@everyone Phore Masternode Owners, the deadline to vote for the JUNE BUDGET PROPOSALS is June 12th. Get your votes in today, and use the easy "Proposals" tab in your Phore wallets. We ask you to please vote "NO" to last month's proposals to avoid a minor conflict in the back end system.

@everyone Is the new Phore Synapse Architecture an Industry Game Changer? Find out:

Phore Synapse Validator Nodes: A Game Changer — and Major Up...
As you may know, Phore is busy building a new architecture, code named “Synapse”. Synapse supports a proof of stake (PoS) network…

@everyone Phore's "Fake Stake" vulnerability fix is now used by 173 projects!

173 Projects use Phore’s “Fake-Stake” vulnerability
On November 6th, a severe vulnerability (known as the ‘Fake Stake’ vulnerability), was privately disclosed to the most prominent projects…

@everyone ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ WARNING ⚠ ⚠ ⚠

**We have recently become aware of SCAMMERS impersonating Phore team members.

Please know that Phore team members will NEVER message you directly.

Please DO NOT click any links these people send to you and DO NOT download any files they share with you.**

@everyone an example of some great collaboration between our very own lead developer @220181751706812416> and the Ethereum 2.0 (Prysmatic) team!

@everyone Want to test out the first version of Phore Synapse? Contact the wizard-in-chief, mender of codes, first of his brain, the unhackable, freer of glitches @220181751706812416>

Our CEO @375638544213082122> recently did a Podcast with Zach Barrow of Coin Cast.

A very in depth discussion which covers all things Phore (Marketplace, Synapse....etc), Regulation, the state of the market and more!

Check it out here :

CoinCast Ep#5: Phore Marketplace CEO Talks About Decentralising Ma...
In this episode I talk to Michael Trisko, the CEO of Phore, a Decentralised Markeplace. We talk about much in this episode, including how Phore works, why it...


Phore is NOT AT RISK to the recently discovered Zerocoin vulnerability.

Phore is NOT AT RISK to the #Zerocoin vulnerability which was recently discovered and disclosed by @zcoinofficial. The upcoming #Phore Synapse architecture will give us the flexibility to use multiple proven privacy protocols.



Take part by chatting in the Phore Discord Server!


RANK #1 = 200PHR
RANK #2 = 150PHR
RANK #3 = 100PHR
RANK #4 = 75PHR
RANK #5 = 50PHR
RANK #6 = 40PHR
RANK #7 = 30PHR
RANK #8 = 25PHR
RANK #9 = 20PHR
RANK #10 = 10PHR

Ranks 6 - 10 MUST achieve a rank of 8 or more, otherwise will forfeit their prize. Ranks 1 - 5 MUST achieve a rank of 12 or more, otherwise will forfeit their prize.... There will be no leniency this time around!

Interaction will be tracked using the @159985870458322944> BOT!

We have implemented measures to stop flooding/spam and other issues to insure fairness, and each week everyone's level will reset. Anybody caught spamming / channel cross-posting will be removed from the bounty and banned from the Phore discord. Only messages in the main text channels will count towards this. International messages and <#403489957831770113> do NOT count. The Phore team reserve the right to disqualify anybody suspected to be spamming.

People spamming micro transactions on the bot or spam checking levels or ranks will be disqualified.

The commands for checking the leaderboard and ranks are as follows:
!levels (Leaderboard)
!rank (Your Rank)

@&414247634644107275> @&565572775951990795> @&376805492984512553> @&373514664253980679> @&387291605054390280> @&403162191399878656> are NOT allowed to accept prizes.

@everyone NEW Phore Wallet release, v1.6.3 now available! This release is not mandatory, but includes a bug fix. Release notes found here: …. Download wallets from our official website here:

Phore. Contribute to phoreproject/Phore development by creating an account on GitHub.

@everyone Major Organizational Announcement: Phore Appoints Former Deloitte Sr. Executive, Mike Trisko, CEO to drive growth in expanding Blockhain industry! Announcement here:

Phore Appoints Former Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager as CEO to...
Chicago, IL, April 9, 2019 — Phore, a leading blockchain platform, FinTech ecosystem, and B2B services organization, announced today the…

@everyone #Phore Masternode Owners, the deadline to vote for the April budget proposals is April 11th. Get your votes in today, and use the easy "Proposals" tab in your Phore wallets.

@everyonePlease be aware there are SCAMMERS around posing as Phore team members.

Phore team members will NEVER dm you for anything support related - all support queries will be handled in <#383039319725572096> <#373490053403377666> <#378365447969570816> <#427694345857138688> channels.

If you are contacted by any of these people please report them to either myself, @375638544213082122> or @356146451547684875> immediately.

@everyone Phore trading on Cryptopia is now LIVE!

@everyone FULL REPORT - Now Available on the Phore Blockchain event in Lagos that took place on March 23rd, at the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIBN) Learning Center, Lagos, Nigeria to promote awareness and the use and adoption of $PHR.

Phore Conference in Lagos — Event Report
This report summarizes the events of the Phore Blockchain Conference which was held on March 23, 2019 at the Chartered Institute of…

Hi@everyone - just wanted to give a quick report on the Phore Blockchain conference held in Lagos, Nigeria on March 23.

Overall the event was a huge success. There were over 70 attendees in total with around half of these being business owners who were particularly interested in the Phore Marketplace as well as a couple of government officials.

The theme of the conference was to create an awareness of Phore Blockchain, its functionalities, features and practical use of these in the real world, as well as showing attendees how to purchase, store and spend PHR.

An in depth report will be available in the next few days!

@everyone Learn about the Phore Blockchain project.... Chances are, it's more than you think: Marketplace, Crowdfunding, SmartContracts, Sharding Architecture, SideChains, $PHR Start Here!

The Phore Blockchain Project — Start Here
Phore Blockchain is an ambitious, community owned and governed, distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. Our mission is to establish…

@everyone Phore was ranked the 3rd best Masternode project in the entire Cryptosphere behind only Dash and Blocknet and ahead of PIVX!

These ratings were based on a multitude of criteria and put together by an independent third party (Omni Analytics)!

Our internal 🤖 #masternode algorithm aggregates across 15 metrics to produce daily rankings. The current top 6 #masternodes are: 1. $DASH 2. $BLOCK 3. $PHR 4. $PIVX 5. $SYS 6. $CRW $crypto #cryptocurrency #dyor #crypto #rankings #mno #checkoutourreports

@everyone JOIN THE PHORE"CHAT AWAY" Contest in Phore's Telegram channel. From now (23rd March) to 8th April, engage in real, engaging conversations (no spamming allowed). The most active participant will win 300 $PHR. Winner announced 10th April.

@everyone PHORE MASTERNODE OWNERS! Time to vote for the MARCH 2019 budget proposals. Use the easy "Proposals" tab in your Phore v1.6.1 wallet. Click on each proposal for a full description on the Phore Forum. VOTE TODAY - all votes must be in prior to April 11th!