of a new use case that is available from RESQ. At midnight GMT on New Years Eve we completed a swap for KYD where we were able to monitor for exploits in their chain and perform a swap to a new chain blacklisting all addresses associated with the addresses involved in the exploit.

We are happy to say we managed to remove a large portion of the exploited coins which weren't carried over to the new chain.

If you are in twitter, please like and retweet our announcement for this new service:


$RESQ is now offering scanning and realtime monitoring for chain exploits, exploited coin tracking and blacklisting with integration into the RESQ Swap platform.

@everyone, please withdraw all RESQ from Moondex ASAP, they are closing down the DEX in the next 3 days. I can't guarantee that we will be able to get access to coins on there after they shut down.

@everyone Moondex and Crex are both open, happy trading

@everyone we've had a chain split, please check https://poolexplorer.com/coin/4810 and make sure you are mining on a pool with the longest chain

Mining pools for RESQ Coin (RESQ) [X16s] - Pool Explorer | Mining ...
Mining pools for RESQ Coin (RESQ) x16s - Pool Explorer | Mining Pools Monitor

@everyone it looks like there are still some masternodes that aren't stable and keep changing to expired status. For now it doesn't look like we need to do a wallet update because it looks like an issue where the MNs have not properly synced the Masternode list, to fix this you need to stop the daemon on your VPS and remove everything except wallet.dat and resq.conf files and start the daemon again. Even if you aren't having any issues it might be a good idea to do this just to be safe.

@everyone it looks like a large number of MNs rejected block 63488 and ended up getting stuck... Please check your masternode and if it is stuck stop the daemon, remove the blocks, chainstate folders and peers.dat file and restart the daemon to get the chain synced to the correct height... Your MN will start correctly after this

@everyone we have added GUT, QUAR, RESS and SMK to https://vote.resqchain.org/

Voting will end on Friday 7 Dec at Midnight GMT and the winner will be swapped for RESQ