@everyone ‪Interview with Brian Colwell - Just published. There is information here about #Phore Synapse not published anywhere else: https://briandcolwell.com/2019/02/phores-synapse-sharding-smart-contracts-and-more/.html

@everyone If you haven't read #Phore developer, Julian Meyer's@meyer9_ article about $PHR's new architecture, now's the time! Click here: https://medium.com/@julianmeyer2000/phore-synapse-brand-new-code-base-e789377001f9

Phore Synapse — brand new code base – Julian Meyer – Medium
Phore Synapse is Phore’s new consensus algorithm based on CASPER and sharding. This short article explains it as simply as possible.

@everyone congratulations to the Phore community for winning the vote for a free listing on StakeBase!


Congratulations to the @PhoreCrypto community for winning the second coin vote! You will receive a free exchange listing on https://t.co/qqmld0GRae –users will be able to stake $phr while they trade! #stakebase

@everyone As of today, February 14, 2019, over 13,000 lines of code have been committed to Phore Synapse, our Next Generation Sharding Architecture. The devs are making progress every day.

@everyone NEW Article just published by Phore Developer, Julian@meyer9_ Explaining Phore Synapse - Our New Sharding Architecture - in layman's terms. Check it out! https://medium.com/@julianmeyer2000/e789377001f9

Phore Synapse — brand new code base – Julian Meyer – Medium
Phore Synapse is Phore’s new consensus algorithm based on CASPER and sharding. This short article explains it as simply as possible.

@everyone check out the animation introducing Phore's Synapse sharding architecture - made by @524361323006394368>


Learn more about #Phore Synapse, our Next Generation Sharding Architecture supporting Phore's Smart Contract platform. Click here: https://t.co/8XKrBjcZjX https://t.co/LAI5Cwah68

@everyone NEW MANDATORY UPGRADE: There is a mandatory wallet upgrade to v1.6.1. ALL Phore wallets must upgrade before February 9, 2019. This upgrade includes a fix needed from v1.6.0. $PHR wallet v1.6.1 is available for download here: https://phore.io/#wallet


@everyone Learn more about Phore's Next Generation Sharding Architecture called Synapse. Synapse will enable major performance enhancements and upgrades, as well as serve as the platform for Phore’s Smart Contracts and other capabilities: Learn more here: https://tinyurl.com/y877wu49

Phore Synapse — Next Gen Sharding Architecture – Phore Blo...
If you haven’t heard of Synapse, it is Phore’s new sharding architecture that is currently and actively in development. Synapse will…

@everyone MANDATORY UPGRADE: There is a mandatory wallet upgrade to v1.6.0. ALL Phore wallets must upgrade before February 9, 2019. The upgrade includes bug fixes & support for the new development budget proposal. $PHR wallet v1.6.0 is available for download here: https://phore.io/#wallet


@everyone European hackers have compromised online shopping carts to steal credit card information. This would never happen with dApps like the Phore marketplace https://thehackernews.com/2019/01/magecart-hacking-credit-cards.html

Hackers infect e-commerce sites by compromising their advertising ...
Magecart hacking group compromises Adverline advertising company to infect malware code into e-commerce website and steals their customers' credit card details

@everyone to expand on what Jennifer said - we have no idea whether or not this impacts Phore. We will keep you updated as and when we hear anything.

@everyone ‪Important News: It looks like the Cryptopia Exchange has experienced a hack. We will keep you informed as events develop. Article here with information as of today: https://cointelegraph.com/news/nz-exchange-cryptopia-reports-hack-with-significant-losses

@everyone Another day, another data breach... Amazon India exposes information of 400,000 sellers. More secure options exist through blockchain solutions like the Phore Marketplace. https://www.business-standard.com/article/companies/another-data-breach-amazon-india-leaks-sellers-information-in-tech-error-119011000001_1.html

Another data breach? Amazon India leaks sellers information in tec...
Amazon India confirmed the incident and said that as soon as the breach came to its notice, technical teams were pressed into action to resolve the issue

@everyone TIME TO VOTE! The 2019 Masternode Awards are open. There are 7 categories for you to vote for your favorite Masternode. Go $PHR! Voting link here: https://masternode.buzz/2019-masternode-awards-all-categories-are-out-vote-for-your-favorite-mn-project/

2019 Masternode Awards: All Categories Are Out, Vote for Your Favo...
The 2019 Masternode Awards which is being organized by Masternode.Buzz, Stakes & Nodes, Masternodes.Online, OmniAnalytics and BetweenBlocks, finally has all the voting categories out. There are 7 core voting categories and the organizers of the event are calling on members of...

@everyone Another incident of alleged, blatant misuse of private data by a US company, The Weather Channel app. Your data, activities, locations, contacts, etc. should be in your control, not tracked, taken and sold: Weather Channel app sued over alleged mining of users' data https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/05/us/weather-channel-app-suit/index.html

Weather Channel app sued over alleged mining of users' data
The city of Los Angeles has sued to stop the operator of The Weather Channel's mobile phone application from allegedly "covertly mining the private data of users and selling the information to third parties, including advertisers."

@everyone Would you like to see Phore on Bittrex? Play your part in making this happen!!!

Bittrex are always evaluating new projects to add to their platform & we'd love to see Phore on there!

Please let them know at : https://twitter.com/BittrexExchange/status/1080536217765199873

Happy 2019! We're always evaluating new blockchain projects. What coins or tokens are your favorite? #Bittrex #Blockchain

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Phore Blockchain
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@everyone would you like to see Phore on Binance? Do your part!!!

Binance are asking their community which projects they would like to see involved in their '2019 Community coin of the month' competitions - we'd love Phore to be included!

Please let them know to include Phore at : https://twitter.com/binance/status/1076494738167975939

Should we bring back the #Binance Community coin of the month in 2019? If so which of your favourite projects would you like to see up for the vote?

@everyone We would really appreciate your support if you think Phore had the best performing team of all Masternode coins!!!


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This is the final nomination! Which #masternode coin had the Best Team in 2018? We're looking for the best multi-faceted group. Let us know via our nomination form #MasternodeAwards2019: https://t.co/74mPKcKgM4 @OmniAnalytics @_mn_o_ @Masternode_Buzz @between_blocks @Ira...