@everyone - Here is a video that goes into some good detail about our swap partner, NORT:

Don't forget, the swap window closes May 8, 2019.

Any questions about NORT, feel free to reach out to @249215723979669504> , @417023072688799784> , or myself.

Have a great weekend!

Northern Coin
Northern Coin in a Crypto coin that Plans to help the crypto world with Venture Fund raising, Patreon crypto services, Market Place

@everyone - As you know by now, the previous dev has sadly abandoned this coin. Moving forward, we have decided to join forces with Northern Coin (NORT), as they have an active development team (including @249215723979669504>), a well defined roadmap, and a solid vision for the future.

One of the main goals with this swap will be to continue the charity focus of RAP and carry that over to NORT. @417023072688799784> and I will be working closely with our current charity partners to assist them in moving over to NORT.

It is important to note that this is an optional swap. Additionally, the swap is being done manually, so please be patient throughout the process.

In order to swap your coins, DM @417023072688799784> with your NORT address and he will respond with a RAP address to send your RAP to.


Swap Window: May 1, 2019 - May 8, 2019
Ratio: 200 RAP -> 1 NORT
Contact: @417023072688799784>
All swapped RAP will be burned.
Burn Address: TBD



Note: Website is currently under construction. Stay tuned for updates!






[ANN] Northern [NORT]
[ANN] Northern [NORT]
New Northern software, by zabtc. Contribute to KingricharVD/Northern development by creating an account on GitHub.
New Northern software, by zabtc. Contribute to northern-community/Northern development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Be sure to invite back anyone you know that may hodl RAP before the previous dev purged the channel! Big news coming this weekend!

@everyone We are working internally on a potential swap partner/coin for RAP! Stay tuned for details!

Working Discord Invite Link -

@everyone - REMINDER - CB is delisting RAP on MONDAY April 22, 2019. Cancel any open orders you have and withdraw your coins ASAP!

Looks like RaptureDev-Drew has pulled the Rapture Wallet App from the Apple IOS store and it is no longer available for download. We strongly recommend you move any coins held in your mobile wallet to your desktop wallet.

@everyone - IMPORTANT! CB will be delisting us as of April 22, 2019. Please be sure to withdraw all RAP from CB prior to that date!

Hey@everyone, here's a much overdue personal status update. Just wrapped up another week of 100+ hours and am burnt out and spent from doing this for about three weeks in a row. These 16 hour days 7 days a week are not normal, but also not exactly optional and have left time for little else other than managing the Sunday hws payments and that's mainly due to @403845576363343872> making it far easier with his spreadsheets. The plus side, is that the schedule is more normal this week and my paying work should be closer to 50 hours a week, which finally allows me to allocate a bit of time. Very much appreciate everyone's patience and support over the past few weeks (pretty much going back to August), I know it can be frustrating for everyone and it's been a bad situation.

The first order of business is some housekeeping. @403845576363343872> is a mod now, the advisory group role is visible, I'm catching up on charity node maintenance and making sure all servers (pool, web, etc) are in proper order. Please let me know if you have spotted any issues.

It seems like the best short term focus would be to roll out a wallet build this week, incorporating at the very least the patch to fix the crash bug due to duplicate inputs. Any other relatively straightforward updates that I should try to fit in there?
Beyond this, open to suggestions for short term items to go after, either in terms of wallets or the project as a whole. I know our trello board is full of long-standing items and some low hanging fruit, but I'm guess that a lot of those don't really stand out as pressing priorities.

Rapture is now listed on the coinpaprika beta! Nice listing site with a good collection of data:

The @RAP_Project White Paper is now available! 34 pages and 6800 words about our ideas and vision for using the blockchain to benefit those who use it as well as those in need. #rapture #giving #charitynodes #hws #whitepaper $RAP

  • I was contacted by two individuals who are working on some interesting things. One is a YouTube content creator who has been following Rapture since January and is going to run a piece on us. I've been helping facilitate with assets,, graphics, and info. The second is another user who really liked the idea of Rapture and chatted with me quite a bit back around March. He's been spending the past few months working on a masternode related site with some great fee-based functionality. He had asked about having RAP as one of the accepted methods of payment and I'd certainly like to see that, so hopefully we can make it happen

  • Most people here don't see the advisory group discussions or aren't aware that they exist. Just want to point out that it's an active group where a lot of great ideas are discussed in depth on an almost daily basis. There are quite a few things that we're discussing, from algo changes (lyra2z is the front runner), to wikis and community support, blockchain development, and discussions around the charity aspects of the project. Often <#404047761399349261> is a bit slow but the advisory group is bustling, so I just wanted to mention that there's a good amount of behind the scenes activity around the project. One of the main themes lately has been to have a lot more community support on the project and quite a few members of the advisory group have stepped up and are taking on varying tasks. The idea was never to have Rapture be a one (or two man show) and juggling all aspects of development, design, pr, and support can often mean being spread too thin, something that has been very apparent over the past couple of months. So we're trying to get more hands involved and ideally we have 16 people contributing an hour or so a day than one person trying to fit 16 hours

A quick status update on a few things (I might put some of this into a Medium update since it was rightly pointed out that it hasn't been updated recently)...

  • we'll be posting July HWS stats shortly. Hopefully to anyone here it's pretty clear that the number of users is going up and this is a fairly quickly increasing use case for RAP. It's worth noting that we've done almost 0 promoting of HWS as we've wanted to scale it at a responsible pace. But with the addition of more alt coins to the service, we're definitely looking to start making an actual pr push. The price and service offered should be incredibly compelling to any masternode holders, so there's a really large market to go after. For better or worse, this massive bear market in crypto has people being more sensitive to their monthly upkeep costs, something that HWS helps with dramatically.