@everyone this will be my last announcement. I left only <#443720448283246593> open so you guys can still talk or have some form of community chat. I won't leave the server, but I won't monitor it either (except for highly unacceptable behavior). If you have any questions or request, please DM me or tag me. Please note that I am no longer part of the Printex team, and will only stay here as a moderator, so don't ask anything about Printex, as I no longer have contact with Riggs or Andrew. Again, I wish you the best of luck in your future investment. I'm sad to see Printex fail, I had really high hope and expectation for this one. Cheers.

@everyone PENG swap is now over. Swap ended at 10,633,048 PRTX swapped, which is about 33% of the total circulation supply.

For anyone that wants to stay here and think this project will still be going forward, I just want to remind you that neither Riggs or Andrew tried to contact me since I announced I would leave the project. For me, that's a pretty good sign they've abandoned the project.

I will stay here for about another week and then that's gonna be the end of the project. I wont leave anyone hanging in hope this will be revive anyhow, so don't be surprise if at some point you wake up, and this channel is gone.

Again, thanks everyone for the support and good luck for the future

@everyone regarding the swap to PENG, please note the following:

The PENG team will offer a 5:1 swap until 25th of August, 23.59h UTC. 
After that time, they will extend the swap for TWO WEEKS, until 8th of September 23.59h UTC, BUT at a ratio of 1:1. 

After the 8th of September 23.59h UTC, they will NO LONGER be offering a swap to PENG for PRTX.```

Again this swap is not mandatory, but since you cant sell your Printex on CryptoBridge anymore (no buy order), I highly suggest you give them a try and join their discord. They have a hard working team and an honest project.


Today, I only have bad news for you. I will be leaving the Printex project next month (around the 15th of September). I have tried to contact Riggs many time in the last month (since the 15th of July) and couldn't get any answer. One agreement we had in the past was always to have communication, even tough he was not online.

He told me one day that, if it was not for me, he would have had abandonned the project last summer (2018). So... I would suggest you dont expect any update or developpement after my departure.

I will stay here for another month to give anybody a chance to revive Printex if they want to try. If you need anything in the mean time, please feel free to DM me.

Please note that:

  • I will not be moving forward on the 3D printing project for obvious reasons.
  • I do not have access to the premine or any sort of "master key" for the chain.
  • I have root access to the explore, but not the platform.
  • If you wish to do a community take over, you would need a new discord, because I also dont have highest access to change the admin group.
  • I will continue to work on my Homebrewing product that brings me joy and happyness :D

I am very sorry for everybody that might have lost money in this project. I tried my hardest to keep Riggs on board, but at the end of the day, as most of you know, I'm not a dev and cannot move a project forward on my own. If any of you need help on a project, you guys know me, and know I'm here to help, so don't be stranger

It was fun when it lasted, thank you everybody for your support and understanding. I wish you all good luck in your future investments, and hopefully, better return!


On another topic, since I was unable to have a meeting with Riggs last week, I decided to start working on the 3D printing we wanted to integrate on the platform at a later time. Since this does not require the same hardware, I will try to establish some partnership that has good knowledge or the tool required to do 3D printing. Some member here also helped me to find a platform that would accept Printex as a paiement, and would offer a marketplace just like we wanted to. This project is at the very begining at the moment, and will require at least a couple week before I can give more details. If you have any suggestion for now or even advice that could help us move forward with this project, you are more than welcome to DM me. Please understand that this will developped in parallel of the textile platform.

Thank you@everyone for your interest and continued support.


@everyone I have been in contact with the team behind PENG coin and they would like to extend the following offer to all of you. Here it is:

With the stall in your project, due to the inactivity of it's project lead, we would like to offer you a way of turning your current holdings into a profitable investment. Over at PENG Coin, we realise your community is strong and therefore we would like you to join our community. This is why we would like to offer you a 5 : 1 swap (5 PENG for each 1 PRTX).

PENG is a project aimed at supporting charities and humanitarian causes worldwide. We have a strong and active community and active team with members around the globe. We are currently partnered with 5 charities/humanitarian causes and provide donations and exposure to them via our project. We will be releasing a crowdfunding platform for charities/causes to join and crowdfund cryptocurrency to achieve their goals. This year, we'll be looking into expanding the number of partner projects and allow for easy, fast & private charitable donations worldwide. We will also be integrating several privacy-focussed technologies into our blockchain to enhance the possibility of fully private crypto donations.

For more information, please check our updated blackpaper:
Look around our website:
Or join our Discord:
To join the swap:```

You can contact <span id="every">@364031192682594326></span> discord ID 364031192682594326 or <span id="every">@248290173069033475></span> dicord ID 248290173069033475 if you have any question.

Again this swap is NOT mandatory and is only a way for you, if you are interested, to diversify your holding. As usual, I suggest you do your own research and due diligence about this project.


On Monday, Riggs was finally able to get a good deal on a new hosting server, thanks to one of his friend. So he was able to install the new (colorful) explorer. He is still working on the SSL certificate and the port redirection, but for now, you can access it with the following link

I'm going to try to update you on our progress this week when I have more time to talk to him.

Cheers and have a wonderful day!


As planned, I had a phone call with Riggs on monday afternoon. Sorry for the late update, I was working a 14hrs shift yesterday.

First of all, like I said in my previous announcement, Riggs is still very much interested in bringing Printex alive. He went through some financial problems in the last couple months, and had to take a new appartement, get a new phone/internet contract and find work on the side. He took a work contract that is going to last untill mid-Mai, and for that reason, we dont expect to release anything untill then. We should also have all the paperwork by then (they are still held by the lawyer).

He is going to send me the WhitePaper at some point in the next 2 week, so I can finish it, translate it, and probably release it (or some kind of lite version if we think it should have more informations)

He is working on the new explorer as we speak, and should come back to me when its done. We have a temporary explore up if you need it for now at

We also discussed our options for the 3D printing platform, as some new partnership were brought on the table in the last week.

You might also have notice that Andrew updated our links in <#443719807603572737> and removed the addnode list. Since this list need to be up to date to be usefull, if you need active nodes, please go on where at the botom of the page you can show a PRTX addnode list under Mno Prtx Waller Info

I know its not much of an update, but if you have any more question, feel free to DM me. You guys know I will be there :D


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Hey guys. I was finally able to have a quick talk with Riggs. He was mostly up to date on everything that happened in the last couple weeks (he did receive my sms and update from some members). We didn't had much time to talk, as we both needed to take care of our little family, but at least I can tell you the following:

  • He is still on the project, but had to take some work on the side for financial reason. He will have more time to get back on Printex in the next couple weeks.
  • He was having big issues with his phone line and internet, now the phone line is fixed, and internet should follow quickly.
  • He is aware that the explorer is down, the reason being that it was crashing all the time, so he is migrating to a new server that should be up and running in the next couple days
  • We will try to have a meeting over the phone late on Monday
    After our meeting, I should be able to give a little more update on where we are.
    Thanks@everyone for sticking around and again, for your incredible patience.

Hello Printex Community

As some of you showed an interest to be able to swap your PRTX for SCN, they are extending the following offer:
You can exchange 100 Printex to receive 1 SCN (100:1 ratio)
Current Printex price:
Current SCN price:

If you want to learn more about the SCN project:

To request a swap or if you have more questions, please feel free to contact one of the following SCN team members:
@409488178756452372> - Discord ID: 409488178756452372
@391690504959426582> - Discord ID: 391690504959426582

If some of you would prefere using an escrow (3rd party) for your transaction, please contact me directly.
@448220578294267926> - Discord ID: 448220578294267926

Please know that this is an offer extended by the SCN team. Printex does not make investment recommendation, so as alsways, please do your own research before swapping your coin. This swap is NOT mandatory, and its only a way for some investors to deversify their portfolio.

Thanks you@everyone

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@everyone The explorer is up and running again, sorry for the inconvenience!

Good day family

I would just like to post a little partnership that we have had for some time and was never really advertised here. Thanks to @409488178756452372> Printex is listed on the masternode hosting website that can be paid with SCN coins from for only 50 SCN (about 1.27$ USD) per month.

For those of you that are not that tech savy or don't want to pay full price to rent a VPS, and still would like to run masternodes, Maik's Masternode Hosting is the perfect hosting service. You can still hold Printex coins in your own wallet, and only require to follow their instruction and give them your txhash, they will take care of everything else, from installation to update of your node. If you have any question or would like more information, you can contact @409488178756452372> from SCN team!

6⃣ New admin
I would like to thank Riggs that appointed me as admin of the discord to help him better. I will be doing mostly the same job as before (support team), but will also be more active on the announcement and management side. This will allow Riggs and Andrew to take care of the business side, as they are mostly busy in the background and need someone to keep the community informed.

7⃣ Other stuff:
We are also working on new exchange listing, marketing, modification to the platform and a couple other things we have been putting on the ice.

Again, thank you all for your support@everyone !

2⃣ News about the whitepaper:@everyone We are terribly sorry that we ended up so late on the release, but this was for the better. Because of the last information we received, we needed to adjust a few things in the way Printex (the coin) is presented and will be used on the platform. Please understand that this whitepaper is of a good size, and we don’t want to keep changing it, so we are trying to make it fit the business as much as we can before we release it, so that we don’t have to change it again any time soon. The final changes shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and so we are planning on releasing the French version of it on Friday the 25th by the end of the day (UTC-05). English version to come later…

3⃣ News about the Stake “attack”
If you follow crypto news, you have probably heard about a “Fake Stake” attacks on chain-based Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrencies. Since we are a PIVX fork, this is affecting our wallet. For now there hasn’t been any problem on our chain, and this is not an attack that can be put easily. We are looking for a fix, and are following PIVX (and its fork) to implement one. Some of the coins that already implemented a solution, ended up creating other problem(s). We are monitoring the situation and will apply a fix, when a proper one is found and accepted.

4⃣ News about the vendor shop beta
We decided to only go with a few interested people to test the platform, those people has been contacted and will be able to give the platform a try. We might add a few more interested people as we see fit. We are still planning to release the vendor shop a month after the textile platform launch. This is still “work in progress” and ETA can change according to the feedback or adjustment we need to make.

5⃣ New channel: #the-printing
We created a new channel called #the-printing in which we are going to show you the equipment we use to print most of our merch. A brief description of each machine is going to be posted.

Good day family!

1⃣ News about the platform release:
This week, we finally received a good news from our lawyer. He told us that we received the ACRP authorization to run our business, including using Printex on the platform. There is still little details that needs to be worked out, but basically we are going to be able to go forward with the information we have. Like we announced recently, we are going to launch the platform using payment in fiat, and also using Printex. This will be implemented a little differently than what we originally planned, but the basics are the same. Here is what we expect will happen next:

  • On Thursday the 31st we have a final appointment with the lawyer, to give him the last of the paperwork required for him to ask for our Kbis (business matriculation number). Once he has the paperwork, it should take him about 72hrs (business days) to be able to give us our number.

  • On February the 6th, we should have received our Kbis number and be working on the finals details of the platform and the last legal adjustment.

  • We should be able to launch the textile platform with full functionalities (paying and shipping) on Saturday the 9th.

If anything change in the meantime, we are going to keep you guys informed.

Important message :
CB paused trading for most PIVX coins, the reason "Possible vulnerabilities" means they are able to send huge amounts of wrong data to wallet/nodes. This can cause a failure, to remain safe we accepted their request. We are not alone, the list of coins searching for a patch is long.
Printex corresponding with KYD & StakeShare team to get an patch as fast possible. This is not a exploite where they are able to create a huge amount of coins they only mess up the network.

We will keep you guys informed, thanks for you confidence.

@everyone Riggs resolved the SMTP issue on the server. The 20 members selected to be part of the Vendor Shop beta should receive their login details today, or tomorrow at the latest. We hope you guys are going to enjoy the work we have done, and we are awaiting your feedback on <#518486580940505088> (if you don't have access to that channel, please let us know)

I got a lot of feedback about accepting fiat on the platform, I think I should have made things a little clearer.

  • We are already planning to make it more expensive to buy using fiat instead of Printex, the % has not yet been decided, but we agreed that we need to have a big incentive to use Printex.
  • Most of the solution we came up with to use fiat on the platform, were including buying Printex at market price using money from the fiat order (again, % still to discuss).
  • We are not aiming for any market out of crypto-currency right now, but fiat integration is also really not hard to do on the platform right now.
  • We know that IF we ever want to competition with other company that use fiat, there is going to be a lot of work required on the marketing side.
  • Once the platform is release, burning some of the coin with money we made to reduce total supply is not out of question, depending on the funds we have available.

I know the previous announcement might have been a little bit vague, but bare with us as we continue to make the final legal adjustment.

We still appreciate your feedback on any announcement we make, so a big thanks to everybody that came to me to talk about any of their suggestions!


Now, as for the whitepaper, we possibly lost our money on the traduction for this one... We tried to get back to our guy at least 2 or 3 times, and was not able to reach him. So the plan is to not wait anymore after him, and just go with a traduction (and review) using the help of people we know and thrust.

The last point is about the access of the beta shop platform. As soon as Riggs get back on his feet, he will be fixing the SMTP problem that caused none of the login email to be sent. Hoppefully this is going to be fix during the week.

As usual, if you have any question, don't hesitate!


Hello Printex Family

I was able talk with Riggs again today. He told me that he felt sick on friday, and that's why he wasn't available for the week end. So lets all wish him to get back on his feet and working as soon as possible :D

As an update for our last meeting with the lawyer, during that meeting, it was brought to the table that we should accept fiat on the platform. As we dont want to damage the coin, we needed to come up with solution(s) as to not affect the price, or make it to easy for potential buyers to bypass using Printex. So we finnaly came up with 2 solutions that, we think, are going to be a good trade off between making Printex our main currency, but also offer to buy product in fiat for users that wants it. We are going to show those 2 solutions to the lawyer in a hope to come out with 1 solution that is going to be implemented on the platform for the lowest (legal) price possible.

Please understand, and we want to make this very clear, that it is not in our goal to accept only fiat at any point of the project. We always wanted to create a platform based on crypto-currency for the flexibility it offers from the very begining, and this is still our goal. But everyone, i'm sure, will also understand, that it is much easier to have some kind of fiat income, and also help us not to sell Printex back on the market to pay for our fees. We will let you know about the details of this new option as soon as we have a good idea on how we want to implement it on the platform, as this will only takes a few hours of work.