@everyone PRJ deposits/withdrawals have been ENABLED at CoinExchange

@everyone explorer has finished the synchronization process, now it's back online http://chain.projectcoin.net/

MNO Update and Live now@everyone

@everyone PRJ deposits/withdrawals have been ENABLED at CB

please update wallet as soon as possible before block 254100 (2hours From now)
This is mandatory update

Official Branch of ProjectCoin. Contribute to projectcoincore/ProjectCoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone If wallet and daemon stuck, please re-sync by downloading PRJ last update bootstrap https://projectcoin.net/project/projectcoin_chain.zip

@everyone PRJ has succeeded change collateral and reward on block 250002 πŸ’―

we already enforce new protocol 70014
please update wallet now <#475280461342441482>

@everyone this is mandatory update with in 24hours we will enforce new protocol
update include:
Spam block Patch
protocol update
reward change
remove un necesary logs

@everyone we released new wallet prj, download and use the latest version on
for update on vpn
download via vps : wget https://projectcoin.net/project/prjwalletupdate.sh
setting permission with chmod
then running update with command : ./prjwalletupdate.sh
this is very important because all the updates are required

Official Branch of ProjectCoin. Contribute to projectcoincore/ProjectCoin development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone prj listed at https://pecuniaplatform.io shared masternode service

Vote Projectcoin at midas exchange @everyone we really need your help to vote prj on the midas exchange listing.
Link to create account Midex - https://dex.midas.investments
Link to vote - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfbpyee2Mz1bsq-hyPLFG-Jf_f-eDj6SumupHXuv4PRo6iINA/viewform
Link to MN.Investments article introducing Midex - https://mn.investments/midas-investments-launches-decentralized-exchange/

Results will be periodically updated and shown on midas discord #voting channel, which will appear on the Midas Discord shortly before 3pm GMT. let's vote

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@everyone we start bounty lvl-5

1. Participants level 5 rules
2. follow , retweet and comment prj twitter pinned masage ( https://twitter.com/projectcoin1 )
3. minimum 10 Invite people in discord
3. Post at Bitcoin talk ( https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4934523.0 )
4. Provide pictures number 1,2,3 at room airdrop-lv5
5. rewards 3000 PRJ for 30 user
6. distribution reward by #panda bot address ```

@everyone prj has updated collateral masternode on block 180k if you have a tier1 then the masternode will be disabled, if you have tier2 or tier3 then the method will still be enabled but auto downgrade to tier 1 or tier2 thanks

@everyone Dear our beloved PRJ community, we are pleased to announce that now PRJ has been added on Our Platform https://www.mnroi.info

Monitoring and Statistic Services
Accurate data from Markets
Estimated Revenue
Notifications on Email & Android App.

ProjectCoin on MNROI.info:

Download Our Android app and Check Masternode Status from Pocket.

Discord: https://discord.gg/6XwZeVT
Android App.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.mnroi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mnroi_info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mnroi.info Thanks

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@everyone Dear our beloved PRJ community, we are pleased to announce that now PRJ has an official group on Telegram! 😍

Let us take our time to join fast the ProjectCoin (PRJ) official Telegram group at this link:

Join the group and keep yourself up to date with PRJ's news and informations as well as in order to keep the strong bonding between us. Let's discuss the PRJ + all things within cryptosphere on Telegram! 😎 😍

ProjectCoin (PRJ)

@everyone our official github only at <#475279902610817024>
be aware scam

@everyone few weeks ago we sold some source code that made the price of prj stable
in the past two weeks it seems the cryptocurency market is quiet and even the price of BTC has also dropped.

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