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Community Updates

  • In order to achieve all of our goals and being loyal to Polis' vision of being a cryptocurrency built by its community, we will be opening a new channel on PolisPay's Discord Server. You will find it as <#554102954987356200>, and its purpose is to be a space of dialogue where each community member will be able to share ideas and complaints on the measures and plan we will follow. Updates on the project will still be posted through Medium for everyone.

We will notify the community on any new substantial development that occurs in a timely manner, as we have always done. We ask every Polis user to contribute to the project's development, be it with ideas on the brainstorming channel, through their support on our diverse communication channels and in any way you consider fit. Our developer, legal and marketing teams have not stopped the platform's development and they are as willing as ever to make the project succeed, as we, as a community, believe in the project and its impact on the crypto community as a whole.

PolisPay Platform

  • Thanks to our amazing community and staff, we have found some minor issues with the PolisPay branding and image. We have carefully listened to most recommendations made, and we believe that subjecting PolisPay to a process of renovation is due. So the platform will evolve in the upcoming weeks as we reach the level of quality that the project and its community deserve.

  • We will be working on adding stablecoins to the PolisPay platform, so that merchants can use the built-in shift function to start receiving payments and converting instantly.

  • We will release PolisPay shift as a separate application to the PolisPay ecosystem, so that everyone can use it, even though they do not have the PolisPay app.

  • The possibility of either making a proposal or a crowdfunding campaign is being studied carefully, with the goal of speeding up the processes and pay the required amounts the deals with such providers as soon as we can. We will keep you posted on this matter as nothing is defined at this time.

Updates on the PolisPay Project

We want to thank all the members of the Polis community for the support and patience shown the last week, it certainly helped the team to focus on solutions and continue the development of the diverse platforms that support PolisPay.

As we stated on the post we published the last Sunday, we spent all week looking for solutions to our card provider problem. We are now ready to provide you a quick update on the project's status on that matter, and the parallel development that's scheduled as well.

Card Provider

  • The team has reached good terms in negotiations with a UnionPay card provider. We are still working on the technicalities of the deal, and wether it is the best way to go, or not.

  • We expect to reach an agreement with Cacao and Evertec, in order to keep a local provider in hopes of providing a good service for the Mexico and Latin American area.

  • Following the same logic as the previous statement, we are currently looking for providers in other parts in the world. It is important to mention that this process has been the hardest, so it is expected to take the longest of all.

We have a very important announcement for all the Polis Core and PolisPay communities.
Please more information here:

PolisPay important announcement
Hello Polis Community.


PolisPay deposits, shifts and orders are under maintenance.

Thanks everyone for your comprehension.


Hello Polis Community,

We are hosting a PolisPay free listing competition, if you want to see your coin listed, please follow the instructions in the following tweet:

Hello PolisPay users! We're offering FREE LISTING to your favorite coin! Please follow the instructions on the image for a chance to see your favorite coin listed soon on #PolisPay! We'll contact the dev team of the winning coin on 19/03 at 12:00 PDT $Polis #cryptocurrency


Hello Polis Community, it seems we have gotten CZ (Binance CEO's) attention to PolisPay. Lets make him know that we want POLIS on binance by replying the following tweet:

And liking this tweet.

Thanks for all your support!

Progress. Slowly but surely. What can't be stopped will spread!
Hey @cz_binance How about having $BNB on the app. So anyone with a card can spend anywhere!


Hello Polis Community,

Along with the Open Beta, we are going to start to charge the PolisPay listing fee fixed in Polis.

If you want to list your coin, or know someone that wants to, please visit the following link:

PolisPay Listing
In order to start the process we need to agree on the following terms: 1. We will handle all the backend integration. 2. We will work the required exchange API Wrappers for liquidity. 3. We will start the integration into the PolisPay App. 4. Setup hot-wallets, shift func...


Hello Polis Community.

Open Beta is now live. You can check out the instructions to order your PolisPay card, along with the PolisPay roadmap here:

The iOS version and Android version will be uploaded this weekend.


Hello Polis Community.

The countdown for the PolisPay card open beta is now live!

Once the countdown ends, everyone will be able to buy their PolisPay card. We will also reveal the PolisPay roadmap, and have a Q&A with the PolisPay CEO @398200601571229698> and CTO @393526571568463881> . The date of the Q&A will be announced next week.

Hello Polis Community!

We're happy to announce that Polis is now listed on the Crex 24 exchange!
You can now trade Polis there.

Hello@everyone !

We're glad to announce that the PolisPay app is now available on the iOS App Store!

Download it here:

‎PolisPay - Crypto Wallet
‎The PolisPay - Cryptocurrency wallet is the best place to store your cryptocurrencies. Offering unique services like: - The safest way to store cryptocurrencies with HD wallets based on a 12 words seed. - Multiple cryptocurrencies supported (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Polis, Dash...


Hello Polis Community,

We have released a new non mandatory version, which includes the following fixes:

  • Small fixes for Qt and gitian-building
  • Small fixes over memory leak.
  • Binaries for RISC-V.

You acn download it here:

This is probably the last update we will release in a long time, unless a major issue is found.

Polis - Polis empowers people. Contribute to polispay/polis development by creating an account on GitHub.


We're happy to announce that Polis is now listed in!


Hello Polis Community.

Wallet 1.4.9 is here!

To update or install your masternodes, please follow this guide. This update is MANDATORY and requires a masternode restart. If your local wallet gets stuck, please delete blocks and chainstate folder from your local wallet, and put this file

Updating the VPS

wget -q
polis-cli mnsync reset```

**New install on VPS**
```wget -q

**Just need to get syncd? Bootstrap!**
wget -q

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience. We are also testing a new bot <span id="every">@403694008628543488></span> to ensure that nobody copies the team members name. Still, please be careful if anybody DMs you for help.


Hello Polis Community.

As you may know, there have been many issues with the 1.4.8 update, which attempted to solve the PoS vulnerability recently found.

When we forked to 1.4.8 update, someone tried to take advantage of this, and started to send invalid blocks, causing the chain to fork , thus creating many forks from the main chain. The Polis Team has been working hard to get this fixed ASAP, so we will make a 1.4.9 version with all this fixes, and we will also rollback from a block before the issues started happening.

We truly understand and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused among our valued community.

Despite this recent setback however, there are still many great things are coming this month (February) once we overcome this:

  • PolisPay open beta will go live.
  • PolisNodes will go live.
  • Polis will be listed in
  • Olympus project will be announced.
  • New roadmaps will be released for Olympus, PolisNodes & PolisPay.

We appreciate your patience, please wait for a further announcement when the new wallets are ready, we will provide a guide on how to update.


Please upgrade to the latest version of the PolisPay wallet

We believe the main issues with the blockchain getting stuck have to do with versions < that have not yet upgraded. If there are still issues after that, we will release a version with this issues fixed.

We appreciate everyone for their continuing patience and support, we understand this is a difficult change, but it is necessary to ensure the security for all the Polis and Polispay users, a bright future lies ahead.

Thanks for reading.

SouthXChanges deposits and withdrawals have been enabled.


Deposits and withdrawals have been enabled at CryptoBridge, thanks for your patience.

Chain is moving again!
Here are the updated wallets, we need everyone to update.

Polis - Polis empowers people. Contribute to polispay/polis development by creating an account on GitHub.