@517558849784250368> didnt i tell you all he was good for was lying, scamming and manipulation. Nothing has happened since middle of febuary with "Xvictus"

@everyone IF you guys want a MN/Shared MN provider that always has new coins check out CryptoHashTank ----->

CryptoHashTank MN Service - CHT Masternode & POS Staking Service
CHT Masternode & POS Staking Service

Alright, @!255768578861694986> has been warned for 'Posted a link'.

That's all for this three days... meanwhile , wait for the next update about a 1st contest that we just talked about to announce on the coming hours, related to our current challenge we are facing. Help us to keep the engines warm and , XVictus: we just reborn, and we already know we will hardly give up, let'm verify it πŸ˜‰

Join us on Discord ===>

@everyone we received from Opro what he has on his hands related to PPO, I really appreciate his responsiveness and positive attitude, things that was so rare on PPO team ambiance and again he demonstrated that he have a totally different kind of behavior toward the community .. if only PPO's dev was not that kind of dev !

Anyway, Opro today, just like us, has already jumped on a new exciting adventure. Take a look here :, and wish him best of luck! I feel that soon we may cross each other's path again and do something great together...

Meanwhile, the website was already ON by (07 feb.) we are actually looking if there is any aspect that can be improved by Opro's first hand ressources and then will be definitely published tomorrow. we will use it as a temporary Phase 1 support to test some possibilities and as an informational media for our community (landing page, howto's , download links, swap step-by-step guide & wiki...) and ideally as a support of the swap operation if made automatic. it will also support the donation / sell to fund this transition phase needs ( blockchain dev, listing). .

Now we will contact both PPO dev and CB. this step will also run for 24 hours, and then we will definitely close these "past" doors if there is no positive opportunities that sides, and look for the future from there on, the first thing will be to reach out to the online MN services (Spp on top of the list, i would to thank them for their support and patience and regular presence next to our community on every key step) to see what we can manage to implement together for the mutual benefit of our two entities and for the double benefit of our XVIC members. .

How To Master Masternodes E-book

@everyone as you guys now, Opro is launching an e-book on Masternodes. The book contains tons of information about Masternodes and how to pick a good project to invest in. I strongly recommend you guys to take a look so you can avoid investing in projects like PPO again

How To Master Masternodes E-book

@everyone. Im just going to say be careful. Synapse (lead) is slimy. All hes good at is shilling things so ppl buy while he sells. Me and others observed this while ppo price was in the double digits. So just a friendly warning

πŸ“£ PPO Community Takeover Update #1/4 πŸ“£
Here is the long-awaited announcement! We are proud to present the first part of a serie of announcements that will provide more information on the status of the project and the next steps.

πŸ’ͺ Without further ado, I invite you to discover the XVictus project... YOUR project!

Leave us your comments in #general channel of PPO Community TakeOver Discord. []

Welcome in the XVictus family! 🀘

PPO Community Takeoverβ€Šβ€”β€Šβ€” Update #1/4 – XVictus – Medium
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Proffesional to not even make it permanent link

As the original team no longer wanted to develop and support the project, community members decided to take control of the project. It was therefore determined that a swap/hardfork would be necessary to put the control back in the hands of the community and the new team.

A transition team formed by community members has been established to define the next steps and action plan. From the outset, a clear rule was defined: it is imperative that current PPO investors are not left behind. In addition, it was vital for the new team that the community be involved from the beginning in this new project.

We are now very proud to invite you to the PPO Community TakeOver Discord. []

Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now!

A little reminder for@everyone

In less than 30 hours the PPO collateral goes from 1M to 2M πŸ˜‰

Hey community, just community because here it's not so much PPO left.
I did not leave the channel because I was curious about what it will happen with PPO. But the DEV is missing.

So, I will profit by the role to make this announcement, it's about my project.
The project is focused on masternodes education. For the start, the first product is a paid E-BOOK. After that, the customers receive an offer for a paid membership group, and after a while, ii will announce a huge project.

The people from this discord channel are not suitable clients, because you guys already know how the masternodes business works.
I don't want to sell you guys this e-book, I want to give you a chance to make some money. In 8 it will be launched an affiliate platform and you will receive 25% of each sale that you make.

This is only a part of the project, it will be more ways to make money, even from advising people. You can subscribe on this page ->
When the launch date it will be close I will send you guys, all the details via email.

How To Master Masternodes E-book

Hi@everyone ,

Just for let you know, Picpoto masternode collateral is now 1 000 000 PPO.

@everyone im not gonna bore you with another text wall. so ill keep it short and simple. Im also resigning. i cant see any hope when the DEV Wont do his part. i cant Control that and theres nothing i can do. I Had some hope that the dev would change his behaviour but he clearly wont. So im not gonna stay


Hi PPO community!

Sorry for this decision but I will leave the PPO team!

I entered this project to help the community, but I can't continue, the main reason is the DEV.

I have made a lot of plans and I can't do anything alone. My "relationship" with DEV it's not so good when I'm saying this I refer at:

  • I requested the DEV to inform me about the progress, the last reply from him was a week ago.
  • No answers, If I put 5 questions I receive one answer.
  • Slow replyer, I wait days or more for some information from him.
  • No involvement.
  • The swap it's planned from a long time ago and the DEV it's not doing it. 4 weeks have passed from the announcement and all the info that I get from him are "I'm preparing" and those answer delayed by days.
  • Some personal things with the DEV that I can't disclose, but I'm not so well about how it was building this coins and his decisions.
  • I invested time and money, bought the domain and webhost, invested in a VPS for the wallet side and a dedicated server for PPO Market for testing, the platform that PPO want's to make requires a huge amount of space.
  • I don't want to invest more time and money in this project because I'm alone and I don't have any power, the entire coin is still controlled by the DEV.
  • I have a personal project where I can invest those resources much better and It's much better than this, where I can do what I say and don't be delayed by a shady DEV.

It's in vain to make everything that I can for this project if the OWNER doesn't do anything.

The DEV will receive the entire work that I have done until now.

If you still want to be in contact with my work and find about my projects you can leave your email here:

Home Page

@everyone After discussing it with @255768578861694986>, we would like to welcome @433353242643005450> as a new moderator. πŸŽ‰

Hi@everyone ,

Just for let you know, Picpoto masternode collateral is now 900 000 PPO.

Have a nice day. πŸ˜‰


So, here i am coming with news. Since we had some applicants for support i got tasked with deciding who to hire.

All of the applicants seemed to have some knowledge around masternodes and some had experience with support in the past.

So I have now decided to welcome @402585274758070273> @501758348010717184> and @364545729332772865> to the support team!


Hi guys!

The next announcement is tomorrow but I will make it today because tomorrow I planned to work on the front-end of the PPO market and I have found someone to help us with security and advanced functions.

I will post here a part of the screens. Those are the final versions that were already verified with the front-end programmer. I have a few more but they are like pop-ups and UI elements that appear only on click actions.

This is how the PPO Market will look like:

EDIT: You a have a temporary menu to navigate between the pages, right on top of the page.

If someone finds something that is missing or something that it's wrong, let me now!