@everyone Dear members of the community! We are pleased to inform you that the number of users and active masternodes on our service is growing. Currently, we are finishing developing of the Qabio shared service. In addition, many efforts are being implement to optimize and improve our servicesю In particular, the automatic transfer of funds to the balance has been fixed. Thank you for your participation and support!

@everyone Dear members of the community! Qabio is listed on

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Get Qabio (QBO) latest price, charts, market cap, and info.

@everyone Dear members of the community!

On the MNF website, we open the MN education section. We want those who began to master investing in coins, which use the MasterNode technology, invest more wisely with minimal risks and losses.

First article - “How can you earn on masternodes? How to invest in masternodes? Guide for new investors” 🚀

Please, write your comments about the article.

About what we plan to explain more. 👇 👇 👇

  1. Write in more detail about the main stock exchanges where MN coins are sold.
  2. Write about sharing services, how to work with them, what they are.
  3. Write a guide on how to make money on many coins without money (bounty, airdrop, etc.)
  4. What are fraudulent schemes and services, how not to get on a scam. For example, help with setting up an IN, when fraudulently gaining access to a wallet and stealing funds.
  5. Practical cases in which we ourselves will keep track of interesting projects, invest money and then make reports whether we have made money or vice versa.

Please, suggest your topics for the following articles. 👌

@everyone Dear members of the community! Qabio has been added on

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Blockchain Assets Trading Platform
Refer your friends and earn up to 80% commissions from their exchange transactions. The first 300K users to register will be refunded 100% transaction fees until 2020-01-01.

@everyone Dear members of community! We have made an application for listing to!/

GIN Platform
Deploy your masternode in a couple of clicks trough the GIN platform. No technical skills required. Cold wallet setup.